I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Old man Gallus

『I didn’t think we’d be refused.』


『”Even if you have a Guild Card, we don’t give shelter to children”?』

When we had arrived at an inn, that’s what the proprietress had said……

Clearly, she was paying attention to Fran’s appearance. Fran’s wearing tattered clothing and sandals, so she must have thought that Fran was either poor or a runaway slave. She doesn’t smell bad, however.

I can clean us using Purification Magic, so we’re completely sanitary.

『I suppose we should fix your appearance by buying Equipment first, then.』

「 ? 」

But I don’t know where we can. Well, because I’ll be choosing the equipment just leave it to me!

We head towards the town’s plaza, located near the Adventurer’s Guild. Around here, there’re shops with Adventurers lining up in large numbers.

There’re lots of shops and stalls, so there’re enough Adventurers to match. There’re smithies for Weapons and Armor, Tailors, Apothecaries, Accessory Makers, Taverns, Restaurants, etc. There’s Really quite the variety.

This is also a good place to study the prices of things.

An Iron Knife is 2,000 Gorudo, a Grade 5 Life Potion is 10,000 Gorudo, a Grade 4 Antidote Potion is 20,000 Gorudo.

Grade 5 seems to be the lowest rank, but the price is quite reasonable. Even deep wounds seem to be cured in an instant, after all. If there was a medicine with the same effect in Japan its price would be far higher, which is why I think that the price is alright.

Such products are lined up next to one another, so I’m getting strangely excited.

『How interestingー』


『Oh! Fran thinks so as well?』

「Lots of rare things. Amazing.」

『I see, I see.』

Looking at Fran’s eyes, they’re shining bright. Her expressions don’t change much, but it’s good that Fran’s also enjoying this.

Now then, where’s the shop we’re looking for? As a matter of fact, while we were browsing I had heard an encouraging bit of information.

That is, about a famous Blacksmith who was staying in Aressa. They seem to have rented a store to open their smithy, too.

I want that Blacksmith to make Fran some armor. It might be impossible given our current funds, but we may as well ask.

『Well, I wonder where it is.』

Looking around, there’re many smithies and Armor shops, but none of them seem all that great. If it was a shop with an amazing Blacksmith, I figured there would be a large crowd, but I suppose not.

『Perhaps they’ve already closed for the day?』

It could be so if their goods were popular enough.

「You there, young lady. Like what you see?」


「Yes, yes, you my lady.」

Good heavens, did someone make a pass?! I put my guard up, but the voice belonged to an old Dwarf. It’s possible that he’s just an Erojiji[1] using the disguise of a wrinkly old hermit, however, so it’s not safe yet.

If he plans to do anything strange, I’ll pretend to fall and pierce his foot to scare him off.

「You seem to be looking for some armor, so how is it?」

「How did you know?」

「Well, I could understand with a look at you.」


「Ahh, so cautious. Whaーt, it’s pretty simple. Looking at your footwork, I can see that you’re quite skilled. And yet… Your armor is quite poor. You’d turned your eyes to many Armor Shops and Blacksmiths, so wouldn’t the only conclusion be that you’re looking for some armor?」

This guy’s not just your run-of-the-mille old man! Just who on earth is he?

Name:Gallus Age:82


Job:Magic Blacksmith




HP:260 MP:273 STR:152 END:100 AGI:56 INT:120 MGC:148 DEX:95


Dismantling :Lv2, Fire Resistance :Lv7, Blacksmithing :LvMax, Smithing Magic :Lv9, Appraisal :Lv7, Mining :Lv3, Sewing :Lv5, Hammer Techniques :Lv2, Hammer Arts :Lv7, Poison Resistance :Lv2, Leatherworking :Lv4, Fire Magic:Lv9, Dedication :Lv6, Magic Blacksmithing :Lv7, Discernment :Lv9, Blessing of the God of Fire, Vigor Manipulation [2]

Extra Skills:

God’s Eye


Wandering Master Smith, Honorary Blacksmith of the Kuranzeru[3] Kingdom, King of Blacksmithing


Magic Steel Blacksmithing Hammer, Leather Clothes of the Fire Lizard, Sandals of the Phoenix Tree, Stamina Recovery Bracelet

This old man was the great Blacksmith from the rumors, it seems. I suppose that would also explain his keen observation from a moment ago?

Well, it’s convenient at least. He ended up finding us, so I’ll consider myself lucky.


「Wahahahaha! Even though I look this old, I’ve still got a long way to go! So, why don’t you take a look at my shop?」


「Well then, this way.」

Guided by Gallus, we’re led to a store at the corner of the plaza. In the meantime, the gazes of innumerable people are turning their eyes to us in the surrounding area. Their stares stick, so it’s pretty uncomfortable.

『Eh? Isn’t everyone around looking here?』


『No, they’re not but……』

The gazes from merchant-like men are particularly terrifying. Fran, who misunderstands those stares as intimidating glares from enemies returns sharp glances around the area.

What on earth is going on?

「Ahh, don’t worry about it; it’s just pressure from greedy Armor merchants. I’ve driven them away in the past, but since then they’ve started persistently approaching people who’ve purchased items from my shop in order to sell them second-hand.」

No, no, isn’t that troubling in itself?

「Weーll, we’ll be going around back to get in, so be at ease. More importantly, what’re you looking for exactly?」

There’s no way I can feel relieved with just that… But there’s no helping it even if I worry about it. Rather than that, it was good luck to find a skilled Blacksmith, so we should take this chance no matter what.

「Why to me?」

「I only sell to Adventurers who’ll actually use my wares. You, my dear, are one such person.」

What a stubborn craftsman. I don’t hate that, though.

『First, have him show you a sword.』

「First, a Sword.」

「Haa? Aren’t you already carrying a fine sword? This is the first time I’ve seen an Intelligent Weapon, you know?」

W-What?! How did he know? Appraisal? No, I have Appraisal Concealment. It’s impossible for it to have been exposed!

「…… Intelligent Weapon?」

Good performance, Fran! Keep up that deceit!

「Ahh, well… It doesn’t make a differenceー. I was just making sure. My eye is a little special you see, so even if you have Appraisal blocking Skills, I can still see a bit of information. Especially in regards to Equipment.」

There was such an ability?! Now that he mentions it, on top of having Appraisal and Discernment, he also had the God’s Eye Skill, didn’t he…? Is that its effect?

「Well, only an Intelligent Weapon would have its Attack Power and Magic Power Conductivity. Is that enough of an explanation, Sword?」

『Well, I can understand in that case. This girl… I want Fran to be able to use a proper sword.』

「Oohh? You really can talk? You really are intelligent! Incredibleー incredibleー!」

『You look like a kid…』

「Teacher also, sometimes.」

『Eh, seriously?』


『Aーhh, well. I suppose in the face of something interesting, anyone would revert to the mind of a child.』


I look over to old man Gallus who’s still frolicking around.

『… I’m the same as that?』

I’ll try to be a bit more prudent in the future.

「Oops, sorryー. I was just a bit excited. Anyways, looking at your performance, a different sword doesn’t seem like it’d be necessary.」

『No, no. Did you look at it right? Old man, your swords are stronger. Like that sword over there.』

The High-Quality Steel Longsword that I had seen in town earlier was made by this old man, no doubt about it. And in this shop similar weapons are all over the place. All of them were at least as strong as me, if not more.

Watching such weapons, I hold back feelings that seem like they’d make me cough up blood. How would a blunt weapon like me compare to them?

「Well, only in terms of simple attack power. Ahh, I see. By any chance, do you know of Magic Power Conductivity?」

『Magic Power Conductivity? I know of it, but…』

「But do you know what it is, hmー? It’s pretty importaーnt.」

『How is it important?』

「It’s really important, you knoーw! It’s especially important when evaluating a sword!」

How! Enlighten me, already!

「It’s quite the wonderー.」

『Explain in detail, please.』

「Mmh. Magic Power Conductivity refers to the efficiency in which a piece of equipment can be clad in Magic Power. When it’s made use of, the weapon’s performance varies greatly.」


「For example, this weapon:」

Gallus picks up a Dagger which was hung on the wall. Appraising it, I find that it’s made of Steel. Its Magic Power Conductivity is E.

「Its Magic Power Conductivity is E, which means the conduction efficiency is around 5%. And so, using 100 Magic Power, its attack power rises by 5.」

Gallus explains further by taking out a Dagger made out of Mithril. Its Magic Conductivity is C-, with a conduction efficiency of about 70%. In other words, pouring 100 MP into it results in an ATK increase of 70. With this, conductivity is definitely important. It allows the difference in performance to be overturned easily.

「Furthermore, efficiency isn’t the only thing that increases with conductivity ratings. The amount of time magic can be contained within the weapon also increases. In other words, effects imbued upon the weapon last longer.」

『So, is Mithril’s conductivity of C- quite high?』

「That’s right. Mithril is particularly superior when it comes to conduction efficiency. It’s no exaggeration to say that weapons exceeding C- exist on the market as well, but by giving priority to increased conductivity, their basic attack power is low. In most cases, at least.」

「Then, A is amazing.」

「Mmh. Swords with a conductivity of A are pure Magic Swords; they have a conduction efficiency of 200%. Frankly, regular weapons pale in comparison.」

200%… So if 100 magic power is put in, ATK raises by 200? That’s absurdly strong, isn’t it?! I suppose that means my time has come?

『Is there a limit to the amount of magic power put into the weapon?』

「That depends on the materials. As for your material…… I don’t understand it very well. Halmolium[4] seems to be the base, but there seem to be a mix of magic metals as well……」

Fran hands me over to Gallus, and he taps me with a hammer with a *concon* as if to be certain.

「You don’t seem to be inferior to Orichalcum, so about 1,000 magic power wouldn’t a be a problem I think. Well… Normally most people wouldn’t possess such an enormous amount of magic power in the first place — even the Court Magician in the Royal Capital can barely reach 800 MP, after all!」

Disregarding Gallus who’s laughing with a *Gahahaha!*, I internally break out into a cold sweat. For me… I can supply 1,000. In other words, I can increase my ATK by 2,000…? I had always found it a little strange up until this point. I could defeat seemingly-difficult opponents in one shot. Aiming at their vitals combined with acceleration via Telekinesis probably contributed as well, but…… I had probably wrapped myself in Magic Power unconsciously.

「Lasts how long?」

「Well, that depends on the material. For E, it’s 5 minutes. Each successive rank increases that by about 2 minutes.」

『Then, for A……』

「It’d be 29-30 minutes.」


『That’s more than enough for a short-term battle.』


『Then I’m not a dull sword?』

「If you’re dull, then most of this world’s swords are dull as well.」

『I see, so that’s how it is…… Uoーh! I’m gladー!』

I’m really, really glad! If I had eyes, tears would be pouring out from my happiness. I’ve become a sword in both body and mind. Finding out I was stronger than other swords, I didn’t think I’d become this pleased. Well… It isn’t an unpleasant feeling.

「You’re at the pinnacle of strength for a Magic Sword. You might even reach the feet of Divine Swords.」

「Divine Sword?」 [5]

「Ou. Were you made by a Divine-class Blacksmith?」

『Well… I don’t know. I have no memories of my creator.』

「Is that so……」

『Do you know something about it? If you do, please tell me.』

It feels quite bad not knowing my roots. And so, I want to know one way or another.

「You see, Blacksmiths have a ranking system.

There’s the regular Blacksmith, Advanced Blacksmith, Magic Blacksmith, and finally Divine Blacksmith. There’re other Jobs derived from those as well, but the Job that reigns above them all is the Divine Blacksmith without a doubt. There’ve been no more than 5 people who have reached that level in the past. Truly, Blacksmiths of legend.」

「5 Legendary people. Cool.」

「For Blacksmiths like myself, they’re existences to admire. Divine Swords can only be forged by Blacksmiths of the Divine class.」

『And you think a Divine Blacksmith made me?』

「I think so, but I can’t be sure…… You’re quite weak compared to other Divine Swords, but you’re too strong to be a regular Magic Sword. You’re right in the middle.」

『What’s with that… Then it could have just been a skilled Magic Blacksmith who made me?』

「Well, that’s also a possibility.」

『How much stronger are Divine Swords?』

I asked so purely out of curiosity. “How much stronger could such a sword be stronger than myself?” It was with such a thought.

「Divine Swords are said to be transcendent weapons that divide the sky and rend the land. In fact, there are records depicting such a sword taking the lives of over 10,000 people in only a matter of hours in a war of the past.」

『Are they all swords?』

「So long as it’s a weapon forged by a Divine Blacksmith, it’s referred to as a Divine Sword. It seems that there have been ones that don’t take the shape of swords, though.」


「I’ve seen one such weapon. The Flame Sword: Ignis.」

『I see. How much stronger was Ignis?』

「When I had seen it my Appraisal Skill was low, so I couldn’t see it all, but…」

Name:Flame Sword・Ignis


Magical Power Conductivity・SS


Flame Magic Bestowal, God Flame Bestowal, Unknown

「That’s about it.」

『Ahh, so it’s like that. I’m sorry for holding any form of rivalry in my heart… There’s no way that I could match up to a Divine Sword.』

「Don’t be like that… As a sword, aren’t you plenty strong enough?」

『Consoling an inferior sword? What a nice old man you are…!』

「You’re a good sword. I’m happy to have met such an interesting weapon!」

『Old man Gallus!』


Disregarding us, Fran who lost interest in us started browsing the rest of the shop.

「Nn. This Breastplate is good.」

[1] Like Erofu — just with “old man”. In other words, a perverted old man.

[2] Regarding some of the Skill names:

Dedication (不眠不休) is actually “Without sleep or rest”.

Smithing Magic (or more accurately Blacksmithing Magic — 鍛冶魔術) and Magic Blacksmithing (魔法鍛冶) are extremely similar, but are different things. I’m not sure what Smithing Magic would look like, but… Well, there it is.

Discernment (目利き) is not Appraisal (鑑定).

[3] クランゼル = Kuranzeru, unless someone has a better suggestion

[4] ハルモリウム = Halmolium — it seems to be an ingot-type from the Atelier series that’s composed entirely out of pure Orichalcum.

[5] Fran actually says “Magic Sword? Divine Sword?” probably as a “What’s the difference” question, but in English just asking for what one article is would be enough to understand the difference. 「魔剣? 神剣?」


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