I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Departure for Lunch

『I won〜!』

Raising my edge towards the sky, I raise my shout of victory.

I’m laying down on the ground after fighting the strongest boss of Area 5.

The Tyrant Saber. [1] To be honest, I thought I was going to lose.

With a build exceeding 10 meters, it moved like the wind and could use three-dimensional movement combined with aerial jumps. Its magic-enhanced fangs and claws were completely brutal, shaving off only a little less than 500 Durability just by being grazed.

Moreover, its fur was coated in Magic Power — but even without that, its muscles were hard enough to resist my blade anyways.

In the end, I used up 15 Self-Evolution Points on Sovereign Toxic Fang, so my victory was decided at the end of a long war. With Appraisal, I had found out that its Poison Resistance was low, which is why I used it. If that wasn’t the case, I would have had no choice but to escape.

But, somehow the Saber’s movements had dulled due to the poison, so I continued to attack. When I finally defeated it, 4 hours had passed since the fight began.

However, the outcome was worth the risk. To start with: its Skills.

I obtained Vibration Impact, as well as a Skill called Vibration Fang Skill, both of which are frighteningly amazing.

The vibration from Vibration Impact is transmitted to the target when they’re struck, which results in a strike that’s capable of destroying your opponent from the inside.

Vibration Fang allows its user to amplify the sharpness of their fangs via ultra-high vibration; it’s the so-called Super-Vibration Blade Skill. Because both Skills had great compatibility with me, my offensive ability jumped up explosively.

But that’s not all. Combining Air Bullet Discharge with Vibration Impact resulted in a new Skill called Vibrating Bullet Discharge. It’s a fiendish attack which allows the same vibration effects to occur at long distance.

Another boon from the fight was that my Self-Evolution Skill was raised by a rank. Using Magic Stones from the Area Bosses granted values more than 150 each; that, combined with hunting in Area 4, resulted in enough to rank up.

Name :Unknown

Race :Intelligent Weapon

ATK :392 MP :1650/1650 Durability :1450/1450


Appraisal:Lv6, High-Speed Self-Repair, Self-Evolution〈Rank 7・Magic Stone Status:2109/2800・Memory:47・Points:68〉, Self-Modification, Telekinesis, Telekinesis ↑ Low, Telepathy, ATK ↑ Low, Owner ALL Stats ↑ Low, Owner HP Recovery ↑ Low, MP ↑ Low, Memory ↑ Low, Demonic Beast Knowledge, Skill-Sharing, Sorcery

Also, thanks to the rank up, I made a complete recovery.

『I still have time tonight.』

In front of me stood the mysterious forest.

It’s the forest-area which opens up to surround Area 5. The plan was to survey it earlier, but……

『So, what should I do?』

I’ve sustained no damage, and I have time, too. Shall I go?

『I’ve already come this far, and I could return without doing anything, too.』[2]

And so, I decided to explore the area outside.

ーJust in case, I didn’t immediately rush in, and instead decided to watch for any inhabitants by making full use of Night Vision and Heat Detection.

『Mーmm, there’s nothing……?』

There seem to be a ton of wild animals, but there’re almost no Demonic Beasts ー other than Goblins, of course. But it would be excessive to forcibly chase them around and kill those.

『Are the only Demonic Beasts around here small fry?』

For Area 6, I was prepared to enjoy victories over Divine level Demonic Beasts.

But this place is comparable to Area 1. To be honest, it’s quite a letdown.

『Ahー, as expected, I feel that my hopes have been shattered〜.』

In spite of carefully taking a stance which was set to flee at any time, it seems that choosing to observe the woods from the outside is making me out to be nothing more than a fool.

『That’s enough. I’ll go in at once.』

I jump into the forest using Telekinesis Catapult with a *babyun*[3].

With that, I enjoy a panoramic view of the woods from above. There’re still no signs of any big Demonic Beasts.

『Ah, discovered a clearing.』

In the middle of the forest, there’s an open field where the trees don’t grow. I change direction with Telekinesis and drop towards that space.

And stuck into the ground.

『All right, landing success!』

When using the Telekinesis Catapult Movement Method my body’s at an angle, so making a landing sometimes ends up with me crashing onto the ground on the side of my blade. Such a landing deals hardly any damage to me, but I’d still count it as a failure.

A “success” would be piercing the ground with my blade, like this time. Somehow, it makes me feel better.

It’s easy to make a proper landing if I use Telekinesis just before landing, but generally I entrust it to gravity and drop down to make a game out of the success/failure count from landing. It’s one of my few pleasantries other than hunting.

With the ground conveying its texture through my blade, I get the feeling that this land is something like a swamp. The feel is wet and sticky like clay.

『Then, another jump…… Hm?』

My body doesn’t move. Is the quality of the clay-like soil higher than I thought? I invoke Telekinesis a bit stronger this time.

『I-Impossible…… Telekinesis isn’t working?』

Or, to be exact, the moment I activate it, it’s forcibly terminated. The best solution in times like these is to put my all into it. I accumulate Magic Power, and load it all into Telekinesis.


A light sound seems to escape. And then, nothing happens.


The Magic which I used was absorbed into the ground. All the MP I had poured into it had been lost in an instant.

『Well, if that’s how it is…』

I try to use a Skill. My strategy is to use Vibration Fang to make a gap between my blade and the ground. But, it seems that Vibration Fang doesn’t work either.

Then, perhaps an Air Bullet couple provide enough lift? Once again, it doesn’t trigger.

Using Fire Magic, I can blow myself away! ーBut that also doesn’t work.

『Ehー…… What to do〜』

Taking a break from my escape attempts, I observe the surroundings.It’s nothing more than a forest; really nothing more but… It seems that the reason why Demonic Beasts of the Plain don’t go into the Forest is due to this Magic Power absorption phenomenon.

To higher leveled Demonic Beasts, Magic is important, so if they wander into the forest haphazardly they could get bogged down. Just like me.

『The only consolation is that I don’t feel hungry……』

For a little while, I try to invoke other Magic Skills, but it seems that they’re completely nullified.

Because my MP isn’t absorbed from my blade, if I don’t continuously fire off random Skills, escape might be possible.

About my sight, because it seemed to be controlled by Magic Power within my blade, there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

After several hours passed, I noticed something.

『My MP isn’t recovering.』

It might be because the atmosphere in the area is lacking any Magic Power, but it seems that MP wasn’t being restored automatically. I still have more than half remaining, but I don’t want to waste it.

This is bad; as it stands, I won’t be able to get out by myself.

Ahー, how could such a thing……

◇◆◇ [5]

3 days have passed since then. There’s still no change. On the first day, I tried to find ways to escape using Skills, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s completely impossible.

I can’t use any Magic, not to mention attack Skills; even Telepathy isn’t possible.

All I can do is hope for a other creatures passing by and accidentally pulling me out by chance.

Or perhaps a natural disaster miraculously occurring and blowing me away.

A Human coming along and pulling me out would be the best result, but…


10 days have now passed since I’ve been stuck. [6]

Please forgive me.

I hadn’t paid attention to the reality of the situation. It doesn’t need to be a Human. I’ll sincerely apologize to all of the Goblins I’ve killed, because I’m no longer able to call them EXP anymore. So please, someone release me.

After you release me, I’ll follow you for life. Anything would be fine. Even a Zombie Kobold.



One month has passed. [7]

Because I’m a good sword, please pick me up. Please!

I’m of excellent quality, you know? I’m something of a Magic Sword. I’m not sure, but I don’t think there’re many like me, you know?

I can even cook.

I have a bunch of Skills, too.

If I use Points, I can even level them up if you’d like.

Look, look! Cooking Lv10!

〈 Cooking has reached LvMax 〉

〈 Bonus Stats will be attached to the Cooking Skill 〉

〈 A new item has been added to the Self-Evolution Bonuses 〉

Would Dismantling be useful too? Wouldn’t it be convenient? I can level this up too. Hey look, another Lv10!

〈 Dismantling has reached LvMax 〉

〈 Bonus Stats will be awarded to the Dismantling Skill 〉

I also have Appraisal. It can be improved too, you know? Hey, I raised it by 1 Level.

Aren’t I amazing?

My combat capabilities are even higher, you know?

Both Sword Arts and Sword Techniques are Lv7.

If you’d like, I could also grant Magic Skills, you know? Look, Fire Magic Lv10! How is it?

〈 Fire Magic has reached LvMax 〉

〈 Flame Magic[8] Lv1 had been learnt 〉

! Well well, there was even more on top of that! How about it? There’s nothing to lose through picking me up, you know?

This Skill, too —



Ah. I was too eager to see people and had an auditory hallucination. It seems that I’ve already gone terminal.

「ー! …… T–t wa-ー!」

Eh? Could this auditory hallucination be real?


A slight vibration is transmitted through the ground. What is it?

「Sti– Ch–i-gー」

「!…… I’– ca–y –u! Wha–」

It’s a Human’s voice!

A human came! Thank you, God!

Hey, I’m over here! I’m stuck! Don’t I seem like a legendary sword? That being the case, pull me out! Please!


The real identity of the noise was the wheel of a carriage. The covered wagon appears from out of the forest.

But isn’t it going to fast? If you turn with such a speedー

Just like that, the carriage overturned in front of me.


Uwaahー! Are the people inside alright? But why were they in such a rush? They seem to have been chased by something.

For now I can’t talk, so I can only watch over them. A person crawls out from the carriage while I anxiously worried over the safety of its riders.

Ohh, it looks like they’re safe. He had the cliché appearance of a Merchant from a fantasy game. Speaking of appearances that use a similar overcoat, would it be easier to understand if I described his appearance as similar to that of a merchant from Dr**n Qu**t 3? [9]

In addition, a small subordinate-like small man comes out. After the small man called out, several men and women also came out.

But…… Their appearance is terrible.

Wearing tattered clothing which clearly wasn’t washed, their clothes are hardly clothing at all, because they’re only tied to their bodies with a single string each. Their hair is dirty as well, and big collars are fitted around their necks.

『Slaves… There’s slavery in this world?』

Well, I’m slightly disappointed. My precious feelings of a different world have been tainted. ー Slaves aren’t particularly bad, of course. I just thought that the Humans of this world would have been a little different from my former one.

「Have the Slaves carry the luggage!」

「Come on, do it now! Hey, you, hurry up! Take the luggage!」


「Do it quickly you half-wit!」

Uwa〜 what scum. It’s Human waste. The little man beats a slave burdened with heavy baggage with a whip. Just looking at that, I start to feel sick.

「It’s coming!」

「Hiii! Come on!」

And, the cause of their panic appeared.


It was a Demonic Beast: A Bear with two heads.

[1] As in Saber-Tooth Tiger — not a sword. The actual translation is “Tyrant Saber Tiger”, which I would have changed to “Tyrant Saber-Toothed Tiger” but that’s kind of a mouthful. Thus the translation. タイラント・サーベルタイガー。

[2] In the second half of the sentence (after the comma) I’m pretty sure sword-bro is just saying that he can leave without any trouble, but I’m not sure. 何もせずに引き返してもな

[3] Babyun = Whoosh; should I continue using the Japanese pronunciation? Or perhaps change it to the western norm? バビュン

[4] Literally “POS” — “no result but empty air” as said by Mystletainn. ポス

[5] The Author actually just used a double-space to represent the time change. I’ve changed it to three asterisks marks used by the Author in later chapters to make the time change more visible.

[6] All of these lines were supposed to be in one paragraph — probably to display Sword-bro’s growing desperation — but because it just makes it look like a wall of text instead, I’ve separated the lines to create partial pauses with the same effect.

[7] See 6.

[8] “Flame Magic” is different from Fire Magic. Flame = 火炎, Fire = 火

[9] Reference to a Merchant from Dragon Quest 3. I think. ドラ〇ンクエスト3


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