I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 318

Chapter 318: My Lady

「My Lady, do you have any excuses for getting us involved?」

Kuina complained quietly to Mare, who rushed to Fran triumphantly after wiping out magic beasts and evil beings with her overpowered flame attack. Well, preaching is also fine.

「Well, that… I knew you would make it out. You aren’t hurt anywhere right?」 — Mare

「We almost got swallowed by the wave of lava.」 — Kuina

「Er, that…」– Mare

「To begin with, was it necessary to launch such a powerful attack? Ms. Fran took the trouble of trapping them, wasn’t there a more efficient way to annihilate them?」 — Kuina

「About that…」 — Mare

「Besides, please look here」– Kuina

Kuina pointed gently to her cheek.

What! It still the same as usual. Mare also had no idea what Kuina was talking about, tilting her head.

「Hmmm?」 — Mare

「Please, take a closer look.」– Kuina

「Yeah, I’m looking…」– Mare

「There’s some dirt!」 — Kuina

「Who cares! Isn’t it natural to get dirty in battle?」– Mare

「The fact that it was caused by an ally and not the enemy makes it worse don’t you think?」– Kuina

「Alright fine, what a sensitive person! Let’s discuss how to move forward.」 — Mare

Mare tries to change the topic, and Kuina, seeing Mare properly flustered, seems satisfied and goes along.

「Well, tea first.」– Kuina

「Hey! Ain’t this a battlefield?」 — Mare

So quick to adapt! Rather, why tea within this battlefield? That even took Mare by surprise, but Kuina still responds calmly.

「I believe you should take a break whenever you can.」 — Kuina

「Hmmm……makes sense.」– Mare

「Yes.」 — Kuina

She was convinced?! Kuina pulls a table from nowhere and lines up several teacups with grace. Then, she pours hot, black tea from a teapot. Mare takes a seat and relaxes on a chair that also appeared out of nowhere.

「I expected something like this might happen, so I prepared Beast Flower Tea. Its magic effect will alleviate the burden of awakening.」 — Kuina

「Ahm that will help greatly. As expected.」– Mare

「Ms. Fran, won’t you join us? We have scones.」 — Kuina

「Sorry, I’ve got to deal with the detached force.」 — Fran

Fran turned back after rejecting the offer, but after a few steps, her body began to shake, showing signs of collapsing.

『H-Hey! Fran, are you all right?』– Shishou

「En.」– Fran

Although Fran nodded to affirm she was alright, she looked pale. The tension of the battle and her willingness to save her people caused her to forget fatigue, and her body is approaching its limits. I should have noticed.

「If you fight like this, you won’t be able to exert your power.」– Kuina

「The tea is imbued with fatigue recovery effects, and it will also lessen the necessary time before you can awaken again, please give it a try.」– Kuina

『Fran, take a break. Even if it’s just 10 minutes, I myself feel a little tired as well, don’t you?』– Teacher

「……En. Alright.」– Fran

Fran complies with my proposal reluctantly, and Kuina brings out a chair for her. Once settle to take a break, the black tea and snacks catch her attention. She sniffs the sweet scones with great interest.

The scattered remains of charred magic beasts surround us, and the ground is still smoking from the lava in this battlefield, yet here is a tea party. Am I the only one who finds this crazy? After all, Fran, Mare, and Kuina all hold their tea cups as if it’s natural.

Not only that, where did the tables, chairs, and black tea come from? I saw it with my own eyes they came from her skirt but… that’s not where the potion bin came from. There is no space to even put these.

「Kuina, how did you get this?」– Fran

「It’s a skill. An innate skill of talented maids,『Maid’s Prudence』」– Kuina

A skill similar to dimensional storage, however there are limits to what can be taken, those being only items that are indispensable in the line of work of a maid. Moreover, that has to be judged by the person themselves, but if one believes it is relevant to the work of being a maid, then it may be taken in. A good skill to have, but Dimensional storage makes it unnecessary.

Despite the drawbacks, it also has its advantages, one being that its a system skill rather than a Space/Time Skill. This means one can use it even when Space/Time Magic is being blocked.

「Among the royal maids, being able to store items is the first sign of mastery for a maid. Being prepared for all kinds of predicaments is what is the measure for a maid, and their reason to live.」

Their reason to live… The dedication of a maid is clearly evident.

「I almost forgot, I haven’t formally introduced myself yet. My name’s Nemea Narasimha, Princess to the country and an adventurer rank D. and the Golden Flame Lionkin.」– Mare

「En. I am Fran, from the Black Cat Tribe. Adventurer rank C, and the Black Heavenly Tigerkin」– Fran

「And this is my follower Kuina, and my companion Llinde.」– Mare

「KuOOO!」– Llinde

Llinde floats down, and looking closer, Llinde is really big. Even though his body is smaller than Urushi, his Wingspan makes him larger.

For the Dragonblade Linde to create such a huge dragon, it can’t be a normal magic sword. It seems Mare had similar thoughts about me.

「By the way, Fran.」– Mare

「En?」– Fran

「What kind of sword is that?」– Mare

Mare’s bright eyes focused on me behind Fran.

「It’s not just a magic sword, is it? What’s the name?」– Mare

「En……」– Fran

「Is it a divine sword?」– Mare

What should we do? We could make up a lie but, I would like to be honest with someone who might become Fran’s friend. Fran hesitates to answer and Mare continues speaking.

「Ah, hold on, It’s not fair if only you tell me your secret, so I’ll share mine as well. Then you can tell me yours, how about that?」– Mare

「Secret? About you being a princess?」– Fran

「Not that, something more amazing.」– Mare

(ShiShou……)– Fran

『Even if you ask me…..』 — ShiShou

Fran seems to want to tell Mare, but if Mare finds out, her being a member of the royal family might pass the information to the Beast Lord….

(Shishou, can’t I?)

『……Haa. It can’t be helped.』


How could I say no if she pleads like that? Well, I was hiding my identity to protect Fran from being targeted by others but if she feels its better to tell her, then theres no reason for me to object.

「Got it. Deal.」– Fran

「Oh! Thank you very much. Well, first of all, start with my secret!」– Mare

「My lady, Is that really okay?」– Kuina

「Of course, Fran is trustworthy!」– Mare

「Well my lady’s intuition has always been spot on, so I have no objections.」– Kuina

Kuina let out a sigh as she finished speaking, and I can’t help but feel a little sorry for her. The secret of Mare being a princess is not something one would just tell freely, so I doubt she doesn’t mind.

「As for the Dragonblade Llinde……」– Mare

「En」– Fran

Mare’s sword also holds a secret so I’m also curious, she takes it from her back and places it on the table.

「The original name of the sword is Violent Dragonblade・Llinde Wurm. It is one of the swords whose fame resounds throughout the world.」– Mare

「!」– Fran

And just like that, Mare tells Fran her secret.


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