I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 322

Chapter 322: Murellia and the Royal Family

“She’s the one that caused the black catkin tribe to be punished by the gods 500 years ago.”

Did she just say 500 years ago? In that case, this girl has been alive for all this time? Even if she’s awakened, her lifespan shouldn’t be anywhere near that long…

“Ah, if you know my story, please regale her with tales of my greatness!”

Murelia sucked in her chin as she said so.

“… I’m not sure how much of it is legend and how much is truth.”

Mare mutters, and tells Fran and I the story of Murellia. Apparently the story was passed down in the form of tradition, so she was unsure how much of it was accurate.

Even if she says that, almost every tradition and book related to the Black Catkin Tribe were erased by the previous Beast King, so the credibility of anything remaining would be quite low.

“Do you know why the Black Catkin Tribe was punished by the gods?”

“Tried to use Evil God’s power.”

We haven’t heard the whole story, but we at least know that the tribe tried to get the blessing of the Evil God.

“That’s right. But, there’s more to the story; It’s said that the only reason the Beast King at the time drove the Black Catkin Tribe to do such a thing is because Murellia pushed him to do so.”

500 years ago, when the Beast King that was ruling the Black Catkin Tribe at the time tried to harness the power of the Evil God, it seems that he wasn’t actually trying to grant its power to the whole tribe in the beginning. At first, they only intended to harness its power solely for the royal family in order to further solidify their rule.

During this period, it was Murellia that ignited the king’s ambition. At the time, she was a B Rank Adventurer known as the Thunder Emperor who gained power that was in no way inferior to an A Rank as a result of gaining the blessing of the Evil God. Though, it was said that her abilities went far what ought to be capable of a mortal.

The Beast King, who bore full witness to the fruits of Murellia’s transformation, became obsessed with bestowing the same abilities to others in the Black Catkin Tribe. With the backing of the Beast King, Murrelia wielded her authority to force countless Black Catkin into accepting the power of the Evil God. At the same time, she executed Black Catkins that spoke out against the royal family and began to actively suppress the other beast tribe races.

“As a result, the name of Murellia has been cursed and despised, and has been passed down through the royal family as a dangerous person for generations. That’s all I can say for certain.”

In other words, she’s the one who pushed the royal family into invoking the wrath of the gods, and who left legends of various misdeeds and atrocities. Why the hell is such a person here in the first place?

Murellia listened attentively as Mare recounted her legend. Despite all the slandering and bad mouthing involved in it, she actually doesn’t seem to care that much. However, partway through the story her expression dropped. Soon after Mare finished, she opened her mouth.

“My version of the story is a bit different, but no matter. Rather, are you a Red Lionkin tribal chief?”

“Indeed I am.”

Mera seemed to feel something in the tone Murellia used, and answered carefully. No, if you think about it, it’s a given that Murellia doesn’t have benevolent feelings towards Mare.

After all, when the Black Catkin Tribe earned the wrath of the gods and were wiped from history it was the current royal family, the Red Lionkin Tribe, that erased their existence and took their throne.

There isn’t a reason in the world for the two of them to get along. Rather, if this goes on much longer they might go for each other’s throats.

“I guess that’s true… Fufufufu.”

“Are you really the Thunder Emperor Murellia?”

“Of course. Indeed, I am the second princess of the Beast King, the Thunder Emperor Murellia.”

“I’m afraid you’re wrong there. The time has long since passed when you were royalty.”

“Wrong. The Krishna family still retains its royal standing. Rather, it’s you throne-snatching imposters that have overstayed your welcome.”

Well, I figured it’d be like this. While Murellia and Mare enthusiastically exchange insults Fran asks Murellia a question.

“Why did you do this?”

“You, has anyone ever told you that you don’t use enough words? Well, I know what you were trying to say. It goes without saying that my goal is to get rid of the usurpers, and restore the prestige of the Black Catkin Tribe! And to once again create a paradise for our kind!”

I have to admit, I was a little thrown off when I heard her say that. Didn’t the legends regarding her write her off as wicked and malicious? I could’ve sworn she was an enemy of ours…

Is she trying to save the persecuted members of the Black Catkin Tribes? Sure, she forced the residents of Schwarzkatze to evacuate, but we don’t have any proof she was planning to attack it to begin with…

It seems that Fran is thinking along the same lines, and asks Murellia more questions.

“You want to help Black Catkin? But, now Beast King and Black Catkin are allies.”

“What do you mean by that?”

The answer comes from Mare.

“The persecution of Black Catkin among the beastmen is coming to an end. And, thanks to Fran, they now know the method to evolve.”


Even as the two of them explain it, Murellia only tilts her head.


“You did this to save Black Catkin?”

“Oh, I get it. You’re wondering why I tried to attack the Black Catkin Village.”


“Ufufufu. It goes without saying that the worms that have lost their pride and fell to living with the other tribes have no right to call themselves Black Catkin any longer.”


She said something like that. The only comparison I can think of is going out of your way to exterminate pests that have already left your house, where’s the logic in doing that? No, besides being an enemy, it seems like she has a few loose screws flying around.

“B-But, no point in paradise if you kill all Black Cats?”

“Gahahaha! Something as trivial as that, as long as you use the power of the dungeon, you can do anything!”

Come to think of it, we did hear that there was a dungeon involved somewhere in this mess. But using a dungeon requires tremendous resources. Exploiting one would be no easy task.

“… Really tried to attack everyone?”

“Yes, yes! But you are different!”

Murellia exclaimed as she pointed at Fran.

“You managed to evolve marvelously, and you’re still growing! If you follow me, I will guarantee your safety and your life!”

Even though the lives of Fran, Mare, And Kuina were all just threatened I don’t feel the slightest bit upset. I don’t feel like we can lose here. Rather, my sight is rather clear right now.

In reply to Murellia, who believed with full confidence Fran would take her hand, Fran offered these words.

“Sorry, die.”


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