I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 143

Chapter 143: The Guildmaster's Identity

Erza (♂) took us towards the Guildmaster’s room by leading us up a flight of stairs. We had Urushi sit back in the shadows since we were visiting someone important and all that.

「I’ve brought Fran over as requested, Guildmaster.」

「Thank you Erza, and hello again, Fran.」


「I’m glad to see you still remember me.」

We were surprised to see a familiar face, the man that’d given us a hand just outside the city’s walls, awaiting us in the Guildmaster’s office. He seemed to have been expecting us, as he was standing in his room with a wide smile on his face.

「Dias is Guildmaster?」

「I am. I guess I’ll reintroduce myself. I am Dias, the Master of Ulmutt’s Adventurer’s Guild.」

「Nn. Hope to get along.」

Ah, so he was the Guildmaster. I see, I get it now. The guards were addressing him all respectfully and stuff because he was the person in charge of the adventurers in a city with a tonne of adventurers.

Oh right, I better appraise him before I forget again.


General Information

Name: Dias

Age: 71

Race: Human

Class: Phantom Magic Warrior

State: Normal

Status Level: 76/99

HP: 241

MP: 668

STR: 122

VIT: 110

AGI: 291

INT: 389

MGC: 278

DEX: 389


Sole Sense: Lv 4

Espionage: Lv 6

Bare Handed Combat Techniques: Lv 3

Bare Handed Combat Arts: Lv 4

Anti-Detection: Lv 6

Appraisal Detection: Lv 8

Inconspicuous: Lv 7

Magic: Lv 8

Vital Point Detection: Lv 4

Court Etiquette: Lv 6

Presence Detection: Lv 6

Presence Elimination: Lv 6

Illusion Magic: MAX

Phantom Magic: Lv 6

Resistance to Confusion: Lv 4

Weakness Detection: MAX

Covert Action: Lv 3

Resistance to Abnormal Status Conditions: Lv 3

Short Sword Techniques: Lv 7

Short Sword Arts: Lv 7

Earth Magic: Lv 3

Legerdemain: MAX

Throwing: Lv 7

Fire Magic: Lv 3

Charm Resist: Lv 4

Carpentry: Lv 4

Trap Removal: Lv 4

Trap Detection: Lv 8

Trap Creation: Lv 7

Vigour Manipulation

Dulled Sense of Pain


Thought Division

Magic Manipulation

Lesser Magic Boost

Unique Skills

Technically Senile: Lv 7

Innate Skills

Induced Thought: Lv 8

Induced Line of Sight: Lv 8


Master of The Art of Illusion



One who has Surpassed the Bounds of Mediocrity

A Ranked Adventurer


Dragon Fang Short Sword

Dragon Scale Suit

Dragon Leather Mantle

Shoes of Quickened Feet

Bracelet of Substitution

Magician’s Ring


Hmmm, he sure seemed strong. Both his stats and skills looked flat out ridiculous, and he appeared as if he was capable of combat at pretty much any range. He had a lot of skills that’d led him take advantage of his enemies’ weak points too. Magic show related skills aside, he more or less looked to be an assassin.

He even had a unique skill to top it all off.

Technically Senile: Forces the target to forget that they have a certain skill for a fixed time period. This time period and Technically Senile’s cooldown are both dependant on the target skill’s level and rarity. Maximum period of senility: 1 minute.

Holy crap that’s OP. Forgetting you have a skill in the middle of combat could be flat out fatal.

Induced Thought: Allows the caster to momentarily redirect the target’s train of thought.

Induced Line of Sight: Allows the caster to momentarily redirect the target’s line of sight.

His two innate skills, combined with Inconspicuous, Espionage, and other similar abilities, would probably allow him to make his opponents completely lose track of him, especially if he was to make use of his illusion based magics. The name of his job seemed to hint at the fact that he specialized in using the illusory arts in conjunction with magic trick-like abilities, meaning that he was actually much more difficult to deal with than his stats seemed to indicate.

「Hahaha. It seems that you just appraised me.」

Wait, how?

「The Appraisal Detection skill allows me to sense those capable of using appraisal. It also lets me know if it gets used on me. Out of curiosity, can you see my unique skill?」


「I knew it. Your appraisal sure is high leveled. I’d actually used it when we met a bit earlier so you’d forget to appraise me, just so I wouldn’t get found out cause I wanted to give you a bit of a surprise here and now. Sadly, you don’t look even the slightest bit surprised though. Looks like my little prank ended up failing.」

Oh, right, that explains why I kept forgetting to appraise him back then. Man, I knew something was off back then. In fact, I was so confident that I was getting paranoid that I was being attacked by a Stand.

Okay, yeah no, that was just flat out bullshit. I’d honestly blamed it on my own carelessness.

「Your appraisal skill sure is high leveled though. You put my skill on a three day cooldown, and I didn’t even manage to successfully prank you. Man, I wish I never bothered.」

「Your own fault.」

「Yeah, I know. I’ll make your stay here a lot more convenient as an apology, so could you please stop glaring at me already?」

So that whole gentlemanly act he pulled off outside town was all just a ruse for the sake of a prank? The boyish way he put his hands together and lowered his head made it look like my guess was perfectly on the mark. Fran seemed a bit peeved as well, but it’s not like he actually caused us any harm. In fact, he’d even given us a hand, so I guess we don’t really have any choice but to forgive him.

「…Will get mad next time.」

Is it really normal for him to just go around using that skill on people? I feel like he’d be put in a pretty bad place if the person he tried to mess with ended up finding out. They might take his use of the skill as a sign of hostility and choose to engage him in battle.

「Seriously Guildmaster? You did it again? Do you really like playing pranks on all the promising newbies that much?」

Looks like this isn’t just a one off thing. Is it really alright for the Guildmaster to do stuff like that?

「You can just hit him if he starts to get him on your nerves, Fran.」

「Got it.」

「Nice, I’ll be cheering you on then! I hope that silly Guildmaster of ours ends up suffering just a bit some day.」

「Wow Erza, you’re terrible.」

「I mean, you’re the one always pushing it just because they’ll never fire you, so you kinda deserve it.」

「Why never fire?」

I was a bit curious about that as well. I mean, Guildmasters had authority and all that, but their positions weren’t nearly influential enough to allow them to permanently hold their titles.

「Well, you see, he’s really strong. He’s definitely one of Kranzel’s top five. I’m one of the strongest B ranked adventurers out there, but I’m not even the slightest bit close to even being his match, mkay? That make sense honey?」

Wow, is he really that strong? I mean, their stats don’t look that different, so I guess it’s based on how well they apply their skills. Erza seems like the brute force type, so he’d probably get screwed from having holes poked in his weak points.

「He’s strong enough to be worthy of his title as Guildmaster of a city containing two different dungeons. Mhmm.」

Well, yeah, he does seem several times stronger than most other adventurers.

「And he’s the only one capable of negotiating with the Dungeon Master too. Yuppers.」

Negotiating with the Dungeon Master? The hell’s that supposed to mean?


「Oh, right, you just got here. Ulmutt’s gotten really famous because it’s got two dungeons, both of which are still alive. They’ve even got their Dungeon Masters still inside of them.」


「Normally, yeah, but Ulmutt’s fine, so no worries there honey.」


「Well, it’s because we made a deal with the Dungeon Masters. The Dungeon Masters have agreed not to strengthen the dungeon any more than absolutely necessary or tell their monsters to invade the city. They’ve also agreed to tolerate adventurers and their actions within the dungeon’s confines. In exchange, we provide the Dungeon Masters supplies from outside their dungeons and agree not to touch them or the dungeons’ cores. Yuppers.」

Ah, I see. I guess this is something that becomes possible under the condition that the Dungeon Master is of an intelligent race. It’d make sense for said Dungeon Master to prefer coexistence to getting destroyed by high ranking adventurers.

「The Guildmaster was the first person to succeed in negotiating with the Dungeon Master. Mhmm. He did it back in his younger days.」

「Man, it was really hard, and took forever.」

「I don’t really know why the Dungeon Masters trust this old man, but, they’ve appointed him as a point of interaction, so we kinnnda don’t have the slightest clue what’d happen to the guild if he quit. Ulmutt only exists for its dungeons, so there’s really no way for anyone to fire the Guildmaster without bringing about a tonne of harm.」

「Heh, and you know what that means? I get to do whatever I want, and no one can stop me.」

「That’s not something that’s supposed to make you act with such a irresponsible attitude!」

Holy crap. I think I need glasses. I swear I just saw a homo manwoman scolding an old man in the same manner as she would a brat.

「Mmm, I think it’s about time for me to excuse myself.」

「Keep up the good work.」

「You really shouldn’t be saying that seeing as how you’re the one that keeps making me work harder than I should be!」

You know, I could actually kinda get use to this. Their interactions, I mean.

「See you later Fran. I really think I’ve taken a liking to you, so tell me if you ever need anything. I’ll help you out if I can. Mhmm, yes I will.」


「Byebye~ Muah~」

Oh god why, he just threw a kiss in at the end just to do it! Holy crap, that was dangerous. I almost instinctively moved my body out of its path and got myself caught in action by Dias.

(Master, something wrong? Twitchy.)

『I-It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.』

Though, it seems like Fran actually did notice.


Do note that translations will be a bit erratic for a while. I’ve no idea if I’ll have the time to get to them due to guests and what not.


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