I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Selling Materials

Author’s Note:

My physical condition is a little poor.

Whether I update tomorrow or not is unknown.

「Would you like to take a request immediately?」

This was asked by Nell the receptionist. I was reminded by those words; after getting the Guild Card, there was so much to do that I forgot about it. And “it” was that we won’t be able to stay at an inn if we don’t sell our materials to the Guild.

「I have Goblin horns.」

「Ahh, in that case, I’ll accept them at the request report counter. This way, please.」

Because Fran’s a new Adventurer, Nell politely leads the way after his response. As one would accept from a receptionist of the Adventurers Guild. They’re very thorough in educating their members.

「Also materials.」

「Ah, you can sell those at the material purchase counter. First, however, comes the payment for the Goblin Horns.」


「8 sets, so that’ll be 160 Gorudo total. Please confirm it.」

The amount needed to book a room at an inn hasn’t been reached yet. The worst inn was supposedly 200 Gorudo, so we’ll need just a bit more if we want to stay overnight.

We move over to the material purchasing counter after the transaction is verified.

「Have the materials already been dismantled? If not, they usually take up a lot of space, so it can be brought to the space beside the counter. If it’s too large for that as well, we’ll use a special room instead.」

Nell carefully explains. So, what should we do… Lower ranked Demonic Beasts are cheap, judging by the advice we were given in regards to the Goblins and Insects earlier. So, I suppose the minimum we should give should be intermediate or above? I have a couple of slightly larger ones, so perhaps those?

「Slightly big.」

「Then, I would like for it to be placed in the purchasing space. Are they currently stored at an inn? Materials should be managed carefully if they’re expensive, so –」

Ahh, at first glance we don’t look like we’ve brought anything, so I suppose his question is natural. However, when I was Appraising people earlier, I found many individuals with the Dimensional Storage Skill, so it shouldn’t be unheard of. It should be fine if I take it out here and now because of that.

「Taking out.」

Of course, the materials are actually being taken out by me. This is one of the slight drawbacks of this Skill and Skill Sharing. Fran can use the Dimensional Storage Skill as well, but the storage is exclusive to Fran. Similarly, I can’t share the contents of my storage with Fran, so she obviously can’t retrieve anything I’ve stored.

Fran assumes a stance that makes it seem as though she takes out the materials, and I place the materials where she directs.

At first, I take out beginner-class materials exclusively.

Among them is Fran’s commemorative first prey, the Twin-Headed Bear’s fur and claws. Because its innards can be used to make good medicine, they remain within the storage. I also leave them because it would make a disturbing scene if they were brought out. I bring out two sets of Poison Fang Rat pelts and fangs, and figure it would be best to stop there for now.

「When did you…?」

「While coming to town.」

「Did you also dismantle these yourself?」


Some curious Adventurers became a little noisy in the surrounding area. Oi, don’t laugh after glancing over here. Hmm… Could it be that the materials are worth even less than expected?

Then… Next I’ll place one a bit better.

From Area 2 in the Plains, I take materials from 3 Demonic Beasts.

First are the sinister-looking wing membranes and resonating bones [1] of Giant Bats. Next are the fangs, fur, and skulls of Crashing Boars. Finally, I take out the shells and horns of Rock Bison.

Although they aren’t strong Monsters [2], they should be enough to buy a few days worth of lodging at an inn, alongside cheap protective gear.

We could gain even more if I took out the materials from the Tyrant Saber or the Doppel Snake… But I refrained. Not only would doing so attract too much attention, but the materials might be able to be used to make Fran weapons as well.

The Guild Master’s scale clothing makes use of something similar to the scales of the Doppel Snake, and the cloak used by Donna made use of a Demonic Beast’s fur similar to that of the Tyrant Saber. In other words, those materials would be ones which only high-ranking adventurers would be able to use in their equipment. It would definitely make a commotion if we sold such materials here.

Nell is making a slightly difficult face. As expected, it would be difficult to comprehend the fact that the young-aged Fran could take down strong Demonic Beasts — Demonic Beasts that even an adult male would have trouble defeating.

Nevertheless, the materials from low-grade Demonic Beasts wouldn’t grant much income, so this is for the sake of getting funds. Even if it’s a bit conspicuous, it would be better to finish it all at once.

That being the case, perhaps it would be better to sell off all of the lower and intermediate ranked Demonic beasts here and now…?

『Hey, what do you think?』

(One time is better.)

『Indeed! Then, I’ll take out the rest!』

I take out several pouches worth of thread from Stone Spiders, as well as their carapaces and poisonous fangs. Next, I take out Burrowing Moles claws and fur, followed by the pelts and claws of the Paralysis Nailed Cat are then placed into the purchasing space.

Because I can use most of the meats to make meals for Fran, I leave them within the storage.

「All this.」

「…… Y-Yes. I see. I’ll now use Appraisal, so please wait a moment.」

Nell uses Appraisal on each of the materials. That skill is incredibly versatile. Other receptionists are also called over, so in the end three people check over the materials.

Everything had gone through Appraisal after about 10 minutes.

「Sorry to have kept you waiting.」


「Altogether, we’ll purchase them all for 195,000 Gorudo total. Is that acceptable?」[3]

Ha? 195,000?! Seriously?! Isn’t that way too high? I had thought that ~30,000 would have been satisfactory…

「Very high?」

「No, that’s a reasonable price. Even though they’re materials from Demonic Beasts with Threat Degrees of F an E, due to the fact that the state of the materials was extremely good, the price was increased.」

I didn’t think of the material’s state. But… Thinking about it, that would be correct. It would be outrageous to think that the price of a pelt covered with scratches would have the same price as a beautifully preserved one.

「For example: usually, the fur of a Twin-Headed Bear is purchased for 6,000 Gorudo. The fur you’ve brought, however, doesn’t have any scratches. The deconstruction is perfect, and on top of that, the whole body was prepared. Because of that, its price was raised to 18,000 Gorudo.」

It tripled. Unbelievable… Since the other materials are also in such a state, the price would be reasonable… Right? Well, I’ll accept it regardless.

「This is the reward. Please confirm it.」


Fran tucks the money away in Dimensional Storage immediately.


With that, Fran turned her back to the counter.

「Goraa! Wait just a second!」

[1] It’s 共鳴骨. I’m not sure what “resonating bones” are — but it could also be “sympathy/sympathetic”. Those’re the only two options, so I went with “resonating” because it might related to the Bats’ echolocation.

[2] The Author used 魔物 (Monster) here as opposed to 魔獣 (Demonic Beast). *gasp*

[3] There’s no mistake, because it’s in legitimate numbers (195000) in the raw.


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