I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 343

Chapter 343: Kiara asks back

Kiara asks back . Is it a request? In other words did you come to this dungeon at the request of someone? But who?

“Well if it’s Kiara and her friends, It’s god!”

“What?” Kiara asks in disbelief . Apparently even Kiara can’t agree to those words . As if that was funny, Asura chuckled and continued to say more .

“Kukuku, Apparently, the gods have a peculiar obsession with divine swords . They are supposedly always being watched . ”

It is possible that depending on how the divine swords are used, they could become more dangerous than evil gods . That could be why they’re being monitored .

“And if something goes wrong, he’ll send the oracle flying . Well, I guess it’s just a matter of time before you start using it . ”

“Does that mean that you are commanded by God to do some kind of mission?”

“No it’s not something that big . This time it’s just a one way trip to the location of this place”

“Then, is it an order?”

God is sending me information about the place directly as if he wants me to go there, so it certainly seems like an order just like Mea says . But apparently, that’s not the case .

”I’ve only ever received a proper order twice now . Besides, I’ve ignored your request a few times in the past, but I haven’t been accused of anything before . ”

“Y- You ignored him! The oracle!”

”Well, I was in the middle of some important work that I couldn’t take off otherwise . But they didn’t punish you, so I guess that means they’re not angry . ”

You’re a brave man . Even if it wasn’t an order, it’s a request from God that you ignored . Even Kiara looks anxious as she listens back .

That’s unusual for someone from this world . No, now that I think about it, I’m being made to struggle with a skill I don’t want, so maybe I’m taking a surprisingly slanted view of God .

“Is it really that there is no punishment? Isn’t it simply that there is no punishment yet to be meted out?”

“Hahaha, like the Laurentian tragedy?”


“What is… the Laurentian tragedy?”

Huh? “Is the Black Cat Lady from another continent, perhaps?”


“Well, then I guess it’s no wonder you don’t know . ”

The tragedy of Laurencia was apparently an incident that took place about 150 years ago on this continent . The story goes back another 50 years – or 200 years from now .

At that time, there was a small nation called the Laurentian Kingdom to the south of the Beastmen Nation . Due to their geographical position, they were always standing in the downwind of the Beastmen Nation and were treated like a vassal state . The king was too young and too patriotic to endure it .

‘What should such a king do?’ Foolish people with power would think the same anywhere . The King of Laurencia then invited an evil magician to summon an evil god by offering his soul to the evil god through that man . From the beginning, the king did not intend to summon evil gods, but rather to bring chaos and exhaustion by unleashing a large number of fecund goblins into the Beastmen Nation . The King of Laurentia, who imposed heavy taxes on his people, used the money he collected to buy slaves for sacrifice, and sacrificed the people who couldn’t pay their taxes for the shortfall .

But then the people who rose up to overthrow the king plunged the Laurentian kingdom into civil war and the king was eventually captured .

We don’t know what kind of negotiations took place at this time, but the king was not executed . The royal family was dismantled and the country shifted to a parliamentary government of the people . However, the former royal family was condemned to slavery and driven to the frontier, where they were ordered to cultivate the untamed wilderness .

But the royal family didn’t just die out . The former king started to make amends and set about cultivating the land . It was said that he worked hard, cultivated at an incredible rate, and contributed greatly to the productivity of the Laurentian Republic . Not only that, but he also did charitable work, such as running an orphanage and reemployment for the injured and sick .

By the time fifty years had passed, there were fewer people within the Laurentian Republic who spoke ill of the former royal family . Then, by unanimous consent of Congress, they were freed from slavery . Well, it seems like there was a lot of political talk involved, but it’s not relevant here, so we’ll skip that . What’s important is that the Laurentians were truly converted and accepted within the Republic . The former king and others were considered eminent persons by then .

However, there was a being who had not forgotten their sin . Namely, the gods .

Suddenly one day, divine punishment was handed down to the Laurentian family . The charge was that he used a large number of people to summon an evil god . Everyones must have thought, “Why now?”

However, the former king’s family, who were completely reformed and even revered by the people, were tragically killed by divine punishment . It was said that the only ones left were those who were of not direct descent or were from the branch family . This is the famous Laurentian tragedy of the Crome continent .

“Well, what this story shows us is how leisurely the gods are . ”


“The God who originally existed in eternal time and us humans have different perceptions of time, I guess . For us, it seems like the punishment came after 50 years . But to the gods, 50 years isn’t that much, I guess . If you do something really bad though, you might get punished in an instant . ”

Well, it does make sense, somewhat . For example, if you compare a person to a bug, their perceived value of time would be completely different . I guess the same thing can be said of God and man .

“But then again, maybe Earthers just haven’t been punished yet?”

“Hahaha! It’s okay . After all, I checked directly with God’s apostle!”

“What? You’ve seen the apostle of God?”

“Yeah, I met him twice when he came to tell me his command . It’s no wonder when God commands them the Apostle will come down . I asked him if he was okay with me ignoring him, and he said he was okay with it . ”

“But why would he give you such a vague oracle that he doesn’t mind being ignored?”

“I don’t know . I don’t get it either………… The Apostle says it’s a personal thing, you know what I mean?”

“What do you mean?”

Asura tells his conjecture, based on what he heard from God’s apostle . Apparently, the gods will leave it at that if it’s some kind of incident . However, when evil people are involved, they’ll get involved .

It’s not something we absolutely have to fix, but if we can get our hands on it, let’s do it . Anyway that’s where the Divine Swordsman comes in . In addition to regularly monitoring them, it was easy for them to immediately send down oracles through the Divine Sword . In other words, it seemed that the idea was to use it as a surveillance tool as well as a communication tool .

“Well, as I said before, the gods are leisurely . Wouldn’t it have taken decades just to find someone near the place where the incident is likely to happen who could receive the oracle and solve the case and give the oracle? That’s why I thought I’d make a divine swordsman who can be contacted immediately . ”

It takes 50 years for God to punish you . If that’s the case, it might even take decades to make the oracle .

“This time around, it seemed like there was a dungeon involved . I figured I’d make a move . ”

“Hey Mea, have you ever received an ordainment, too?”

“An ordainment? No, I haven’t . Perhaps I am not yet recognized as the true owner . Not from the sword, not from God . ”

I see… . He looked surprised to hear the story, so it bothered me a bit .

Well, it seems like he still hasn’t been able to unleash the true power of the Divine Sword, so I guess that’s why .


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