I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 321

Chapter 321: The New Evil

“Now then, our strength should be about recovered. Shall we get moving?”

“Nn. Will go to the detachment force.”

“I agree that they shouldn’t be left alone, but wouldn’t it be better to check out where the monsters appeared to the north?”

But Fran shook her head.

“Will do later. Everyone’s safety is first.”

“Fumu. Then we’ll deal with the detachment first.”

“Then, please wait a moment.”

Kuina stores the table in her skirt like some sort of magic trick. If the skill is similar to Dimensional Storage, shouldn’t she be able to store it on the spot?

“Why do you go through the trouble of putting it up your skirt?”

“As a maid, it’s a matter of taste.”

I don’t get it. But I do know there’s something weird about that.

“Shall we get going? Come, Linde!”


“If it’s at your current strength, you should be able to carry 3 people!”


If we ride on Linde’s back, who is capable of moving at high speeds, we should be able to cover a lot of ground quickly.

“The battle is over, isn’t he acting kind of weir- !?!”


Immediately after being summoned by Mare, Linde cried out in alarm. We all simultaneously turned our gaze to the northern sky. A huge magical presence. A magic signal so strong we understood exactly how ridiculous it was even from this distance was heading straight towards us. It’s moving at least as fast as Linde.

“Somethings coming!”


This ridiculous presence is going to reach us in no time. This aggressive and intimidating magic power was strong enough to prick our skin.

“Hey, hey… seriously?! This presence makes the Valkyrie seem adorable….”

Fran and Mare are practically breathing in magical energy at this point. But in that moment, the magical presence instantly changed. The magic that was so strong it scared us shitless was suppressed to a bearable level.

It’s as if the gods of evil themselves had appeared, such a deeply frightening evil. The Evil Lord was there, standing in the sky. To its left and right were multiple shadows, which seemed to be followers.

Though, the most surprising thing wasn’t the overwhelming evil presence. This angry Evil Lord was a pretty girl. And besides that, don’t they look kinda familiar?

“… A black catkin.”

Yep, just like Fran, the mysterious girl that was bleeding evil had the distinct characteristics of a black catkin.

“If you are so weak as to be defeated by a mere 3 people you are useless to me. No matter. At least serve as my sustenance.”

As the girl declared such with a strange sounding voice, the corpses of the monsters around began to shine. Strangely enough, the light given off by the corpses didn’t cast a single shadow.

As it turns out, a huge amount of magic began flowing into the girl. Apparently, she was using some sort of method to absorb the magical power from the monsters and Evil Beings. I could feel that her magical power had increased slightly.

It’s important to note, I say “slightly” because she had an immense amount of magic power to begin with, but to us it was a huge amount of magic power. If you have 10 billion yen, you might not think much of getting another million, but for most people it’s a ton of money. Such is the comparison.

It seems the magic stones I absorbed and the materials we put in Dimensional Storage weren’t absorbed. That was the only good news.

The girl began to descend from the air as if she was on an invisible elevator. On both sides of her, two women beautiful women of an unknown age materialized, and behind them are two huge knights wearing full armor. The girl’s magic power was overwhelming so it was hard to notice, but her followers also had tremendous power. As I looked closer, I can see that the two women are Valkyries and the two knights are Dullahans.

I was struggling with the appraisal results. Because they were actually stronger than the Valkyrie we fought. The Dullahan’s ability is almost equal to it. Numerically speaking, compared to the army we just destroyed, they were far fewer. But in terms of power, the army couldn’t even compare.

Fran typically never talks. Unless she is prompted to, she usually never even speaks a single word. But it can’t be helped. The enemy is too strong.

“ … Who?”

Even if she isn’t yelling, I’m still on edge. It seems like the encounter with the Beast King gave her resistance to fearing the strong, the cat girl in front of us is on a whole different level compared to him.

“Ohoho. My name is Murellia! You didn’t know?”

“Nn, knew.”

“Oh? Is that so?”

As Fran says so, Murellia smiles happily. Murellia was the name of the master named by Valkyrie! Is this her? I tried appraising her, but didn’t receive a result.

“Ufufu. Isn’t that a bit rude? Could you stop trying to Appraise me? It’s no use~”

Damn, she has Appraisal Detection and Appraisal Block at a level that invalidates my Eye of Empyrea? Really, who is this girl?

“I wonder where you heard my name from~?”

“Heard from Valkyrie.”

“Ah… so that was it.”

Apparently, Fran’s answer wasn’t the one she wanted. She was clearly disappointed. However, Mare seemed astonished and stared at Murelia.

“Murellia the black catkin??”

“Oh? Has that young lady over there heard of me?”

“Are you telling the truth?”

“Well now, I suppose that depends on which Murellia you’re talking about~”

“ … the princess obsessed with the Evil God.”

“ Bingo!”

“Mare, who?”

There’s no other asshole it could be. When I heard Mera’s explanation, I knew beyond a doubt.

“She’s the one that caused the black catkin tribe to be punished by the gods 500 years ago.”


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