I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Too Overbearing; Who the Heck are You?

“Gu Changge, what are you doing here?”

Gu Xian’er questioned with a cold face after she heard his ridiculous remark. For some reason, she couldn’t help but become enraged every time she saw Gu Changge, and couldn’t bring herself to speak with a good tone and a good expression.

She would be calm in front of others, but whenever Gu Changge appeared in front of her, her rage would soar, and she would show emotions like anger and such.

“You haven’t answered my question yet.”

Gu Changge said with a chuckle, and ignored Gu Xian’er’s eyes that said that she wanted to swallow him whole in a single bite.

Chu Wuji, on the other hand, also felt uncomfortable when he heard Gu Changge’s remark.

What did Gu Changge mean by calling him Gu Xian’er’s suitor?

As the brightest prince of the Great Chu Immortal Dynasty, did he still need to pursue girls? Just a word from him would be enough to bring all kinds of favored heavenly daughters to warm his bed.

Although he knew that Gu Changge was merely ridiculing him, he couldn’t help but feel unhappy. His complexion fell, and he felt even worse when he realized that Gu Changge completely ignored his existence.

“Senior Brother Chu Wuji was only leading me to the Heavenly Dao Road; he isn’t my suitor!”

Gu Xian’er replied with a frown, and wondered just what Gu Changge was up to now.

Gu Changge pretended to be stunned by her words, and then said with a sigh, “So that’s the case…Elder Brother felt that he had to help guard you, lest any random mutt from the streets rush up to bother you.”

Gu Xian’er snorted when she heard those words, and didn’t believe Gu Changge’s nonsense.

Contrary to what others might think, Gu Changge was certainly not the kind of person he pretended to be in front of outsiders.

Would someone like Gu Changge really stick up for her?

She didn’t believe he would.

“Junior Sister Xian’er is about to climb the Heavenly Dao Road now! Gu Changge, do you dare stop her? This is the Great Elder’s arrangement.”

Chu Wuji’s face sank when he heard Gu Changge referring to him as a random mutt from the streets, and he decided to use the Great Elder’s name to scare him.

No matter the differences between them before, Gu Changge had never used such words to humiliate him in public.

“What about the Great Elder? Do you think he will interfere when the juniors are bickering?”

Gu Changge couldn’t care less about his implicit threat, and glanced at him without much focus.

“Also, I am talking to my little sister, so who the heck are you to interfere?”

Chu Wuji’s face turned livid, and he could hardly hold back his rage after he heard those words. His complexion changed from blue to white and vice-versa as he glared at his adversary.

Gu Changge had repeatedly humiliated and provoked him. No matter how kind or amiable he might have been, he was unable to take his provocation anymore.

What’s more? They were out in the public!

If he swallowed these insults without retaliation, how would he be able to mingle around in the Upper Realm in the future? He would have no face to face anyone!

He was also a Young Supreme, so how could he accept such humiliation?

“Gu Changge, don’t be too overbearing!”

Chu Wuji’s expression was gloomy that his livid face appeared to be on the verge of an explosion.

“So what if I am overbearing?”

Gu Changge responded with an indifferent tone.

He had wanted to deal with this Chu Wuji for a while now, but hadn’t found a good opportunity. Now that he had provoked him this much, he didn’t believe that Chu Wuji would be able to sit still.


Chu Wuji’s expression showed extreme rage, and it was clear that he was on the verge of erupting. No matter how calm and steady he might be on peaceful days, there was no way he could bear such an insult at this time.

This scene caused an uproar in the surroundings.

Before they could watch Gu Xian’er ascend the Heavenly Dao Road, they got to see the conflict between Gu Changge and another True Disciple.

Excitement surged through the hearts of many onlookers! After all, it wasn’t easy to see a battle between True Disciples!

No one could have thought that Gu Changge would be this arrogant! He didn’t even give face to Chu Wuji, who was also a True Disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace.

Everyone knew that Gu Changge was mighty, but the other True Disciples weren’t cannon fodder either. Since they were able to become True Disciples of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, then they obviously had their own strengths and talents.

All of them were Young Supremes, and none of them were weak cabbage!

Not just the disciples, but even the Elders felt excitement at this moment.

It was normal for peers to fight, but it was rare to see a fight like this. Directly provoking someone in public, and egging them for a fight wasn’t something they got to see every day.

If the already present audience wasn’t enough, then two more True Disciples — Tian Yang and Zhong Tianyuan — also appeared on a nearby mountain. The two were shrouded in hazy brilliance, and watched the scene in front of them with solemn expressions.

“Chu Wuji’s strength is unfathomable. The two of us might not be his opponents by ourselves, but Gu Changge is definitely stronger than him…”

“There’s little chance for Chu Wuji to win this exchange, but if he backs down right now, his Dao Heart might end up in a damaged state.”

“Defeat in a battle is a minor matter; you can still stand back up and fight if you are defeated, but once your Dao Heart is damaged, you will have no chance to make a comeback in the future!”

The two spoke among themselves, and their expressions turned even more solemn.

A Young Supreme ought to firmly believe that they were invincible among their peers, and could sweep through all without a hitch. If they retreated in face of a challenge, what would they even be fighting for?

The two were sure that this battle couldn’t be avoided.

Unless some accident happened, of course.

“I want to see just how strong you have grown, for you to humiliate me like this!”

Chu Wuji yelled and then attacked Gu Changge. All the onlookers in the surrounding area were shocked and backed away in haste.

Only Yin Mei felt that Chu Wuji was digging his grave with his own hands. Gu Changge’s strength was far from what he could imagine. Even the strength he showed in the public was something that the other Young Supremes couldn’t ever hope to match.

Gu Xian’er also paid great attention to their exchange as she also wanted to know just how much Gu Changge’s strength had grown over the years.

“Royal Dragon Palm! It’s the Great Chu Immortal Dynasty’s famous Royal Dragon Palm!”

Someone exclaimed as they recognized Chu Wuji’s move at first glance.


Chu Wuji used a major move from the get-go. Brilliant runes intertwined together, and formed a dragon that rushed to grab Gu Changge. The dragon had a terrifying aura, and it moved at a frightening speed.

It was so terrible that even disciples in the distance felt their skin crack.

“It’s so scary! Is this the might of a Young Supreme?”

“An ordinary False God Realm cultivator will never be a match for True Disciple Chu! You must know that he’s only at the peak of the Conferred Lord Realm, and there’s still an entire major Realm before he can reach the False God Realm!”

“He’s too strong! This is the gap between True Disciples and us!”

Chu Wuji’s mighty palm shocked many in the surroundings.

Gu Changge slapping Jin Yu’s False God Realm servant to blood mist was already shocking enough, and now, even Chu Wuji’s palm held a power that could easily obliterate a False God Realm cultivator!

Sure enough, it wasn’t hard for Young Supremes to fight beyond their Realms!

“Were you prancing around because of this? Who gave you this confidence?”

Gu Changge showed no change in his expression as he faced Chu Wuji’s palm, and spoke with a carefree expression. At the same time, he responded with a palm of his own made up of golden runes.

Divine, golden light permeated the surroundings, and the palm fell down!


The two great palms collided with each other, and burst into an explosion of Mystical Power that caused an astonishing sensation in all directions!

It was as if a meteorite fell apart above them and collided with the ground. The nearby mountains trembled, the earth cracked, and space splintered apart.


Chu Wuji flew out with blood splattering around. His head appeared to be caved in, and his disheveled hair flew in the air. Just the aftermath of the attacks gave him grave injuries!

Disbelief covered his face, and he said with astonishment, “Middle Stage of the Conferred King Realm?!”

It was difficult to decide a winner when two Young Supremes in the same realm fought against each other, but not so much when one’s cultivation overpowered the other’s by a great margin. Especially, when the stronger one was someone like Gu Changge!

Back when Gu Changge was only in the Early Stages of the Saint Realm, he had severely injured the Young Supreme, Jin Zhou, who had been in the Middle Stage of the Saint Realm!

And now? No one expected Gu Changge to have already broken through to the Middle Stage of the Conferred King Realm!

The onlookers couldn’t help but take in a deep breath.

He was too powerful!

They never thought that a casual blow from Gu Changge would hold such cataclysmic might!

He was simply invincible!

“He’s worthy to be known as the Reincarnation of an Immortal! True Disciple Chu probably wouldn’t have had the chance to win even if the two were in the same Realm…”

“I never expected Gu Changge to break through to the Middle Stage of the Conferred King Realm so fast!”

Tian Yang and Zhong Tianyuan, the other two Young Supremes, couldn’t help but stare at each other in disbelief.

‘How is he so strong?’

Gu Xian’er’s expression also turned solemn. She was already far behind him in cultivation, and couldn’t estimate just how long it would take her to reach Gu Changge’s heights even if she rushed her cultivation.

“So what if you are in the Middle Stage of the Conferred King Realm?”

Right then, Chu Wuji shouted towards Gu Changge. At the same time, bright, golden light radiated from his person, and a layer of dragon scales appeared on his skin.

This was his talent of transforming into a dragon, and it was his trump card which could boost his cultivation base to a completely new height!

Before today, he had never used this ability in front of outsiders. But today, Chu Wuji could no longer go without it. He only knew one thing, and that was to defeat Gu Changge and wash away the humiliation he received from him!

[Hu! Hu! Hu!]

A domineering and long-beyond-measure dragon appeared behind him. It was a true dragon with immortal energy lingering around it. With a single gulp, it could swallow all the clouds between Heaven and Earth, and it’s golden scales reflected bright, golden light!

The huge dragon appeared incomparably lifelike as it rushed towards Gu Changge. An earth-shattering tremor shook the surroundings as it tried to obliterate the mountains and dry the rivers, and a destructive force that could kill all in its path headed towards Gu Changge!

All the cultivators in the surroundings were even more horrified. At the same time, they couldn’t help but sigh at the might of the Young Supremes, and their endless means. Had they not seen Chu Wuji use this ability with their own eyes, they would have never thought that he held such a trump card in his arsenal.

“What about the Middle Stage of the Conferred King Realm, you ask? It’s more than enough to stomp your Dao Heart.”

Gu Changge laughed as he watched Chu Wuji’s trump card. At the same time, an immeasurable light burst behind him, and a vague figure made of the Great Dao’s law appeared. The figure appeared magnificent, and seemed to contain all the secrets of Heaven and Earth.

‘Dao Incarnate?!’

Gu Xian’er’s expression changed. Her face paled, and she felt a familiar aura from the Dao Incarnate behind Gu Changge. She immediately recognized it as the Mystical Ability that belonged to her Dao Bone.


Right then, Gu Changge slapped out, and the Dao Incarnate behind him followed suit. The fluctuations of energy it released made the disciples, and even the Elders, show a change in their expressions.

The palm collided with the dragon!

It was as if a star exploded right above them!


A massive wave erupted and washed over the surroundings. All the mountains quaked under the disastrous might released by the collision of their attacks. All the disciples trembled, and felt their hearts and souls palpitate in response to the incoming earthquake.

They felt as if everything around them was about to perish!

Finally, the brilliance receded, and they watched the palm of Gu Changge’s Dao Incarnate press down on the dragon that Chu Wuji brought out. The harder Gu Changge pressed down on the dragon, the more blood Chu Wuji spewed — his body neared the verge of collapse as he felt the pressure suppress him.

The palm’s descent didn’t stop!


Chu Wuji spewed blood, and the dragon he conjured finally exploded. At the same time, half of Chu Wuji’s body burst apart. Horror and disbelief painted his face — he had already used his strongest trump card, yet Gu Changge was still able to stomp him down with ease!

“So, who the heck are you?”

Gu Changge came out on top. Without a change in his expression, he disappeared from his spot and appeared next to Chu Wuji. And then, he directly stepped over his head while repeating his sentence once more.


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