I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Cliché

Author’s Note:

I was right on time.

「Goraa! Wait just a second!」

After receiving payment for the materials, we’ve been stopped by a single Adventurer right before leaving the Guild.


「Hey, wait brat!」

Fran, who ignored the man, attempts to pass by through moving to the side. Because he blocked the way in such a flashy manner, he likely wasn’t expecting to be completely ignored. Hurriedly, he moves to block Fran’s route.

But Fran continues walking.


「Didn’t I say to wait?! Hey, are you listening?!」

「In the way.」

「Listen up and stop!」

Incredible. We really did experience such a refreshing template[1] development. I’m slightly interested in this mob-like Adventurer.

『Fran, let’s listen to him a little.』

「Nn? Understood.」

「It’s fine if you understand.」

Looking at the man’s appearance, he’s a mob character no matter how you look at it. He has slightly-damaged Iron Shoulder Pads with spikes facing outward, the spikes seem to have design as a priority. For armor he’s wearing pitch black Leather Armor with a smell I’d like to avoid experiencing no matter what, and a Battleaxe strapped to his back. Finally, he has a bald head that could only be seen by people cosplaying as a Bandit.

Ahhー, my reincarnation is worthwhile meeting this classic Fantasy element: The King・of・Mob character.

If his cheeks had scratches, he’d be perfect… Truly regrettable!

Moreover, 4 similar fellows came out in a stream behind him. It’s a mob character festival! Woohoo~!



Mr. Mob raises his voice, and turns towards the astonished Nell.

「This is favoritism!」

「Ha? Favoritism?」

「Yeah! When I sold the pelt of a Twin-Headed Bear earlier, it wasn’t bought for even 2,000 Gorudo!」

Listening to those words, Nell makes a deep sigh.

「Ahh, I remember. You’re the party who brought the corpse of a Twin-Headed Bear that had scarring all over, one of its heads missing, and a badly bruised body, then demanded it be dismantled and sold, right?」

「That’s right! We gave the same thing: a Twin-Headed Bear, so shouldn’t we have gotten the same amount of cash?!」

「It’s not the same at all. The materials that you brought in all had the lowest ratings possible.」

「Haa? Rating?」

「Good grief, this is why I hate muscle-brained mercenaries like you… Because your fighting power is alright, you act all high and mighty despite being a beginner. You don’t understand even a fragment of what it means to be an Adventurer. Just drop dead.」

W-Woah. Nell had said it in a low voice, but I heard it. If possible, let’s try not to oppose Nell from now on.

「Your group had surrounded the Twin-Headed Bear, and recklessly stabbed it from all sides, correct?」

「Yeah. We lured it in with bait, and then all 5 of us attacked it. Because it had a Threat Level of F, it was advised for beginners to take care, but it was an easy win! Saying that it would be a hard fight, I guess other Adventurers are just cowards!」

Ahー. I get it.

He likely confused the reason for that difficulty rating. There’s a difference between “difficult to defeat” and “difficult to defeat cleanly”. The simplistic Mr. Mob and his buddies probably thought that so long as it was defeated they could cash in regardless of the corpse’s state.

They made too lightly of the cheat Skill known as Dismantling! Skinning it neatly, and polishing every material is difficult! It’s hard labor! Even Fran and I only managed to dismantle these materials through considerable hardships. We thought we would be hated if we brought them in without dismantling them first, after all.

「Is that so?

The Fur was completely worn out, and wouldn’t be usable for decorations. If it was used for equipment, the product would no doubt be lower grade.

The heads are usually processed and stuffed as trophies, but one was missing and the remaining one was badly damaged.

The nails were missing as well, giving it the minimum value.

Organs that could be used for medicine were wounded too badly to be usable, and the meat had already spoiled by the time it was brought in, so it couldn’t even be used for food.

In other words, the Twin-Headed Bear you brought in was almost as good as garbage. You brought a bulky piece of rubbish in, so wouldn’t it be impossible for us to make any money off of it?

Ahh, also, because it wasn’t dismantled, I had to dismantle it myself didn’t I? The dismantling rate for disposing of things like the rotten internal organs should have been taken into consideration when it was assessed. The total should have been 1,600 Gorudo, right? In retrospect, even that was too much.」

The man can’t interrupt Nell as she continues to talk about his evaluation. Stunned, all he could do is listen to Nell talking like a machine gun in utter amazement.

I would too if he was directing those words at me. However, it seems that he still couldn’t understand. No, he wasn’t capable of understanding. He seems to be the type who refuses to back down.

「So noisy, stop nagging already![2] Talking about things that seem suitable in order to make a smokescreen, don’t fuck with me! The amount you gave us was unfair, so cough the rest up right now!」

「That’s right! That’s right!」[3]

I was amused at first but… This is just pitiful. He’s the type that believes that his reasons are absolute, and refuses to listen to others. He’ll make noise until his opinion is accepted.

It’s becoming more irritating by the second.

「It isn’t unfair.」

「It is unfair! It was decided unfairly!」

「Haa… Instead of complaining, why not improve your ability to hunt? Unlike Mercenaries which just cut down their enemies, being an adventurer is difficult in a lot of ways. Although, judging by your appearance, it seems impossible for you to become a proper Adventurer.」

「Haa?! You talk so highly about Adventurers, but on the battlefield they’d be seen as nothing but cowards! If we took ’em on, they wouldn’t stand a chance!」

We’re likely not the only ones feeling offended by this guy. The eyes of the neighboring Adventurers seem to certify that suspicion. To make a fool out of Adventurers here…

Furthermore, he directed such words towards the beautiful[4] receptionist Nell, who is no doubt popular. Because he picked a fight with Nell as well as Adventurers in general, it’s natural that the anger in the surrounding is building up.

These guys… Do they have some kind of death wish? Their status is inferior to the other Adventurers in the lobby.

Name:Damun[5] Age:27

Race:Red Dog Beastman [6]





HP:78 MP:40 STR:37 END:36 AGI:33 INT:20 MGC:19 DEX:18


Transportation:Lv1, Sword Arts :Lv1, Theft :Lv2, Threatening :Lv1, Poison Resistance :Lv1, Axe Arts :Lv3


Failure of the Battlefield


Crude Iron Battleaxe, Crude Iron Breastplate, Torn Deer-Leather Armor, Bracelet of Strength (Fake)

He’s a small fry. This is the status of the strongest of them. If it was me, I could beat him in less than 5 seconds.

While being troubled over what to do, the supposed leader of the group turns this way. I suppose he thought that arguing to Nell would be useless; that’s what I can read from his foolish appearance, at least.

「Besides, how the hell could a brat like this bring in such a large amount of Demonic Beasts?!」


「The exchange must have been fixed!」

「And so? What could that have to do with this? Suddenly claiming that this girl got the materials through illegal means has nothing to do with you, right?」

「…… It is! It is related! Because that money should have been ours to begin with, we have the right to take it back!」

Uwaーa. There’s no longer any sense remaining in this guy’s argument. What kind of thought process led him to that conclusion? Kichi〇i[7] is over hereー!

「She gathered those materials with her own hands. Her abilities are enough to kill a Twin-Headed Bear and beautifully dismantle it at minimum.」

「Hah! You really think so?! Hey, you’re a member of the Black Cat tribe, right?」


「The Black Cat tribe are particularly famous for their people being complete weaklings. For a member of that tribe to kill a Demonic Beast like that one is impossible! As expected, there’s definitely something more to it!」

「Yeah! Yeah!」

「Damn brat. I’ll overlook your crime this time if you pay some consolation money. Take out the money you received a minute ago.」

「Hehehe… The Guild doesn’t stick their neck into a fight between Adventurers, so you won’t be intervening, right?」


To their behavior, Nell becomes stiff. What they said was correct. The Guild doesn’t interfere with the quarrels of the Adventurers. In other words… Whatever happens, the Adventurer’s Guild will turn a blind eye. Even if that quarrel becomes a crime. That should be natural.

If these guys are really thinking that, then something must be wrong with their heads. It’s not even at the level of a fool anymore. Could it be that inside of their heads, there’s a Slime trapped inside?

「Hey, what’s with that look?」


Fran looks up at the man. Her face is expressionless as always. But a clear anger is evident within her eyes.

「Ah? Does a weak member of the Black Cat tribe intend to go against someone from the Red Dog tribe?」

「Yeah, yeah! Damn cat, don’t get carried away!」

「You put us Beastmen to shame! But hey, I just might forgive you if you hand over the money, you know?」

To call her the lowest of the low, is that what you intend to say? If Fran wasn’t angrier than I was, I would have cut them down long ago.


The sound of one running out of patience. I surely heard such a thing.

Fran’s goal is to raise the position of the Black Cat tribe, to succeed the will of her deceased parents. With these guys’ abuse, she probably can’t endure any longer.

「Shut up.」


「Your barking is noisy, dog[8].」

She said it! You said it, Fran! You did well! I’ll treat you to something delicious later!

「You bastard! I’ll kill you!」

I’m tired of hearing template-like lines already.

「Impossible, weakling.」

「Ah? Did you just call me a weakling?」

「Even though you’re just a weakling of the Black Cat tribe!」

「Disappear in 5 seconds, or bark 1,000 times. I’ll overlook you, dog.」

「You–! After I have my way with you, I’ll sell you off to the Slave Traders! No more mercy!」[9]

Extortion, assaulting a little girl, and human trafficking. These guys are finished. If the police were around, they’d immediately be arrested. There’re already some Adventurers walking out of the Guild.

Well, shall we put an end to this?

「Bad breath. Stop talking.」

「Fucking brat!」

He put his hands on his weapon! Yes, justifiable defense has been established!

「Die, brat!」

Out of the question. You can’t even move anymore, after all.

「Ah? I-Iaa, AHHHhhhhhhhh! My foot is–! Hiiaaaa!」

The man’s body, losing its support, falls to the side. Both of his legs have been severed from the knee.

Fran didn’t pull me out, either. She had used the Lv6 Sword Technique: Aura・Blade. It’s a technique which develops a blade made purely out of magic power, just for an instant. Its power is low, but it can be combined with Vibrating Fang, and depending on the user’s MGC, it can become invisible. It could be seen as an ideal technique for assassination.

And she’s already learnt how to use it! Fran, my frightening girl!

The man squirms about like a caterpillar in the pool of blood which continues to grow from his legs’ wounds.

「AHiiII, Ahiiiiiiii」

Disgusting! Absolutely revolting.

「Y-you…… B-B-But, Aahh?」

「!!…!… I-It hur–!」

Two more people fall to the ground due to Vibration Bullets fired by Fran breaking and tossing their legs aside. In addition, as a follow-up attack, more Vibration Bullets are fired at their faces. Their power is held back, but their noses are destroyed and their frontal teeth are completely lost. Their eyes might be done for as well.

The two remaining can’t understand the situation. For the time being, they back away from Fran, so they likely understand that she’s dangerous at this point at least. However, it’s not like Fran’s disdain has disappeared. They should have run away.

『Slow judgement is fatal.』

Cleanup would have been troublesome, but Fran would have been fully capable of killing them if she intended to.

Fran kicks the floor, and in the next moment, she’s right before one of them them. And with me, who’s still covered in cloth, she strikes their face with all her might.

*Gan! Gan!*

More or less, it was equivalent to striking with the back of one’s sword. No, because they were hit with the side of the sword, perhaps it would qualify as a side strike? [10] Well, regardless, their legs and faces now have comminuted fractures[11]. Most likely, low-leveled potions won’t be able to heal them completely.

Turning around, the first technique from Pugilism: Aura・Kick is used against the last one remaining. With vibration applied, of course. He was abut to draw his weapon, but it was too late. His knee was broken, and the muscles inside were shredded. To finish with, he’s struck in the face with a vibrating elbow strike.

End scene. Noise from the surrounding Adventurers has disappeared entirely, and only the screams for help from the other men resounded in the Guild.



「May I go?」

「Ah…… Yeah. Thank you very much. We hope to see you again.」

Ohh, Nell has a good smile. How refreshing. Secretly, I make a mental thumbs up for “Good Job”.

「Well, as for you guys, I’ll hand you over to the soldiers.」

「Ahh– Ahh, you don’t plan on catching that damn brat?! W-We were suddenly attacked, so–!」

「Haa? What nonsense are you saying? Damn scum, all that child did was act in self-defense, isn’t that right?」

「R-right. That’s right! That’s how it is!」

「It was completely self-defense!」

Hooray~ I can be at ease if Nell and the other Adventurers have to give testimony.

「It hurー! It hurts! Please, heal me!」

「Ahh, before that, I need to receive the bill for the floor you defiled. Blood is hard to remove, you know? You suffered a great loss, so I’ll leave it at 10,000 Gorudo. If you pay it, I might just heal you.」

You didn’t say that you’d heal them for sure! Nell!

After listening to Nell’s remarks, we leave the guild.

A considerable amount of time was taken up. The sun is already starting to set.

『Shall we look for an inn for the time being? Since we’re in town, I’d hate to camp out.』


[1] For those who don’t know, “Template” is essentially equivalent to cliché — it’s just that it’s a bit slang-ish.

[2] It was Gocha Gocha Uruse in the flesh. Better strike that off the bingo card.

I may or may not have spent over an hour watching Vocaloid music and ending up at this when I linked that.

[3] This is from the follower-mobs, just so that’s clear.

[4] “Beautiful Person (F)” (美人) is used here. Nell is confirmed to be a girl — and a beautiful one at that. Add another template to the list, m8’s.

[5] ダムン. The first two characters could actually be “dumb”. Well played, Author.

[6] Changed Fran’s Race to “Black Cat Beastman” because adding Beastman in is actually more accurate. The exact translation would be “Beastman・{Type} Tribe”, but instead of adding in “Tribe” I’ll just have it as a bit of invisible logic. For example: You can understand that Black Cat Beastmen in general are being talked about if I say “Black Cat Tribe”, right?

[7] Unknown reference, I have literally no clue as to what it could be for/from. Based off the context, I suppose it’s some sort of insane character? Or perhaps a nonsensical one? キチ〇イ

[8] 犬 is “Dog” — but it can also be the derogatory “loser/asshole” — essentially the same as calling them lower beings. Just know that as the conversation progresses.

[9] He uses 犯し which is, so we’re clear, essentially “rape”. When “assault” is used in the line above, it can also be rape.

[10] I think this was a joke, but translation killed it. It’s essentially a reflection on how, as a “broadsword” type of sword, rather than a “back” he used his “abdomen” (side) to strike a non-lethal blow.

[11] The type of fracture one would get from car crashes. It’s literally 粉砕骨折 — so “comminuted fracture” is the only translation.

※ ※ ※


You may have noticed, but I used italics a lot in this chapter. It’s not because I’m in love with them or anything, it’s just because the bandi– I mean Mob guys use “ー” a lot.

Just so you’re aware, “ー” isn’t a dash (-) — it’s a sort of Japanese character used for elongating vowels. For example: Uwaaaaa = Uwaーa. Screams and such are excluded, but they can be used in compleーteley regular sentances, you knoーw? It just loーks awkward if they’re uーsed a lot. Riーght?

Thus, italics.

Anyways, time to sleep~

If there’re any mistakes, make sure to comment ’em, ’cause it’s 3:12 AM currently, and I have neither the desire nor consciousness remaining to edit ’em all out!


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