I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 347

Chapter 347: Side Myrellia

The last thing I remember was a white light covering my vision. A divine and abominable light. It was the light of divine punishment that took my life away.

It’s strange. It felt like that happened a long time ago. But it’s not unreasonable. Five hundred years have passed since then. In other words, I failed.

What a mess. I was so close to achieving my dream… My mind coated with despair, I feel the reign of the Evil Gods strengthening. Still, I was able to remain conscious without being completely controlled by the Evil Gods because of a slight glimmer of hope.

I was told by Linford that the Magnolia name is still around today. And that even my name has been passed down. I couldn’t contain my laughter when I was told about the myths which were full of mistakes.

The love between me and my lover quickly cooled off. He abandoned me for fear of the beasts around him, and I wasn’t so vigorous enough to continue loving the man who abandoned me either.

It was around that time that everything in this world became indifferent to me. Losing motivation, I began to live a self-degrading life. Supposedly in the myths, I ended up as a wife of a certain noble. What a dull life!

However, in reality the story didn’t end there. I have met my destiny. It’s a boy born between my former lover who abandoned me and a prostitute who was enslaved to a marriage fraud.

I was captivated the moment I saw him. Is that what motherhood is? The fact that the image of my beloved man remains, albeit at such a time, maybe it’s one of the reasons why I was interested. Anyway, I wondered how could there be such a sweet, cute and lovable being. It’s strange that I didn’t think about such a thing when I saw other children.

From that moment on, only the child’s happiness mattered to me. So I didn’t kill those two. I heard that children needed both their parents. Otherwise, I would have already killed my former lover and that prostitute who was afraid to earn my disgrace and tried to kill that child.

But things didn’t work in my favour. My father had clearly begun to run amok. Apparently, my request to marry a human caused the beastmen in the country to distrust the Beast King family. He tried to hold it down with force as a civil war was on the verge of breaking out.

Eventually, my father turned to a forbidden power to protect his position. He tried to unlock the seal of the wicked god’s tomb, which was under the control of the royal family, and use that power as his own. However, ironically, it was I who ended up endangering the beast royal family as the priestess of the Evil God. Dedicated to the Evil God as a sacrifice, I was revived by the power of the Evil God and for some reason ended up becoming a shrine maiden of the Evil God.

Whether or not I was still myself. Whether I was just a puppet controlled by the Evil God or not. Even if I ask myself the question,I can’t get an answer. And then, I suddenly realized. That I gained power. It was the power to fulfill a great desire. That one wish still remained, smoldering in my chest.

Then, what is there to hesitate about? I decided to harness even the power of the Evil Gods.

First I offer my father a deal. Instead of wielding the power of the Evil God for the Beast King family, he asked for the elimination of all the human exclusionists so that that child could live happily in this country. Eventually, my father conspired with me to thoroughly suppress the anti-humanists in the country. The other black cat tribes easily changed sides when I gained power. It was hilarious to see those who previously accused me of being a filthy woman who had mingled with so many humans, and yet they didn’t even try to hide their filthy desires, and they all wanted to shake my hand in order to gain power. Don’t they know which one was dirtier?

But I was betrayed again. My former lover fled to the kingdom of Bashar with that boy. Behind the scenes, his kingdom seemed to be pulling the strings. And then he held that kid hostage and came at me. He asked for help in weakening the beastly nation.

I had no choice but to obey. Instead of wishing for the child’s safety, he set up his own army and carried out all the pro-war movements who were planning to invade the army and invade the Bashar Kingdom.

At the request of the army from the beast kingdom, he sent the army of the beasts to attack and annihilate the army from the Bashar Kingdom with a pincer attack.

We also gave them everything they wanted, including rewriting the borders of the other side through post-war reparations and such. By that time, my father had already been brainwashed by me, so I could do whatever I wanted about it.

But perhaps because of their injuries, the human exclusionists were greatly reduced in strength, and I, who had given my soul, gained more power through the Evil Gods. All that was left was to get that child back from the Bashar Kingdom, and my wish will finally come true. If that white light hadn’t taken my life, it would have happened.

It seems that all of the people who had even the slightest trace of the Evil God’s factor entering their lives were also eliminated by divine punishment. Ha ha ha, good grief! The one that hit us the hardest was the black cat tribe, who were supposed to be our own people. Everyone, adults and children alike, called me vulgar and threw rocks at me. I should have destroyed them all anyway.

And 500 years later. I would be awakened and dominated by Linford. It was a humiliation to be used by such a man, but he certainly piqued my interest when he said that the descendants of that child remained in the present Bashar kingdom. I can’t see that child anymore, but what of it? But the moment I saw that child’s descendant, I lost interest.

Their spirit was so distorted that they looked only like puppets. Originally, the Magnolia family had been educated to instill patriotism. But now they’ve gone too far and it was nothing but pure brainwashing.

In the end I met that child again. His appearance was not similar, his hair and eyes different. But, the moment I saw him, I had the same ticklish feeling as when I met that child. Romeo, the just-born son of the Magnolia family. Did the blood of that child flow through his? That was the moment when I found a new purpose in life.

And I noticed. As it was, this Romeo would eventually become a puppet of the Bashar kingdom just like Johan. That was the only thing that must be stopped.

I’ve fallen into the role of Linford’s servant, but I’ve been granted a modicum of authority. I began to take action to achieve my own desires, despite Linford’s wishes.

The first thing I did was to negotiate with the current king of Bashar. I cooperated with him for the good of his country, and we made a promise that Romeo would be handed over to me when his wishes were fulfilled. No, if I designate Romeo, the country and Linford and others could take that kid hostage.

Instead I told the King that I wanted Magnolia’s bloodline to summon my former lover’s spirit. And since an innocent soul was better, I would like to receive Romeo intact if possible. It seems that the shrine maiden of the Evil God was likely to say that. Thanks to that, King Bashar seemed to think that I was trying to sacrifice Romeo. Well, it will be great if they misunderstood until the end. It’s just a matter of time before I get my hands on Romeo anyway.

The wishes of the Kingdom of Bashar. It’s a way of subduing the beastly nation, our sworn enemy, and rising above it. For the Bashar Kingdom, which had always been frightened by the shadow of invasion from the Beastman Nation, it could be said to be a long-cherished wish of the Bashar Kingdom.

For the Bashar Kingdom, who had always been frightened by the shadow of the invasion from the Beastman Nation, it could be said to be a long-cherished wish.

Besides, the deteriorating relationship with the Beast Nation also cast a dark shadow over the Magnolia family. Even though they are anti-beast exclusionists they were trying to hang on to those whose ancestors had roots in the beast country even if they ended up suspected as spies. The Magnolia family was always targeted as one of these. Also, the Magnolia family’s territory was near the border with the Beast Nation, and if the Beast Nation gained supremacy of the area, the Magnolia family could be executed as traitors.

Linford’s interests, the interests of the Kingdom of Bashar, and my interests coincided, and a war against the Beast Nation was planned. Lynford wanted a soul, the Bashar kingdom wanted a victory, and I wanted a sacrifice.

The king apparently used my notorious lore, which was of course full of misunderstandings, to get the upper echelons of the Bashar Kingdom to approve an alliance with the wicked while flirting with profit. Most of them wouldn’t believe in such worldly rhetorics as ingratitude towards me. However, the king seemed to have found a solution and that he didn’t mind a little nuisance as long as he could get the Beast Country.

Also, ironically, because of historical evidence of me, an evil being, being used to depose the rule of the Beastman Nation five hundred years ago, he seemed to have little resistance to the idea of utilizing the power of the evil god. After all there is a precedent that an evil person can be used.

But we also had to think about what would happen if we lost. Of course, King Bashar also considered that possibility.

Even if someone put you in the line or in a fire and tell them that you are threatened by an evil person, you would not be able to avoid the Beastmen Nation’s pursuit. After all we’ve caused so many wars of aggression, and if we lose, of course we’ll be pursued by the beast nation. The least they would do was exiling us.

But no matter how bad the odds were, no matter how much of a losing game we played, we could still turn the tides. In other words, we could use the souls gained in the war to summon a large number of powerful and evil people. As a shrine maiden of the Evil God, I could control the evil people. And after causing chaos to some extent inside the beastmen’s country, we would let the Bashar Kingdom Army invade the beastmen’s country in the name of subjugating an evil person. Since the beast’s hands would be tied with internal trifles, the subjugation would be simple. After that, they could effectively control it in the name of disaster recovery or subjugation. After all, there would be no power left to oppose in the Beastman Nation.

Nevertheless, we also need an excuse for our neighboring countries. Win or lose, we wouldn’t want the nations around us to say that we were an evil nation in league with the Evil Gods. Hence, it was necessary to give the impression that I was in charge of the war.

I was no longer interested in the royal family, but one of my public reasons was to give the rights to the throne back to the Narashinha family from the Krishna family. I told him that my actual wish was to gain the paradise of the Black Cat. I tried to make Johan Magnolia and his allies feel like I cared about the 500-year old relationship. The truth was, I didn’t care what happened to anyone but Romeo.

The whole thing was a prelude to taking the argument that this conflict is an extension of the Beastman Nation’s internal strife 500 years ago and that the Bashar royal family was involved. Of course, I didn’t intend to really kill the princess and her servant there. However, it made sense to spread words of hatred. Each country would be spying on the Beastman Nation, and I wouldn’t know where or what any person would hear. That’s why it was important to appeal to them consistently in a variety of situations.

By doing so, we could make the form of the conflict between the Krishnas and the Narasinha family more visible. In fact, I had sent a letter to each country saying that the usurper royal family was to be put to death in my name. All in order to make post-war risk as low as possible. Even if the nations don’t believe it, as long as the Beastman Nation was destroyed, it was a matter that can be excused in any way possible. Because the truth was created for the convenience of the survivors. Just as how my lore was full of mistakes.

The best thing to do would be to win the war head-on in a big way and rule the beastly kingdom by the power of Bashar Kingdom alone, but that would be difficult. However, a pincer attack with a dungeon force should have a good chance of working.

I didn’t want to use the power of an Evil God if I could. Without a doubt, the heavens will send out punishment again. Fufufu. Yes, I knew and so did King Bashar, that if you used the power of an evil god, you will surely be punished by heaven. That’s why King Bashar kept the plan to summon the evildoers deep inside his heart. Perhaps he was going to focus the divine punishment on himself alone. I didn’t know if it would work.

But, as was the case 500 years ago, there must be some time for leeway. In that little moment, King Bashar would nominate a successor, and I intended to let Romeo escape from the Bashar Kingdom. I also had an idea of where to leave Romeo. Although it would be on another continent, there was an orphanage run by a Rank A adventurer. I had it checked out, but it was a perfectly straightforward orphanage with no other side to it. If I left him there, he would be a few times safer than if he were to remain in the Kingdom of Bashar.

However, I thought all those plans were likely to end in vain. Thus, it was such a surprise that an irregularity such as the Divine Swordsman appeared.

Even though I knew I couldn’t win against my opponent, I could never run away from a fight because of the force of the order that compelled me to keep doing so. Even I didn’t think I could beat the Divine Swordsman. Therefore I knew that my life would end here.

The only bright side would be the appearance of Xellos Reed. Apparently he betrayed Linford. I’d eaten all the evil people here. But, traitorous though he is, he was willing to negotiate. What I presented to him was my life. In exchange for giving that power and my life, I decided to have Xellos Reed do three jobs.

The first was the killing of the Dungeon Master, the only person who could order me around. As long as that thing was watching us, we couldn’t take any chances. However, at any rate, challenging the Divine Swordsman would just end in death. Thus, it would be better to get a little freedom at the end. Well, I told them I could move for a few days, but that was a lie. It will be an hour at the most. I don’t have time to get to the child, I’m afraid.

The other thing I asked for was to kill me at the perfect time. Specifically, right after I asked the Divine Swordsman and the princess to protect Romeo, Xellos Reed will take my life miserably.

Why? People like them were susceptible to sad story developments. How could they refuse? After all, it was the last wish of a dying, poor woman. They wouldn’t be able to refuse it. I’ve seen that the Divine Swordsman and the princess were particularly vulnerable to such stories. There is a higher chance though it’s still a small chance, but the probability that Romeo will be saved increased. That was the last struggle I could make.

As a matter of fact, I’ve asked Xellos Reed for help too. It’s just, I don’t know how far he’ll go to keep his promise, so I’d be grateful if the princess or the Divine Swordsman would protect him if possible. Although they were my enemy, the princess and the Divine Swordsman are much more reliable.

“Hey….Please … That child … please make that child… please make Romeo happy… please…”

“Hmm, you poor woman. You’re a family member of the Evil Gods, but you’re wishing for a human child to be happy. So no matter how crazy you are, in the end you’re still just a woman huh?”

When the princess and the Divine Swordsman heard Xellos Reed’s words, a look of anger appeared on their faces. They felt sorry for me.



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