I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 341

Chapter 341: Beyond the Labyrinth

The structure of the interior of the dungeon was truly worthy of the name of a labyrinth . A maze of narrow, branching passageways stretches on and on . Esoteric demon beasts and traps are also plentiful .

Well, the demon beasts were mostly carcasses, although the traps had been lifted quite a bit . No, it’s better to say they were disabled or activated .

Apparently, all the people who were ahead of them were trapped . Earth Wrath is a Rank S adventurer, right? I’m sure you have the skill to disarm it . Or did you create a little lead like we did and disarm it on purpose?

“That guy’s way of doing things hasn’t grown up at all . Maybe they sent a golem or something to kamikaze them . ” Kiara .

It seems to be a way to deactivate the suicide bomb by using the leader . Well, it’s easy .

”That said, I’m sure there are some types that can detect heat… . . Well, it doesn’t matter if it’s Earth Wrath or not . ” Kiara .

In the end, we didn’t fall for one of the traps . Moreover, if you follow the Demon Beast’s crushed corpse, you won’t get lost .

”Even so, it’s funny . I have never heard of such a great labyrinth in the information the man Johan has given us . ” Quina .

”Were you not hypnotized?” Fran .

Fran tilts her head, but Quina shakes her head in denial .

”No, it was not an act, it was fully into it . There were a few scenes along the way where emotions ran high, probably because they were asked questions about the beastmen they hated . A trance doesn’t mean that you lose your emotions . ” Quina .

”So does that mean that man didn’t know about this labyrinth, too?” Fran .

”Maybe, maybe not . I think they weren’t informed about this place . ” Kiara .

Quina nods at Kiara’s words, but I’ve been thinking of another possibility . That being said, the dungeon may have been expanded to coincide with the onslaught of Earth Wrath .

He hastily creates a labyrinth full of traps in order to hold back the strong enemies who have invaded . It’s a common development in light novels with a dungeon master as the main character .

If you think about it, however, it also explains why Johan didn’t know and why the traces of the demon beasts were suddenly cut off and the human labyrinth suddenly appeared .

Thinking back to Murellia’s description, she said that she would use points to expand the dungeon . Plus, I’ve seen Lumina create a room in an instant in the dungeon in Urumut . Wouldn’t it be possible to build a labyrinth in an instant, depending on the points you pay?

Well, it’s only in my imagination, and even if I knew that, there’s still no development in the battle .

One hour later .

After wading through the labyrinth, the end was finally in sight . Ahead, I saw a huge door with a clearly different atmosphere than ever before . If it were a normal dungeon, you’d think it was a boss room .

Even so, I had only fought a few demons and traps along the way, but it took this long… . If everything was perfect, it would have taken many times longer than this .

While moving, there were a few times when he sensed powerful magic . It seems that someone is fighting somewhere in the dungeon . And we could sense the same magical wavelengths from the huge door in front of us .

”In a normal dungeon, other adventurers are often not allowed inside while fighting the boss…”

Kiara and Quina approached the door and examined its structure .

”There are no traps, sir . ”

”You can’t open this one if you touch it . ”

Apparently, it opens easily .

”Let’s go! Now, you may still be able to join Lord Earth Wrath!” Mea .

”Join forces? Don’t be ridiculous . He doesn’t need that . All right . I’ll tell you one thing, don’t approach the Earthers carelessly . Not until I say it’s fine . ” Kiara .

At Mea’s words, Kiara nails it with a look so serious that it’s scary . Hearing this, Guendalfa must have become afraid of Earthrath once again . Buruli and his huge body shook .

”Master Kiara . Is he such a horrible man, that he should be killed by his own people?”

”It’s a given . I’ll tell you who to be on the lookout for in this dungeon . It’s not a dungeon master, nor is it a Murellia . He has lost his way, Earth Wrath . Remember that . ”

Kiara announces in a low voice, as if to frighten everyone . No, it’s not a threat; it’s probably the truth . There was a strong sense of tension from Kiara .

”I understand . ”

”Hmm . Okay . ”

”………… . . ”

Mea and Fran also nodded their heads with a mysterious look . As far as Guendalfa is concerned, he is at a loss for words . She swallowed her breath and grunted as she nodded . The maids are great here as always . It’s truly the power of the iron spirit .

”But can’t we just sit here and wait with anticipation?”

“I know . It’s not like it was decided that it was Earth Wrath inside in the first place . ”

”Well then!”

”We’re going to have to go . ”

Then, Kiara touches the door .


Beyond the earth-shaking, open door was a large circular hall . My first impression is of the Colosseum . Well, the ground is cobblestone, although the ceiling is domed .

The reason why this place reminded me of the Colosseum is because of the tense atmosphere of a huge man holding a large sword in the center of the hall, and a triceratops-like demon beast nearly 20 meters long facing him .

The demon beast had already lost three of its five horns, and its six legs were also reduced to four, with blue-black blood dripping from severed legs . Clearly harder than iron, the armor-like shell that covered its entire body was carved with several lacerations, and flesh was visible through the gaps .

On the other hand, the big man with the horns sprouting from his forehead was unscathed . On the contrary, he wasn’t even breathing heavily . It was obvious that he overwhelmed a demon beast that would be a rank C threat .

The demon beast let out a roar of anger, but did not move . No, it couldn’t move . It’s probably because of the exhaustion of the battle so far and also because of the deep fear of men instilled in it . His snort was also rough, and although he turned his murderous gaze on the man, he did not try to step forward from the spot .

The man who had been observing such a demon beast for a while, carried the large sword he was holding on his shoulders . Then, I point my left hand towards the demon beast .

The man muttered as his magic rapidly increased .

”Crush it . ”


Immediately afterwards, I saw the demon beast being crushed from the left and right, as if it was being wrapped in an invisible giant hand . There was no movement, only the demon beast’s pitiful screams echoed in the hall . Eyeballs and tongues pop out from the powerful pressure, and blood spurts from wounds all over the body . The bodily fluids are eventually blocked by an invisible wall and can only accumulate in the same spot .

A few seconds later, the beast had been brutally crushed to death by some kind of attack unleashed by the man . From the front, it only looks like a piece of wood .

I quickly examined the man – Earth – and found him to be a monster .

The status of the Earth as appraised by the Master is listed in the postcard .

Name: Earth Wrath Age: 148 years old

Race: Demon, Evil Demon

Occupation: War Demon, Warrior

Status Level: 82/99

HP: 2987 MP: 1009 Strength: 1519 Stamina: 1228 Agility: 599 Intelligence: 436 Magic: 499 Dexterity: 418


Intimidation: LvMax, Transportation: Lv6, Stealth: Lv5, Dismantling: Lv7, Recovery Speed Increase: Lv7, Mysterious Force: LvMax, Fighting Ability: Lv6, Martial Arts: Lv6, Environmental tolerance: Lv7, Presence detect: Lv6, Spirit Control: Lv9, High speed regeneration: Lv7, Strength: LvMax, Regrowth: LvMax, Abnormal condition resistance: Lv9, Instantaneous movement: Lv6, Mental endurance: Lv4, Sword compatibility: Lv8, Great Sword Art: LvMax, Broadsword: LvMax, Grand Sage: Lv8, Grand Sword Technique: Lv8, Earth magic: Lv6, Leap: Lv6, Soil Manipulation: LvMax, Bending: Lv3, Ambition: Lv6, Felling: Lv7, Physical barrier: Lv6, Magic Endurance: Lv6, Magic perception: Lv4, Cooking: Lv6, Trap Disarming: Lv5, Trap detection: Lv5, Arise From The Dead, Energy Manipulation, Muscles of Steel, High Spirit, Earth Strengthening, Intuition, Pain Resistance, Dragon Slayer, Magic Power Manipulation, Grand Strength Increase

Unique skill

Evil Killer, Chaotic Force, Demon Qi, Demon God’s Blessing

Extra skill

Divine sword release

Specific skills

Mad Demonization, Dark Demon


Evil Killer, Slaughterer, Sword of God, Earth Mage, Dungeon Raider, Dragon Slayer, Companion Slayer, Battle Mania, Destroyer of Demons, Rank S Adventurer


The earth sword, Gaia, the bowl of the Earth Dragon horn, the great armor of the Steel Dragon shell, the battle suit of the Cloud Dragon skin, the coat of the Mirage Dragon, the Armor of Tranquility, the Ring of Dissipation of Anger .


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