I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Synthesizing a World; Stealing Your Wife’s Opportunity Isn’t Stealing, Right?

Gu Changge fell into thought as he looked at his current Attributes Panel.

— — — — — —

Host: Gu Changge

Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd

Identity: True Disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace | Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

Cultivation: Conferred King (Middle Stage)

Mystical Abilities:

Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [8th Layer (60%)]
Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)
Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)
Void Ability (Talent)
Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art
Infinite Immortal Wisdom
Destiny Points: 10000
Fortune Value: 2000 (Dark)

System Shop: Open


One-Third Fragment of a World Seed x3 (Merge)
Fortune Plundering Card x3
— — — — — —

Over the last period, his Destiny Points had increased to ten thousand, while his Fortune Value had also rushed to two thousand Points. He now had a huge sum of wealth in his coffers, but Gu Changge wasn’t in a hurry to increase his cultivation.

He went to look through the System Shop, and finally found what he desired after a while: ‘[Divine-grade Aura Concealment Talisman].’

It cost eight thousand Destiny Points.

[Item Introduction: Completely hides the user’s aura for half an hour.]

Although the feature didn’t sound all that great, Gu Changge’s expression still showed a touch of satisfaction. Since it was a product from the System, then it’s ability definitely couldn’t be doubted. It would most certainly be able to completely hide his aura, so where wouldn’t he be able to go with his Void Talent’s ability?

Gu Changge immediately exchanged for a [Divine-grade Aura Concealment Talisman] without feeling distress over the loss of Destiny Points. After all, he was about to vie for a supreme opportunity that was said to be so great that even Supremes would come out for it.

After that, he exchanged a thousand points of Fortune Value for another ten thousand Destiny Points, and exchanged the Points for a [Domain Traversing Talisman] and a [Formation Breaking Talisman].

The [Formation Breaking Talisman] did exactly what it’s name suggested: ‘it broke formations and other such restrictions.’

As for the [Domain Traversing Talisman]? It could help him escape at a critical moment.

These were his so-called multiple layers of protection.

After that, Gu Changge began to merge the fragments of the World Seed. Immediately, his vision blurred, and the three seeds of different shapes appeared in front of him and showed him a majestic scene as they merged together.

Countless complicated runes spread around, and a world in its infancy opened right in front of Gu Changge. The sun rose and the moon circled around the world; mountains and rivers appeared, and an ancient sea gushed forth. The world evolved in front of him in an extremely bizarre manner, and kept on expanding.


A hazy glow radiated in the surroundings as the three seeds completely fused together, and turned into a gushing glow.

Gu Changge felt the oppressive aura of the entire world press down on his chest — it was an extremely vast and boundless aura of chaos.

Before long, the chaos subsided, and the scene cleared up as the murky glow sank.

Heaven and Earth evolved inside him, and a mysterious and expansive world was born within him!

The world was finally born!

Inside him, the sun and the moon hung high, the stars adorned the sky, and auspicious clouds floated above the ground, forming an enclosed cycle of life. Although the world wasn’t too big, it had the complete form of a recently-birthed world.

‘Not only did I succeed in fusing the fragments of the World Seed, but I also nurtured a world inside me in one go.’

‘The feeling of having a world in the palm of my hand is refreshing, indeed. I can throw in whatever I want.’

‘If I come across a mighty foe, I can even hide inside the world. As long as I don’t come across a mighty being who is good at creation and spatial travel, I will be good.’

Gu Changge looked at the Destiny Points that were reduced by thousands at once, but wasn’t bothered by the expense.

He pondered for a while, and then…


The Void around him fluctuated, and in the next moment, his entire person disappeared from his spot without leaving behind many fluctuations.

If anyone were to see him at that moment, they would have been shocked and left dumbfounded.

Gu Changge had simply disappeared into thin air!

His method was too appalling.

However, if one with the ability of creation saw the changes in the surrounding, they would immediately find some strange fluctuations. Gu Changge didn’t disappear into thin air, instead, he opened a spatial channel and rushed into another world.

Gu Changge’s figure appeared atop a mountain in the world he created through the World Seed.

As he watched the surroundings and spread his Spiritual Sense all over the place, he realized that the world only had a radius of a few thousand miles. Although there were mountains, rivers, ancient trees, and some ordinary creatures, there was no Spiritual Qi.

Beyond the developed world was undeveloped chaos, so Gu Changge couldn’t help but fall into thought.

The World Seed given by the System was most likely the best of its kind. The endless chaos evolving in the distance reminded him of how the world was said to have evolved in ancient times in his previous life. He could infer from this that the current world inside him was merely in its infancy, and that he would need to expand it further in the future.

Now that he was here, he could even use it as a foothold for all his plots in the future.

Gu Changge estimated that the world could further evolve to the highest possible point in the future. It wouldn’t be impossible for it to grow into an entire Universe inside him.

Of course, the world could also serve many other purposes, such as: ‘confining and suppressing enemies, appearing in the outside world as a world of its own, or even devouring the original world that was outside him…’

Gu Changge recalled many myths as he thought of how he could use his newly-birthed inner world.

In the beginning, there was nothing, but then Chaos came into existence; Chaos birthed the three thousand Chaotic Fiend Gods among which was Pangu; Pangu then split Heaven and Earth.

Hongjun preached and the Three Pure Ones appeared; Nuwa created man, and Suiren taught them how to make fire from wood.

It wouldn’t be impossible for something similar to appear in Gu Changge’s inner world.

Gu Changge fell into thought for a while, and then asked the System,‘System, can I upgrade the inner world with Destiny Points?’

[Destiny Points are applicable on everything. As long as you have enough Points, you can upgrade whatever you desire.]

The System responded.

Gu Changge nodded, and then immediately put Destiny Points into the upgrade of the inner world.


Soon, a group of magnificent and majestic palaces rose from the ground behind him, like quaint Heavenly Pavilions that stood tall between Heaven and Earth. Their immeasurably tall pillars alone could support the sky above, just like the Heavenly Palace in the ancient myths.

Gu Changge’s figure disappeared from his spot and appeared inside the grandest Palace, and he resembled a deity who lorded over the Heavens and everything above and below them.

He couldn’t help but nod with satisfaction.

‘It’s so captivating; wouldn’t it be better for me to just wait in here until this world surpasses the original?’

The establishment of his personal Heavenly Court didn’t cost him much. After all, the inner world belonged to him, so it wasn’t hard for him to make changes to it.

Afterwards, Gu Changge returned to the original world and fell into thought inside his residence. For now, he could put aside the matter of his inner world — he had to focus on the Immortal Road that would appear soon.

He had already prepared everything, and now, he was merely waiting for the right opportunity. It’s just that he didn’t know the exact time for the Immortal Road’s appearance.

But soon, Gu Changge recalled someone who might. His wife— no, his future wife.

Yue Mingkong!

Since she was a regressor, she must know when the Immortal Road would appear. It’s just that it won’t be easy to get her to talk.

Moreover, if Gu Changge hadn’t guessed wrong, then Yue Mingkong would most likely be on her way to the Immeasurable Heaven[1]. After all, he was her greatest foe in the original timeline, so if she desired to take revenge on him, she had to get this opportunity.

[1: it’s the region where the Dao Palace is located.]

As for him stealing his wife’s opportunity? Gu Changge felt not a shred of guilt about it.

She belonged to him, so the opportunity also belonged to him, naturally.

What’s more? Could stealing your wife’s opportunity even be called stealing?

Gu Changge knew well that he couldn’t clear Yue Mingkong’s deep-seated hatred towards him in a day or two. Maybe, she would get used to him and give up after a while after getting bullied at his hands.

He was already treating her with immeasurable kindness by not killing her outright. After all, although he was evil, he wasn’t a crazy devil who craved blood and nothing else.

Be it Gu Xian’er or Yue Mingkong, Gu Changge hadn’t chosen the option to kill them off. It wasn’t that he couldn’t do it, but that he felt that it would be too boring. If he did that, then what would be the difference between him and the Original who was dominated by his demonic nature?[2]

[2: Buddhist Holy Land flashbacks. Thousands upon thousands of souls cursing you from the Netherworld, bruh.]

“Yan Ji…”

Soon, Gu Changge’s expression returned to calm, and he called out for Yan Ji through a Communication Talisman.

Yan Ji obviously followed him all the way to Immeasurable Heaven; it’s just that she usually hid in the dark and wouldn’t show up easily. Because of this, only a few in the Immeasurable Heaven knew that he had a Great Sacred Realm subordinate beside him.

One had to know that even some Elders of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace had yet to reach this level!

Soon, the Void in front of him fluctuated, and Yan Ji walked out, and respectfully greeted him, “Young Master.”

Ever since she returned from the Land of Forsaken Immortals, she had been recovering from her serious injuries that she received from the attack of the peach blossom thrown at her by that mysterious peach tree.

Had she not reacted in haste and opened a spatial tunnel using the [Domain Traversing Talisman], then she would have probably spent an eternity buried in that place.

Gu Changge glanced at her, and then asked with a slight nod, “How’s your injury?”

“Thank you for your concern, Young Master. The Medicinal Pills you gave me have almost healed my injuries.”

Yan Ji replied with feelings of respect and gratitude.

Gu Changge had been very kind to her. After she was injured, he kept on giving her healing medicines and elixirs of great quality, and also made sure to not arrange any tasks for her so she could recuperate without worry.

Now that he finally called for her, the first thing he asked her was the state of her injury, so Yan Ji couldn’t help but feel moved. Although she didn’t show anything on her face, the gratitude in her heart was immense. How many people would be so considerate of others?

“That’s great; I have a task for you.”

Gu Changge said with a nod.

“Young Master, give me your command.”

Yan Ji said.

“Help me find the whereabouts of the fourth princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty in the Immeasurable Heaven. Also, make sure you aren’t noticed by her.”

Gu Changge said.

There was no way Yue Mingkong wouldn’t come to Immeasurable Heaven. It’s just that he was sure she would come quietly, find a place to hide, and make sure he wouldn’t know her whereabouts.

After he ‘dealt’ with her back in the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, Yue Mingkong had gone above and beyond in hiding from him.

Gu Changge naturally saw through her measly tricks, but he had to have her appear in front of him now. Since she had come to the Immeasurable Heaven, then there was no reason for her to not see her husband.

How could he not know what Yue Mingkong was plotting?

“If you are noticed by her, then just show up and tell her that I will personally go out to catch her if she doesn’t come to see me.”

Gu Changge suddenly added with a playful expression.

“Understood, Young Master.”

Yan Ji left as soon as she received her orders.

She naturally knew of the relationship between the fourth princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty and Gu Changge.

The fourth princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty was a favored daughter of heaven with immense fame in the Upper Realm, and she was also the Crown Princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty. Even though she was already engaged, there were still countless geniuses and favored sons of heaven who professed their love for her.

The most important matter was that she had heard rumors in the Ancient Immortal Gu Family that the fourth princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty was head over heels for Gu Changge, but Young Master Gu always treated her with indifference and never cared for her.

Yet now, the fourth princess seemed to be avoiding Young Master Gu? Why was that?

Yan Ji was somewhat puzzled. From what she had seen of Gu Changge’s temperament, he was certainly not the kind of person to treat someone like that.

Could it be that he disliked the fourth princess for some reason?

Alas! It was useless for her to think about this matter. After all, it wasn’t something she could easily speculate about.


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