I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 324

Chapter 324: Failed Negotiations

Fran takes a shocked breath, seeing Murellia’s perfect control of Kanna Kamui.

“Fufu. It seems you’re wise enough to understand what I did just now.”


“Well? Will you die here, or will you become my slave? Ah, the girl from the clan of usurpers and her maid will be killed here no matter what you choose. Don’t do anything unsightly.”

Although she’s laid back while speaking to Fran, as if another person, she shoots a murderous gaze at Mare and Kuina. The speed at which she switches faces is just creepy… Even if she’s over 500 years old I guess she still has the spiritual youth and instability that comes with being a kid.

Although, there’s no doubt we’ll be given the same murderous look if we reject her offer again. It’ll be just as furious as the look she’s giving Mare, if not more so.

Fran knows that too. But her answer doesn’t change.

“Nn, said earlier, but would rather die than accept.”

Yeah, even it earned us time to act or some opening for an attack… acting is really annoying.

As soon as Fran gave her response, Murellia’s eyes narrowed. We were instantly bathed in her murderous intent. It seems she’s finally recognized us as a proper enemy.

“I see… then die.”

Upon her command, the Valkyrie and Dullahan immediately advanced towards us. It seems they were infuriated with Fran’s attitude with Murellia, and wanted to kill her before Murellia even gave the order. Especially from the Valkyrie sisters, there was a clear aura of fury leaking out from them.

It’s pretty clear they had a plan of attack in mind to kill Fran. They were way too quick to attack her. Well, since we’re confirmed enemies now, I can fire off appraisals!

“You denied Lord Murellia’s generosity! I’ll kill you!”

“Die in regret of your foolishness!”

Y’know, I thought Valkyries had a much more noble image… You sisters are giving off a totally different vibe than you should. Well, in the end, they’re both monsters, and Murellia’s their master. I guess it can’t be helped.

Both Sigrun and Rossweiss’ status names them as 『Valkyrie ・ Nemesis Lancer』. Their levels are 67, only one level higher than the previous Valkyrie. But all their stats were over a 100 points higher, especially their agility stat which was over 200 points higher.

They don’t have any archery skills, but they have Lv6 in both Divine Spear Techniques and Divine Spear Arts. They also both poses Storm Magic, and the level of their Light Magic is higher. Overall, they seem to be more specialized versions of that Valkyrie that have eliminated all unnecessary skills.

In regards to titles, Sigrun has 『War Maiden of Punishment』, while Rossweiss has 『War Maiden of Annihilation』. Each of them seems to raise individual fighting power, and causes ones subordinates to go mad.

In any case, are these guys really so overwhelming superior to that Valkyrie from before? Yeah, their personal fighting power is pretty high, but their archery skills are pretty low level, and their army commanding abilities aren’t that great either. Depending on the circumstances, they may not even be able to make use of their full abilities.

In the Dullahan’s case, they seem to be pretty much the same as the ones we fought before. However, instead of a shield, they used an axe and a sword respectively. It seems they’re much more attack-oriented than the one we fought before was.

The battle matchups seem to be that Fran and Mare are fighting the Valkyries sisters, and Kuina and Linde are facing off against the Dullahans. It seems the most dangerous one of the mix, Murellia, is just watching from the sidelines. I guess she doesn’t want to dirty their own hands by disposing of us herself. Or rather, maybe she’s taking measure of our abilities?

It’s a bit underhanded, but we may be able to take advantage of the fact that she’s not participating. Frankly, we have no chance in hell of beating Murellia as we are now. So, we need to get the hell away from her. We can steadily gain some distance from her while fighting the Valkyrie. Then, in the middle of the fight, if we can Dimensional Gate away and hop on Linde, we should be able to make a clean getaway.

Or at least, that’s what I was thinking…

“Ah yes. I suppose I ought to ensure you won’t try to run.”

So Murellia says and slightly waves her hand. Out of the air, a semi-transparent black dome with a radius of around 100 meters materialized around us.

“It would be rather awkward if you were able to escape with Space-Time Magic. Ah, but rest assured. It only blocks transitions with magic, and so…”

She materialized a spear from thin air and lightly tossed it. As the spear made contact with the barrier a deafening roaring sound reverberated through the air as the spear broke through the barrier and disappeared into the distance. I guess the barrier is a type of monster?

“Well, as you can see, it doesn’t obstruct physical objects. So, if you desire, you can attempt to break through it and run away.”

That’s all well and good, but why did you bother to create a barrier that only prevents magical transitioning? Is she looking at our status? If so, does she know I’m an intelligent weapon? I try to watch Murellia’s expression, but I can’t tell where her gaze lies.

If she could see my status, there’s no doubt she’d be looking at me… I guess I’m being too self-conscious, aren’t I?

[Anyways, we need to escape the Valkyrie and get out of this barrier somehow. And it really doesn’t seem like there’s any escape option other than teleporting out of here…]

If we all stick to our one-on-one battles, and Murellia chooses not to interfere, there is a very good chance for escape. In fact, Fran and Mare have already started to gain the upper hand against the Valkyrie. Fran is more skilled than her opponent, and she has me for support. She was handling the Valkyrie’s spear well, in fact, she’s been able to deal quite a few decent hits to her opponent.

Mare seems to be somewhat disadvantaged in terms of skill with her weapon versus her opponent, but her Golden Flame and White Fire defense is melting the Valkyrie’s spear whenever it approaches her. Apparently the Valkyrie is able to regenerate the spear, but it just melts whenever she tries to attack again. In such a situation, Mare has an overwhelming advantage.

Kuina seems to be more than equal to her opponent. Linde is struggling a bit, but since he can fly it doesn’t seem like he’s in trouble yet. It should be fine.

“Keh! What is this amazing amount of skill!”

“My spear-! You little brat!”

Apparently, this wasn’t the outcome Murellia was anticipating. She was watching each battle with arched eyebrows. However, she’s wearing an invincible smile on her face.

“Hoh? Isn’t that something… Even though Rossweiss’ spear is flame-resistant. And also… my cute little cousin’s sword, please permit me a closer look.”

I got a bad feeling hearing that, and sure enough, magic power began concentrating in Murelia’s eyes. She’s definitely using some kind of skill.

I can feel it. Something is watching me. A sharp and deep-seeing eye observing my entire being, as if it was seeing through my very existence.

To the bottom of my soul.


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