I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 310

Chapter 310: It will be fine.

「Seems a tough battle, Fran!Any reinforcements?」


The Scarlet Dragon suddenly appearing in the battlefield was attacking the Evil Beings. The people riding on the dragon back were the mysterious girl and her maid follower, Kuina, with whom Fran parted not long ago since they had encountered in the Scorpion Lion Forest. And, the scarlet dragon was called Llinde, a dragon that dwelled on Mare’s Monster Weapon.

On Mare’s command, Llinde spewed scarlet flame from its giant mouth. And wherever in that fire’s power, more than 20 evil beings and magic beasts were burned to ashes in an instant.

At this moment, I saw Valkyrie watching her army suffer losses, she was about to shoot an arrow aiming at Llinde. It seems that she wants to shoot down Llinde, the powerful threat to the Evil Beings.


『It will be fine.』

Valkyrie and Fran didn’t sense the fact that the arrow couldn’t hit Llinde though, I was never doubtful about that.

「Such a grand way to come on stage, but also such a pity! You’re exiting now!」

Shouting that, Valkyrie released the arrow, which shot toward Llinde directly. And then, Valkyrie who believed the arrow must hit Llinde flashed a reassuring smile.

To her surprise, however, brushing past Llinde, the arrow flew in the wrong direction, which shocked both Valkyrie and Fran.

「Wh… What?」


『Yeah. Illusion Magic, Illusion Magic of high level.』

Fran and I used to be tortured by the Illusion, but now it seems more powerful than before. And Mare, using the Illusion, shouted with a triumphant expression:

「Fran! Let me help you!」

「Mare! I can handle the situation here for the time being! You can stop the detached force of Evil Beings!」

Although it’s true, I couldn’t believe Fran was pleading with Mare. I never thought that Fran would make such a cry. But Mare laughed away Fran’s worry.

「Hahaha! Don’t worry! If the detached force you said is the two troops going south from the east and west, then I have eliminated one of them! And as for the other troop with a larger number of soldiers, it has been solved by someone else!」


「Yes, just make yourself easy about that! The Evil Being troop in the west has been transformed into my EP. And thanks to that troop, I could improve my level. Look, and Llinde’s figure became larger than before because of that troop.」


「And we have sent a message to the Lord of Greengoat, asking him to dispatch security force to protect the refugees. They should be joining forces with Greengoat’s force soon!」

Hearing what Mare had said, Fran finally gave a sigh of relief. Although it’s inappropriate to use the Principle of Falsehood to Mare, I don’t think she is lying. Because what she said has inexplicable credibility, or maybe a reassuring power?

So, since Mare says everything is fine, then we can believe that what she said was true.

After all, in such an emergency, there’s no reason for Mare to lie. And with Mare’s party’s power, it’s easy for them to eliminate all detached forces.

And meanwhile, on the other side, Valkyrie’s triumphant look blanked gradually. She seemed to sense that what Mare said was not a lie.

「No, it’s impossible. How could you defeat the Evil Beings troop dispatched by Murellia Sama? Isn’t the troop of the west led by Dullahan, a powerful leader, and demons? 」

「So it is. That troop was extremely powerful indeed, but with the joint attack of the two of us, they are still at a disadvantage after all.」

「Two of you?」

「Ah, yes, we two.」

At this moment, however, I happened to find the girl, who was behind Mare with a fearless smile, disappeared. She was riding on the back of Llinde before, but now where has she gone?

「Is this OK? You, the Battle Maiden. How could you be so careless as to be defenseless…」

Valkyrie cried out before Mare finished her words.


No one knew when, a figure appeared next to Valkyrie in a flash, and then, a sudden sting blew Valkyrie. That figure’s hand had pierced through Valkyrie’s chest.

「I’m Lady Mare’s maid, Kuina. NIce to meet you. By the way, it’s so mysterious that you can still be safe and sound like this even being pierced through your heart.」

It’s Mare’s Assassin Maid, Kuina. We haven’t even sensed her appearance. But, I knew what she has done. She should have combined Illusion Magic with her Innate Skill — Phantom Dream Matrix. And the one that created the illusion of Llinde and Mare should also be Kuina.

For those who have never seen the illusions, they are not able to recognize those illusions created by Kuina, who is such an adept. A perfect K.O., now it is Valkyrie’s turn.

However, I can feel that Kuina’s mana is decreasing. Although she looks unruffled, the blow just now should have been a mortal blow. Even if she fails to make a mortal blow, she still stays cool, calm and collected, which shows that she is not ordinary.

No, wait a moment! The scene is the same as when we met Kuina in Scorpion Lion Forest, she looks cool though, she is in panic in her heart now. In the face of this enemy, not only do we not know how to deal with it, but in fact, Kuina is also anxious.

「Haha! You are really worthy of the Assassin Maid! Unmoved by the loss at all! An annoying guy in normal times though, but reliable you are in the battlefield!」

Kuina appears to be calm. No! Totally can’t figure out. Even on this occasion, Kuina gracefully saluted Valkyrie and then distanced from her.

「Damn! Don’t cause me trouble!」

「Hahaha, so pity! Since you have hurt my rival, I can’t let you get away with that!」

「After all, Fran is the only friend of My Lady.」

「”Only” is so superfluous! And, we are not friends! We are rivals!」

「My Lady is still so aggressive… But it’s really annoying in the face of Ms. Fran, who has occupied the title “Black Lightning Princess”, My Lady still can not accept the fact that her favorite color, black, is preempted. So, My Lady can’t help harboring mixed feelings to Ms. Fran.」

「You shut up! But preempt my favorite color by the Black Lightning Princess title is too cunning!」

「But no matter how hard My Lady try to deny, the title such as White Flame Advent, Rough Beast (White) and White Abarenbo, are all terrific.」

「…Is that a compliment to me? Are you not dissing me?」

「Sorry, My Lady. But it all truly comes from my heart.」

「All pretext! But just forget it. Anyway, I’m the only one to defeat my rival, Fran! I must fight you, troublemakers! 」

「Dares to hold such language!」

「Cut the crap! I’m coming!」

Then Mare jumped down from Llinde.


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