I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 308

Chapter 308 That’s it, all is the Black Cat Tribe.

Fran killed HobGoblin, who surrounded her. No matter how powerful these HobGoblin were, they were no match for Fran yet.

Although these HobGoblins were nothing of Fran’s opponents, –.

『These guys are so annoying!』

「Gya Gyō!」

「Ge Gya Gya!」

Evil Beings surrounded Fran and started to crow. But the sound was obviously not like that the ordinary Goblin and Orc would make, that was to say, it was not a meaningless crow.

Although I didn’t understand why they crow, no matter how I look at that, they were trying to communicate and trying to carry out coordination. Among those evil beings, although the power of each was weak, the dexterity of their coordination was extremely surprising.

Even in the presence of overwhelming Fran, those Evil Beings also felt no fear. And the Evil Beings around Fran began to attack us after they got cooperation. They withdrew when Fran advanced and once the Evil Beings behind us seized the opportunity to stole on Fran, the frontal Evil Beings would assault Fran with their spears. All in all, they never launched the offense alone.

Moreover, at the moment when they judged that they were going to be killed and couldn’t be saved, they would jump over in desperation to tackle Fran hard. The reason they did this may be because of the existence of Dungeon Magic Beasts, perhaps because of their dexterity of coordination, or maybe for the effect of Valkyrie’s Vigour Rage skill. In order to kill Fran, they seemed to look upon death as going home.

In addition, the attacks of Evil Beings using Spear Techniques and Bow Techniques were extremely fierce, and Fran had to apply the Mana and Life Thief skills to them continuously. As a result, I and Fran’s mana were suffering. Since Fran’s body continued to suffer from the fine scratches made by the Evil Being’s attack, Fran had been in the process of repeated use of Life Thief skills and Heal from the beginning.


「Nice avoidance! It seems that the reaction speed is increasing!!」

Despite the small number, Valkyrie’s arrows would still be able to attack through the narrow gap. Those arrows were aimed at us from the platform created by Soil Magic. Although we wanted to try to counterattack, Valkyrie was always guarded by Dullahan.

Most of our attacks could be defended by the opposite side. So, we were just doing meaningless consumption here.

「Hum. Slowly, the damage we receive will become more and more awful. It seems that we should really put our whole heart into it?」

So far, I knew that Valkyrie was just passing by. But now it seemed that it finally coming? Valkyrie did not release the arrow but began to speak gently.

「But why, you have to fight till now?」 — Valkyrie

「?」 — Fran

「Even if so many Magic Beasts are eliminated, why do you have to fight cost your life? Who has hired you? But what puzzles me the most is that I don’t understand the reason why you launched multiple attacks from the front. Moreover, you still seem to have the intention to make every effort to annihilate us.」– Valkyrie

「No thoroughfare!」


「Everything! I protect.」 — Fran

From the short words of Fran, Valkyrie suddenly understood something, nodding vigorously.

「That’s it, all is the Black Cat Tribe.」


「In order to buy time for the escape of the consanguinity, you even defy death to stop our offense, it’s so heroic and moving! Kuhahaha」

Contrary to what she said, Valkyrie showed a mocking expression. Then, Valkyrie said something even more shocking.

「Naa, although you are a subordinate of Murellia, do you really think that these desperados are all my support?」


「Kukuku, in addition to the troop I lead, there are another two troops marching south from east and west. Their target is Greengoat. Although their strength is not as powerful as mine, there are still excellent commanders coming through countless fights in charge. Hope they have not caught up with your partners ~ 」


「But anyway, the army they sent there are shock troops, whose number of soldiers is small though, it is a Fast Movement Corps centered on the cavalry beasts after all.」

At this moment, I felt Fran’s impatience was being conveyed to me from her hand holding the hilt. Oops, what the guy said did cause Fran’s restlessness. Once Fran fell into disarray, she would blunder into Valkyrie’s trap!

(Shishou, what the guy said…)

『It is true. She did not lie. However, we must calm down now! No matter which side, we can’t help! It’s better to pray that the national army and adventurers have already arrived there than fall into disarray! On the whole, no matter how fast I am, I am unable to catch up with the shock troops!』– Fran

(We still have time.)

Anyway, I could only say this to appease Fran.

「Got it. Only I can defeat you in a short time, I’m able to help them then.」

『Fran! That’s exactly what they want! It is just to make your attack reckless that she has told you this!』

「Well, it seems that even so, you still want to buy time? Ah, I remember it. If you still attempt to rely on the aid of the national army, perish the thought. Unlike our army, which feeds on magic, your human army needs a lot of things to support your survival. Now, I think your national army should have not started off yet.」– Valkyrie

「… Kill you, protect everyone!」– Fran

「Just do it if you can!」– Valkyrie

Damn, she completely triggered Fran’s switch! As thus, it’s impossible to stop Fran! To what extent can I support Fran…!

「Brilliant Lightning Rush!」

Oops, Fran was really planning to launch a swift attack on the enemy! But the Mana and Life Thief skills cannot be always out of stock.

(Shishou! Teleportation!)

『Got it!』

Then, we teleported right over the group of guys. However, at that moment, Fran was penetrated by Valkyrie’s arrow. Can they perceive the fluctuation of space? How could they predict our teleportation destination in advance?

However, as expected of me. Dimension Shift skill was triggered at this time, together with the augment of Crisis Detection, Vigilance, and Reaction Speed Increase.

Wile facing Arrow of Godspeed that I have not been able to perceive until now, I could handle it with Dimension Shift skills. However, if I used it blindly, my mana would run out soon. This skill cannot be used so frequently, at least if it was a protracted war. But it was just because of Fran’s preparation for a blitzkrieg that I could use Dimension Shift without hesitation.


「It is really difficult to deal with opponents who can use Space/Time Magic so freely!」

「Sword Lord Techniques・Sky Broken」

With sword Lord Techniques, I could probably only launch one shot. It should be enough.

Both in speed and power, Sword Lord Techniques・Sky Broken definitely surpassed the godspeed slash. And more importantly, Sky Broken seemed to have a time-accelerating effect. But that’s not an effect of Space/Time Magic, More like, because my potential ability was stimulated at that instant, my reaction speed was abnormally increased, so the time-acceleration was triggered.

I didn’t use Reinforcement skills yet though, only the power of Sword Lord Techniques had made my whole body tremor.

I could feel that this attack will be a decisive one. I felt Dullahan’s line of sight shifted and his arm suddenly moved. Probably, to shelter Valkyrie, he wanted to do something. However, our speed was so fast that they lost the lead.

I had been sucked into Valkyrie’s shoulder, cutting off her collarbone and approaching her heart.


Easily, I cut the heart of Valkyrie in half. Then, with lightning speed, I slashed diagonally from her shoulder. At that instant, I obviously felt that I had reached her magic stone, but I didn’t know why. I couldn’t absorb the mana of her magic stone. What was the problem?

After a short doubt, an incredible scene emerged. Somehow, the wounds of Valkyrie, who had been cut down on the ground, recovered in an instant.

Now Valkyrie was unable to use the Instant Recovery skill. In any case, since the heart and the body were divided into two, it was definitely impossible for Valkyrie to recover so fast…

At the same time, two meters outside, the Minotaur Dark Paladins spurted blood. In the next moment, a lot of mana poured into my body. But the mana was not from the magic stone of Valkyrie. Instead, it seemed that I was absorbing the mane from the magic stone of Minotaur.

Apparently just now, Valkyrie used the mysterious magic which could resist Kanna Kamui and transfer damage! And it seemed that not only Dullahan, but Valkyrie could also use that skill. What a hell gimmick it was!

「Ku, Kuhahaha. Sword Lord Techniques! You Have guts! You really scared me! It’s so horrible!」

Valkyrie laughed while she distanced herself from us! However, as she said, her face showed a hint of fear. Perhaps it was because she was almost killed, her expression was obviously different from when she was shocked by the power of Kanna Kamui. It seemed that she really felt fear.

However, what kind of skill could make her recover instantly. It’s hard to seize such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but in the end, it just scared her a little? Damn it! The Minotaur Dark Paladin was killed though, the game was not worth the candle!

In order to allow Valkyrie to heal her wound, Dullahan screened her and began to retreat, while the Evil Beings began to attack Fran all together.

『If we pulled away, they will attack us with the arrow violently!』

「Get out of my way!」



Even under Fran’s intimidation, the Evil Beings still did not retreat. They guarded Valkyrie desperately and stood together to form a wall.

The minutes ticked away.



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