I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 340

Chapter 340: Hmm, great magic .

Master Kiara, could it be that…?”

”Oh, I see it . ”

When we reached the foot of the mountain range through tall, but thin trees forming a dense forest, peculiar to the area around the Boundary Mountain Range and unsuitable for lumber, it emerged suddenly out in the open .

A large number of corpses of evildoers are scattered in front of us . And beyond that as well . A huge cave with a gaping mouth could be seen on the surface of the Boundary Mountain Range .

“I don’t feel any magic around here . ”

”Mmn . ”

It’s a pretty huge cave . The entrance alone is more than 15 meters high . It must be more than 40 meters in width . If it was near the entrance, a small village would have been able to create it .

Sometimes, with the caves like this one you have to go down the cliff to the entrance just to get in, but here is a gentle slope, I was able to approach it on foot . If it were Earth, it would make a great setting for a little exploration special .

We crept closer to the entrance to the cave . Huge mossy boulders stand near the entrance and huge stalactites hang from the ceiling in a row .

At first glance, it looks like a natural cave, but the placement of the rocks and such seemed a bit awkward . Obviously, there is a route that would be the way to go .

There are signs of quite a large army coming and going . In addition, there are some rather large footprints of magical beasts .

Kiara snorted and lightly touched the ground in front of the cave . At first glance, it looks a bit trampled, but when you’re at Kiara’s level, you’ll be able to tell what kind of people have passed through, and how many .

”I’m sure this is the entrance to the dungeon . ”

”I see . Let’s go in quickly then . ”

”Oh . They said there were no traps or anything like that, but watch out for them . ”

”Yes . ”

And so, with Kiara at the front of the pack again, we carefully steered our way through the cave .

”Mmm, that’s… . ”

”It’s a light…”

”It smells like blood . ”

Kiara stopped, and Mea and Fran each responded . Indeed, the end of the cave had been altered . The limestone cave breaks off and suddenly turns into a stone structure . The walls were set up with what looked like lamps, and it really looked like a passageway for a fort or something .

What’s more, there was once again a large amount of demonic beast corpses . Over here, the evil people were crushed to death . And it’s not just the floor, it’s the walls and the ceiling that were covered in those spattered corpses .

This must be the work of Lord Ursulath .

”Oh, this is amazing nonetheless . Normally, a large scale attack would be difficult to conduct in a narrow passage within a dungeon… . ”

Mea and Kiara looked at it and groaned . If you have a wide range of attacks, there’s a good chance you’ll get yourself involved . However, with gravity control, there is less damage to the surroundings . It must be hard to blow oneself up . If you think about it, earth magic may be easier to use within a dungeon than fire, water, or wind .

”Earth magic is strong in dungeons?”

But at Fran’s words, Kiara tilts her head .

”I wouldn’t say that in general . ”


”There are many places in the dungeon where there is no dirt . Unless you’re in a cavern or something . ’’

Even if the dungeon walls and such are of stone, they are still under the control of the dungeon . It seemed to be very difficult to manipulate . I’ve tried it, but the skill of turning the ground into a needle consumes a lot more magic than usual .

It would be difficult to use a technique that uses the earth to attack an enemy, let alone a technique that fires a mass of earth created by magic .

If you think about it, it may be difficult to use the earth attribute unless you’ve cultivated the earth magic that allows you to learn gravity control techniques .

I don’t think it was this bad in Urumut’s dungeon, but I guess it’s different in each dungeon .


”What was that!”

”Hmm, great magic . ”

As we passed through the site of the slaughter caused by Ursulath and tried to go further, we felt a huge magic power, so massive that Fran and the others had to brace themselves . At the same time, a resounding vibration shook the walls .

”Someone’s used some big magic on you . ”

”Lord Ursulath, is it?”

”Maybe . We’ll make haste, too . ”

Along the way, as Johan had said, there were no traps at all . But halfway through, there is a sudden dead end and a staircase leading downward appears .

”Hmmm… didn’t the Beastmen Nation side say it was a single road for a while?”

”Yes, it should be . ”

To begin with, the main part of this dungeon exists on the Bashar Kingdom’s side . The part that was extended to the Beastmen Nation’s side was only treated as an underpass to invade beyond the Boundary Mountains .

”Why are there stairs like this…… . . Besides, a demon beast can’t get through in this tight space . ”

Kiara was right, that staircase was completely human-sized . I think a Minotaur could pass through . It would be tough if it were an ogre .

But it’s weird . It is certain that a large army of demon beasts used the exit of the cave we used to enter as a way in and out . If so, where did they come from?

Or can it be transposed if it’s in a dungeon? Then you can transfer it to the entrance side . It was strange that there were a lot of traces of magical beasts marching around here as well .

”There are so many things I don’t understand…… . . But we can’t turn back here, either . Quina, do you think you can take the lead?”

”Yes . I’ll be with you in a moment . ”

Lead the way? As I was watching to see what was going on, Quina used phantom magic to create a dwarf-like object . It looks like a kindergarten-sized mannequin .

By the way, Quina’s visionary magic is as terrible as ever . I can feel the presence, even the heat . Well, let this one lead the way . I don’t know if you can deceive a trap or not with it, but if it’s a lurking monster, you can probably fool it well enough .

”You’re as good as ever . ”

”I’m ashamed . ”

”All right, let’s go . ’’


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