I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Encounter with goblins!

Day 2 of resurrection.

Something has come.

Footsteps are approaching from behind the pedestal.

It’s sounds like more than one also.




Conversation? Are they talking? I don’t know the meaning, but it seems they are communicating.

Judging from the voice, I get the feeling that they are monkeys.

The presence gets closer.

Already right behind.

Okay, come here a little bit more.

Then i will know its form.


A little more.


One meter more.

ZAZZA – -pita

Damn it.

It stopped right behind me.





What is it? What the hell are you saying? It sounds like a discussion…. ((Not 100% on the last part))

And, something, just touched my handle!

Clearly, the handle is grasped.

Although it is similar, I feel that it is too stiff to be the touch of a human hand.

It seems to be trying to remove me from the pedestal.

I felt a feeling of strange resistance as the form that did not understand who i was picked me up. ((*Needs to be checked later*))

How should i say it, the form should be confirmed… after it can be omitted separately… ((*Not 100%*))

Somehow, i resisted it using telekinesis.

The mystery partner puts more power in, after failing to remove me the first time.

But it is naive.

It is resisted with all my power.

Like hell i will let it pull me out.




In order to support their companion, the others begin shouting.

As i try to force myself in, the challenger beings to skirt around the pedestal to remove me .



Because of that, these guys worked their way perfecting into my sights.

Are you serious.

Green skin.

The brutal and more like a gorilla ugly face.

A head with short horns, wielding clubs and wearing furs. ((May just be furry))

So, the guy really was just a goblin.

Goblins tried to remove me.

Wait! wait, not Goblins! If i become a magic sword used by goblins it’s over.

If it was a Goblin King at least, it was good. Even if its seen, how is it a Goblin Grunt?!

While resisting with telekinesis, i tried verifying the status of the two that entered my sight.

Race: Goblin: Evil: Demon Beast Lv5

Hp: 17 MP: 5 Physical Strength: 8 Endurance: 11 agility: 12 intelligence: 6 Magic: 3 dexterity: 7


Club technique: Lv1 , Digging: Lv2

Race: Goblin: Evil: Demon Beast Lv5

Hp: 20 MP: 2 Physical Strength: 9 Endurance: 12 agility: 10 intelligence: 5 Magic: 2 dexterity: 8


Swordplay: Lv1, Vigilance: Lv1, Poison resistance: Lv1

Ho-ho i see.

Even though the are from the same race they are subtly different.

Well, yea..

When the weapons are different, of course they will be different.

Another one gets impatient with me not coming out easily and has come around to the front so i appraised it.

Race: Goblin Leader: Evil: Demon Beast Lv2

Hp: 24 MP: 6 Physical Strength: 11 Endurance: 15 agility: 13 intelligence: 7 magic: 7 dexterity: 7


Swordplay :Lv1, Art of Survival :Lv1, Dismantling :Lv2, Leadership :Lv1

This guy is a Goblin Leader.

The level is low though, Is it a race effect or possibly evolution? It seems a little strong.

Although only a little bit really.

What to do.

There are no signs that they will leave.

In order to somehow remove me, this time it started hitting me.

Still when it finds that useless, it’s time for a substitution.

Apparently, one was still in my blind spot and it grabbed onto me.

「Huuuuunnnnnn」I put power in desperately while making a painful voice!

Maximum power resistance.

When it realized it was impossible with its power the leader borrowed the goblin companions club and starts hitting more with that.

With its face dyed in anger it starts going wild with displeasure at not being able to remove me.

After all, it is a goblin.

It’s behavior is too stupid.

While it was a struggle to the goblin, the pain and confusion caused it to kick the pedestal.

But the pedestal seems to be more solid than expected.

Holding onto its toe, it is jumping up and down comically.

Ku Ku Ku.

Serves him right.

The leader which was in my blind spot, in a state of anger hurled the club at one of the other goblins.

Hey wait a minute, aren’t they friends?

What a thought, Goblin bastard. ((* Really hard line but i think its close*))

Surprisingly, it began to spit at me!

I can feel its dirty saliva on my blade.

Ah! Really -! I feel really bad! The humiliation.

Ok, i see, It’s war.

I will do it!

The first target is this guy before my eyes.

I changed into a goblin leader, and i took aim at the goblin that knows swordplay.

I measure the timing and stop resisting with telekinesis.

SUPPON~ (Boing)

The sword which lost resistance suddenly is pulled up plainly by a goblin.

the goblin which used to much force lost its balance and fell on its backside.

A fool.

it’s full of openings!

Using telekinesis, i casually move the blade.

The blade plainly cut the windpipe of the defenseless goblin

I faked an accident, and one was defeated.

Not being able to understand the situation, The ones who stayed rushed up to him.

There! , I exploded in action using a ram attack.

Well, its a sword so the ram attack = Finisher.

As usual practice during a quarrel, I beat the strong guy first.

It is the goblin leader that was targeted.

Not expecting the sword to move automatically, of course he couldn’t avoid my ram attack.

I look down at my sword blade which penetrated to the back through the stomach in utter amazement.

A sly trick.

I fall down to the ground just as is.

two more.

To my surprise , is it the first person? For murder, it didn’t feel uncomfortable.

I wonder if its thanks to having the body of the sword.

The feel which stops a foe, tears it, and opens its interior also didn’t feel unpleasant at all.

Rather the mood is in high spirits.

Hyahaha, It is meat! I can’t help it.

However, About cutting down a partner, there was no feeling of evasion at all.

On the contrary, there is a strange sense of fulfilment.

It may be the feeling of satisfaction that came from being a sword.

I attacked one of them that turned his back and was going to start running, and buried it with a single blow.

The other one is scared and unable to stand up.

It was easy to bury it.

Race: Goblin: Evil: Demon beast Lv2

Hp: 12 MP: 9 Physical Strength: 7 Endurance: 11 agility: 10 intelligence: 6 magic: 3 dexterity: 8


Swordplay: Lv1 『Kobold Killer』

But, Good for me.

Despite being a surprise attack, they were all killed in a single blow.

Attack power 132 is not for show.

Well, I don’t know whether it is strong, but with goblins as the standard it seems to be.

However, there is one thing I’m concerned about.

「Was i just sparkling?」

When i dealt the fatal blow to the third or fourth goblin, the sword blade emitted light for a moment.

To tell the truth, When i killed the second one i felt like the air around me shone also.

I think it was my imagination though.

Maybe it wasn’t just my imagination?

But i think i didn’t shine when i killed the first one.

Well, there don’t seem to be any abnormalities, but lets check 『Status』first of all.

Name: Unknown

Race: Intelligence Weapon

Attack power: 132 Magic power: 166/200 Durability : 100/100


Appraisal: Lv6 ・Self-Recovery rank 1 ・ Demon stone value 3/100・「Grade 10」, Self-modification, Telekinesis, Telepathic communication, Small rise in owner status, Small rise in owner recovery, Skill sharing, Magician

Set skill


Memory skill

Digging: Lv1〈New〉, Dismantling:Lv1〈New, Swordplay:Lv1〈New〉Club technique: Lv1〈New〉,Leadership:Lv1〈New〉, Art of survival:Lv1〈New〉, Kobold Killer 〈New〉

What!? The items in my status increased.

The first thing i noticed is Self-Evolution.

Self-evolution ((*This needs added above accidently wrote Self-recovery instead of evolution*))

Rank 1? will self-evolution include something like level?

And, there is a demon stone level.

With 3 / 100.

Ah! The sparkling three times.

Which is also the level on demon stone 3/100

Are they connected with each other? And Grade? I don’t know what this means either.

Just, It was added after it, If I’m not mistaken it will be connected to the grade.

Did i get the skills when i flashed after killing the Goblins?

One of the beat goblins had it in the first place. Viligance is not visable so i think its certain. ((*Okay so this needs cleaned. He suddenly jumped to talking about the other skills and how he did not get the vigilance skill because the first goblin he killed had it and he didn’t flash when it died.*))

Did i absorb the goblins skills?

When i select a skill, Something like information resounded.

The current remaining memory is 10. ((* Okay so i think i got it, when i used Grade 10 instead of grade it is supposed to possibly be memory so he can only maybe only have 10 skills at a time?*))

Set a skill? 『Yes/No』

Of course its 『Yes』.

Then i entered into a skill choice screen.

I choose them from the top down.

Set Skill

Digging Lv1, Dismantling Lv1, Swordplay Lv1, Club Technique Lv1, Leadership Lv1, Art of Survival Lv1, Kobold Killer.

Memory Skills


It changed!

Could it be set? It isn’t understood well.

When saying that it isn’t understood well, it is a standard to shine.

Why didn’t i shine after the first kill? There is a hint, The level of Demon stones 3/100.

Demon Stone.

It is a word often heard in the stories involving summonings to a different world.

It is a crystal filled with magic that is in the bodies of Demon beasts.

As i imagined, however.

When you refer to the different methods of killing the goblins one of them was cut in the throat while the others were pushed through.

Perhaps this is the difference.


Try it out?」

I rushed over to the goblin i first deafeated.

I set the blade in the stiff who fell down to the fullest.

It is an act that degrades a corpse, but it is for the sake of inspection.

Forgive me.

The third time i seemed to get the desired reaction.

With a slight firm touch, the sword blade glittered.

When the demon stone is pierced as expected, it seems im able to absorb its magic or something.

The demon stone of a goblin seems to be in its stomach.

The demon stone levels increased to 4/100, in memory skill column, Vigilance and poison-resistance were added.

Paying attention , the skills level is different this time.

The Goblin leader had Dismantling Lv2 and one of the underlings had Digging Lv2

But the skill you can get seems to be Lv1

Somehow, it was like a level reset.

Is it possible to level up these skills?

Is it by using it? or should i take in a demon stone? Inspection was necessary in the future.

No matter how, I’ll set the Vigilance and Poison-resistance skills.


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