I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect; Boring Life of a Villain!

Yan Ji left the Ancient Immortal Gu Family’s premise with Gu Changge’s token in hand, and no one dared to stop her on the way out.

Now that Gu Changge was officially the Young Master of the Gu Family, the power he held in his hands had peaked. The woman in red was a beauty, and she held Gu Changge’s token in her hand, so many of the Family’s people thought in certain directions and dared not offend her.

Many Elders also heard reports about her from their informants, but they couldn’t care less about this matter. After all, she wasn’t a member of the Gu Family, and was only a Great Sacred Realm cultivator. It was inevitable that Gu Changge would have such people desiring to tie themselves to his chariot now that he was their Young Master.

In the next few days, Gu Changge began making other preparations. His Fortune Value had stabilized, and he had already dealt with the matters in the Family.

At the same time, Old Ming also brought back the people of the Gu Family’s exiled lineage, and that caused quite a stir in the Gu Family.

Many Elders happily greeted their brethren. Their attitudes towards Gu Changge also relaxed now that they confirmed that he was indeed not tricking them.

Gu Changge also showed up at their arrival, but he didn’t say anything. Still, he did tell his confidants to keep an eye on the movements of that lineage’s people in secret. Although he couldn’t be bothered about whatever revenge from them, it was still better for him to have everything under control.

The people of that lineage were shocked when they learned that Gu Changge was the one who took the initiative to bring them back, and that he wasn’t forced by the other Elders.

They couldn’t help but feel complicated emotions at this realization.

Besides that, they couldn’t help but turn silent when they heard the other Elders talk about how Gu Changge, their prodigal brat, had finally turned over a new leaf and wanted to make amends for his past mistakes.

This was obviously a great matter for the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.

Alas! The hatred from back then couldn’t be resolved so easily. The pain and humiliation they felt, and the pain the little girl — whose Dao Bone Gu Changge tore out — felt over the years couldn’t be washed away with an apology this dry.

The most important thing was that they still didn’t know Gu Xian’er’s whereabouts, nor if she was alive or not.

They could still bear their own grudge for the sake of the Family, but they couldn’t accept Gu Changge not doing anything to make up for Gu Xian’er’s pains. They absolutely couldn’t accept that!

What’s more? Gu Changge didn’t utter a single word of apology. He simply came over, took a glance at everyone, and then left just like that. These actions from him increased the rage in the hearts of the people of that lineage, but they could only stomach their rage helplessly. After all, Gu Changge was now the Young Master of the Family.

But then, the suppression on their cultivation base was suddenly removed at Gu Changge’s command, and their cultivation, which had been suppressed over the years, finally recovered to its peak. If that wasn’t enough, then many of their elders locked in the dungeon were also released.

This sent their hearts down another spiral of complicated emotions. They didn’t know how they were supposed to treat Gu Changge, and also, they could no longer figure out just what Gu Changge was plotting.

In the end, they felt that he was indeed trying to ease the relationship between them, but because of his personality, he couldn’t bring himself to lower his face to apologize. Instead, he chose to show his resolve through the most practical method. Because of this, their attitude towards Gu Changge also eased, and they weren’t as hostile towards him as before.

As the saying goes: ‘those who know their mistakes can correct them, and that’s the greatest virtue!’

Even someone like Gu Changge could repent and make others feel that he could still be saved[1].

[1: from self-destruction by becoming a ruthless devil.]

In the end, all of them were from the same Family, so there was no use holding on to deep resentments for long. Although they were exiled for more than a decade, they hadn’t suffered much in the outside world. It’s just that their resentment couldn’t be washed away in a short span of time.

Gu Changge also felt their attitude towards him change for the better, but he wasn’t surprised. After all, everything had gone according to his plan. Had he apologized, released the suppression on their cultivation base, and freed their people locked in the dungeon right away, then instead of feeling goodwill towards him, they would have felt that he was plotting something against them.

But because he used different methods: ‘didn’t apologize to them, which led to a rise in their rage and irritation, and then directly released their suppression and people,’ they felt that he was indeed trying to repent, and didn’t have any other intentions. It’s just that he couldn’t bring himself to lower his head before them.

The effect of the two methods was completely different, and at extremes with each other!

Gu Changge didn’t think he was very smart, it’s just that he always found the correct and most efficient method to deal with his targets.

After that, he began to deal with the other matters at hand. Since he was the one who brought Su Qingge and Lin Qiuhan from the Lower Realm, then obviously, he had to be the one to settle the two of them.

Now that they had seen the Gu Family’s might and means over the last period of time, they would certainly not get bullied after he sent them to other Heritages for cultivation.

Su Qingge was already smart, and wouldn’t have any problems; the one he worried about was Lin Qiuhan. Since Lin Qiuhan had a gentle personality, and her mind wasn’t all that sharp, Gu Changge felt that she probably wouldn’t survive more than a few days if he left her to her own devices in the outside world.

However, with her terrifying talent for Alchemy, every Heritage would want to have her as their disciple at any price possible, and she shouldn’t suffer any grievance after he sent her to an Alchemy Heritage.

Gu Changge didn’t think about these matters for too long. First, he brought Su Qingge to his mother’s Primordial Divine Sect, since he could also meet his mother at the same time.

Primordial Divine Sect.

It was an ancient heritage located in the Inner Region of Brahma Heaven that had existed for a long time. It’s territory was so vast that one couldn’t tell it’s exact borders. Because of how they did things back in the day, they were called a Demonic Sect by the various forces of the Upper Realm.

Of course, their situation had improved a lot over the years. With the arduous efforts of the Disciples and Elders, they had finally changed their name and fame from a Demonic Sect to a Divine Sect. It’s just that they couldn’t completely cut themselves off from their demonic roots.

The rest of the Orthodox heritages had to be extremely cautious when they passed through Brahma Heaven, lest they get robbed.

Gu Changge, as the son of the Primordial Divine Sect’s previous Holy Maiden, and the Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, naturally arrived in the Primordial Divine Sect unhindered, and found his mother who was lost in her cultivation.

The two chatted for a long while, and Gu Changge told his mother the same things he previously said to his father. His mother’s eyes immediately turned red, and she felt distress at her son’s suffering over the years.

Gu Changge obviously felt no guilt at this. Anyway, the Devil Heart was no longer a danger to him, and he was sure that his parents didn’t want to see him with the same old nature as before.

As for Su Qingge’s origins? Gu Changge felt relieved with leaving that matter to his mother.

What’s more? Su Qingge seemed to like his mother as well[2], so Gu Changge asked her to stay with his mother for the time being. Her mother could also help her check her memories and visions and figure out what they were all about.

[2: obviously, she likes your damn Momma. She’s banking on yo Momma to get in yo bed, boi.]

Gu Changge returned to the Ancient Immortal Gu Family after staying in the Primordial Divine Sect for a few days.

After that, he brought Lin Qiuhan to the Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect of the Inner Region’s Heavenly East.

The Inner Region had many Heavenly regions, and its territory was divided between these Heavenly regions. The Heavenly East bordered the Alchemy-related Lower Realms, and even Alchemy-related worlds of the Upper Realm, and all the Alchemists who Ascended desired nothing more than to go to the Heavenly East at all costs.

The Heavenly East had many Supreme Alchemy Grandmasters; the pills they refined with a mere flip of their hands were hard to come by in the outside world. In terms of resources, only a few Heritages and regions could compare to the Heritages of the Heavenly East.

In particular, one couldn’t underestimate the authority and connections held by these Alchemy Heritages.

Although the Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect was a massive Heritage that was once regarded as the number one Alchemy Heritage in the Upper Realm, it had recently found itself overwhelmed by the other heritages. The biggest reason for their decline was the fact that they didn’t have great disciples or an heir.

It was already hard to find someone talented in Alchemy, and even then, that talent needed to be qualified to join their Sect. Not just any random Shu, Chu, or Tu could enter the Sect just because they knew how to light a flame.

Most of the time, they looked for disciples from the various regions of the Upper Realm as the Lower Realm rarely gave birth to a talented Alchemist who could Ascend. Even if one did Ascend somehow, they would arrive at the Outer Region, and end up becoming miners for the various forces that stood there waiting like hungry wolves.

All of these issues had led these Alchemy Heritages to be in continuous search for good disciples. They were rich in resources without a lack of anything, but there were no talented disciples to make use of their resources.

It was because of this that various forces of the Upper Realm also kept a lookout for Alchemy talents, so they could send them to the major Alchemy Heritages and get some benefits in return.


Immortal mountains rose and fell, massive waterfalls splashed their sweet water around, the mighty sun illuminated the world, and Pill Intent permeated every corner of the land. The atmosphere in the Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect made it resemble an Immortal’s abode.

Right now, waves went through the various peaks of the Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect. The Peak Masters of the various peaks couldn’t help but rush towards their Sect’s gate once they heard their disciples’ reports.

“The Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family is outside our Sect’s gate?”

Although the Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect claimed to be the number one Holy Land for Alchemy in the Upper Realm, they did know that they were more than a few steps below behemoths like the Ancient Immortal Gu Family and Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace.

After all, they were Alchemy Heritages that were versed in making Pills and the like, so they obviously couldn’t compare to forces like the Ancient Immortal Gu Family and the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace when it came to sheer offensive might.

Even they had to take a turn in front of such behemoths of the Upper Realm.

Now that the Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family was at their door, they would need to be extremely cautious when dealing with him, even if they were Elders of their own Sect.

The sudden report shocked many Disciples and Elders of the Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect, and they rushed out with brilliant rays behind them.

“Is this the Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect you told me about, Young Master? I can smell the fragrance of pills and herbs even though we are standing at their gate…they sure deserve their name as a Pill Sect!”

Lin Qiuhan was dressed in blue, with a blush adorning her face, as she stood outside the Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect’s gate with Gu Changge. The pink on her face made her look bright and lovely as she curiously sized her surroundings.

She was extremely happy after she learned that Gu Changge wanted to send her to this Sect to learn Alchemy. After all, she was interested in Alchemy, and she could help Gu Changge after learning it. This way, she wouldn’t be as useless as before.

“It’s a famous Alchemy Heritage in the Upper Realm, after all. Although they are a bit down nowadays, they don’t lack resources. The most important thing is that this Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect is said to have the recipe of the Supreme Amethyst Pill, which is coveted even by Immortals. It’s a Heavenly Elixir, I heard.”

Gu Changge said with a casual smile. He was dressed in a dress that accentuated his tall and handsome features, as he stood under the Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect’s gate. A divine brilliance flowed around his body, and gave him the appearance of a young deity. Many disciples of the Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect couldn’t help but take a second glance, and be shocked in their hearts at the appearance of his Heavenly visage.

There was one thing that Gu Changge didn’t mention: ‘the competition in the other Alchemy Heritages was fierce, and they weren’t in lack of scheming disciples looking to shoot down their peers for a higher place, unlike the Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect.’

They were in desperate straits, and their entire facade was single-handedly maintained by their bunch of old and decrepit Elders. Talents like Lin Qiuhan would naturally flourish here the most. As long as Lin Qiuhan joins them, Gu Changge will naturally gain a lot of Fortune Value.

And if she became the heir of the Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect, then…


Gu Changge could already imagine his Fortune Value rising without needing him to make any move. When the time comes, he could simply lie down and keep increasing his cultivation by adding points without needing to put in any effort. Aye, the life of a villain was boring indeed.

A’Da, Old Ming, and his other confidants stood behind Gu Changge. They released extremely fierce auras, and made the group of disciples standing guard in front of them feel somewhat uncomfortable.

At the same time, they couldn’t help but wonder why Gu Changge, the Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, had come to their door with a woman next to him?

They had long heard about him.

If one talked about the brightest stars among the younger generation of the Upper Realm, then Gu Changge, the Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, was definitely the one at the top.

God-Child, Reincarnation of a True Immortal, Darling of the Dao…he had too many titles to show just how mighty he was. They could obviously not contain their shock now that they saw the man of rumors standing right before them!

Soon, waves of brilliant rays arrived before them, and turned into several figures that landed in front of them. They were the Elders of the Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect.

“Our Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect is honored to receive a visit from the Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family!”

An Elder in crimson robes cupped his hands, and greeted Gu Changge with an amiable smile on his face.


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