I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 345

Chapter 345: After the explanation

After the explanation, Asura stood up from the chair he created .

“Now, are we done here? Well, if so, you should go home now . ”

“Ha?! What are you saying?!”

“I’m fine being on my own in this place . Kiara, take them home . ”

Mea screams in surprise, but Kiara just shakes her head .

“Asura, It’s about time, isn’t it?”

“Yeah . Probably . So if you don’t want me to kill you, you need to get out of here . ”

Does that mean that Asura’s transformation into a mad demon is about to take effect? If so, it was certainly dangerous . He was already strong enough in his current state, but this change was definitely going to be a few more steps stronger and things will most likely spin out of control too . It’s no wonder that Kiara nodded honestly .

“Mea, let’s go . ”

“…… . . I understand . ”

“Fran too, let’s go . ”

“…… . . mhm”

Both Mea and Fran nodded reluctantly . Mea’s sense of obligation towards her mission was so strong that she was not happy with the idea of leaving everything to Asura alone . The fact that she couldn’t do anything at this point also seemed to be a source of irritation to her . She seemed to be frustrated that she wasn’t recognized as the Lord of the Divine Sword earlier as well .

It’s a shame that Fran didn’t get a chance to witness how strong Asura is . But right now, it’s not exactly an option . At any rate, it would be bad if we got caught up in Asura’s outburst later .

“Come on, Fran . Let’s go . ”


Kiara, in a somewhat impatient voice, also gave instructions to Quina and the others .

“We have to hurry . Quina, open the door . ”

“Yes, my lord . Meanoa you will take care of the Lord . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

With Quina in the lead, we hurried to the entrance . I supposed the reason they made Meanoa last was to see to it that Mea didn’t stupidly plant an imitation of herself . Well, I don’t think it’s possible, but if it is, I would have went back to Asura by myself .

“Wha . . ?”

“What’s the matter Quina?”

“It won’t open…”


“When we entered this room earlier, I made sure it could be opened and closed . ”

I wondered if it was made so it couldn’t be opened from the inside, but apparently Quina, unlike us, was already making sure it could be opened and closed securely before .

Isn’t this bad? I tried using Dimension Gate . It didn’t really matter even if we can’t get out of the dungeon at the moment, as long as we all could escape this room as soon as possible .

“ーThat, what do you mean?”

But the magic didn’t even kick in . When I tried to activate space-time magic, my magic power did not materialize as expected .


“Metastasis is blocked . ”

I knew this feeling all too well . The teleportation-disrupting barrier Myrelia had put up . That was the moment I came to that realization .

“Hahaha! That door is closed, you can’t leave now, you know? I’ve set up a barrier so teleportation is useless you know, it’s futile!”

“That voice!”


A voice suddenly echoed in the room, and the younger group consisting of Mea and Fran braced themselves for it .

“That’s right!”

Myrellia teleported to the opposing side from us, with Asura standing in between both parties . As it was a barrier put up by the power of the evil gods, only Myrellia, who had obtained their blessings, would be able to use teleportation .

She’s still smiling and laughing, it’s obvious that she was truly enjoying this . However, the evil spirit emanating from her body seemed to have weakened slightly . Was it the aftereffects of breaking evil manifestation? Well, regardless, she was still strong enough to not be underestimated, though .

“I didn’t expect a divine sword user to come along . I also didn’t realize the labyrinth we built to slow them down could be breached so quickly . ”

“You are…, the dungeon master?”

“You’re wrong . But well, in a way I am related to the dungeon . ”

“I see… . . ”

It looks like he was able to sense the evil spirit emitted by Myrellia and discerned at a glance that she was an enemy . Asura pulled out his divine sword, Gaia, and braced himself . However, that gaze was not only directed at Myrellia, but also at us . Asura opened his mouth with a serious expression .

“…… . Kiara”

“I understand”

“Look, you…,you just protect the kids . And when the time comes, don’t hesitate, okay?”

“Yes . ”

What should we do? As long as we can’t escape this place, aren’t we going to have to be stuck running around and getting out of Asura’s way?

Or do we want to take care of Myrellia as fast as we can before Asura goes out of control? That might be possible with this group . If Asura was going to run amok in this space anyway, it would be the end of our adventure . If that’s the case, I feel that it’s better to end the fight as fast as possible and part ways with Asura .

Asura seems to think so too .

“We’re gonna crush that bitch as fast as we can . Let’s get on with it . ”

“I understand . We all must follow Asura’s command . ”

“Of course!”


Mea is somewhat happy about that . Quina and Meanoa nodded silently . Fran was ready to fight too .

“Fran’s sword in particular has the power to break the cycle of evil and reveal the truth . It is effective against the evil one . ”

“Oh? Well, that’s encouraging . ”

I’ve decided to reveal that I’m equipped with the skill ‘Breaking Evil Manifestation’ . After all, it’s a trump card against Myrellia .

“Black cat lady, don’t get carried away and get caught up in my attacks, okay?”


“Well, it looks okay . How do you get to be that strong at your age anyway? I’ve heard that the black cat tribe is weak, but Miss and Kiara, you guys are just awesome . ”

Well, both Fran and Kiara are a special case . They were probably the number one and two in the black cat tribe at the moment . While we were talking about this, Myrellia didn’t attack us . For some reason, she stood there with a wry smile on her face .

“Are you guys done talking, I wonder?”

“With all these people, you still dare to act so relaxed?”

“That’s not true you know~ to a certain degree that is . Anyway I want to ask you one more question, it’s fine right?”

“Haa??! What is it??!”

“You seem to be already on the edge of transforming, though? Are you sure you can fight in that kind of condition?”

“You seem to be already on the edge of transforming, though? Are you sure you can fight in that kind of condition?”


Asura clicks his tongue loudly upon hearing Myrellia’s words.

“The urge for destruction is growing within you.The Great Labyrinth was breached in a flash, but it wasn’t entirely in vain, was it? Ufufufu… I wonder if the more you fight, the faster you change? I hope you don’t completely lose it and get your friends implicated…”

“Then I’m going to kill you before I go mad!”

That cry from Asura was the signal for the opening of the war. Asura ran towards Myrellia. There wasn’t to be any preemptive, discerning strikes. Instead, he went all out right from the beginning. Although Myrellia avoided it by teleporting away, the attack, which hit the ground, sent a loud vibration throughout the room.

It’s indeed difficult to teleport without chanting. But that doesn’t mean Myrellia is at a disadvantage. After all,just being able to teleport is already a huge advantage.

“Haaa! Flash Thunder!”

“Ahahahaha, impatient now are we!”


I would read the destination of the teleportation, while Fran was ahead of me. Even if the teleportation itself was interfered with, I could still sense the fluctuations of space and read the other’s position.



Fran used a flash of lightning to slash at high speed. It was a move that favored speed over blows. I’ve got it. Thanks to the skill, ‘Breaking Evil Manifestation’, if the attack connects, it will chip away at the evil spirit. Rather than just continuously bombarding Myrellia with regular attacks, this attack instead would put more pressure on her.

At the same time as I was attacking her, I was also making an imaginative steel cord. As I got more and more used to it, the transformation became smoother and smoother.

“Oh, that’s not very nice.”

“You let her get away!”

Myrellia didn’t retaliate and easily teleported away from us.

“What? Are you really that wary of the ‘Breaking Evil Manifestation’?”

“Oh, scary, scary~. It’s going to be a tough fight indeed. But how long will you be able to keep it together~? Struggle as much as you can.”

It’s true that it would be an advantage for one person to be able to use teleportation while the other s can’t, but was that sufficient for her to have that much confidence? That was awfully over the top. Does she still have something else hidden?

But even after that, Myrellia rarely fought back. She would do nothing more than a light attack while running away from the attacking Kiara and Mea.

“Hey hey! What’s wrong? You can’t take me down with an attack like that, can you?”

We tried provoking her with words. By now, I’ve definitely noticed she was stalling for time. I’m sure everyone here was aware of that too. Regardless, we still couldn’t land a decisive hit.

This place was too small to unleash a wide range of high-powered attacks as it would definitely indiscriminately attack all of our teammates too. Having said that, it’s hard to keep up with the ever-evasive Myrellia. She hasn’t made that move yet, but if it comes down to it, Myrellia had the ability to just teleport out of the room if she really wanted to.

The only way to counter her teleports would be to unleash a wide range attack and detect which area she teleported to based on that. From what I’ve seen, the only people who could do that were Asura and Fran.

Quina and Mianoa specialized in close combat, so they don’t have attacks that spread over a wide area. Mea and Kiara have no way of detecting and following Myrellia’s teleportation.

In the end, it came down to either me, to detect the teleportation through space-time magic, or Asura, who can detect it through intuition. But I’m honestly worried about letting Asura do it.

The reason why Myrellia was stalling for time was probably because of Asura. All I could think of was that she was waiting for Asura to run amok. If that’s the case, I’m afraid to let Asura shoot a powerful technique so easily, as the more he involves himself in combat, the greater the danger of him running amok.

Then, I had no choice but to do it. We’ll have to settle this fight before Asura’s outbursts began. I can’t sense Asura’s destructive impulses yet. However, I could see a bit of impatience beginning to show on his face. Maybe Myrellia was right about the change being close. There was no more time. We must defeat Myrellia by any means necessary.



“I’ll stop her! Don’t miss that moment. The only way to bring her down is to cut her yourself.”

(I understand)


Immediately after Myrellia avoided Mea’s white fire by teleporting, I activated the form transformation at full force. Thinner, sharper, and wider. I could control my own sword blade more perfectly by unleashing simultaneous operations at full throttle.

That’s not all. The power of ‘Breaking Evil Manifestation’ spread through every corner of the thread, and on every single strand. Otherwise, there would be no way to catch Myrellia.


The same – or even more painful – as when I used simultaneous arithmetic to activate multiple magic operations assaulted my spirit. As I used simultaneous magic attacks at the same time, the magic operations added up to give me the same amount – or even more – of pain to my spirit. Yes, I was supposed to be an invincible sword, but I was definitely feeling pain. Is this my sword? Or is it my spirit? I thought I heard something crack. But we can’t cut corners here.

I used not only the imaginative steel cords but also the sword blade, and like a giant spider’s web, my sword blade, which had turned into a steel thread, covered half of the hall.

“Gah! Even until here!”

“Gotcha, I got her!”

The prey that hung on the spider’s web was Myrellia, just after she made the teleportation. A sharp thread hugged her body, and her right arm and left leg were cut off halfway through. Lacerations were carved all over her body, and we could see the evil spirit fogging away. I manipulated the string further, tightening its encirclement to keep Myrellia from escaping.


At the same time, I’ve paved the way for Fran. Now it was her turn to play her part. Even though there were gaps in the threading, the steel threads would still damage Fran. However, Fran ignored the pain as she thrusted me towards Myrellia, sprinkling red blood everywhere as she made me as thin and small as a dagger.



But I didn’t make it in time. Myrellia pushed the tangled threads away for a moment with compressed evil energy and escaped by teleporting.

A large hole has been drilled on Myrellia’s body, and a large hole has also appeared in the center of the hall, but there was still no sign of it repairing itself. On top of that, the evil spirit in her has been reduced to less than half of what it was at the start. She must be cornered for sure.

(Master, are you alright?)

“That’s my line……”

(Mm. It will heal soon. But Master pushed herself too hard.)


I want to be strong, but that is not enough. Now is not the time to rest.

“I won’t stop”



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