I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 329

Chapter 329: Is that Mianoa?

Our ally appeared and charged into the battle as soon as Murellia’s barrier disappeared. Valkyrie, who was fighting Mare, was quickly defeated by the newly Awakened Kiara.

But Kiara wasn’t the only help that came along. Everyone else that had been fightning individually received reinforcements too.

For Kuina who had been fighting the Dullahan received the assistance and support of Kiara’s maid, Mia.

“Kuina, I’m lending my support.”

“Is that Mianoa? Well then, I’ll be depending on your support.”


The two maids begin their cooperation with no change of expression or pace. Mianoa is a small girl who’s main charms are fluffy and curly pink hair and dull, sleepy eyes. However, as she joined the fight, she changed into an impactful figure.


The tips of her elbow are enlarged in an instant, as if the arm of a huge, different creature had been attached there. The surface of the skin is covered with large gray scales with an arrowhead shape, the tips of her fingers are sharp with thick nails resembling the horns of a bull. Since the other parts of her body remained human, the unusualness of her arms stood out. I was surprised when I appraised her.

Mianoa belongs to the Gray Mountain Tribe. Their awakened form is probably something like a pangolin beastman form. Her arm strength and defensive power are high, and her inherent abilities are increased to about double, giving her an instant boost to her strength. It’s a completely physical-specific ability apparently.

While Mianoa directly attacks the Dullahan, Kuina sneakily weaves in phantom attacks in perfect synch. Due to the nature of their strategy, the Dullahan was unable to make any moves against them.

While the Dullahan’s arms were grabbed from behind and twisted up, it also receives a kick to the back of one knee, making it kneel down. It was a textbook subjugation. Even if the undead don’t feel pain, the forces exerted on it’s joints inhibited it by controlling the flow of its movements.

Then, with pinpoint accuracy, Mianoa drove a nail with full force into the Dullahan’s torso.



The sharpened nail drove right through the Dullahan’s armor and body both, creating a large hole in its body.

The nail that went straight through the Dullahan stops short just before Kuina’s body. Despite almost being skewered, Kuina doesn’t move. They clearly had each other’s full trust.

Kuina, who is proficient in mostly trickery and disturbing the opponent’s flow while having low attack power, and Mianoa, who isn’t the fastest, but makes up for it with enough power to score a one-shot. They make a pretty good team.

“Mianoa, you got some blood on me.”

“Senior, please don’t tease me.”

“I suppose your arm must be getting dull.”

“That is surely not the case.”

Supporting Linde was a familiar large figure. The skin peeking through the gaps in their armor is gray, rugged hard skin.


This was the samurai beastman, Guendalfa, who had also evolved at some point. Compared to Goldalfa who we fought at the martial arts tournament, he’s pitiful, but he’s much stronger than when we said our goodbyes at the capital.

Guendalfa released his Innate Skill 『Shockwave』 which releases waves of force from his entire body, and in combination with the bombardment of blows with the blackiron sword finished by an upper swing, knocked the Dullahan into the sky.


Linde mercilessly barrages the Dullahan, who is unable to evade while in midair. After blasting it with a breath of flame, Linde uses its tail to smash the Dullahan back towards the ground with his tail.

The Dullahan had already taken significant damage from that attack, but Guendalfa didn’t give it time to recover and immediately followed up.



Guendalfa struck downwards with his swords as the Dullahan smashed into the ground while Linde descended from the sky with incredible speed and delivered the finishing blow with its tail.

“Tch, I’m going to be the one to crush it!”


Guendalfa and Linde continuously rain down blows on the without stopping, and finally manage to finish off the Dullahan.

You can really feel the difference in level from Mianoa, who managed to defeat their Dullahan in a single blow. Although Guendalfa has indeed evolved and gotten stronger, they haven’t quite reached Mianoa’s level yet.



And after a long battle, Fran also received her long-awaited help.



Rushing out of Fran’s shadow, Urushi bit deeply into Sigrun’s ankle, who finally returned after leaving the scouting unit.

“Tch, that damn wolf. From where-”

“Got you.”


Though I thought I had perfectly penetrated her magic stone, Sigrun vanished without a trace.

“It’s troublesome for me if I lose your strength.”

“My apologies, Master Murellia…”

Murellia had teleported Sigrun beside her. It seems that she’s recovered from the damage I dealt from my attack. Still, her Evil Power has reduced a ton in comparison to before.


“Welcome home, Urushi.”


Urushi rushed to our side as we stared at Murellia. Apparently Urushi had also had his hands full fighting when he was away. A painful-looking scar runs the entire length of his body, telling us how intense his battle must’ve been.

With how much the wound has closed, Kiara’s group probably used a ton of healing magic and potions on him. But his wounds were so deep that they weren’t able to heal them completely.

In particular, the scar that ran his entire body on the right side of his stomach was so large that honestly I was surprised it hadn’t been fatal. The scar can be clearly seen since the fur at its location has been peeled off. He also had several other wounds that could be spotted due to scarring, so I was able to get a very good idea of the seriousness of the injury.

[Hang on a second. Greater Heal!]

“Here, little extra.”

My magic and Fran’s healing potion began to heal Urushi’s visible scars. Although a bit of it was still visible, Urushi was much more recovered compared to before.

Though, there was one wound that we weren’t able to get rid of.

[Wow, Urushi got a cool one.]

“Nn, looks strong.”


From between Urushi’s eyebrows to under his left eye ran a cool-looking scar. Seriously, it looks like it’s straight out of a movie. The power of Urushi’s scary face has reached new heights for sure… Before this point, only kids cried when they were scared by Urushi, but at this point, even adults might not be safe anymore…

Maybe the scar was made by some sort of special attack? It seemed that even advanced potions and healing magic weren’t able to get rid of it.

“So, you’re making light of me, are you…”

Murellia roared and glared at us with infuriated eyes. Although it’s been diminished, she still has a huge amount of evil aura that far exceeds us. Even so, when we were faced with her wrath, we were prepared.

Even if our reinforcements didn’t know who she was, they were probably able to understand how dangerous she was in a single instant. Kiara looks up at Murellia with a serious expression.

“Well now, you’re a bit more than I expected.”

Even if she’s intimidated, the fact that Kiara and our friends are still standing here, ready to fight is impressive. In fact, all of the adventurers that came to the battlefield as reinforcements with Kiara seemed to be running away, and it wasn’t long before they had all disappeared.


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