I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Yan Ji; In Order to Capture, One Must Let Loose!

[Inside the Icy Dungeon.]

Ye Chen and his illusory Master discussed methods to get themselves out of the confinement.

“This matter needs long-term considerations. Not only is Gu Changge’s origin terrifying, but there’s also a monstrous figure hidden behind him. No matter what happens, you can’t fight him head on… Try not to be as reckless as today in the future!”

Ye Chen’s Master instructed.

His Master was a woman named Yan Ji. She had a translucent figure, with a strange-but-ethereal pair of scarlet pupils. A cautious expression adored her beautiful visage. Although she was only a remnant spirit now, one could tell from a glance that she had once been a mighty behemoth.

“Forgive me, Master! I understand.”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but regret now that he had calmed down. He shouldn’t have taken out his anger on his lovely Master. Fortunately for him, his Master wasn’t enraged, and instead, calmed him down. Her actions moved Ye Chen’s heart.

Of course, he ignored her words about his recklessness or whatever. Ye Chen would never admit he was in the wrong! What’s more? He had already figured out a countermeasure back then. It’s just that his Master went missing at a critical moment.

“Master, I understand! I will lay low from today onward and wait until I am stronger to kill that Gu Changge in the future!”

Ye Chen swore through gritted teeth. He had thought a lot about this and decided that he couldn’t let this matter go. He had a feeling that Su Qingge hadn’t done all that willingly, instead, she was pressed by some difficult situation!

To put it in other words, Gu Changge had forced her.

Yan Ji frowned and sighed in her heart as she listened to Ye Chen’s words and saw his expression. She believed that Ye Chen’s mind was still too immature. For a woman, he had provoked someone he couldn’t rival.

If one looked at the events without bias, then that Gu Changge had done nothing wrong. Was it his fault if the Taixuan Holy Land wanted to suck up to him?

It’s just that Ye Chen was a disciple she had personally accepted, and her awakening was a result of her devouring the Spirit Qi he bitterly cultivated during his early years.

Yan Ji decided not to say anything to him on account of all that.

‘There are a lot of big shots imprisoned in this Dungeon, so we might be able to use them to get out of here…’

Ye Chen thought to himself, unwilling to rot to death in a place like this. Since the Taixuan Holy Land wasn’t righteous, they shouldn’t blame him for being ruthless.

The bitterness in Ye Chen’s heart couldn’t be suppressed.

The conversation between the two happened secretly, but what no one knew was that a pair of indifferent eyes witnessed the subtle movements from the shadows.

Old Ming had deliberately concealed his presence. Although Yan Ji was a mighty behemoth in the past, she couldn’t find him now that she was just a remnant spirit.

‘Can the Young Lord really get a fortuitous opportunity through this guy?’

‘Or is it from that remnant spirit? Could they be a spirit of some strong existence?’

Old Ming frowned. No matter how he stared at him, he couldn’t find anything extraordinary about that Ye Chen. The only thing that stood out was the ring on his hand which gave out a faint spiritual fluctuation, as well as the exchange through sound transmission showing that there was an expert backing this Ye Chen.

However, Gu Changge had ordered him to observe Ye Chen’s every move without interfering, so Old Ming didn’t mind the small details any more.


Three days passed in a blink. Everyone in the Taixuan Holy Land seemed to have forgotten Ye Chen’s imprisonment. With Gu Changge not mentioning anything about him, the others didn’t dare think about him either.

It wouldn’t be excessive even if Ye Chen was locked in the dungeon and aged to death — who asked him to offend an existence beyond his capabilities?

Gu Changge, on the other hand, was riveted by joy.

Over the last three days, Old Ming gave him a daily report of everything that happened in the dungeon. Gu Changge had almost completely figured out the matter about Ye Chen and his so-called Powerful Grandpa.

The people might be different, but the plot and the cliche weren’t.

All of Ye Chen’s current achievements weren’t just due to his game-breaking Fortune; he had definitely relied on this mysterious backer for his attainments a lot of the time. Without this portable Grandpa, Ye Chen wouldn’t amount to anything more than a fart.

Gu Channge had thought of taking a shot at snatching the ring from Ye Chen, but he was worried about the possible ramifications. The probability of that Grandpa risking annihilation of his remnant soul to help Ye Chen escape was not low.

That worry wasn’t unfounded if one took into account Ye Chen’s overpowered Fortune — there was almost no way for him to succeed. Who knows? He and Old Ming might even be the ones ending up dead.

‘How about I do something like instigating discord between these master and disciple?’

‘But won’t that be too evil even for a villain like me?’

‘No! No! No! I am doing it all for Destiny Points and honest cultivation!’

Gu Changge soon decided his next move, and convinced himself with self-righteous words; he was moved by his own wit.

Right at this time, one of guards outside his quarters deferentially reported, “My Lord, Her Royal Highness, the Holy Maiden, is requesting an audience!”

His words brought Gu Changge back to his senses. The smile on his face disappeared, restoring his indifference, and he commanded in a low voice, “Let her in.”

Whether he wanted it or not, Gu Changge had to see through his villainous identity and act to the end.

He had ignored Su Qingge for three days, and now, it was finally time to meet her. Gu Changge had read through uncountable online novels in his previous life, so it wasn’t hard for him to figure out a method to deal with a prodigious and prideful heroine like Su Qingge.

What’s more? He knew her weakness, so it was even easier to subdue her.

First, he would test her patience and wear down her temper. After all, he wasn’t one of those horny mutts who couldn’t hold themselves from wishing to mount a bitch where they saw it, even if it meant ingratiating themselves.

And weren’t there those words that went like this: ‘In order to capture, one must let loose first.’

Give a little light when they have reached the verge of despair in darkness.

One must know that the Taixuan Holy Lord had been full of gloom over the last three days; he couldn’t help but sigh and groan again and again.

As for the reason? His daughter had somehow offended Young Lord Gu!

Taixuan Holy Lord obviously didn’t have the guts to ask Gu Changge why he was unhappy. Su Qingge, on the other hand, was a filial daughter who naturally didn’t want to watch her father bear such a heavy burden. That was one of her weaknesses, and Gu Changge had seen through it.

“Qingge greets Young Lord Gu!”

A charming voice fell into Gu Changge’s ears, followed by a burst of a pleasant scent.

Su Qingge appeared a little apprehensive as she slowly walked inside the room. She couldn’t pretend to be calm the way she did a few days ago.


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