I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Not Here for a Divorce; Muddled Memories?

Gu Changge got up and left his palace. At the same time, he recalled the memories related to his fiancee.

Yue Mingkong, the fourth princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty.

The two of them were engaged during their early years. Be it talent, appearance, or background, she was someone extremely suitable for him. Alas! He could tell from his memories that his Original held no good feelings for her, nor any malice, and only considered her to be a tool.

A while ago, he had received a prompt from the System telling him about the appearance of a Favored Daughter of Heaven, but he hadn’t heard any more news after that.

Gu Changge thought about it for a long while, and looked at everyone around him; he even went ahead and took a look at the Fortune Value of his cousins and relatives in the Family, but didn’t find anyone worthy of attention. Their Fortune Value wasn’t all that high, at least, they were much worse than Su Qingge and Lin Qiuhan.

In the end, the only possible suspect left was his fiancee. Still, it was only his guess, and he couldn’t be sure until he saw her.

Well, he hadn’t done anything to annul the engagement between them, so she shouldn’t hold animosity towards him, right?[1]

[1: it’s the Lin Tian trope but in reverse. If Gu Changge had annulled the engagement, then Yue Mingkong would be the one who would come to slap his face.]

Could she be here purely to give him a warm greeting, and deliver herself to his arms as his future wife?

Matters couldn’t be that simple!

The most important thing was that Gu Changge had asked his people to get him some news about his fiancee, and what he got was that: ‘Yue Mingkong had kept a low profile, and done nothing worthy of attention since her early years. It’s just that recently, she completely changed and defeated her siblings with an iron fist to forcefully take the position of Crown Princess!’

Gu Changge could tell she wasn’t an ordinary person who he could easily deal with. Still, his face remained calm, and he didn’t dwell on his thoughts for long. Either way, he would be able to find out the truth once he checked his so-called fiancee’s Fortune Value.

However, he reckoned that if she was really a Favored Daughter of Heaven, then, as the princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty, her Fortune Value must be through the roof.

Gu Changge stopped bothering with the matter after giving it some more thought. With the status and authority held by the Ancient Immortal Gu Family and the Supreme Immortal Dynasty in the Upper Realm, there was nothing wrong with a marriage contract between them. This event might as well just be a meeting between him and his future wife, and nothing more.

Though, Gu Changge did wonder what kind of trope his fiancee would follow if she was really a Favored Daughter of Heaven?


Divine brilliance loomed in the magnificent and imposing Main Hall.

Gu Lintian, the current Patriarch of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, was all smiles as he talked with a heroic man dressed in Imperial robes sitting right in front of him.

The heroic man in Imperial robes had a godly aura, and his breath was vast and majestic. Although he was sitting without doing anything, he resembled a mighty being who could shake the Universe with a flip of his palm, and terrible visions revolved around him.

He was Emperor Yue of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty!

It’s just that the one who came to the Ancient Immortal Gu Family was merely his Dharma Puppet. His real body still needed to stay behind in the Immortal Dynasty’s Imperial City, and he couldn’t easily leave in person.

Emperor Yue and Gu Lintian had been friends since young, and they had decided to bring their families closer together by setting an engagement between their offsprings a long time ago.

Now that Yue Mingkong had been designated as the Crown Princess, she held terrifying authority in the Supreme Immortal Dynasty. Although she was young, she already held more power than many of the figures of the older generation in the Upper Realm, and no one could ignore her existence.

Her image of a fierce Empress had already spread far and wide in the Upper Realm, causing a great sensation in every corner of the world.

Her celestial appearance already brought her a lot of attention, but now, she had also broken through to the Conferred Lord Realm. At least, that was the cultivation she showed on the surface.

Right now, many Elders and young’uns in the Main Hall were secretly watching the beautiful woman in front of them. She had a picturesque, fairy-like visage, and her lustrous hair was tied up in a neat bun above her head. She looked breathtakingly beautiful!

She had slender, willow-like eyebrows, and her phoenix eyes appeared deep and unmoving.

Her nose was delicate and adorable, and her lips were like petals of a rose in full bloom. Her face appeared as if blood would drip from it with a gentle touch, noble and graceful.

Her skin was fair and delicate, like fine porcelain, and she had a tall and slender figure.

She wasn’t wearing an Imperial robe, instead, she was dressed in a gray, gauze long dress. A hazy brilliance flowed around her figure, giving her a fairy-like appearance, while also revealing her palpable majesty.

Although the woman stood there with a calm expression on her face, the majestic aura she radiated gave her peers an incomparable pressure.

She subconsciously radiated the might of an Emperor!

Many Elders couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts and worry that the marriage between such a magnificent woman and the Gu Family’s Young Master might arouse the fear and displeasure of many Heritages and Races.

The Crown Princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty and the Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family…no matter who one talked about, they would have an incomparably bright future, and they were destined to stand at the pinnacle of the Upper Realm with authority over endless subjects and territory.

The fact that the Supreme Immortal Dynasty and the Ancient Immortal Gu Family were joining forces wasn’t a good sign for the rest of the world.

Since time immemorial, many Supreme Heritages, Immortal Sects, and Grand Dynasties had made alliances through marriages, but none of them had made an alliance through a marriage between their direct future heirs.

This would cause an unimaginable sensation!

Alas! The other Heritages couldn’t say anything. After all, when the engagement between Gu Changge and Yue Mingkong was set, the two hadn’t yet been appointed as the successors of their forces. What’s more? The two had reached their position through competing fairly with their own strength, and this wasn’t something that came as a result of a conspiracy.

Could they still pressure the two forces to annul the engagement even after all that?

They didn’t dare to, nor did they have any such ability.

Everyone in the Main Hall had different thoughts, and they all imagined their own results that might come from this marriage.


Right now, Yue Mingkong’s heart was in turmoil. She appeared calm on the surface, but her heart was troubled. She had been to this familiar Main Hall many times, and she could even name many of the familiar faces from the Gu Family who stood in the Hall.

In her previous life, her father always treated her with a harsh and strict attitude, but her Uncle Gu Lintian always showered her with love and care. It was because of this that she loved to come to the Gu Family when she had nothing to do. Although Gu Changge treated her indifferently, his parents treated her with incomparable warmth, as if she was their daughter.

Their treatment touched Yue Mingkong’s heart, but in the end, even they were left in a heartbroken state because of Gu Changge, and didn’t have a good end.

Back then, when Gu Lintian was about to break through to another Realm in his cultivation, he suffered from a mental demon’s backlash. He couldn’t help but question himself if he was even worthy of his position and power after what he did to the little girl and her lineage back in the day?

He was never able to purge the mental demon, and instead, the mental demon grew stronger with the rise in his cultivation.

Gu Changge’s mother was no different. In the end, she fell into depression and sickness, and no medicine or treasure could cure her.

Yue Mingkong felt uncomfortable, and couldn’t help but blame herself for everything, as she thought about the events of her past life. She was unable to stop all that in her previous life, but in this life, she will certainly not let those tragedies repeat.

Gu Changge, that unfilial son!

Not only did he deeply hurt her, but he also hurt his own parents!

Yue Mingkong soon recovered from her daze. Right at that moment, the voice of a servant came from the outside as he announced someone’s arrival.

“Young Master is here!”

As soon as Yue Mingkong heard those words, a complicated light flashed through her eyes, but it disappeared soon after. The person she didn’t want to see the most, and the person she wanted to see the most, was finally here.

She slowly turned her head towards the entrance, and her eyes shone for a moment. The man who walked in was dressed in simple and clean white robes. He had a handsome and graceful appearance, like a warm and soothing jade, and his jet-black hair sparkled like black jade.

“Father! Uncle!”

Gu Changge greeted the two first, and then looked at his fiancee.

Although he had seen her many times in his memories, when he saw her in person for the first time, he couldn’t help but accept that she was indeed incomparably gorgeous.

What did a flawless, fairy-like face look like? It looked like the one that was right in front of him.

Anyways, words alone couldn’t describe the woman’s peerless beauty.

The most important thing was her temperament. She inadvertently revealed the temperament of a supreme overlord. This wasn’t a temperament that ordinary people could possess.

At the same time, Gu Changge used the System to take a look at Yue Mingkong’s Fortune Value. Immediately, he was stunned by what he saw.

“Changge, Mingkong, why don’t you two young’uns go and have a chat? Mingkong finally came to our Gu Family, so you should bring her around on a walk. Let her see the beautiful scenery of our Gu Family!”

Gu Lintian immediately said to Gu Changge after he finally arrived. He hoped that this opportunity could bring the two of them closer together.

Emperor Yue also nodded and said, “Mingkong, I need to discuss other matters with your Uncle Gu, so you and Nephew Changge should go around on a walk. Weren’t you always hopping in happiness when we came here in the past, so what happened today? Why are you so quiet?”

Yue Mingkong immediately recovered from her daze once she heard her father’s words, and replied, “Mingkong understands, Father!”

She was still in a trance, and couldn’t help but wonder why the scene was different from what she saw in her last life?

She remembered that when Gu Changge came in the last time, he was dressed in black robes, and had an extremely indifferent expression. He appeared as if he couldn’t be bothered about anyone or anything, and didn’t even give her a glance.

His expression today…although his appearance was the same, he seemed to be a completely different person.

Yue Mingkong couldn’t help but wonder if her memories were muddled or something?

“Mingkong, shall we go out for a chat?”

Right then, Gu Changge asked her. His voice was natural, but his expression was a little weird.


Yue Mingkong nodded and left the Main Hall, following behind him.

She was confused.

She felt that something was very wrong. How come he called her Mingkong so affectionately? She hadn’t heard him call her by her name more than a few times in her past life!

What’s more? His expression didn’t seem to be faked.

Yue Mingkong felt that matters were getting somewhat out of hand.

Ever since she regressed, she was the one in control in every situation, and not once did she make a mistake. Relying on her knowledge of the future, she took every step with care and perfection, but how come her knowledge crumbled as soon as Gu Changge appeared before her?

Or…could it be that he was the same as her? He was also someone who had regressed, and he was now pretending to be like this to trick her?

Or…could it be that her regression had caused some change to occur in him?

Yue Mingkong couldn’t tell how she felt, but her feelings towards Gu Changge remained the same. He was still the same, be it his aura, temperament, or that indifferent attitude.

He couldn’t change his true face.

What had changed was his attitude towards her!

Soon, she realized that she had nothing to talk about with him.

The two of them arrived on a mountain, walking side by side like a pair of Immortals. The mountain was shrouded in a hazy mist, the scenery before them was wonderful, and the surroundings looked magnificent.

Yue Mingkong looked at Gu Changge, who was standing beside her, and didn’t know what to say. In her previous life, the two of them seldom walked side by side like this, and even if they did, they were merely acting in front of outsiders.

‘Even if Gu Changge’s attitude towards you improves, it won’t wash away the pain he inflicted on you in your past life!’

Yue Mingkong reminded herself in her heart.

Her expression quickly calmed down, and she stared at the mountain’s fairytale-like scenery, the birds that flew around, and the beasts that roamed everywhere.

She didn’t speak. It was obvious that she was worried.

“I almost thought you came here to get a divorce!”

Finally, Gu Changge opened his mouth with a casual smile, and broke the silence between the two of them.

Purple Fortune!

What did Purple represent in the list of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, and Purple?

If that wasn’t enough to shock one, then her Fortune Value was also as high as eight thousand Points! As for the numbers beyond eight, Gu Changge couldn’t be bothered to look too closely.

The reason Gu Changge was stunned as soon as he checked her with the System was her broken Fortune Value.

She was a walking and talking ATM machine!

As soon as Yue Mingkong heard Gu Changge’s words, she was left stunned on her spot, and her pupils shrank. She hadn’t even considered something like that as it was simply unrealistic.

But why did Gu Changge say that so suddenly?

Was he implying that he already knew that she had regressed to the past?


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