I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: VS Donnadorondo

Standing in the Adventurer Guild’s training grounds, we stand face to face against our examiner. There’s a fierce sense of intimidation in the air.

If I was still a human, I have the feeling that I’d kneel on the ground and beg for my life. But as a sword, so I’m fine.

Well, let’s see what he’s made of.

Name :Donnadorondo Age :46

Race :Kijin[1]

Job :Great Warrior

State :Normal


Level :38

HP :346 MP :173 STR :178 END :163 AGI :101 INT :90 MGC :81 DEX :116


Coercion :Lv4, Transportation :Lv3, HP Recovery Rate ↑ :Lv5, Danger Perception :Lv4, Instruction :Lv4, Presence Perception :Lv3, Playback :Lv4, Blink Step :Lv3, Soil Magic :Lv2, Throwing :Lv5, Poison Resistance :Lv7, Lumbering :Lv4, Axe Techniques :Lv7, Axe Arts :Lv8, Roar :Lv3, Revival, Vigor Manipulation, Steel Body, Automatic HP Recovery, STR ↑ Low [2]


Guild Instructor


Greataxe of Heavy Wrought Steel, Sovereign Black Iron Turtle Armor, Cloak of the Violent Fang Tiger, Stone Dragon Shoes, Substitute Bracelet[3]

Ugeーe! Strong! In terms of Status it’s our complete defeat! This old man… His physical abilities exceed that of the Lesser Wyvern! In addition to that, he has a variety of Skills at high levels. His equipment is also at a whole other level.

Name :Greataxe of Heavy Wrought Steel

ATK :650 MP :3 Durability :650

Magical Power Conductivity・E+



650 ATK? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! [4] That’s absolutely mortifying!

He’s also a member of the cool-named Race called the Kijin. [5]

The title of the Instructor is no joke, either. All the Adventurers we’ve seen thus far don’t hold a candle to this man.

This fellow is coming at us full-force? Seriously? This is a Beginner test, right? If it was a normal beginner, I can’t think that they’d be able to do anything but lose outright……

Ah well, let’s give it a try. Even if we don’t win, we should show off our abilities at least.

『Fran, are you ready?』


「Let’s begin!」

The figure of Donnadorondo becomes hazy.

And Fran jumps to the side immediately.


「One, avoided!」

『Not good –!』

When I noticed, there was already an Axe right beside us in mid-swing. It was at a speed that would be unimaginable from someone with such a large body. Moreover, looking at how the ground is becoming hollow, his power is also immense.


In addition to the already present swing, he strikes the Axe to increase its speed further.


The ground was gouged, and stones became nothing but gravel, scattering across the ground. Fran’s bangs shift due to the wind pressure.

Hey, wasn’t that first strike just now incredibly dangerous? Even though it was only a grazing blow… I’ve already taken a serious amount of damage. This is too much, right?! How could you pass this exam with thus guy?!

『It’d be dangerous to run away… In that case, let’s attack!』

I refuse to wait-and-see. Before receiving another dangerous attack like that, I’ll go at him at maximum force. I won’t worry about killing him; the other side is overwhelmingly strong, and even if his HP became 0 his bracelet would simply become a sacrifice.


「Ho? This one’s quick!」

The blow was easily caught with the axe. Even when secretly supported by AGI and STR raising Skills, this person still overcomes it.

However, his win isn’t certain.

To prevent any continuous attacks against Fran, Donna’s lower body is bound by tentacles.

「Nuu?! Aria Destruction!」

Fufun. Don’t be so surprised. Fran didn’t emit any Spells — she didn’t even chant.

To tell you the truth, I alone am capable of invoking Magic without any trace. And so, Donnadorondo, who needs to deal with Fran, wasn’t able to avoid any Magic aimed at his feet. Contrary to his situation, Fran nimbly jumped backwards and released an attack.

Donna was confined, and only capable of moving his upper body, so he’s at the mercy of Fran’s assault. All he can do is receive it. Eat it.



Donnadorondo was engulfed by the Lv10 Fire Magic. It’s am attack that’s difficult to prevent, as explosions come from three directions simultaneously. Of course, Fran had only pretended to invocate it; in truth, I had used that Technique.

Doing it this way, while I chant, Fran can hold a Sword Technique in reserve.

「Fuuuu… Dragon・Fang!」

This is a thrusting Sword Technique of Lv7. Moreover, Vibration Fang is used alongside it. The small figure of Fran rushes over to the large body of Donna, who can’t move due to the explosion.

I wonder if he noticed the real nature of the Skills that Fran was using? Donnadorondo opens his eyes wide as his face makes an expression of surprise.

「This girl is……!」

However, even if he notices it, avoidance is impossible.

「The end.」


The attack pierced through to Donna’s flank, sending his gigantic build flying.


His body, which likely exceeded 200 kilos., was blown 10 meters away and embedded into the wall of the training grounds.

I had only used this technique against Demonic Beasts, so I suppose this would be what happens when it’s used against a humanoid opponent.

But… Perhaps we overdid it? I don’t think he’s dead, but…

「…… *Gofu*……」

Excellent, he’s alive. While vomiting large quantities of blood, Donnadorondo seemed to remain conscious.

Fran approaches slowly. Will you be using Recovery Magic? While I considered what she’d do, I was thrust before the eyes of Donna.


Mhh, that was a composed decision. As for me, I had already completely forgotten about the exam.

「…… You… Pass.」


This fellow… He can still move? What a sturdy guy. Even though he was pierced through the flank, to my surprise, Donnadorondo steps out of the wall and begins to laugh. Taking a quick look at his Status, his HP has already recovered to about 300, and his wound is closing, too.

「Hahahahaha! You’re the first rookie to have ever given me damage!」

His toughness is already monster-class, seriously. Does someone who can kill this man even exist?


I hear a deafening roar, followed by the receptionist rushing over.

「I told you not to do anything unreasonable, so what was — Eh?」

Ahh. I see.

This old man… He’s sent out to repel any unhatched beginners, isn’t he? If that’s the case, I suppose it would be unexpected that Fran was the one who sent the other side flying.

「Eh? Ehh?」

It seems that the receptionist is quite surprised to see Donna seriously injured.

[1] It’s essentially “Oni/Ogre Person” — but I wasn’t sure whether I should just make it “Oni/Ogre” or not, seeing as there’ll likely be a Demonic Beast of that exact Race… So, onomatopoeia! If anyone has a better suggestion, feel free! 鬼人

[2] Both “Playback” and “Revival” have to do with coming back from the dead. 再生 and 起死回生

[3] The bracelet is 身代りの腕輪, which could also be “Sacrificial Bracelet” — so essentially another thing related to revival. It’d take his place if he died, essentially.

[4] Just TRY to translate ふざけんな without cussing while staying true to the writing. I dare you.

[5] No, this isn’t me praising my naming sense. It’s really there. 種族も鬼人とかいう、かっこいい種族だし。

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Even though I’ve gotta do something early tomorrow (today?) morning… Translating this was 100% worth it~!


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