I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 314

Chapter 314: We… did it?

The golden flame from Mare’s Golden Interception Flame gradually died down.

By the time the flame had completely disappeared, the previous Valkyrie was gone, all that remained was her charred and blackened body, cut in half from her head down.

Gazing at the remains, I confirm the skills I acquired by devouring the Valkyrie’s magic stone; Devine Bow Techniques, Divine Bow Arts, Resistance to Madness, Light Magic, Morale Boost, Troop Assistance, War Maiden, and other skills, all of which are fairly rare.

I was able to acquire a lot of skills this time, but the battle was the most dangerous so far. Right now though I don’t have the time to go through them all, ill just have to count them once the battle is over.

The only problem is Evil Arts, it can’t be helped if I obtain a bad skill, all I have to do is not equip it and hide it. Is what I thought…

『I can’t find Evil arts anywhere. 』– Me

Valkyrie possessed Evil Arts, but I did not inherit it. Could it be because I don’t have the title of Evil God? If so, that’s a relief!

That being said, there is another problem. I swallowed up Valkyrie, but I got very little Magic Points. In Valkyries case, I thought I could get more than 300 Magic Stone points but… The result was only 5 points. Even the Magic Stone Points of the evil being was much higher than that. Was Valkyries Magic Stone consumed by the fierce fighting? Well, there are still a lot of things I don’t understand.

「We… did it?」–Fran

「En…」– Me

That isn’t the only problem either, burned by Mare’s flame, Magic Stone being swallowed up by me, the Valkyrie surely died. However, black smoke is still rising from her body.

Mare, who just reversed from her Awakening state, did not relax her vigilance and kept staring at Valkyrie’s body.

『No, it’s impossible. But I do feel specter from Valkyrie’s body…』– Me

『No, that can’t be, but, I do feel an evil aura emanating from Valkyrie’s body…』 — Me

No, something’s wrong, the source of the aura is not Valkyrie, it’s from the long spear that she still clutches with a burnt hand. A powerful evil aura flows from the spear into Valkyrie.

「——Fire Javelin!」–Mare

『It’s the spear!』– Me

「Mare, Spear!」– Fran

「Indeed! I see!」– Mare

『Devouring!』– Mare

「——Fire Javelin!」– Mare

「Haa!」– Mare

Lightning Magic released by Fran & I and Flame Magic released by Mare hit the Evil Stone Spear, but are blocked by its barrier, not able to destroy it.

Then, the Evil Stone Spear radiates a strong black light that begins pulsing faster and faster.

From the split halves of the Valkyries body, tentacles begin to gush out. They intertwine with each other, working to mend the two halves, and Valkyrie’s body begins to wobble and stand. Fran and Mare look with disgust as the body twists at the joints into impossible angles.

「Fire Arrow」– Mare

「Haa!」– Fran

Sure enough, Fran and Mare’s Magic is repelled by the barrier.

「GaGa……Ga……」– Valkyrie

Valkyries open mouth begins to emit a harsh radio static, and then her body starts to swell from inside, as if a monster was writhing within her, suddenly a part of her body begins to protrude rapidly.

Conversely, the body begins to emit a strong evil aura, and it is so fierce, only the leaking part even makes me feel horrible.

Fran frowns and Mare turns deathly pale as they resist the evil aura and stare at what had once been Valkyrie. This is not just an evil aura, it’s more like a miasma.

Appraisal confirms that it is no longer Valkyrie, but an Evil Stone. It’s race being the Evil God Beings, and currently, it’s in a state of evil deification. The title is now ‘The one endowed with the power of evil god.’ Exactly the same as Rynford, the giant Master of Evil Ats who fought with Barbra.

The evil aura within the Evil Stone grows stronger and stronger.

「GaGaGaGa——」– Evil Stone

It’s dangerous to let it continue, we have to do something now.

『Fran, don’t be merciful! Do your best to eliminate it!』– Me

「En! Mare, do it now!」– Fran

「Copy!」– Mare

Mare agrees with us, and together with Fran they take some distance from the Evil Stone and begin to focus. Without knowing the structure of the barrier they can only attempt to break it with their most powerful attacks.

「Brilliant Lightning Rush!」– Fran

「Pale fire……!」– Mare

『Ooo——!』– Me

Mare has just removed Awakening status by using the Golden Interception Flame. She isn’t able to trigger it again in a short span of time. But she seems to have other tricks.

Unlike the previous golden flames, Mare’s body is engulfed by pale flames unlike any seen before. She emits a distinct atmosphere that is accompanied by a sense of authority and sacredness.

Is that the power of Golden Flame Lionkin? Or is that just Mare’s skill? Well, judging from the enormous magic I feel, it’s really a very powerful skill, I’m looking forward to it.

『Charge! Haaaaa!』– Me

I prepare Kanna Kamui in a chain, to be honest, even now a bitter cold attacks my spirit, threatening my sense of awareness. This is too much for me, however, I am in a scenario where I have to continue.

「Black Lightning Summoning!」– Fran

「Destroy my enemies! Pale inferno!」– Mare

My Kanna Kamui and Fran’s Black Lightning, plus Mare’s Pale Flame, hit Evil Stone directly.

Indeed, even Evil God’s Barrier seems unable to defend against such a powerful attack. Although Kanna Kamui was briefly blocked, the Barrier was immediately swallowed up by Black Lightning and Pale Flame.

A huge explosion erupts from where the attacks connect.

「WTF?」– Fran

「En…!」– Mare

Despite their distance, Mare and Fran were almost blown away by the blast. They used multiple wind walls in succession to avoid being hit by the ensuing strong blow and debris.

Where the evil stone had once been, there now was a huge hole. The strike zone created a crater, more than twice as large compared to when I used Kanna Kamui alone.

「It’s really a terrible explosion…」– Fran

「En」– Mare

「Such a power, even I was scared.」– Mare

Fran and Mare stepped close to the edge of the crater.

「How about it?」–Fran

「Where is it?」– Mare

『I can’t feel it.』– Me

It seems that our attack succeeded. It’s great to kill the Evil Stone before it rampages.

「What the hell, such horrible magic…… I got goosebumps on my skin.」–Fran

「Probably from the Evil Stone Spear」– Me

「Evil Stone… was it related to the Evil God?」– Mare

When Fran and Mare were discussing, something suddenly came to my mind.

『The sword Dullahan had was called Evil Stone Sword…』 — Me

「Danger!」– Fran

「What’s wrong, Fran?」– Mare

「Help Kuina now!」– Fran

「Yes, indeed. Although I don’t think Kuina will lose, It’d be better to get rid of Dullahan as soon as possible.」– Mare

Kuina and Dullahan are still fighting. For now, it seems that Dullahan’s Evil Stone Sword has not mutated… Anyway, it’s better to go early to help Kuina.

『Is it all right? We have to deal with that broad-edged sword.』– Fran

「En!」– Me


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