I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Successor of the Ancient Emperor of Reincarnation; Yue Mingkong’s Plan!

Ye Liuli’s face reddened at his words, and she responded with a weak snort, “Elder Brother, what nonsense are you speaking? Why would I miss him? I am just curious, after all, he’s said to be a Young Supreme on the same level as you!”

“I heard that he easily crushed the prince of the Great Chu Immortal Dynasty, and he has also broken through to the Middle Stage of the Conferred King Realm; his strength is terrifying!”

Although her words sounded like a good explanation, how could Ye Langtian miss the meaning hidden behind them?

Wasn’t she just asking him what he thought of Gu Changge?

She couldn’t conceal her thoughts through trickery like this!

Ye Langtian couldn’t help but shake his head as he watched Ye Liuli’s face full of expectation — he couldn’t figure out how she crossed Gu Changge in the Lower Realm and ended up like this. He had heard some details regarding the matter from Aunt Xue about how Ye Liuli had offended Gu Changge and whatnot, and how Gu Changge had made her apologize to him without humiliating her too much or going too far.

Could it be that Ye Liuli couldn’t forget him anymore because of that?

Ye Langtian pondered for a moment, and then said, “I have also heard a lot about Gu Changge; he’s my greatest adversary. The world calls me the Reincarnation of an Ancient Emperor, but he’s known as a Reincarnation of a True Immortal. Reincarnation of an Ancient Emperor, Reincarnation of a True Immortal…these titles already say a lot…”

Ancient Emperors were mighty existences who had carved a piece of land for themselves, expanded their territory, gathered immense wealth, and established supreme dynasties that stood for eras upon eras, but only True Immortals could be worshiped as Immortals, and that honor couldn’t be availed by Ancient Emperors and the like.

Although both titles sounded majestic, there was a great difference between the two.

Ye Langtian understood this well.

What’s more? Gu Changge had already broken through to the Middle Stage of the Conferred King Realm, while he had only just broken through to the Conferred King Realm, so the gap between the two wasn’t all that small.

Ye Liuli was shocked by Ye Langtian’s response — even her elder brother thought of him like that, so Gu Changge must be even scarier than what she initially believed!

As this thought crossed through her mind, she recalled the scene of a strange ancient god with an oppressive aura appearing majestically before, and that increased her fear of Gu Changge.

Ye Langtian didn’t have the time to notice Ye Liuli’s strange expression. Right now, he was busy shaking his head and thinking about how he would need to compete with Gu Changge in the future. He was also a Young Supreme, so it went without saying that he would need to compete with his peers sooner or later. Still, he wasn’t afraid of any challenge that could come his way.

“Young Master, the boy named Ye Ling from the collateral branch is here again. He wishes to challenge you to make a name for himself, and he has already gathered a lot of people in the Martial Training Field.”

Right then, the voice of a servant sounded from outside the palace. Ye Langtian, who was talking to Ye Liuli, couldn’t help but frown.

“Ye Ling? Who’s that? How can someone from a collateral branch dare to challenge Elder Brother?”

Ye Liuli was surprised when she heard those words.

Ye Langtian was the Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Ye Family, and even though he hadn’t gone out to make a name for himself yet, it was a fact that he held immense might, so how could someone dare to challenge him?

Did that person not want to live anymore, or was he just causing trouble?

Ye Langtian responded to Ye Liuli’s question with some annoyance in his tone, “That Ye Ling obtained the first position in the Family’s competition recently, so the Family promised him three rewards, one of which was the permission to challenge and defeat me. He wants to avenge his father for back then when I hurt him by mistake.”

“Elder Brother, haven’t we already paid them great wealth in compensation? I remember that they accepted the compensation and let the matter go…”

Ye Liuli was stunned by the details of the matter. They had already accepted the compensation, yet here they were now, asking for justice? No wonder even her mild-tempered elder brother felt annoyed by his pestering.

“He’s using that matter to further his agendas, and claiming that the Main Branch looks down on the Collateral Branches, and that caused quite a stir in the Family; a lot of the Elders scolded me over this already.”

Ye Langtian said with deep annoyance showing on his face.

The other party was a shameless rogue, and couldn’t be handled easily. Even Ye Langtian, the Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Ye Family, felt helpless when dealing with him. Not only could he not refuse the challenge, but he also had to give face to the Collateral Branches and suppress his cultivation in the fight.

He wondered if seeking justice was just a pretense, and the guy was just taking this opportunity to make trouble for him?

Soon, Ye Langtian left the palace and headed towards the Martial Training Field. Ye Liuli followed after him, desiring to see the so-called ‘Fight for Justice!’


[Supreme Immortal Dynasty, Imperial City.]

In a quaint and majestic hall, the sun and moon appeared to be hanging high, and the universe seemed to be compressed inside it.

Yue Mingkong was dressed in magnificent Imperial robes, and sat on a throne as she radiated an oppressive Imperial majesty. Her narrowed, phoenix eyes watched her trembling ministers as they reported the details of various events.

“Your Excellency, we have already settled the internal and external issues of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty, so you don’t need to worry about any opposition in the future.”

Yue Mingkong nodded with a touch of satisfaction as she heard these words.


Then, she waved her hand, and all of the ministers withdrew, and only a few of her confidants were left in the palace. Before long, Yue Mingkong sent them all out as well.

Sitting in the hall alone, she rubbed her brows and tried to ease her tiredness as she tried to recall what would happen next. After all, she had to prepare for the future in advance. Even though she knew much about the future, life wasn’t easy. If she didn’t have knowledge of the future, her life would be even worse.

Gu Changge was scary!

‘According to the time, the Extreme Yin Heaven will soon appear in the world, and the Inner Region will fall into turmoil. After all, it’s an ancient realm that will need multiple behemoths to open it…this matter will soon become the top priority for all the Races and Heritages.’

‘All the great Heritages will work together to form the True Immortal Academy, and then they will select the best disciples from every faction to nurture as True Immortals…’

‘The Immortal Road of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace should also appear soon. It must be the reason my good husband entered the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace and plotted for so long! I didn’t even notice this fact back then.’

‘Now that I think about it, it must be the greatest reason for him to enter the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace.’

‘When the Immortal Spirit emerged back then, all the Races and Heritages competed for it, and it even alarmed some Supremes into taking action…alas! That resulted in no one getting their hands on the Immortal Spirit, and it disappeared not long after…’

‘Now that I think about it, the Immortal Spirit must have been taken away by Gu Changge! Hehe, to steal food from under the eyes of various ancient monsters…he’s indeed my good husband.’

Yue Mingkong laughed at herself, but soon, her expression turned solemn.

‘He is the inheritor of that Forbidden Art, so his real cultivation shouldn’t be as simple as it appears. I was too impulsive in visiting the Ancient Immortal Gu Family the last time; my chances of survival would have been slim if he had wanted to kill me.’

‘I must make preparations for the future.’

Yue Mingkong faintly sighed as she thought of this.

She had obtained no advantage on her trip to the Ancient Immortal Gu Family. On the other hand, she discovered that the current Gu Changge was somewhat different from the one she knew from her previous life. The changes in him roused her suspicions, and disturbed her mind.

She knew that Gu Changge was born with a demonic nature, and it was a matter that wouldn’t be hidden from the world for long. The reason he dug out his young cousin’s Dao Bone was for the sole reason of covering up his demonic nature.

Of course, this incident didn’t have much impact on Gu Changge.

Talent of a True Immortal, and Demonic Nature…this matter had shocked the world.

She didn’t know, however, where Gu Changge’s demonic nature actually originated from; she guessed that it was related to his inheritance of the Forbidden Demonic Arts.

‘Now that I think about it, Sister Xian’er was such a kind person, yet she ended up with such a pitiful fate. Not only did Gu Changge dig out her Dao Bones in my previous life, but he must have also swallowed her cultivation base later, and that’s why she disappeared. I was foolish to think that she let go of her hatred, and decided to live a life of seclusion.’

‘I must protect her in this life.’

As this thought crossed through her mind, Yue Mingkong felt that the burden on her shoulders had gotten heavier.

Others might not know, but she was well aware of the fact that there was an incomparably powerful and mysterious master behind Gu Changge, who had only moved once in her previous life. It was that one move by him that prevented Gu Changge’s Demonic Inheritance from getting exposed.

Yue Mingkong guessed that Gu Changge’s mysterious master was related to his Demonic Inheritance, and he would only take action when Gu Changge’s Demonic Inheritance was about to be exposed.

After all, why would he never show up otherwise?

The Demonic Inheritance was something that couldn’t be exposed no matter what! After all, even Gu Changge’s powerful master could only tread in the dark because of it, so his fate could already be imagined if the matter somehow got out.

In her heart, Yue Mingkong honestly didn’t want to see the day when the matter of Gu Changge’s Demonic Inheritance would come to light, and everyone related to him would turn on him for his life.

‘What am I even doing? Aren’t I just protecting him like this?’

Yue Mingkong quickly calmed down, and decided to go to the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace. Her trip was for the manifestation of the Immortal Road, as well as Gu Xian’er.

As her sister-in-law, she couldn’t watch Gu Xian’er go through hardship when she already knew what would happen to her.

‘Hmm, the successor of the Ancient Emperor of Reincarnation should also appear any time now, no? He seemed to be called Ye Ling or something. He chanced upon the [Ancient Reincarnation Talisman] which contains the power of Reincarnation…I must obtain this power!’

Yue Mingkong’s phoenix eyes narrowed as she recalled another important matter.

Ancient Reincarnation Heavenly Venerate! He was an extremely ancient existence with a cultivation base that allowed him to stand tall in Heaven and Earth. It was said that he controlled the power of the Six Paths of Samsara, which made it almost impossible for him to be killed off, and he had lived through countless epochs as well.

She could take advantage of the fact that the Ancient Emperor of Reincarnation’s successor had yet to grow up, and snatch the [Ancient Reincarnation Talisman] from him.

Yue Mingkong began to make plans after thinking about this.


[Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace.]

A white-robed old man with an Immortal-like bearing fished for something atop a mountain covered in clouds and hazy mist.

“This Junior can’t help but admire the Great Elder’s leisurely and carefree life.”

A chuckling youth appeared on the mountain, and casually found himself a stone bench to sit on without caring for what the others around him thought. His expression showed as if he was sitting in his own backyard.

“Gu Changge, just get to the point if you have something to say; you don’t need to beat around the bush before me.”

The Great Elder responded without a change in his expression, and continued looking straight at his fishline that went down the sea of clouds in front of him.

He had no good feelings for Gu Changge, but Gu Changge didn’t care about that.

He smiled, and said, “There’s nothing much. I just wanted to thank the Great Elder for helping with my little sister’s education.”

Gu Xian’er, who was expressionlessly standing behind him, tightened her hold on the jade sword in her hand, and desired to stab it through his heart from behind.

Only a few people could visit the Great Elder’s mountain on normal days, and Gu Changge had only been here once before. It was back when he joined the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, and broke the record of the Heavenly Dao Road, which alarmed countless existences.

Many thought that the Great Elder would accept him as his disciple, but reality was different from their imagination. The Great Elder merely brought him to his mountain, said a few words, and then sent him back without once mentioning anything about taking him as his disciple.

Naturally, Gu Changge remembered his words very clearly. Back then, the first sentence that came out of the Great Elder’s mouth was: ‘You have impure motives, a deep-seated demonic nature, and no shame.’


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