I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Where am I?

Where am I?

I woke, and the first thing that came to my eyes was a beautiful sight. The gloomy sky stretched as far as the horizon. Light shines through the deep water like an halo. The sun is about to rise. The view of the sunrise from the top of a high mountain glittered like a rainbow, and I was thoroughly impressed.

The moon is setting on the other side of the horizon. A huge silver disk that I didn’t see. It’s top is disappearing on the other side of the horizon right now.

It’s an overwhelming scene. I have lived for 30 years and I haven’t seen such a beautiful scene. It’s strange that I don’t cry.

No wait. I lived for 30 years? Am I still alive? I mean, I’m dead?

The scene I saw last, was a bright red convertible that was in bad taste. The man in the driver seat had a smartphone in one hand, thinking about the day after tomorrow, and a laugh like a horse.

Yes, even while driving. He laughed happily. But I didn’t have fun at all this fucking bastard!

And so, I remembered so much my heart cried… …. I should be dead. No, I’m dead?

『U-mu. What is that thing?』

『So. Are you finally awake?』

『Uo! Who is it?』

Suddenly a voice sounded. The figure isn’t seen in the surrounding area. No, doesn’t it echo in my head?

『It’s going to be hard, so hang in there.』

『Eh? EH?』

『Well, see you ar-』

Then, I couldn’t hear the man’s voice anymore.

『Eh? Hell-o?』

I called out, but there wasn’t any answer. Just what was that? Auditory hallucination? But I heard it clearly… ….

Then, in order to look at the surrounding area, I tried to move.

My body doesn’t move.

『Oof? But Why? Or rather, what was I?』

I thought I was tied up, but it doesn’t seem that simple.

My body feels strange. First I don’t have any feeling in my hands and feet. No, in the first place, everything besides them feel strange.

『No eyelids. Eyes… …. If I can’t feel my eyes, how can I see?』

I looked down at my body. I was a little uneasy, but I could move my gaze.

『… … It’s a sword.』

In my line of sight, lodged inside a pedestal, was a sword.

For some reason, my body is a sword, and I understand it is natural. The situation is beyond the scope of understanding. But even so, if a sword = myself, without a doubt, I understood it.

Eyes――ish thing, is in the sword’s foundation.

『I died… … and reincarnated as a sword?』

What second-rate light novel is this. I want to think that this is a dream, but I can’t pinch my cheeks with this body.

『For the time being, a sense of skin?There’s something like that.』

My body is a blade, that pierces the pedestal beneath it, is something I understood. It was different from the feeling of touching skin, but there was some feeling of touch.

『Another world?』

That much is certain.

Anyways, the sun and the moon are out at the same time. It isn’t the huge silver moon that set a moment ago, it’s a smaller moon. Besides, red, blue, green, purple and yellow, pink, there are six more moons that sparkle in the sky.

『Usually, when it’s a light novel of a different world reincarnation thing, there’s usually a cheat ability.』

Would I who reincarnated as a sword, in the first place be able to handle a skill?

『The classic reincarnation cheat is appraisal but… … . Oh, seriously? 』

Somehow there seems to have been a convenient development in our circumstances.

I was safely able to confirm my status.

Name: Unknown

Wielder Registrant: None

Race: Intelligent Weapon

Attack:132 Mana: 200/200 Durability:100/100


Appraisal: Lv6, Self-Repair, Self-Evolving, Self-Modifying, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Wielder Status Small Boost, Wielder Recovery Small Boost, Skill Sharing, Magician.

Something like that, seems amazing.

Appraisal: Lv6: Information on what I see, is displayed.

Self-Repair: It repairs damage done to the weapon automatically. Unless it’s been completely destroyed, reconstruction is possible.

Self-Evolution: Despite being a weapon, it has various evolutions.

Self-Modification: Alters oneself, and optimizes it.

Telekinesis: Using magic, one can manipulate an object without using my body.

Telepathy: Using magic, one can speak to another person’s mind. Bypassing language, mutual understanding is possible.

Wielder Status Small Boost: All states of the wielder are increased by 5.

Wielder Recovery Small Boost: HP, MP, Stamina, and Magical Power recovery rate is boosted by 20%.

Skill Share: With the registered wielder, it’s possible to give them a skill.

Magician: Feel the flow of magic. Proof of a Magician.

I might be really amazing? At the least, I’m not an ordinary weapon. I might have the ability to be classified as a rare or unique weapon. However, why is my name unknown? Is appraisal too low leveled or is it not from the original?

Well, I don’t understand it too well, but it’s fine for now.

Next is to check my appearance. My blade is a mysterious white metal that shines, with a blue line, and even at a first look it’s very beautiful.

The muted hues of the elegant golden guard has a carving of a brave wolf on it, and a red oriental ribbon. On the handle, in red and white braid, a lattice pattern has been woven.

But that’s self praise, but no matter how you look at it, it’s not a ordinary mass-produced item. I think the sword is of considerable value. But, I don’t know how strong an attack power of 132 is. The possibility that the sword is just some very expensive ornament isn’t zero. However, because of the skills, I don’t think that’s so.

If I was, that would be the worst. If I was just some rich sword, I would plunge myself into a hearth and probably die (?).

However, it is a gorgeous sword. If this was an RPG, it would be the equivalent of the appearance of a mysterious figure.

『But, it’s only a sword.』

In my mind, I made a sigh.

It doesn’t meant that I was good looking when I was alive. That being said, I wasn’t ugly enough to stand out. I was a minor character that was everywhere. So, I don’t have any lingering attraction my body when I was alive. Rather, even after reincarnating, I didn’t have any complaints. Instead, it was my wish to change.

That said, I wouldn’t be a sword. Sword.

Now, I can’t eat food or play games either. I can’t even get rid of my virginity.

Is, is that so. If it’s me the fact that I’m a sage is decided! Another life where I must live carrying this burden.


I despair. If I had arms and legs I would be throwing the down to the ground in sadness.

[T/N:Think orz]

I mean, the magician skill, is it that sort of thing? Which reminds me. Only that skill is a different color than the others, but it feels different… … Stop fucking with me! Don’t laugh!

How long was I feeling depressed for, even I don’t know. Was it 5 minutes or 1 hour? During the time that I was stunned, it seems it became something silly..

『Now because I’m a sword, do I need to worry about such a thing? Anyhow, I’m a sword.』

Besides, if I didn’t reincarnate, I would have died on the spot. When thinking about it carefully, I might actually be quite lucky. Even though I died, I am still able to be conscious in this way.

That sounds right to me. Not everyone has the experience of becoming a sword. If I don’t have fun, isn’t that a failure?

If that’s what I believe, I think I’ve made a breakthrough. Isn’t that not escapism?

An unexpected second life. Well, a sword life. I might as well aim for the summit of sword. It might be better that way.

What’s the top as a sword? Well, having someone use me is most important, I’m out of the question. For example. A hero? But the sword of a hero goes through many hardships. I would fight against the demon lord. Depending on the situation I might get broken. That means in the end I would need the teacher of a legendary blacksmith to repair me. Also, the hero might be a fool spouting about justice with hot defined muscles. Probably a handsome guy. The exact opposite of me. To be honest, I don’t think we would get along well.

I might as well be used by a woman. It’s best if she’s pretty, nor should she be clumsy. That’s several levels better than a muscle-headed hero.

After that, her skill with a sword. A brilliant swordsman, using me to mow down enemies, and becoming a hero. And that beloved sword is recorded inside textbooks several hundred years later.

… … Well, if it’s just a dream it’s easy if I’m just saying it. Do I need to make a major compromise? For now, let leave this plain.

I can’t hear the man’s voice at all, so I guess I’ll leave.


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