I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Dismantling

We immediately headed over to the Adventurer’s Guild after finally getting back to town.

The monsters we hunted had more than enough meat on them, but we still needed to process it before we could actually put it to use. To that end, we borrowed the guild’s dismantling room.

It was much larger than the one they had in Alessa. It had enough room for us to dismantle everything we had on hand and then some.

『Alright, let’s start with the Gullinbursti.』

I grabbed the golden boar and pulled it out of storage. We put it away the moment it away the moment it died, so its corpse had been preserved in as fresh a state as possible. In fact, it hadn’t even actually finished bleeding out. Magic beast blood was pretty useful when it came to stuff like medicine and food, so we decided to put all the boar’s blood back into storage as we butchered it.

「Nn. Tusks very thick.」

『Its fur looks like it’d fetch a pretty penny too.』

We only really wanted the beast’s meat, but that didn’t mean we’d just throw rest away. Its body parts seemed quite valuable.

After finishing up with the boar, we moved onto the Apises and Gullinkambis in turn. All in all, we managed to get a total of about a tonne of “pork,” a tonne of “beef,” and three hundred kilograms of “chicken.” That said, we couldn’t actually use it all. Meat was meat, but some of the animals’ body parts were more compatible with curry than others.

Hmm… I guess I’ll use the “pork” for mild, the “beef” for medium and the “chicken” for hot.

And so, we headed back over to the Luciel Conglomerate after finishing up with all our dismantling. We might’ve actually ended up missing the cooking guild’s deadline if we didn’t buy all our ingredients and get all our documentation done immediately.

『We should try checking with the conglomerate to see if they know where we can get ourselves some a room to cook in or something after we pick up all our stuff.』


『Oh yeah, did you want to go check out the orphanage? It’s on the way.』

「Orphanage? Can’t eat there.」

『Well, yeah, but there’s more to it than just that.』

Apparently, most stalls wouldn’t move all that far from their base of operations. For example, The Dragon’s Table stall would sit right in front of the store, and the orphanage’s stall would sit right in front of the orphanage. It was pretty easy to resupply given their immediate proximity to their associates, moreover, they could make use of their brands in order to attract a larger crowd of customers. I figured that we might as well find out where the orphanage’s stall would be given that it was en route anyways.

So with that in mind, we ended up paying the orphanage a quick visit, just to give it a look, but we were greeted by a bit of an unusual scenario.


「Waahhh! Wahhhhh!!」

「Alright, who’s fault wazzat? Whoever it was, get yer ass over here right now!」

A bunch of commotion was coming from within the orphanage’s gates. That is, we were greeted by the sounds of children crying and screaming, and the angry-sounding voice of an ill-mannered man.


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