I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 348

Chapter 348: Quina! Is it still not open?

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“Hmm, you poor woman. You’re a family member of the evil gods, but you’re still wishing for a human child to be happy. It seems like no matter how crazy you are, in the end you’re still just a woman huh?”



The indifferent man stared coldly, at Myrellia who collapsed and disappeared like a black mist.

I had no idea what the hell was going on.

Myrellia said something incomprehensible, such as wanting me to help save a child in Bashar Kingdom.

The Krishna royal family and their attitude toward the knights were all actually ways to hide their true intentions? What she really wanted to do was to save a boy named Romeo from the Kingdom of Bashar? Indeed, Johann Magnolia was brainwashed. The boy named Romeo is likely to end up like that if left alone.

I can see why it would be difficult for Myrellia to rescue the boy on her own, with Linford and the Dungeon Master in control.

But was it the truth? It didn’t look like she was lying, but it’s hard to believe that, that Myrellia would make a move like that. Moreover I am worried about Xellos Reed’s sudden appearance.

And suddenly all the worries I was thinking about were blown out of my head. It seemed to be the same for Fran, Kiara, Asura, and, well, everyone here.

“Hey, hey……..until when will you….”

The evil energy emitted by Xellos Reed had become so powerful that it was incomparably stronger than before. That’s about to measure up to Myrellia’s. No, if he used the power properly, it might even be beyond that.

It used to be possible to read some statuses and other information in the appraisal. But now I couldn’t see anything. In other words, it meant that the evil spirit has strengthened so much. From a glance it was the same as before, but now it gave off an even more frightening aura than before.

Even Asura frowned and showed caution. Kiara lightly braced herself, and as for Fran and the others, she quickly distanced herself from them and readied her weapon with a pale face. I could see the goosebumps on Fran’s arms. In other words, Xellos had become just that much more powerful.

Perhaps he has been killing and killing and killing all the evil people and kept absorbing their power with his cannibalistic skills. I thought before that it would be good for the world in a way, but I didn’t expect him to be able to nurture the evil spirit to this extent in such a short amount of time.


“What the hell is Xellos Reed?”

“Are you a follower of the Evil God? You seem strong.”

“I am honored to have the Divine Swordsman say that! Kuhahaha!”

The evil spirit blew up from Xellos Reed’s entire body with a tremendous amount of force as he laughed. The vibrations were scattered randomly and turned into a storm that blew around us.

This is seriously bad! Just when we were about to fend off Myrellia, another monster appears again!

Even though we have a trump card against evil, I seriously didn’t want to interact with such a monster. The crisis of Asura’s going berserk has not yet passed. I think running is the way to go here.


The Dimension Gate was not activated. I don’t know if it was maintained even though Myrellia was dead, or if Xellos Reed had re-established it, but the teleportation containment has not yet been lifted.

“That little guy over there looks familiar. He was the one in Barbora…”


“How is that one boy?”


“Why are you not answering?”

It’s not like I was trying hard to ignore him, or that I kept my mouth shut to avoid giving him information. But, I can’t speak. Xeros Reed took his gaze off Fran as it was, as if he had lost interest, and looked at Asura with an epic smile on his face.

“You have a divine sword…….. I wanted to go at it with you once..”

“Battle Junkie”

“Hey, you’re just as crazy as I am, aren’t you?”

“I don’t want to be put at the same level as you, but I guess from a human perspective it’s similar.”

“Moreover you have such a terrific skill set of enhancement! Ka-ha-ha! Nice!!”

Killing intent emanated from Xellos Reed, as if he had identified Asura as his prey. From his point of view, it might just be a greeting, but if the current Xellos Reed did it, it was no different than an attack. If it were an ordinary person, this killing intent alone would stop his heart.

Even Guendalfa unconsciously backed up and surprised himself by hitting his back against the wall. Apparently he hadn’t realized he was retreating. He was shaking with a sweaty face.


Looking at Xellos Reed who looked energized, Asura also got agitated.

“Oi, Kiara!”

“No! You can’t!”

Before I knew it, Kiara approached the entrance door and was looking into it. However, as I expected, it didn’t seem to open.

In the meantime, the killing intent emanating from Xellos Reed was rising tremendously! I found that even Quina, who normally didn’t show her expression, frowned.

“Hehehehehe, wanna get at it?”

“Oi you guys! Don’t get involved in this! Kiara, hurry up!”

Then the battle between the monsters began. Of course, the first one to make a move was Xellos Reed.


Xellos Reed took out from nowhere a huge sword comparable to Asura’s earth sword Gaia. It’s name had become the Great Sword of the Evil God Stone. I see, it might be a suitable weapon for this guy to use. Both in name and strength.

The great jet-black sword that was swung down was intercepted by the divine sword raised by Asura.


The pair of great swords were struck together, causing a roar and a loud shockwave that reached Fran and the others who had taken shelter by the wall. From there, a bizarre scene unfolded as two giant men struck each other with great swords.

The attacks were offset by opposing attacks, and the two fought each other with even more attacks without being able to defend against the blasting shockwave. I couldn’t imagine how powerful a single attack could be, but I didn’t think I wanted to mix in there at all. However, it seems that Asura’s swordsmanship was superior to Xellos’ skills.

Every ten or so times, Asura’s attack caught Xellos Reed. It would regenerate quickly, but I could see that the evil spirit was greatly diminished. But Kiara looked restless. Asura too.

“This is bad…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Look at the corner of Asura. The color has turned red. It’s a sign of a berserk. Soon, his demonization will be activated!”

Things seemed to be moving in the worst direction possible.

Every time he hit Xellos Reed with his sword, the horn that grew from Asura’s forehead dyed a deeper red. At the same time, a red magic power began to rise from his body like a heat haze.

“Red is the color of madness…….. The fact that he started to wear that aura meant his skills have already been activated!”

I’ve heard that it’s just barely in control due to equipment and other effects. It was only a matter of time before the Demonization fully activated. That awareness was already fully focused only for the battle with Xellos Reed.


“Chi! You are a divine swordsman indeed!”

Asura’s attack becomes more intense. The earth sword, Gaia, was struck against the floor of the dungeon, causing a large depression, with a crack in the form of a cobweb surrounding it.

I was frightened when I saw it. Was this dungeon destructible in the first place? Maybe the strength of the dungeons varied. In the Goblin Dungeon, the floor was casually gouged by Fran’s attack.

But this dungeon was mostly unscathed by Asura’s rampage. Although he was manipulating it with earth magic, the dungeon itself wouldn’t get hurt by a normal attack. That’s why it was impossible to destroy the dungeon and escape. However, that common sense was overturned right now.

That casual blow probably contained a huge amount of magical power as well as physical strength.



The Great Kaiju War! Not only Asura, but Xellos Reed’s attacks have also begun to destroy the dungeon!

“Aside from Kiara and the others, Guendalfa looks pretty bad!”

We still have plenty of time to dodge the aftermath of the attack, but Guendalfa already looked like he long reached his limit. He was desperately running away.

However, the battle between the two became even more intense. I mean, Asura didn’t seem to care about his surroundings anymore. He began to use a wide range of techniques without hesitation, and the corresponding Xellos Reed was also releasing a wide range of techniques.

“Quina! Is it still not open?!”

“I’m sorry. I’m avoiding it while trying to open the door, so it will be a while yet.”

“Mea, Fran, Mia! Protect Quina!”

Ever since Asura’s outburst began, Quina has been trying to open the door. She took position in front of the door and examined something, but it seems to be slow going as she was dodging the aftermaths of the battle along the way.

We all put up wards and barriers to protect Quina. Guendalfa needed to endure a little more.

I kept an eye on Asura and Xellos during that time, but they were moving faster and faster. In addition, the magic power in their attacks kept increasing. They were getting serious about each other.

Finally, Asura made a big move. He lightly distanced himself from Xellos Reed and raised the earth sword Gaia high in the sky.

“Divine sword release, oooooooooo!”


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