I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: I Can Fly

Now, first let’s check the surrounding area first.

First, I’m in what appears look like an old ruin. Without a roof in the vast empty plain, I stand alone. If it’s seen from a distance, it might be mistaken for a larger water fountain.

As for me, the pedestal was set in the center, with this treasured sword stuck into it. What about that? Is it legendary sword that is given to those that reach it? Since, the surroundings don’t feel like a dungeon.

Because of the pedestal it’s not possible to turn around, I can’t see anything behind me. But, as far as the eye can see, there weren’t any tall trees, just bushes and shrubs. If I look closely, there’s an occasional shadow. I wonder if it’s an animal.

『Not a single person to be found.』

I can’t move myself?

Wait a second, if I’m not mistaken, there should be a telekinetic skill. Maybe, I can move with it?


Concentrate. Telekinesis Telekinesis.

Suddenly, I think I felt my body get lighter. There’s a feeling that the sword slightly separated from the pedestal. The most important thing, is to imagine the sword flying through the air.

『Ooo! I floated!』

If I can imagine it, it’s easy. After I escaped the pedestal, I could move free through the air.

『I can fly!』

[T/N: This is said in Engrish. Hence the title.]

There isn’t much speed, but it’s enough for now. I became clear that I could move on my own.

I tried moving around the area near the pedestal. As before, it looks like a ruin. I think the bricks are made of light brown blocks. Exposed to wind and rain for many years, the color has darkened, and moss covers patches here and there.

The area’s diameter is 20 meters across.

『Who on Earth built this. I feel like it’s the person who made me… … 』

This is very worn out, I wonder if I was also left here for so long?

Even if I said sword reincarnation, a sword can’t be made from nothing. It should be expected that somebody made my body. Well, if my body didn’t transform into a sword, but.

The maker would be the first person to use me, unless the producer is dead then the possibility of that disappears.

But my body, the sword, is free of moss and dust. It’s just like someone just put me here only yesterday.

I was thinking about various things while observing my surroundings, when a feeling of unease ran through my body.

『…… Huh?』

Somehow, tired… … The sensation of losing all my strength attacks the sword.

And, I fell.


I try to use telekinesis desperately, but it doesn’t react at all. Height, I estimated 10 meters.

『Float! Please float!』

But, struggling was useless as I hit the ground with all of my might.

Gaii~i~i~in! called a great resounding metal sound.

『Eee… … Isn’t it broken somewhere? Some cracks or』

I hurriedly looked at the status of my body, but everything seemed fine. Also, my body doesn’t feel strange anywhere. To fall from that height and end up fine, this might be an amazing sword after all.

『But, why did I fall?』

A feeling like fatigue came to be, and I couldn’t use telekinesis anymore.

In order to find the reason, I check my status.

I immediately understood the reason.

『You no longer possess any magic.』

It was Possessed Magic: 0/200. Probably, when using telekinesis, magic will be continually drained. The fatigue is probably caused by this. Even when the magic is cut off, my saving grace must be that we don’t lose consciousness.

『I didn’t fly for 5 minutes. It was probably around 3 minutes.』

For a moment I waited on the stone road. Then, my magic recovered slightly. It appears that it restores itself 1 per 1 minute. I restored it to 60 after waiting for an hour, and was able to use telekinesis once more.

『Alright, I float.』

I don’t seem to have any problems. I checked my status as it is. My magic is decreasing rather intensely.

『While I use telekinesis, the consumption is 1 per 1 second? Then, after calculations it’s about 200 for 3 minutes.』

Also it’s unbearable to be slammed into the ground. I, before I lost all my magic, returned to the pedestal in a hurry. After I am embedded in the pedestal, it’s strangely calming.

『Fuu. Would I be able to return to this.』

But, I was unskilled at movement and I understood that it would be dangerous. For a little while, I’ll avoid leaving the pedestal’s perimeter, and observe the plain.

When looking at the plain, a variety of creatures can be seen. Like the savannahs of Earth, contrary to my expectations it wasn’t only mammals, there was something that looked exactly like a bug, and some guys without a definite shape.

For example, the ant-like thing I saw earlier had the shadow the size of a small dog.

The sword was fine. At least, it looks to me like there’s no need to attack.

『Again, this isn’t Earth.』

Moreover, if I look in the distance, there were shadows of even larger beasts. Although it’s only a rough eye measurement, it looks to be around 10 meters. At least, I think it’s that big.

『Is it the so-called evil beasts?』

I saw them, and there was 1 that worried me.

『With such a evil beast here, would it be possible for a human to reach here?』


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