I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Sleep

The golem carriage headed north towards the Border Mountains. It was shaking more than I thought it would, considering it’s a golem made of stone, but in hindsight it’s obvious. It’s running out on the unpaved wilderness without any suspension. The carriage shaking is inevitable.

Still, it doesn’t seem to be affecting the common sense here. Guendalfa is looking at the carriage with an impressed face. This is a carriage reserved for the royal family, after all. Apparently, it is also equipped with a magic tool devised to release the vibrations. It’s still vibrating a lot, though.

In retrospect, the carriage I rode earlier might have shook this much while running along the highway. This carriage must be amazing after all.

(Fran, you alright?) I asked her telepathically.

“Nn…. I’m, fine…” She said, not looking ‘fine’ at all. Her eyes were blinking blearily, and her head was shaking back and forth. Come to think of it, we’ve been in battle since last night. She hasn’t had a wink of sleep.

It seems that the vibration of the golem carriage induces sleepiness. The vibrations aren’t periodic though. However, the feeling that your body is constantly swaying might be making her drowsy.

The usual Fran is the type that sticks closely to a regular sleeping schedule. Or rather, she sleeps a lot more than normal people do. Staying up all night like this must be difficult for her. She should definitely be exhausted. Fran struggled with drowsiness while rubbing her eyes incessantly.

(You don’t have to push yourself. Just go to sleep.)


I would prefer it if she just went to sleep, but Fran stubbornly continued to fight off drowsiness.

(What is it?)

“Kiara… talk…” Fran did her best, even though she was so sleepy her speech was broken. Apparently, she wanted to talk with Kiara in the carriage.

“Fran, we can talk later. For now, just sleep.”

“Mmh… but…”

“Allowing one’s body to rest is also one of the jobs of a warrior.”

“Al… right…” Fran collapsed asleep.

At Kiara’s admonishment, Fran nodded and collapsed into the world of sleep.

“Hm, she fell asleep.”

“Th-, that was fast.” Guendalfa remarked in surprise. Guendalfa seems like a sensitive person after all, so he probably has trouble sleeping. I understand him well, because I was the same when I lived on Earth.

“Even though she possesses such fighting power, she has a surprisingly innocent sleeping face.”

“Well, she certainly is strong, but she is still a child.”

Fran breathed deeply in her sleep, with her head resting on Kiara’s lap. Kiara gently stroked Fran’s head, causing a happy smile to float to her face.

“Mu!” Out of nowhere, Kiara suddenly groaned.

“Is something the matter, Master?”

Mia and the others, thinking something had happened, looked to Kiara who had suddenly raised her voice. However, Kiara’s expression was rather calm.

“No, it was just Fran’s drool.”

“Please don’t surprise me because of that.”

“Kukuku. It’s just been decades since a kid drooled on me.” Kiara smiled from the bottom of her heart.

“You don’t have to be afraid to ask Master Kiara for a lap pillow.”

“I would be happy to do so as many times as you want, you know?”

“… No, I shall refrain.”

Kiara sighed, and said, “Very well. More importantly, the rest of you should rest as well. I can keep watch.”

“Master Kiara, that would leave you tired as well, wouldn’t it?”

“At my age, the time I sleep is too short to be a problem.”

“That’s unrelated to this. There’s no need to worry. Quina is of a species that requires little rest to function, so a lookout is unnecessary with her as the driver.”

Apparently, Baku sleep less than normal people. They aren’t just about putting others to sleep, it seems. Still, I’m not sure if she will be alright with all this accumulated mental exhaustion. I should help here as well. Moving closer to Quina, I opened up a Telepathic Communication channel to her.

(Hey Quina, I can create a humanoid Clone. Do you want me to be the coachman? Even if you don’t need to sleep, you must be tired, right?)

(Ah, Shishou… was it? I’ll be alright. If I take a nap later, there won’t be a problem. Also, any fatigue can be taken care of with a Potion.)

(Even so, how do you deal with the mental exhaustion?)

(To begin with, I am half asleep, and half awake. Even in the driver’s seat, I can rest sufficiently, and the golem carriage only needs occasional instructions, so it doesn’t take much effort.)

(I see. Still, I will be on guard as well.)

(Thank you very much.)

I’m glad I was finally able to tell Kiara and the others that I am an Intelligent Weapon, but it’s something I should only talk about after consulting with Fran. Though, I think Fran would easily share it if asked.

“Rest is also a warrior’s duty, is it not?”

“Hm. That is what Mia said. Still, to be advised by that sleepyhead who always pissed herself…”

“Wha-…. Why are you bringing that up all of a sudden!?”

“Kukuku…” Kiara chuckled. “It’s true, isn’t it? Right, Quina?”

“Yes. I didn’t want her to be upset, so I planned to change the bedding in secret, but in the end, it was discovered by Her Majesty. I remember it well.”


“Milady, Fran will wake up if you speak so loudly, you know?”


After that, everyone except Quina went to sleep. They had fought all throughout the night, talking about one thing or another, so they were tired out. I was keeping guard while recovering my physical strength using my recovery magic.


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