I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Alright, I’ll leave it to you.

After devouring Dullahan’s magic stone, I receive a huge number of points. I think this confirms that the reason Valkyrie didn’t have a lot of points was that her soul had been consumed and the result weakened her Magic Stone.

I was able to get enough points, enough so that I was almost at another evolution, and I also got a lot of skills. Most of the skills came from the evil beings and I was able to get Mental Abnormalities resistances.

「Well then, let’s take care of the remaining enemies, Fran, this time let me provide support.」 — Mare

「Copy that!」 — Fran

「Alright, I’ll leave it to you.」 — Mare

「En!」 — Fran

「I can’t awaken anymore, but these kinds of small fries will still be a piece of cake.」 — Mare「1」

「My lady, use this.」 — Kuina

「An Awakening Potion?」 — Mare

「Yes, I Figured something like this might happen so I came prepared」 — Kuina

Kuina hands Mare what seems to be a magic potion, just where did she pull that out from?

If I’m not mistaken, she took it from under her skirt, that thing is so mysterious.

「What’s that?」

「An Awakening potion.」

Looks to be a potion that allows one to us Awakening again. Normally, Awakening in exchange for power forces a heavy strain on the body, using it multiple times is tough, and it’s even tougher if one is already physically tired, but that potion removes the strain caused by Awakening allowing one to use it again.

However, sounds fishy to force Awakening, I wonder what other side effects there might be.

「Does it has any side effects?」

「It’s ok to drink it once. The only thing that happens is your sense of smell deteriorates for a few days.」

I guess if you were a Magic Beast that would be kinda bad, but then again, the upside is being able to Awaken again, so I guess it’s actually a good trade.

「The Magic Beasts are scattering.」

Just as she said, the Magic Beast have begun to flee, despite that, the remaining Evil Beings are still willing to fight. If possible, we should wipe them out here before they can escape.

Even if a security force has been sent to protect the refugees, their power is still not enough to take care of that many Magic Beasts. 「2」

『We can’t let them get away.』

The Ramparts we built with Great Wall are still relatively intact, there are a few holes that were made by Valkyrie but those can be repaired, and once that’s done, we can use the wall to destroy the Magic Beast.

Using magic, we drive the Magic Beasts and Evil beings into the walls we build to restrict their movement. They rush towards the bottleneck, trying to break through, but of course, that’s blocked.

Magic beings get pushed to the wall and a large number of them fall within a ditch. Before they can climb out, we bury them inside with earth magic. So far, things are going as planned.

In the first place, the Magic Beast has fallen into utter chaos. They have been attacked by Fran and me, pressed by Llinde, and saw their commanders slain.

And now, driven by Mare and Frans magic, the Evil Beings also fall into chaos and join the Magic Beast in ramming the wall.

「Good job Fran! This way it’s easier to deal with all of them!」

Thus, Mare begins her slaughter.

Those within her reach she slashes with her sword, and for everyone else, she uses Fire Magic. Llinde also provides support from the air, similar to how Fran and I coordinate.


『What shall we do……』

(Just be Mare’s support)

『Of course but can’t we kill a few?』

Mare would probably get angry if we go too far, but the Magic beast’s stone is so tempting. Ok, destroying all the Magic beasts is a top priority, for now, besides, we can’t be sure of victory yet, there’s still that Murellia who commanded Valkyrie, so best save our strength.

We erect another Great wall, further pinning and surrounding the Magic beast who are trying to escape. I’m a little reluctant to use magic, but it’s more important to destroy the current Magic Beasts.



Fran and I kill those Magic Beasts near us and use Mana and Life Thief Skills to recover, then we continue caging the remaining Magic Beasts.

『Okay, that’s it!』


It took some time, but we manage to eclose the Evil Beings and Magic Beasts with Great Wall, now alls that’s left is to help Mare finish them off.

However, that may not be necessary as I can sense a large source of magic gathering inside the Great Wall.

Mare seems to be using the Golden Flame of Extinction, but there are also traces of white and gold enveloping her body so she’s probably also using pale fire.

『Looks dangerous…』

「Think it will hit us?」

Fran and I stand above on the Great wall looking down on the Magic Beasts when Kuina rushes past us and warns us to run away.

「It’s going to hit everyone! We have to get away!」

It seems even Kuina, who has been fighting alongside Mare, is wary of the powerful technique. Above, I also notice Llinde retreating high in the air.

『Fran, we have to run away now!』


We follow Kuina in a hurry, then….

From the other side of the Great Wall, a huge pillar of fire rises, from far away, it resembles a volcanic eruption.

The wall itself can’t sustain the level of power and heat from Mare’s attack and with a ‘Buku Buku’ sound, it begins to crumble and melt.


If we hadn’t moved, either the explosion would engulf us or we would be swallowed up by the Magma from the wall melting.

「Mare is really energetic today. Such an attack is beyond imagination.」

「She went too far.」

Fran Kuina and I managed to get away and are now watching the gold-white pillar of fire continue to rise. A Maelstrom of heat ravages the wall, and neither Magic Beast nor Evil Beings are likely to survive. Truly there is no better word than ‘Annihilation’. What should have still been over 1000 Magic Beasts have been wiped with one blow.

「Will mare be ok?」

She’ll be fine but may become a bit tired. Her flames cannot harm her but that’s what led her to be a bit careless. Since she can’t hurt herself, she has little disregard to her vicinity and has caused problems, perhaps I should properly “educate” her later.

That’s seriously scary, I sure hope Kuina’s “Education” gets through to Mare, but for now, the battle ends at last and finally, we can take a moment to relax.

TL’s Notes:

「1」 In Ch.314 – Evil Stone, Mare had exhausted her Awakening status through her use of the Golden Interception Flame and so wasn’t able to reuse it again.

「2」 In Ch. 310 – Mare and Kuina Join the Battle, Mare has sent a message to the Lord of Greengoat, asking him to dispatch security force to protect the refugees.


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