I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 346

Chapter 346: Myrellia’s evil spirit

Myrellia’s evil spirit was greatly reduced by my and Fran’s attack. But there was a smile on her face, along with anguish.

“Hahahahahaha! I knew you were strong!”

“Well, thank you.”

As if to warn Myrellia, who is laughing with her face contorted, Asura replies with a blunt word.

What is with this confidence from Myrelia?

However, it’s still an opportunity. We’ll stop her here before she gets away with teleportation again. I pushed down my mental fatigue and increased my focus to attack again. Asura seemed to be going for something, too.

The tension between us rose quietly. Myrellia should have sensed the atmosphere, but she remains as relaxed as ever.

But then, right when we were about to move, something happened. I could feel the magic power radiating through our feet from nowhere.

“What is this? What is this strange magical power?”

Immediately after that, a tremendous vibration coarsed throughout the dungeon. It’s as if they were pushed up from the earth itself. It wasn’t just Fran, who was lighter, but even Asura was floating for a moment. This is exactly what I was thinking about. I thought there had been a major earthquake.

Myrellia’s smile deepened as she saw Fran and the others surprised by the shaking. That piece of shit Myrellia! I didn’t feel any magic or evil spirits, so how in the world did she do it? Is it the power of the dungeon? Anyway, this occurrence gave her a chance.

“It’s coming!”


Fran, still separated from the shaky ground by an aerial leap, focused all her attention on Myrellia’s movements. As long as she had the trump card against the evildoers, Breaking Evil Manifestation, Fran would always be targeted by her.



But Myrellia didn’t make a move. On the contrary, she began to laugh loudly on the spot.

“Hahahahaha! Finally!”

It’s not just Myrellia who is acting strangely. Asura and Kiara also stared at Myrellia, who was laughing, with an astonished expression on her face.

“Was that … a dungeon scream?”

“Why are you laughing at that?”

“A dungeon scream?”

A dungeon scream is apparently an earthquake-like vibration that occurs when the dungeon master is defeated and the dungeon goes dormant. In some dungeons that have just been built, it may be barely perceptible, but in the case of older, larger dungeons, the tremors can be so great that you can’t even stand up.

They say that the wavelength of the magic emanating from the core is unique, so anyone who knows about it can easily recognize it. I see. So what we felt before, the vibrations, in other words, was magic.

But why is Myrellia smiling? When the Dungeon Master dies and the dungeon goes dormant, everything that belongs to the dungeon, like monsters and other things should disappear. In other words, Myrellia would also disappear.

“Hmmm. I’m free now!”

“What do you mean? Didn’t you say you were involved in the dungeon? If that’s the case…”



“Too bad! I’m only half in control of the dungeon, so I’m not going to disappear right now. Well, you’ll have a few days to spare, isn’t that good? But it’s only for a few days, okay?”

“You’re right. But I don’t need a few days to kill you. A few minutes is all it takes.”

“You are talking bullshit now”

“Well, it’s certainly not going to be a normal win. He has a divine sword user and a breaker. Everyone else has evolved as well.”

Myrellia is calm while saying that. I have no idea what she’s thinking.

“‘But I can at least let my remaining strength run amok and self-destruct, you know? I’m going to be gone in a few days anyway, so why not self-destruct here? What would happen if I blew myself up as fast as I could in this small space? Even if you survive, the blast might trigger that mad demon to start running wild, you know?”

Even though Myrellia’s evil spirit has been halved, she still accumulated an enormous amount of power. Besides, it was entirely possible that Myrellia’s self-destruction would trigger Asura’s outburst.

Was Myrellia desperate? But the way she spoke earlier, it was as if she was waiting for the Dungeon Master to be killed. Funny when you think about it, wasn’t it? If she was going to self-destruct, it should have been before the dungeon master dies.

“Hey, would you like to make a deal with me?”

“What did you say?”

“If you’re willing to do me a favor, I am willing to let you kill me here without making a fuss. No resistance. I promise.”

It’s not a lie — it’s more like you can’t discern it. When I think about it, it always felt strange to me. The illusionary theory has never concluded that Myrellia’s words were lies. But that was unlikely. In fact, it should be more natural to lie all the time.

Perhaps, just like appraisal, the reasoning of falsehoods is not as effective as it should be against the words of the evil one.

“Fran, do you think she’s telling the truth?”

(Mm. Those eyes are telling the truth.)

Fran has better intuition than I do.Therefore those words were believable.

“I don’t get it. What do you, an evil woman, want? The Resurrection of the Evil God?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. That’s not the kind of shit I want to hear.”

Hearing Myrellia’s words, Asura was also crestfallen. The evil woman called the resurrection of the Evil Gods as a trivial matter. That was surprising.

“I’m only asking for one thing. I’m sure It’s not that hard for you guys.”

“…say it.”

“There is an aristocratic family in the Kingdom of Bashar called the Magnolia family. Could you rescue the recently born, legitimate son and put him in a safe place?”


“What did you say?”

Asura and Kiara ask back. I mean that was natural. I too don’t know what she meant. Rescuing a trueborn son of House Magnolia? What do you mean by ‘rescue’? Why not do it yourself in the first place?

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you up to?”

“I’m not planning anything. To elaborate a bit more, I want you to take the heir son of the Magnolia family out of the kingdom of Bashar before he gets brainwashed and take him out of their reach. All I’m asking is that you let him live a normal life, okay? If possible, take him to an orphanage run by a rank A adventurer on the next continent. That’s all I want.”

“Why don’t you do it yourself?”

“If they know I’m obsessed with that child, the Dungeon Master will surely take that child as a hostage. I’m finally free, but I don’t have time anymore. That’s why I want to leave you guys to it.”

Neither Kiara, Asura, nor Mea said anything. No, it’s more like we can’t. We can’t believe it. In the first place, she was an evil and aggressive person, and she was a person who brought destruction wherever she went. Is that not enough already, and now you want us to save your child?

But as Fran says, her words don’t seem to be a lie. The look in her eyes were even sincere.

Fran opens her mouth to take over from Asura.

“What about the others guys? What about those knights?”

“You should just leave those guys alone. Being there is not worth anything other than being Romeo’s parent.”

“What did you say about the revival of the royal family or the black cat paradise?”

“Oh, I don’t care about it, the Krishna royal family is just a relic of the past. And about the paradise for the Black Cats? What’s the value of that stuff? This is all a diversion to hide my true intentions. Afterall you don’t know where you’ll encounter the ear of Bashar’s kingdom or the Dungeon Master. All I really want is for Romeo to be happy. Hey, please. Get that boy out of the kingdom of Bashar and out of the spell of Magnolia.”

“What the hell is–“

Asura was about to ask the question again, and that was when suddenly..

“Enough of this farce.”


A figure suddenly appeared behind Myrellia, thrusting the sword in his hand from his back towards her heart. I could see the evil spirit flowing towards the figure from Myrellia, who was vomiting blood and looking in anguish. He is absorbing Myrellia’s evil energy. This guy looked familiar to us.

“Xellos Reed. You…. Betrayed me……?”

“Well, don’t let me miss my chance to eat more power!”


Xellos Reed shoved Myrellia away. Myrellia fell in front of us, and by all accounts, she was dying. I could barely feel the evil energy that had been stored up in her for so long. The wound she just received did not even begin to regenerate.

“Hey….Please … That child … please make that child… please make Romeo happy… please…”

She tried to reach her hand out to us, even though she was running out of breath.

“Hmm, you poor woman. You’re a family member of the evil gods, but you’re wishing for a human child to be happy. So no matter how crazy you are, in the end you’re still just a woman huh?”


Then her hands lost their strength as she crumpled to the ground.


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