I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 338

Chapter 338: Eh? You know what could do this?

“Eh? You know what could do this?”

“Yes, there’s just one thing I can think of.”

While looking around at the disaster to the surroundings, Kiara opened her mouth and spoke seriously.

“The Rank S adventurer known for friendly fire, Asura.”

“Friendly fire? Are you sure about that!?”

“I am not. However, I cannot think of any others who could do this.”

Mia is shocked. They seem to be rather famous. No, that’s to be expected if they are S-Rank adventurers. Anyways, why are they fighting each other? They have a rather dangerous name attached to themselves as well.

“Who? Friendly fire?”

“S-Rank adventurers. You don’t know of them? The Asura of friendly fire.”

“Nn. Why the strange title?”

Fran tilted her head in confusion, leading Mia and Quina to explain to her.

“It’s an old story, but I heard that when they participated in wars on other continents, they would attack their allies along with their enemies.”

“The enemy was exterminated, and it seems the allies also suffered enormous damage.”

“That’s not all. I have a number of similar stories as well.”

“The reason he still hasn’t been punished is because he’s overwhelmingly strong, and is constantly making more money than he can waste.”

“There are many rumors mixed in with the facts, so I don’t know how much is true.”

Even if those stories are only half true, it still paints a bad picture. After all, regardless of whether you’re an ally or an enemy, one has to be careful just being closeby.

“Well, it’s not that he’s a bad person.”

“Kiara-shishou has met this Asura?”

“Ah, a couple of times. It’s just, though I say he’s not a bad person, he’s the type that loses sight of everything around him when he ramps up. That’s why he is always wandering alone. If we encounter the Asura and I tell you to run away, you absolutely must run. Absolutely.”

Kiara warns Fran and the others with a scary expression on her face. From what Kiara says so far, this sounds like a seriously dangerous guy.

However, even if we stay cautious, if we don’t understand this person’s ability, we won’t know what to be cautious about.

“What ability does he have?”

“Oh, that’s right. You didn’t know. Since he’s so famous, I just assumed that you knew.” Mia said, scratching her head.

Is he that famous? Just what is it?

“He’s a Godblade wielder. Asura-dono is known to be the owner of the Earth Sword Gaia.”

Of all things, he turned out to be the owner of a Godblade! And it is the Earth Sword Gaia, as well… I sort of understand just what caused this disastrous scene to happen now.

Earth magic possesses techniques to manipulate gravity. I have become able to use several of those techniques myself, thanks to raising my level in Earth Magic to master [Great Wall].

In addition, there’s also a technique to drop rocks. A Godblade that bears the name of the Earth Sword is highly likely to be able to use those abilities. I don’t know if it’s just gravity or being able to use rocks as well, but it’s possible that these abilities could be used to crush a large area all at once.

“I’ve seen him create the exact same scene as this before. Through some unknown means, he created beautiful cubic boulders and used them to crush some bandits once. When I heard the screams of those being crushed, as to be expected, even I felt chills.”

Apparently my prediction was correct. Still, for a guy able to spread this much destruction in battle, becoming unable to see his surroundings over the heat of battle? That’s already at the level of a disaster.

“The user of the Earth Sword Gaia, friendly fire Asura. Memorized.”

“I don’t know if he will be up ahead or not.”

Well, certainly. I don’t know if he is heading to the dungeon. I was thinking about things like that, but——.

10 minutes later.

“He’s definitely heading North, isn’t he?”


After continuing onwards for some time, we came across exactly the same scene as before. The only difference, if any, is the difference in the strength of the magical beasts. This time, there were no small fry included in the dead monsters. Only mid-level and high-level monsters had been crushed and died. it

No, there was one other difference. This time, some kind of giant rock wall had been created around the flattened area. The wall was 15 meters tall and 5 meters thick, but when we looked closer, we found that instead of being one solid rock, it was made of two rocks that were stuck together. Furthermore, there was a dark red liquid flowing out from between the two rocks.

It seems that between the two rocks, there was a magical beast that had become trapped there and died. Probably, like being stuck between a pair of shears, it was sandwiched between the two rock walls. There were also eight rock objects standing by quietly, sandwiching the dead monster.

“…. This is definitely him. I have seen the Asura fire off this same attack before.”

It seems there’s no mistake that these monsters were exterminated by the Asura. Does that mean the Asura and the Dungeon are fighting each other? If this many monsters had appeared in this place, then they’d definitely be related to that Dungeon.

“Could the reason Murellia was called back be this?”

“I see, there is that possibility. Ojou-sama, how unusually clear sighted.”

“You didn’t need to add ‘unusually’! More importantly, we need to hurry to the Dungeon. If we are fast enough, we might be able to expect Asura-dono’s assistance.”

Are we going to get the Friendly Fire’s help? If possible, I don’t really want to get involved with that person… But if he doesn’t have blood rushing to his head, he isn’t likely to attack without warning.

“However, from the rumors I heard about Asura, I don’t believe he will just quietly agree to help.”

“We just need to hire him! In the case of emergencies, we have no choice but to do whatever is necessary, even seduction.”

“…. Seduction?”

“Wha-, what’s with those looks!? The Asura might be a pervert that likes flat chested girls!”

“I suppose so.”

“Don’t look at me like that!”

It seems Asura is known to be free spirited, and won’t obey others if he doesn’t like them, regardless of whoever that person might be. In fact, he’s even picked fights with entire countries. On the other hand, if he likes you, he will accept even dangerous requests easily. The only thing is, he seems to charge a very expensive commision. And in advance.

“I cannot pay the request fee, you know.”

“Take out that money you’re hiding away. I know that you’re storing it with your maid.”

“This is saved in case of an emergency you know? I can’t use it in a place like this.”

“This is an emergency, fool!”

The longer I listen, the more uneasy I feel.

“At any rate, let us hurry to the dungeon.”



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