I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: We Joined the Guild

「Ahahaha! Wellー, I lost!」

「Donna, this is no laughing matter.」

After the examination, Fran and I were brought by Donnadorondo to the top floor of the Adventurer’s Guild.

Waiting for us was a thin, blond, fair-skinned man. If one looked at his ears, they would discover he was an Elf. At first glance he seems weak, but……

Name :Klimt[1] Age :136

Race :Wood Elf

Job :Greater Spirit User

State :Normal



HP:180 MP:616 STR:87 END:89 AGI:138 INT:259 MGC:333 DEX:98


Chant Shortening :Lv7, Appraisal :Lv5, Archery :Lv3, Harvesting :Lv5, Nature Magic :Lv6, Spirit Magic :Lv7, Ground Magic :Lv6, Compounding :Lv5, Soil Magic :LvMax, Poison Resistance :Lv3, Paralysis Resistance :Lv4, Water Magic :Lv5, Medicinal Herb Knowledge :Lv7, Cooking :Lv4, Magic Manipulation, Child of the Forest [2]

Unique Skills

Favor of the Spirits


Guild Master, Guardian Deity of Aressa, Master of Nature, Master of Soil [3]


Staff of the Old God’s Cherry Tree, Scale Clothing of the Fission Snake, Cloak of the Young Wind Dragon’s wings, Shoes of the Moon Rabbit, Substitute Bracelet

It was a man who exceeded Donna. Those Magic Skills are just too dangerous. Spirit Magic also seems to be quite rare. As expected of a Guild Master.

「First, let me hear your name.」




Donna howled at the words of Fran.

「What? You really are as old as you look!」

Ahh, I suppose it would be like that. Looking at Fran’s abilities, it would be easy to think that she was actually a member of a long-lived race. Otherwise, it would be quite bizarre, given her appearance.


「Ahー, excuse me.」

Donna, who was rebuked by the Guild Master, shrugged his shoulders. Not cute at all. However, his manners are completely different than the one before the examination. At the time he the embodiment of Fun’nu [4], but now he has the feel of of a good-natured uncle.

「However… I understand how you feel. Only 12 years old, and yet capable of using Sword Techniques directly after firing off Lv10 Fire Magic — without a chant, even? Is that some kind of joke?」

The Guild Master furrows his brow. His eyes become sharp, as if peering deep into Fran.

「Moreover… You have a Appraisal blocking Skills?」

That reminds me, this person has Appraisal, doesn’t he? He likely tried to find out whether the story told by Fran was a lie using it. However, it was intercepted.

At times like these, my Self-Evolution Points were well-used. The nice thing about this Skill is that it effects Fran as well as me, unlike some Skills.

Appraisal Concealment :A Skill used to inhibit the use of Appraisal on the user. When equipped with this ability, Appraisal of the user’s equipment is also blocked.

However, because of this Skill doubt has surfaced.

「So, according to you, you’re 12. But where did you come from?」


「…… Is there a reason for that?」


「…… Haa… How troublesome.」

Weーll, I’ve become slightly anxious. He’s trying to probe Fran.

「Pass? Fail?」

「I won’t turn away someone strong enough to take on Donna.」

「Then, Guild Card.」

「… I understand. I’ll prepare it now, so please fill in the necessary information on this form. If you cannot write, then perhaps I could do it on your behalf?」


On top of Fran’s parents giving a good education, she was also taught how to read and write in order to increase her value as a Slave.

「Any skilled Adventurers are welcome! Right, Guild Masterー?」

「Haa… That’s right. The Spirits aren’t being noisy either.」


「Even if you look around, only Spirit Users can see them.」

「What do they tell you?」

「Well, Spirits are sensitive to emotions. Therefore, depending on their behavior I’m able to determine those with malicious intent, and those with a wicked heart.」

Spirits sure are convenient. I’d also like to use them by all means. The problem is whether there’s a Demonic Beast that’s capable of using Spirit Magic.

「Is there a Demonic Beast that can use Spirit Magic?」

「There’re Spirits which feed on the malice of others, but even so they rarely devour such things from Demonic Beasts. Regrettably.」

I see. That’s good news. That just means that there’re some worth looking for.

「Guild Master, we’re ready.」

「I see. Then, let’s go.」

The Guild Master personally guides us to a small room adjacent to the front counter. There’s something like an alter within the room, and a crystal ball is enshrined there.

「Please touch this. It will finish immediately.」


Just as the Guild Master said, it finishes in an instant. It seemed to register Fran’s Magical Power one way or another. Next to the crystal ball, the receptionist tinkers with the crystal ball. Pressing the card against it, the process seems to be completed.

「Now, to select a Job.」


「Yes. There’re various benefits depending on the Job itself, but each person has their own aptitudes.」

Speaking of Jobs, Randell had been a “Merchant”. Donna is a “Great Warrior” and the Guild Master is a “Greater Spirit User”.

「For Jobs, Fran can choose…… Eh?」

「What’s wrong, Nell?」[5]

「Her Job aptitude is a bit… Strange.」


I look at the screen from behind the Guild Master.

Warrior, Swordsman, Pugilist, Magic Swordsman, Blink Swordsman, Magician, Flame Magician, White Magician, Summoning Magician, Tamer, Spy, Doctor, Butcher[6], Cook

There’re a lot. Job aptitude seems to depend on the Skills that Fran has equipped. There’re also Spear Arts and Spear Techniques equipped, but it seems that there’s no Job for them. Even though there’re Jobs called Cook and Butcher…

「This is……」

Even the Guild Master is at a loss for words. Is this perhaps bad?

「Haa… Well, Magic Swordsman and Magician were to be expected after hearing of the battle with Donna.」

Ah, it seems to be alright. He’s probably getting used to being surprised.

「Then, what will you choose?」

『Ask about his recommendation.』


「Hmm. Because Magic Swordsman, Blink Swordsman, and Flame Magician are all intermediate Jobs, they’re quite rare. The benefits gained from them will also be quite strong. If you wish to use both the sword and Magic, I recommend the Magic Swordsman. If it’s just swords, then the Blink Swordsman. If you wish to focus on Magic, then perhaps the Flame Magician.」

I see. What to do……

『Which one would you like, Fran?』

(Magic Swordsman: cool.)

『Then, perhaps the Magic Swordsman?』

However, there’s still one piece of information needed before the final choice.

「Change Jobs?」

「Yes. You may do so at the Guild at any time, however, only one Job’s effects can be set at a time. So, if a high leveled Magic Swordsman changed to a Lv1 Blink Swordsman, their status would fall.」

Well, I don’t mind because that’s what I expected. If it can be changed anyways, then perhaps Magic Swordsman would be alright for now?

「Then, Magic Swordsman.」

「With this, the Guild Card has been completed.」

It looks like a regular bronze card. Fran’s name, place of registration (Aressa), Job, and the Adventurer Rank of G are all listed.

「The Guild Card can be used as an identification card, and having it re-issued will cost 5,000 Gorudo. Because it’s been registered via the Magic Power of the individual, it’s only usable by that person alone. Be careful not to lose it.」

Other points, such as other cautions and its application in the Guild were then explained by the Guild Master. Usually this would be work of a receptionist, but in this case the Guild Master took care of it all personally.

Collecting all of the information together, it can be summarized as the following:

Regarding Guild requests:

An Adventurer can only take requests in accordance to their Adventurer Rank. Specifically, they’re only able to take requests one Rank above and below their own.

Under certain conditions, a Rank-up test can be requested.

For the color of the cards:

G and F are Copper, E and D are Black, C and B are Silver, A is Gold, and S is Platinum. Purchasing the materials required for the card isn’t necessary.

There aren’t any annual membership fees, but there is the possibility of being demoted or expulsion if an Adventurer doesn’t take on a request for a certain period of time.

Betrayal against the Adventurer’s Guild will result in a complete purge of rank, so it’s best to be careful. In addition, it’s best to be careful of trouble between Adventurers, because the Guild takes no responsibility.

That last piece of information was likely advice specifically for Fran. Didn’t doing so just raise a flag, though?

「With this, you’ve become an Adventurer.」


「Is there anything else you’d like to ask about?」

I’ve inquired about what I’d like to hear, but there’s still one thing left to ask.

「Examination content, published?」

「No. Because it involves the ability of the Adventurer themselves, doing so would be reckless.」


「Do you not wish to attract attention?」

「Don’t want to.」

「Then I’ll make you a promise. We three people: Donna, Nell from reception, and I will not reveal information regarding the examination. Well, doing so would be convenient for us as well. Donna stands at the front of the Adventurers in case of emergencies, so it would be better to not reveal his loss.」

「I’ll give my assent. If the little lady wants to keep it a secret, I understand.」

「I think that, given your abilities, you’ll attract attention immediately regardless, but……」

Uーmu. I can’t refute that. Well, I guess it’s fine that it’s peaceful for now, at least?

[1] Easiest name to translate so far. It only has the option of being the name Klimt. クリムト

[2] A couple of notes regarding some of this guy’s Skills.

First: I had previously translated 土魔術 as “Ground Magic”; now, however, it is “Soil Magic” — because 大地魔術 (which this guy has) is the ACTUAL Ground Magic. My best guess is that Ground is the LvMax Magic type gained through Soil Magic, like how Flame was to Fire. I’ve made the changes to C10 and C13 — but I can’t remember if it was mentioned elsewhere, so if it was, tell me!

Second: Compounding is like the medicine compounding. It could also be “mixing” 調合

[3] Regarding the titles:

“Guardian Deity” can’t just be “Guardian” because it’s 守護神 (literally Guardian Deity).

Not sure why this guy has the Master of Nature title despite Nature Magic only being Lv6 but… *shrug* It’s there. 樹木術師

For those who actually translate that on their own, it’ll be “Tree/shrub Technique/Magic Practitioner/Master/Teacher” — but all the “Master” titles are like that. I made that change because it fit with the fact that the Skill needed to be maxed out, but… Perhaps I need to reconsider now that this one’s arrived?

[4] This might just be a reference to a noise or something. “He was all *Fuuーnuuu!* for example. But I have no clue. When I did a search, it brought me Duel-Master pages and this image, so this is just my best guess.

The image is fitting, after all. フンヌー

[5] Receptionist’s name = Flannel Nell (ネル) apparently. -kun was also used, so I’m unsure of their gender at this point. In the previous chapter I had used “Ms. Receptionist” at the end, but it turns out that was just my machines being sexist. (受付嬢 = Receptionist or Reception Woman)

Because it’s possible that the Guild Master simply uses -kun because Nell is likely way, way younger than him, and not directly equivalent to any sexual orientation. Not that that matters, right?

[6] “Butcher” is related to the Deconstruction Skill, but “Deconstructor” just doesn’t sound right as a Job among the other ones, and “Demolitionist” brings the image of someone standing a couple hundred feet away and blowing stuff up, so… Yeah. Butcher was listed as an applicable translation, so I went with it.

※ ※ ※


If you haven’t read about the status of the other works here yet, then please do so. Well, if you read other things here, that is. Seeing as I finished this chapter, you can ignore the info on Sword-shisho though.


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