I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 327

Chapter 327: Rule of the Evil God?

Rule of the Evil God?

Murellia shouts with ridicule.

“Now that I’m no longer being controlled by Linford, all I have to do is seize control of the dungeon, and I’m basically free!”

[What do you plan to do with your freedom?]

“Naturally, I will use the power of the dungeon to create my true paradise! Unlike what I’ve been limited to doing so far due to that shitty Linford shoving me away in the corner of the dungeon!”

So it was that after all. I was really hoping that she would disappear quietly but… Like I thought, this woman should never be free.

“And so, allow me to use your power, I won’t let you refuse.”

Damn. What should I do? If I specifically refuse her here, Murellia will immediately attack me and Fran. Maybe I should try to employ a bit of subtle implication here? Maybe there’s still a chance that she’ll try to equip me-

As I was pondering the dilemma, she began to move. Black viscous magical power escaped from Murellia’s body with incredible speed. Like a jellyfish tentacle, it slowly began to worm its way up my hilt and blade.



I tried to fly out of Murellia’s hand with all my might, but it wasn’t enough. What monstrous strength…

[Get away from me!]

“Ahahaha! It’s no use, no use~!”

I quickly activated a bunch of lightning magic, though it’s nullified once again. Seems she has immunity to lightning damage after all. I also tried out Flame Magic, and used 『Inferno Burst』, but it still isn’t strong enough to Murellia’s Barriers.

Space-Time magic isn’t any good either. Considering the fact that I could still use Dimensional Storage, it seems that only the activation of transportation type Space-Time magic is hindered by the barrier made by Murellia.

[God dammit!]

“Ufufu. Is it frustrating?”

Murellia taunts my futile attempts while making a sadistic smile.

“Is it painful~? Is it scary~? Do you want me to stop~?”

…Huh? No, it’s not particularly painful or scary. My durability value hasn’t changed after all. Though I was confused, Murellia didn’t wait for a reply and kept ranting with a smug face.

“Don’t you want to be freed from this pain? If you ask me to, I can’t refuse~! Kukuku. No one with a soul can escape the rule of the Evil God!”

Huh? What does that mean? Is something supposed to be happening? I’m pretty sure she’s referring to the evil tentacle things but… But nothings happening, you know? Or rather, have I lost control of my body?

“Now, submit to me!”


No, it seems like I still have control. I can refuse just like normal, and I don’t really feel like my soul has been hijacked…

“What’s wrong? Submit to me!”

I don’t really get it but… I guess I’ll pretend she’s taken control of me?

[Uhh, Master Murellia?]

“Is that it? Even if it has a soul, I suppose a sword is still a sword. Well, I’ll be flying now, fly by yourself.”


As she commanded, I tried using telekinesis to move around a bit. Yeah, there’s really nothing wrong with my body at all. I’m moving around as expected. I moved left and right, and I even allowed myself to fall for a few moments.

I’m not really sure why, but it seems that the ‘Rule of the Evil God’ that Murellia tried to impose on me really did fail. Though, Murellia herself doesn’t know that, and orders me around with a confident look on her face.

“It seems like you were trying something, but I suppose you can’t disobey now that you’re my servant? Ah, it seems that you have a Control Immunity skill, but it’s useless in the face of the Evil God’s power! Fufufu, I wonder what kind of face that girl will make when she’s attacked by her own Intelligent Weapon? Now, pierce that eyesore!”

Murellia commands me, as she points towards Fran. It was a crystal clear order, but I didn’t really feel compelled to do it after all.

Though, Murellia isn’t wary at all against me since she thinks that she’s completely subjugated me. This is a big chance! I simulated different attack patterns to see if there was a way I could take advantage of this. Do I simply attack Murellia while her guard is down, or do I pretend to be controlled and return to Fran?

However, even if I go back to Fran, I’ll just be stolen back by whatever ability she used to take me away in the first place. Rather, maybe this is the first time I’ve had an actual opportunity.

Then, how should I go about this? I obviously can’t use one of my most powerful attacks, 『Kanna Kamui』 since she clearly has Lightning Nullification, or something extremely close to it. I don’t know if I’d be able to finish her off with Telekinetic Catapult either. I’ve been trying to figure out where her magic stone is, but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Actually, I’m not sure if she even has a magic stone in the first place.

She was originally a Black Catkin. She may be an Evil Being now, but it’s entirely possible she doesn’t have a magic stone. If she does, the head and the heart are possible targets, but even if they were there, would I be able to pierce them? Even that was doubtful.

What do I do! Think! I take full advantage of Accelerated Thinking and Parallel-Processing. Murellia will become suspicious if I take too long to complete her order. I need to decide now! What is the best way I can take her down!

What spell can I cast other than Lightning Magic that can be optimally boosted with Sorcery? In the end, doing this is probably the best option I have that can deal decent damage to Murellia.

Since we don’t meet certain conditions and therefore can’t evolve Swordsmanship skills, I think I can safely take physical skills off the table. I don’t have the confidence that I’ll be able to get past her defences without Fran’s help.

In the end, it has to be magic, but I only have 11 Self-Evolution points left. The candidates are either Flame Magic or Earth Magic. I double-checked to make sure these were the only choices, but it seems I also gained not only Light Magic, but Nature Magic and Sandstorm Magic in our battles today as well.

Actually, wait a moment. Is there a possibility that I’ll be able to take out one of the Valkyries by pretending to attack Fran? If I try to use the logic that being dominated also increased my ability to reason, it would be within possibility that my attempt to attack Fran ‘accidentally’ got the Valkyrie involved as well. I’m pretty close to gaining a Self-Evolution level, so killing her might be able to get me the points I need. If I get enough, I’ll have more options for being able to attack Murellia.

Though, if I took this approach, I’m not sure whether I’d be able to get this close to Murellia again. And I’m pretty sure if I started attacking indiscriminately Murellia would probably decided to intervene and make the whole thing fail anyways. If that’s the case, should I just attack now?

Damn, what should I do?

Then, I figured it out. While I was desperately skimming through my skills to see if there was anything that could help, I found something miraculous.

It was one of the skills that was added to my list of skills that I can buy by spending points, like my Appraisal Block and Demon Beast Knowledge. Maybe I got it because I reached Self-Evo Rank 15. It seems that I unlocked various other skills at that time too.

『Smite Evil』: Doubles damage against the Evil God and its subordinates. A skill used to banish Evil.

[『Smite Evil』… an Evil Being specialized skill?]

Rather than raising the level of some magic skills, this was clearly a better candidate!


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