I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 319

Chapter 319: Violent Dragonblade

「Violent Dragonblade・Llinde Wurm is the sword’s true name. Its fame as one of the Divine Swords is known throughout the world.」 — Mare

「!」– Fran

「Ha ha. Surprised?」– Mare

「En!」– Fran

Fran nods enthusiastically, how could one not be surprised? Appraisal only shows Dragonblade Llinde, however, that might be because it is such a high-rank item that Fran cant detect it. So, naturally, appraisal cant work on a divine sword and Mare is brimming with confidence.

「It’s true. However, due to a lack of ability from the user, the true power of this divine sword can’t be fully released.」 — Mare

A divine sword is not something that can be wielded half-assed. That’s probably why Mare can’t fully exert Llinde Wurm’s true power.

But still, it’s so unbelievable. I mean, that’s a divine sword, a superweapon, a legendary sword that can destroy a whole country and now said the sword is in front of my eyes. It’s still unbelievable.

In the first place, the ability isn’t as shocking. Well, compared to a magic sword, it’s on another realm, but not the same realm I imagine a divine sword. It just looks very adorable at the moment.

「It’s true. I’ve had the Divine Blacksmith take a look at it.」 — Kuina

Kuina added. Her words remind me that this country has its Divine Blacksmith, so that means this sword is indeed a divine one.

『Really? It’s a divine sword?……!』


Truly this secret trumps Mare being a Princess. This information would affect the balance of the military balance of the world. It’s surprising she would tell us so casually, guess that shows how much Mare trusts Fran.

『If that’s the case, we have to be honest with you too.』

「Hm? What’s that? Whose voice was that just now?」

Both Mare and Kuina appeared shocked upon hearing my voice.

「It was Shishou who spoke just now.」– Fran

「Shishou? Do you mean your Shishou? Where is your Shishou now?」– Kuina

「Are they invisible? I can’t feel his aura at all…. What an astonishing skill」 — Mare

「Shishou is here.」– Fran

Imitating Mare, Fran pulls me out and places me on the table next to Llindee, then begins my introduction again.

「This sword is Shishou.」– Fran

「The sword your Shishou?」– Mare

「Shishou is an Intelligent Weapon. A super sword.」– Fran

『Nice to meet you. As the introduction goes, my name is Shishou. Just think of me as a talking sword.』– Shishou

「Ooooo! Is the sword in front of me really talking?」– Mare

「Amazing!」– Kuina

Mare stood up in excitement, while Kuina remained calm as usual but still showed interest.

『Well, how’s it going?』 — Shishou

「I’ll be! Kuinia, it’s amazing! Is it truly an intelligent weapon? Ha ha ha!」 – Mare

『Well, I’m glad you’re amazed but aren’t you too surprised for the holder of a divine sword?』 — Shishou

「What do you mean? An intelligent weapon is something straight from a fairy tale you know?」 — Mare

『Yes, yes, but aren’t divine swords the same? Besides, it’s a mythical superweapon despite appearances.』 — Shishou

「It is true that divine swords are very powerful. However, while we don’t know the exact amount, there are 26 confirmed in the whole world, meanwhile, an intelligent weapon is something that hasn’t even been confirmed yet!

Original translation from dreampotato

Even if you say that it’s hard to say I’m “Rarer” since divine swords surpass me in performance.

「En. Shishou is amazing.」 — Fran

「Yes. Even Kuina was shocked.」– Mare

「Yes. To be honest, I am more surprised than when I first met Miss Fran.」– Kuina

Her face remains expressionless, but Kuina’s cheeks are a bit red and she seems excited.

「So what’s the story behind your encounter with each other?」 — Kuina

「It was when I was a slave——」– Fran

Fran begins recounting how we first met, and Mare seems touched. She uses a handkerchief Kuina hands her to wipe the tears and snot on her face.

「I see, I see! Fate brought you together. *Zubi*!」 — Mare

Note: Zubi – original text is ‘ズビー’, the sound of nose blowing.

Since the cats out of the bag, I also tell Mare about how I grow stronger by absorbing magic stones, how I don’t know my origins, and that perhaps that Divine Blacksmith might know more about me.

「Know it all makes sense! I was wondering why Manticore’s magic stone disappeared completely.」 — Mare

「Shishou absorbed it.」 — Fran

『Exactly!』– Shishou

「But it’s a really intelligent weapon. You even can grow.」– Mare

「Llinde grew, too.」– Fran

「Llinde was able to access more of its power as I got stronger. Technically, I’m the one who grew, but Shishou is truly getting stronger. You’re so powerful now, becoming a Divine Sword is just around the corner.」 — Mare

The divine sword is the goal, isn’t still too early? For that, we would need to annihilate the magic beast several times stronger than today’s foes. Fran answers back confidently to Mare, however. If fond of I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (WN), follow it in discord:

「Of course. Shishou is the best sword. And one day it will be the strongest.」– Fran

「Ha ha ha! Let’s see who comes first then. Me fully exerting Linde’s power or Shishou growing to a sword that surpasses a divine sword.」 — Mare

「Huh! Of course, I will be the winner.」– Fran

「Don’t count me out yet! One day, as the legend tells, Llinde will grow to the form of a giant dragon capable of smashing a whole castle.」 — Mare

A whole castle? Its gotta be a dragon hundred of meters long. A water dragon just bigger than a ship is already threat level B, I would imagine a dragon hundreds of meters long must be above A. The amount of power required to summon such dragon must be amazing, truly deserving of its status as a divine sword.

But Fran believes I can surpass said sword. If that’s the case, I can’t give up before it starts. I will meet her expectations, this will be my new goal!

「Where did Mare obtain Llinde?」– Fran

「I’m not like you. Our encounter wasn’t very dramatic.」– Mare

「Simply in testing my own power and exploring an excavated remains, I happened to find a hidden room that had not yet been discovered, where Llinde was.」– Mare

「After that, because I thought it was a special sword, I asked the Divine Blacksmith to appraise it and found out that it was a divine sword.」– Mare

Surely Mare was called out by the sword. She may think it was luck but maybe she was chosen? Kuina seems to agree, meanwhile Mare proudly recounts her story to Fran about how she got the divine sword.


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