I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Also a Regressor; Yue Mingkong’s Experience!

Yue Mingkong wasn’t an ordinary person either. Various thoughts flashed through her mind, and her expression soon recovered. No abnormality could be seen on her gorgeous, flawless face.

“Changge, why do you say that? Isn’t it you who wants a divorce? You have always hated me, after all.”

She tilted her head and looked at Gu Changge with an aggrieved expression.

Her cute and playful expression brought out a different charm. No one would have thought that she — the fierce Crown Princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty, whose prestige towered through the Heavens, and overlooked everything in the world from high above — would be capable of showing such a face.

Gu Changge didn’t seem to be surprised by her response. Without a change in his smile, he continued, “I was merely joking, Mingkong, so why so serious?”

“I thought you hated me a lot.”

Yue Mingkong lowered her head and muttered to herself. She did her best to maintain her former appearance before Gu Changge. Back in the day, she would always act like this to please him, but all she received in return was his indifference.

To make sure he wouldn’t discover any discrepancies between her past and present actions, Yue Mingkong deliberately tried not to act any differently from what he was used to.

She was exactly like how she used to be in front of Gu Changge: ‘humble, cautious, and in love to the point where she would be willing to perish for him…’

Right now, she was even more certain that Gu Changge was just like her; he must have also regressed from the future! Otherwise, he wouldn’t be testing her with his words.

Yue Mingkong was well aware of her future husband’s terror, so she couldn’t help but raise her guard. Until she was sure that he hadn’t regressed, she wouldn’t do anything that could give away the fact that she had regressed from the future.

Since he could kill her once in their previous life, then his means in this life must be worse than before!

Yue Mingkong felt stifled as she thought about this, but she quickly calmed her heart and cooled her mind. She felt that she had to tread more carefully in the future. After all, her actions over the last half a year were completely different from her past life’s actions.

With Gu Changge’s sharp mind, he might have already made some guesses, and was just testing her right now. What’s more? His gentle appearance right now was in complete contrast to what she was used to in their past life, and that confused her even more.

As for why he put on this facade? She thought that it must also be a test from him.

Otherwise, how could one explain his actions that were completely different from what she knew from their past life?

“Mingkong, I realized that you have changed a lot over the past few months.”

Yue Mingkong’s heart sank as she heard those words, and she realized that Gu Changge was looking at her with an expression of intrigue. She couldn’t guess what went through his mind.

She felt nervous.

Could it be that he really knew something? The fact that she had regressed from the future was her biggest secret, and she couldn’t let anyone else find out about it.

“Changge, what are you talking about? How have I changed in any way? You are the one who’s different; you never treated me with such gentleness before, so what happened this time?”

Yue Mingkong’s eyes showed just the right amount of doubt as she stared at Gu Changge with the intent to see through him. Right now, she had to bring out her best acting skills to make sure he couldn’t find any flaws.

Still, Yue Mingking couldn’t suppress her nervousness. She realized that although she was the Crown Princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty, who could dictate the life and death of innumerable people, her confidence couldn’t help but deflate when she stood in front of Gu Changge.

He thoroughly suppressed her no matter what she did!

“Indeed, it was too much for me to treat you like that! But fret not, I will not treat you like that in the future.”

Gu Changge showed an expression of guilt and self-blame in response to her words, and said with a sigh.

“Changge…Changge, are you telling the truth?”

His response dumbfounded Yue Mingkong. She couldn’t help but stutter somewhat as she looked at him with her beautiful eyes wide open. Could it be that he truly felt ashamed after regressing to the past, and meant what he said?

She couldn’t believe that such words laced with guilt would come out of Gu Changge’s mouth! After all, he was a ruthless, cold-blooded person.

Her heart went into turmoil, and she wondered if she could forgive him if his words were the truth?

No, she couldn’t be that easy.

He always used and hurt her in their previous life, and in the end, he even killed her in cold blood. How could she be so weak and lose her resolve after hearing a few words from him?

Gu Changge was her nemesis!

Matters couldn’t be this simple! There was definitely something wrong with his actions! He was most likely still testing her!

Yue Mingkong broke out in a cold sweat as she reached this conclusion. Gu Changge methods and schemes had always been unfathomable and unpredictable — one error from her would be enough to give her away.

In the next moment, Yue Mingkong raised her head and looked at Gu Changge. Her expression showed that she was touched by his proclamation, and her eyes were filled with joy as she said, “Changge, are you telling the truth? Will you really not treat me with the same indifference as before? That’s great! I knew I would be able to impress you sooner or later.”

“When have I ever lied to you? It’s only natural that I treat you well.”

Gu Changge’s face showed his same, unchanged smile as he gently brought Yue Mingkong into his embrace and caressed her hair.

He immediately felt her body stiffen, but he couldn’t care less about that. At the same time, his face showed a different expression as he realized that matters weren’t all that different from his expectations.

Soon, Yue Mingkong closed her eyes and leaned on Gu Changge’s chest. She never thought that what she desired for innumerable years in her previous life would come so suddenly in this one.

Although she knew that Gu Changge was probably putting on an act, she still hoped for time to stop at this moment so they could stay like this forever.

“Mingkong, don’t you have something to tell me?”

Right then, Gu Changge’s voice sounded again.

Yue Mingkong kept her silence, and responded with a shake of her head. Right now, she couldn’t show any signs of abnormality.

Gu Changge also smiled and didn’t say anything. By now, he had almost figured out the ins and outs of Yue Mingkong’s trope. Although she tried her best to hide it, and pretended to be the same as before, she couldn’t hide her temperament and majesty.

In addition, there were still a few flaws in her performance. For example, when he asked her why she was different from before, she visibly showed a shocked expression and panicked for a moment. Although she calmed herself and reverted back to normal immediately, she couldn’t prevent Gu Changge from catching those changes. After all, he wasn’t weak, and could observe even the minutest change in someone.

She was still a little wet behind the ears if she thought she could deceive him by putting on an act.

But there was one thing Gu Changge couldn’t figure out — what had led to his fiancee becoming enemies with him in the future, considering she regressed to the past? Why were they not on the same side?

Did he abandon her in the future? Or did he betray her? He wanted to know just what went down.

Although Gu Changge was a little puzzled, he wasn’t frantic.

Still, he didn’t know what Yue Mingkong had experienced, and he was sure that she wouldn’t tell him even if he asked. After all, it involved her biggest secret.

Moreover, since she regressed from the future, she must have a good understanding of his methods and nature, so she would be on guard around him, and won’t trust him easily.

There was a chance that she even knew that he was an inheritor of the Devil Arts.

However, what Gu Changge didn’t guess was that the future Yue Mingkong experienced was one where his mind and actions were thoroughly dominated by his Devil Heart.

Right now, he didn’t know how to deal with Yue Mingkong. Although he knew she was a regressor, he couldn’t tell just what she held in her arsenal.

What’s more? Her regressing from the future was too much of a cheat! Especially in a place like the Upper Realm, where she had knowledge of everything that might happen in the future, nothing could be hidden from her.

Defeating her siblings in the Supreme Immortal Dynasty and getting the position of Crown Princess was obviously not a big deal for a regressor like her!

“Changge, how long are you going to hold me?”

Yue Mingkong had already calmed down by now, and said with a bashful tone that seemed to contain no falsehood. In her heart, however, she was fuming. She felt as if Gu Changge was merely playing with her to see her ugly expression!

By now, she was certain that Gu Changge was just like her, and had also regressed from the future. An embrace like this, which wasn’t meant from the bottom of his heart, wasn’t worth melting over.

“Obviously, I want to hold you for as long as I can.”

Gu Changge responded with a smile. He felt relieved now that he knew her origins. He could see that Yue Mingkong never expected him to do everything he did, and it was because of this that she was so shocked.

In other words, what she experienced in her former life was different from the present.

Yue Mingkong didn’t expect such a response from Gu Changge. She wanted to break free from his embrace, but could only let him have his way. Although he was her enemy, it was still a fact that he was also her future husband. She put on a shy and joyful expression, and whispered to him, “Changge, why are you so good to me now?”

She wanted to see how long Gu Changge would pretend.

‘What does she mean by saying I am good to her now?’

He was good to her now? Then how did he treat her in their previous life? Did he beat and curse her?

Gu Changge was somewhat stunned as those thoughts spiraled through his heart. But thinking that this question was Yue Mingkong’s test for him, he couldn’t help but say with a smile, “You are my future wife, so why won’t I be good to you?”

Yue Mingkong was shocked by his words! Her eyes reddened, and a deep sorrow gripped her heart.

Future wife?

Did he really think of her as his future wife in their previous life? To him, she was nothing more than a tool that could be thrown away after a single use.

He had ruthlessly murdered her on the night of their marriage!

“Mingkong, what’s wrong? You don’t seem to be well.”

Gu Changge was surprised by the change in her expression, and he could tell that she wasn’t pretending right now. He wondered why her eyes turned red so suddenly? Did his sentence bring out some sorrow hidden deep down her heart?

For a moment, he couldn’t figure out what to say to her.

Sure enough, it wasn’t easy to deal with her.

“Changge, I feel somewhat uncomfortable. Do forgive Mingkong for not keeping you company anymore.”

As soon as she finished her words, Yue Mingkong broke free from Gu Changge’s embrace, turned around, and left.

At the same time, she felt that Gu Changge must already know her biggest secret; no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t hide the truth from him.

Why else would he say such words of humiliation to her right now?

Later, he will definitely do everything in his power to deal with her!

Gu Changge didn’t say much as he watched Yue Mingkong leave. The smile on his face disappeared, and he stood alone in silence. At the same time, a System Prompt sounded in his mind.

[Ding! You have triggered Yue Mingkong’s event. She’s a Favored Daughter of Heaven, the Empress who regressed from the future! Her love for you is as deep as the ocean, but her hatred for you is seated deep in her bones after her past experiences.]

[You have the following System Tasks to choose from:]

[Task 1: Kill the Favored Daughter of Heaven.

You will receive 5000 Points of Fortune Value and 25000 Destiny Points.

Additional Rewards will be calculated differently.]

[Task 2: Subdue the Favored Daughter of Heaven.

You will receive 5000 Points of Fortune Value and 25000 Destiny Points.

Additional Rewards will be calculated differently.]

‘What’s the difference?’

Gu Changge couldn’t help but ask.

[Ding! You can receive different kinds of help from the System depending on your choice. The additional rewards will also be different in both cases.]

‘Accept the second task.’

Gu Changge directly commanded without giving it much thought. Choosing the first option was simply unrealistic.[2]

[Ding! Host, you have chosen Task 2! The System will help you by showing you Yue Mingkong’s experience from her past life.]

The System suddenly said this, and then Gu Changge felt his vision blur. Soon, a scene appeared in front of his eyes.

He found himself in a magnificent palace illuminated by the flickering flame of red candles, and faint moonlight. A woman quietly sat on a bed covered in red. She wore a phoenix crown and a phoenix gown, and sat on the bed with a shy and timid expression.

Was this the night of their wedding?

Gu Changge couldn’t help but feel uneasy as he found himself walking in.

Soon, he removed the red veil covering her face.


The woman raised her head to look at him. Her eyebrows jumped in joy, and one could see tenderness in her eyes. But soon, her eyes showed shock and disbelief.


With a splash of blood, the scene blurred.


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