I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Ranking Up

Author’s Note:

We’re at 30 chapters now. This is all thanks to the support of everyone;

it’s my main motivation!

In addition, I changed the Status view in Chapter 29 because it was difficult to see the improvements. I also revised her HP, because a value of 20 is Low, so it now looks like the following:

Status Level:6→12

HP:80→189 MP:71→115

STR:45→92 END:34→74 AGI:46→82

INT:30→50 MGC:36→62 DEX:47→63

After the incident with the Goblins, we rushed back to Aressa and finally arrived. I had wanted to repair Fran’s protective gear, but it seems like it’ll have to wait until after we finish business at the Guild.

I removed dirt and stains from the gear with Purification Magic as an act of etiquette, but its severely damaged appearance hasn’t changed. None of the Adventurers nearby seem to mind it, however.

「Hellbent, how was it?」

「Ou. We need to report to the Guild Master.」

「I’ll notify him, please wait a moment.」

Seeing the serious face of Hellbent, the fact that the situation is dire was clear. Nell rushes towards the back in a hurry.

Several minutes later, Nell comes back and calls for Fran and the dispatch.

「The Guild Master sent for you. This way.」

When we entered the Guild Master’s office, both he and Donna were present.

「Let’s hear the report.」

「Aah. We headed to the scene with Kral, which is where we met Fran.」

「At that point the battle was already over.」

「I see. Then I’d like request that Fran……」

The Guild Master sighs lightly — likely because he understands Fran’s taciturn nature. 『How should I have her talk?』is the face he’s making. Well, should I lend my suppor here? It seems to be quite the urgent situation, after all.

「Can you report what happened?」

『Fran, take out the Horns.』

「Nn. This.」

Fran takes a Hobgoblin Horn out of Dimensional Storage, and brings it out of dummy bag.

「This is…… A Hobgoblin Horn?」

When the Guild Master understands what it is through Appraisal, he makes a stern expression.

「Mixed among the Goblins there were Hobgoblins?! How many Goblins were there? And how many Hobgoblins as well?」

Donna picks up the horn and becomes astonished as well.

「A lot.」

「Er… In a bit more detail, please.」

『There were around 130 of them.』

「Around 130.」

『Within them were 4 Hobgoblins, and around 20 Highbreeds.』

「Hobgoblins: 4, Highbreeds: around 20.」


Donna stands up unintentionally.

「This is definitely a sign that a Goblin stampede is coming!」

「Calm down Donna.」

「E-Excuse me.」

「Now then, Fran, a question. What happened to the Goblins? Did you withdraw?」

「Defeated them.」

「So you didn’t withdraw, then.」

「Nn. Fought to the end.」

「This is bad.」

What’s bad?

The Guild Master explains that the Goblins Fran defeated were most likely the ones kicked out of the den when there were too many mouths to feed. As breeding was continually ordered by the King, the low-class Goblins would no longer be able to match up to their children, so they were sent to battle Fran with the resolution to die.

Furthermore, the fact that there were Hobgoblins and Highbreeds mixed among them could only mean that the den already consists of purely Hobgoblins.

「The scale of the Goblin stampede will be large.」

「We should put an emergency summon out to the Adventurers immediately.」

「We’ll prepare today and tomorrow, and attempt to exterminate the den the day after. Will it be that sort of plan?」

「Yeah. The first step would be getting Adventurers with Thief-like Jobs locate the den. That should be made into a special request.」

「I’ll secure some Potions.」

It’s become quite busy. Receptionists (excluding Nell who was already present) were called in and given various instructions.

「Now then, Hellbent. I’d like to assign more work to you, is that alright?」

「Is it guidance to the battleground?」

「It is. I’d like you to return there with Thief Adventurers.」

「Got it. This situation is serious for all of Aressa, so I’ll do everything I can.」

At the words of Hellbent, the other Adventurers nod vigorously a well. They seem like they want to stick with Fran as well, but I won’t permit it.

We have to repair her protective gear, and after that she needs time to rest. I won’t concede on that.

「Fran…… Please take a rest for today. Asking you to work with your protective gear would be unreasonable.」

「…… Nn.」

Fran nods regretfully. Guild Master, good job!

Hellbert gives his affirmation, too.


「Aah, wait a minute. Before you leave, go by the Receptionists and apply to rank up to F.」

「? Haven’t completed 5 requests.」

「There’s no reason for an Adventurer who could take out an army of Goblins alone to do that. There’s also the fact that G Ranks won’t be able to join this subjugation, so the timing’ll be convenient.」

「Gahahaha! Even just one more strong Adventurer’d be better at this point!」

「It’s a pretty last-minute request, so we don’t know how many Adventurers will be participating. Considering that, anyone with combat potential is valuable.」

「The request to participate in the subjugation should be posted tomorrow, so be sure to accept it!」

「Nn. Make sure.」

「We’re saved.」


Following the words of the Guild Master, we do the Rank Up procedure at the reception desk. It was simple, so there weren’t any particular problems. The time taken would be less than a minute, too. After completing it, the letter F appeared on our Guild Card.

「Went up!」

She seems happy. The evaluations of others doesn’t matter, but when the Rank actually raises visibly she takes interest, it seems. It’s just like Levels. Well, it’s a measure of her strength, after all.

『Alright, our participation is assured. Now, we should go repair your gear. Will the money we have on-hand suffice, I wonder?』

「Sell weapons.」

『To the Guild?』

When we inquired about it, we received the reply that the Guild didn’t purchase anything other than Materials and things like Herbs.

『Well, let’s take them to Gallus then.』

The problem is whether a skilled Blacksmith like Gallus would be willing to take in such bad weapons or not…

『No, wait. There’s still one other person, a Merchant we’re acquainted with!』

「 ? 」

『Oi, oi… Well, his presence was thin, so I suppose it can’t be helped. It’s Randell.』


Stop with the「There was a person like that, wasn’t there…」reaction… Well, I don’t really know him that well either.

『He had said that he’s located along the Western side of main street, I think.』



I was worried about whether we’d be able to find Randell’s shop in a big town like Aressa, but it was found quite quickly; it was right near the entrance to the street. Randell can be seen standing out front.

「Oh, if it isn’t Fran! By any chance, were you looking for my shop?」

「Nn. Came to sell.」

「Wonderful! Come, come, right this way.」

And so Randell invites us into his shop.

『It’s very disorderly, isn’t it…』

In the small shop, the shelves are crammed with products. Honey and poison are lined side by side, weapons are neighbors to miscellaneous goods… But it’s not consistently like that.


『Oou… Even though I was going out of my way to be silent about, you went right out and said it!』

When I look over to Randell, I see a wry smile plastered across his face.

「Haha… You said it well. Even though I just organize them by what seems to sell…」

Even so, aren’t there a bit too many products? Well, it’s not my place to say so, so I keep that to myself. For the average person, this place would be hard to approach, however.

「This: buy.」

「Uwa… You had an Item Bag, huh!」

「More or less.」

Equipment is taken out one after another, some of which draw Randell’s attention.

「Still, this is……! What an amazing amount!」

「Still more. About the same.」

「Ehh? Wait a minute. I’m sorry about this, but could you display them on the floor?」


「It must be pretty high-quality to store so much… Mine’s pretty small and hard to use, so I’m a bit envious.」

Just like a pro, he makes small talk while assessing the arms. His eyes are sharp; it’s the face of a merchant.

「Hmm, most of them aren’t in good condition.」

「From Goblins.」

「Aah, so that’s where you got them. Some are made from Steel, so they’d be worth a little more…… It’d be about 13,000 Gorudo total, I suppose?」


『They’re worth about 200 Gorudo on average, huh…… Looking at their state, it seems like it’d be a good price?』

「Understood. That’s fine.」

Randell takes out some coins from what must be is Item Bag.

「Here you go then.」


All of the money was tucked away in Dimensional Storage. Because they’re easy to take out, it makes a good substitute for a wallet.

「Thank you very much. And please, come again.」

There’re a lot of interesting products, so we’ll probably come again. At that time, let’s buy something.

With money in hand, we head to old man Gallus’ shop. Merchants are assembled around the square as always, so we enter from the back door we used the other day.


「Ooh, it’s you! What happened? The Sheath isn’t done yet.」

「Nn, different.」

『I’d like you to repair the Equipment you sold earlier……』

Showing him the protective gear「W-What the hell–?!」was his reaction.

「Wait a minute, it’s only been a day…… What in the world happened?」

「Fought Goblins.」


『To be exact: a large army of Goblins numbering over 100.』

「Hobgoblins, too.」

「Haa? Isn’t that really serious?! A stampede’s going to occur!」

『It’s already been reported to the Adventurer’s Guild.』

「Ah, is that so. Well, that’s fine then.」

「Teacher: benevolent.」


『That would be my name.』

That reminds me, I didn’t tell Gallus my name, did I? But I have a bad premonition…

「Haa? Why such a strange –」

『Isn’t it such a good name? Fran thought of it!』

Notice, Gallus!

「O-Ooh. It’s… A good name. Really.」

『Right? Isn’t that right?』

「It’s the best name! It’s an excellent name for a sword!」

Pheーw… That was close. Gallus continues praising my name while looking over at Fran frequently. … It’s unnatural.

「T-That reminds me, you came to get your gear fixed, right?」

『That’s right! Can it be fixed? We have to go assist in the Goblin subjugation the day after tomorrow.』

「No problem. Repairs can be finished immediately.」


「Right…… 10,000 Gorudo.」

『That’s quite cheap.』

「Well, that’s the price of the Magic Crystal.」

『Magic Crystal?』

「Yeah, unlike Magic Stones, Magic Crystals are a mined from the ground. After storing enough magic power they can be used as catalysts.」

『This is the first time I’ve heard of it.』

「It’s not needed for regular repairs, but it’s necessary to use one for Smithing Magic.」

『Then you’ll be repairing the gear through Magic?』

「Ou. Want to watch?」

『Is that alright?』

In the end I decide to take up old man Gallus’ offer, and watch him repair Fran’s gear.

First he places the gear on top of a workbench with a Magic formation drawn on it, then he puts a yellow Magic Crystal onto a what seems to be a pedestal.

After that, he proceeds to cast a spell with a long chant.

「– Repair!」

With the sound of Gallus’ voice, the magic formation shines bright. Once the light is completely settled, protective gear that seems as though it’s brand new is all that’s left on the workbench.


『Aah. They’re as good as new.』

「It’s pretty convenient for stuff like this, but its effect falls when it’s used on gear too many times. I got off with a small Magic Crystal this time, but next time I’ll have to use one a bit bigger. The fee’ll be 30,000 when that happens.」

If that’s the case, it might be cheaper to buy a new set later… I’ll make sure to consider that when the time comes.

「Thank you.」

「No problem. I’ve got to do well so that you can do your best fighting against Hobgoblins!」

「Leave it to me.」

『We’ll defeat both the King and the Queen!』

「Nn. Our prey.」

「Hahahaha! How reliable!」


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