I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 328

Chapter 328: This skill… is obviously the best choice!

[This skill… is obviously the best choice!]

I’ve decided on the skill I need to break out of this situation. Get this skill, attack Murellia, get Fran and the gang, and then get the hell out of here!

Rather than invest in some random magic skill and hope for the best, it’s much better to invest in a skill that I know will definitely be of use. I spend 5 Self-Evo points and gained the skill.

《Skill: Smite Evil has been acquired.》

Next, it’s important to see whether I can evolve this skill further. If I can, it will become a surefire powerhouse.

《Self-Evolution points will be consumed to increase the level of Smite Evil. Please confirm.》

Yes! It looks like the skill can be leveled up to Rank 5 at the highest. I pumped all of my remaining points into the skill in order to max it out!

《Evil’s Bane has been acquired. Fran has earned the title Evil Slayer.》

Evil’s Bane: The power to defeat and seal the Kin of the Evil God.

What? The explanation of this skill seems really vague… No, thinking about it, most Unique Skills have weirdly fluffy descriptions like this. I think it was the same way for Sword Lord. Kinda the opposite of what you’d expect.

“… Hm? The sword has a weird feeling all of the sudden…”

Uh oh. Murellia was able to sense the acquisition?

“Oh? I can no longer see its status?”

Maybe it was an Appraisal skill, but some Evil God-like spell that Murellia was using to look at my status. Just looking at these immediate effects, I’m already praising Smite Evil in my heart.

While she still isn’t totally suspicious of us, we have to launch our attack!

[Fran! Mare! Kuina! Linde! I’m launching an attack on Murellia, use the chance to get out of here!]

They aren’t going to have a lot of time to process it, but it’s better than nothing. After shouting the plan at Fran’s group I immediately spin my blade’s tip towards Murellia and used my Telekinetic Catapult. I invoke the full power of Evil’s Bane and weave it into the attack.


“Huh? Did my domination fail? To try and attack me again even though you know it’s useless~!”

Moments before I make contact, Murellia puts up a full-powered barrier. If it was before, I would’ve just bounced off without even rattling her. But now…

It was so easy that I was shocked. I flew right past the barrier like it wasn’t even there.

Murellia’s proud look is immediately replaced by agony. I buried my blade deep into her stomach, and the concentrated power of her Evil God’s energy drastically decreased. This is probably the sealing effect of Evil’s Bane.

[Take this!]

“Geh-! You dare-!”

In order to do more damage, I released flame magic inside of Murellia’s body. Though, it seems like the power of Evil’s Bane isn’t as strong with magic as it is with physical attacks. Even though the amount of power she had decreased in comparison from before, she was still able to mitigate the harm I could do. I burned some of her wounds, but I wasn’t able to do much damage otherwise. Though, regardless of that, Murelia doesn’t have the chance to speak. She was too busy mitigating said damage with her remaining evil power.

“Y-You… You still had a hidden ability up your sleeve…? Ghaa!”


This time, it was my turn. Murellia grabbed my handle and pulled my out with her monstrous strength. Then, she flicked her fist into my blade. Even though Evil’s Bane was protecting my entire body, it wasn’t enough to stop such an attack. My blade was broken in the middle, now half length.

“This… This damn sword! You will submit to me!”

Murellia flew into a rage after being wounded by me. She wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings. Without catching her notice, I was secretly lengthening the decorative chain that dangled from my hilt.

[Whoops, sorry about that!]


My chain splits into countless thorns and stabs into Murelia’s back. They aren’t as powerful as my earlier attack, but under the effects of Evil’s Bane each one cleanly pierces her body, ignoring Murellia’s barrier.

Arching her back, Murellia screams with pain. Was her concentration broken due to the severe pain? After all, Immediately after I initiated the attack, the dome-shaped barrier that inhibited transportation magic practically melted into the air.

Alright! This should be enough to escape! I instantly return to Fran’s hand with Short Jump.


[Fran! We’re getting out of here!]


Though, as we were preparing to escape, multiple shadows rushed towards the battlefield faster than we could flee. Apparently a large group had been hiding their presence just outside of the barrier. There were about 30 of them. My first thought was that they had been with the enemy, but I could detect the presence of the Evil God with them.

The figure at the front of the group released a burst of magic power and accelerated to a speed that even I couldn’t catch. They ran straight at the Valkyrie that was fighting with Mare, leaving an afterimage of black lightning.


“Wh-? Where did y-!”

Caught by surprise, the Valkyrie turned towards the figure dashing straight at her, but it was too late. A sword pierced cleanly through the Valkyrie’s chest, and released an incredible burst of black lightning into its body.

“This can’t beeeeeeeeeee!”

Such were the last words of the Valkyrie named Rossweiss. Only black charcoal was left behind.

“Hmph. Careless.”

“M-Master Kiara! What are you doing here!”

Mare screams in half surprise and half joy. The identity of the mysterious figure was apparently, Kiara, who seems to have evolved!

The tall, masculine facial expressions are all the same as they were when we met her at the capital. However, if you looked closely, you could see a change in her hair. Her long gray hair from before was gone, and was now striped gray and black, like a tiger’s stripes. Indeed, it was a testament to inheriting the power of the Heavenly Black Tiger.

I appraised her status and… it’s tremendous. Originally, Black Catkin obviously become stronger than their unevolved state due to becoming a Heavenly Black Tiger, and also because of learning Brilliant Lightning Rush.

However, even Fran, who’s stats were raised from my assistance were a far cry from Kiara’s current power. The difference was such that it couldn’t be understated. Kiara, the source of all that power, whispered to us with a subtle smile.

“Sorry, Mare. I ruined your duel.”


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