I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Kuina faces Fran

Kuina faces Fran while Mare is recounting the time she met the divine sword. Kuina who was recently under the Evil specter’s influence now appears energetic.

『Hmm? Oh, wait a minute. Is Kuina okay?』– Shishou

「What’s wrong?」– Mare

『Just now, shouldn’t Kuina still be in the evil specter’s drunkenness?』– Shishou

「Oo! That’s right, I almost forgot about that! Are you okay?」 — Mare

「I’m all right, no problems. This evil specters drunkenness, I’ve heard of it before, but it’s my first time experiencing it.」 — Kuina

Kuina seems to know the evil specter’s drunkenness.

「The evil specters drunkenness is an abnormal status that occurs when one engages in a long battle with a powerful evil specter opponent, like those who are Kin to the Evil God. It’s like having a hangover, but I’m not a heavy drinker so is this what a hangover feels like? Why people would bear onto themselves this state of pain is beyond me, drinkers are indeed fools.」 — Kuina.

It’s not that everyone who drinks gets hangovers! Alcohol is just so delicious that some people drink a tad bit too much.

「Although its bad if left alone, now the source has been cut down, it will leave on its own. In fact, after my lady and Miss Fran took down Dullahan, its effects disappeared.」– Kuina

As a matter of fact, when we used Mare’s white flame and Frans Kanna Kamui to wipe out the evil stone sword I felt something. However, compared to the evil stone spear, the evil stone sword seemed much weaker in its effect, perhaps it was because it didn’t absorb the soul of its host?

Just as I was thinking about the mystery of evil stone, Mare suddenly said.

「Speaking of which, why was Shishou left in that place, seemingly in the middle of a forest right? Did the blacksmith who created you place you there?」– Mare

『No, it’s not.』– Shishou

I made sure to tell Mare and Kuina about my time being immovable and waking up within a pedestal inside the forest of exhaustion. I also told them how I used telekinesis to overthrow magic beasts until I fell back into the forest of exhaustion after tiring, but it’s hard to explain being a reincarnator, besides its no more strange that what I am now, and I doubt its believable.

「As for the pedestal on Maookami Plains…」– Kuina

『Do you know anything?』– Shishou

「Dunno!」– Kuina

So sad. Although Kuina has heard a little, she still doesn’t know much about that. She had never even been to the Kuranzeru Kingdom, so it was reasonable for her not to know that place.

「By the way, Mr. Shishou is still very human as you even put yourself in a vegetative state due to your complacency.」– Kuina

Ooops, Kuina is really sharp. Well, if one thinks about it more, they would come to that conclusion no? While I am inorganic as an intelligent weapon, I am able to think and communicate. And while I am not exactly the same as a human being there are similarities.

And if I evaluate myself objectively, I think I am very similar to human beings. Then, I can’t help but wonder, was it really necessary to be forged like this?

「Shishou was a former human, so of course, he would think like one.」– Fran

Fran, excuse me? Telling them even that? However, the thing about being a reincarnation would be too difficult to explain so let’s leave it as the soul of a human sealed in a sword.

Nonetheless, the truth still surprised Mare and Kuina. Mare was struck dumb with astonishment and even jumped out of her chair in surprise.

「Is that true?」– Mare

「En.」– Fran

「The soul belongs to God’s jurisdiction. That is to say, it is impossible to seal human souls in swords unless it is the god or the existence of god’s level.」– Mare

「Hmm! It seems Shishou is more than just a magic sword!」– Mare

Really!? Well, we can’t count that out. After all, I was reincarnated from another world, but could it really be the will of God? Well, if it isn’t, it would be disgraceful to say it happened by accident. And if it is the case I would feel self-conscious.

「Well, Shishou can bestow skill onto Fran, and still use them, right?」– Mare

『Why do you think so?』– Shishou

「I’ve heard before about the so-called skill was just the power of the soul. So since Shishou possesses the soul of a human being, you should also be able to use your human-soul skills besides the Telepathic Communication and Telekinesis attached to the sword.」– Mare

『Ma, I can use them indeed.』– Shishou

「As expected! I can sense that the time gap of Fran’s magic and skill use is unusual. I’ve been wondering if there’s any secret in it.」– Mare

Actually, the fact is that during the interval between Fran’s launch of Sword Techniques, I kept releasing magic without a chant.

Without Accelerated Thought and Parallel Processing — No, even if one sued that, it would be impossible for a human to do it. Mare took note of that during the battle and assumed it was a special skill.

「So the flurry of blows was a result of multiple magic techniques right? Were those your skills Shishou?」– Mare

『Ah ah.』– Shishou

「That’s so amazing! At first glance, it appears that only Fran is moving, but in fact, its both Shishou and Fran using Supreme Magic together. To be honest, even now you could be considered a quasi-divine sword…」– Mare

『Ah, but I didn’t do it in the mock battle with Mare. She just borrowed my skills.』– Shishou

「I knew that. We (Fran and Mare) are two of a kind! Even if Shishou offered to help, Fran would not agree.」– Mare

Mare knows! Is that so-called common sense between two battle junkies?

「After all. We are very similar. Our age is close, we are Lion and Tiger, and we both hold powerful swords and crave for battle, don’t you agree Fran?」– Mare

「En. Yes.」– Fran

「Well, there you have it, it is that!」– Mare

「En?」– Fran

Mare was a little confused and began to talk about something inexplicable. And she suddenly began to be flushed. Faced with Mare now, Fran turned her head askew, at a loss.

「You know, that!」– Mare

Fran is confused. What on earth did Mare want to say?

「My lady, I know you’re embarrassed. But Ms. Fran won’t understand you if you don’t make it clear. Since you are very close to each other, it would be better yo just come out and say your friends.」– Kuina

「What! What are you talking about!?」– Mare

Aha, Fran and I get why Mare was getting bashful. Despite our short time together, we knew that Mare’s tsundere would get in the way of saying such things. So, Kuina definitely said that on purpose.

So Kuina was just teasing MAre to help her expose her intention. The ratio is 6:4 with Kuina mostly teasing.

But before Mare opens her mouth again, Fran spoke first.

「We fought together so that makes us friends.」– Fran

「F, Fran…!」– Mare

Friend or comrades? Well, comrades-in-arms are also kind of friends.

「So that’s it? We are friends?」– Mare

「En.」– Fran

「Ah ah, my lady finally graduates from being a loner.」– Kuina

Mare and Kuina appear touched, well, it’s our pleasure as well, its good for Fran to have one more friend.


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