I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Destroy all Fran’s enemies!

“Divine sword release, oooooooo!”

Immediately after Asura shouted that, a light blasted up from the divine sword. Along with that, magical power started pouring out from inside the divine sword and surrounded Asura with light. The scene was as if a pillar of light was swallowing Asura.

Although they were far apart, a shock wave striked Fran and the others. At the same time, a cloud of dust and stone debris billowed everywhere. It was as if a dynamite had exploded at a close distance. Everyone was stuck in place and simply had to withstand the raging forces.

On top of that, a tremendous presence and magical power engulfed the entire room, rendering magical power sensing and presence detection useless.

“So this is the power of the divine sword!”

From the sound of that scream, he must have released the power of the divine sword. Furthermore, the magical power emanating from the divine sword was so intense anyone under its influence would feel as if oppressed by an unstoppable force.

Is it really the same weapon as me? I couldn’t believe it. No, I guess this is why the Divine Sword is called a weapon.

“Fran! Are you okay!”


Like this, if someone were to approach us through the dust, it would be too late for us once we actually notice them. With maximum vigilance, we waited for the smoke to clear. A few seconds or so passed, although it felt like many times more.

After the smoke cleared, the figure of Asura, who was at the center of the force, came into view. There is no change in the appearance of Asura himself. But the divine sword in his hand had been greatly altered.

“That’s the true form of the divine sword…? That’s no longer a sword… right?”

How do I say this? It’s a strange sight. The sword didn’t seem to belong to any proper category of weapons. Before its power was unleashed, it was a greatsword with a straight blade, but now the blade is warped like a curved sword. In addition, five sharp and large spines, like spikes, grew at regular intervals along the curve, with the tip having transformed into a peculiar shape.

There was a huge block of iron on the end of the blade, just like a hammer. The part of the warped blade facing inward is sharp and pointed like a pickaxe. The other side is shaped like a flat hammer. Moreover, it is tremendously big. The thick blade alone is more than two meters long, and the hammer portion nearly twice as tall, wide and long like a drum.

It doesn’t look very much like a weapon for personal use. It was probably closer to say that it was a kind of a siege weapon, like a battering ram.

Even after looking at the weapon and appraising it, I still could only see the name Earth Sword Gaia and a few abilities. The fact that it evolved to its true form must have raised its level to the point where I cannot appraise it at my current level.

Name: Earth Sword, Gaia

Attack Power: 4700

Magical Conductivity/SS+

Unfortunately, these were the only things I could confirm. However, this alone was enough to show that it was no longer just a regular divine sword.


Asura, who regained his true form, slammed the Earth Sword Gaia into Xellos Reed, faster than before. It was most likely the effect of its status being raised.

Xellos Reed tried to counter the attack with his greatsword, but he was easily pushed away. He still tried to twist his body to dodge, but it was to no avail.

Despite avoiding Gaia, an invisible force smashed half of his body.

Xellos Reed appeared to have suffered a fatal wound, with the entire left half of his body appearing as if cut off, but then he stood and still managed to balance the remaining half of his body. Normally, people would have died from that attack, but he was a person harnessing evil spirit power.

Immediately, the right half of his body began to regenerate and regain its original form.

“Oh shit! As expected of the divine sword!”


“Hahahaha! Come! Come! I’ll kill you, you bastard, and I’ll take your divine Sword!”

Xellos moved even faster. Every time he swung his sword, he spread a vicious evil spirit around. Just a scratch and you’ll be damaged by the evil spirit.

Every time Asura slammed Gaia, the dungeon caved in and the ground underneath Fran and the others shook. Sometimes the wrecked dungeon floor would turn into torso-sized projectiles from the impact and come at them at super speed.

“Uu… ugh… gahhhh!”

In the midst of a fierce grinding contest, Asura held the divine sword on his shoulder. Then he poured his magic power into the divine sword and jumped out with even greater speed than before. It was the fastest he had been so far.


The next thing I knew, Asura was right in front of Xellos Reed. Xellos must have realized he couldn’t defend himself. He seemed to have put up a barrier in a hurry, but the entire barrier was smashed by the divine sword.

The biggest roar and blast of the day hit the room as if we were at the center of an explosion. The barrier I set up was easily penetrated by the flying debris. Quickly, I equipped Physical Damage Nullification, but before I could, several shots gutted Fran’s body.

“Are you okay?!”


Even though the barrier had been breached, its power was greatly reduced because of it. Thankfully, the wounds weren’t deep. As I healed Fran’s wounds with my [Heal], I checked on everyone.

“Are the others okay?” I ask Fran.

“Are you guys okay?” Fran asked the others.

” We are alright but…. Guendalfa is hurt because he defended us!!”

“I’m coming!”

It seems that Guendalfa used his huge body as a shield to protect everyone who was at the door. When Fran rushed and ran, I saw countless rubbles of all sizes were stuck on his back. His life was in danger.

“This is bad Fran!”


With me and Fran using Greater Heal in rapid succession, we managed to get him out of critical condition. However, he won’t be able to move for a while. If they keep attacking like that repeatedly, the rest of us will be in danger.

In the first place, given the performance of the divine sword, it seemed that even with the current attack, its power still wasn’t fully utilized. If a more widespread and high-powered attack was unleashed, even Fran would be in danger.


“Sorry. I can’t open it yet.”

When asked by Kiara, Quina shakes her head.

“Is there no other choice but to risk it? I don’t want to bet on it but….”

“Bet on what?”

“Asura’s Demonization will be cancelled after a certain amount of damage is taken..”

“If so, Then we’ll all–”

“But! If it is not undone, he’ll turn against us! He’ll change his target and attack all of us!”

So that was it. Certainly it’s a bet. If we fail, we will be on the receiving end of that sword’s attacks. Then we had a slightly better bet.

“Fran. Let’s try that one.”

(…Skill Taker?)

“Hm. That’s right.”

Did Fran also notice? I’m thinking of trying to get rid of Asura’s mad demonization. However, I was hesitant for several reasons.

First of all, does taking away the skill after the demonization has begun will stop any further demonization? Also, won’t he lose his ability to compete with Xellos Reed? That’s what I thought. However, it was certain that we will not continue to be safe in this state. Then we should just give it a try.

“Stop Asura.”

“What? What will you do?”

“We could do something, maybe.”

Fran explains quickly. We might be able to erase Asura’s skill, which might stop him from running berserk. But we weren’t sure.

“I mean, it’s unclear what will happen, but is it possible?”


“Let’s do it. It’s better than nothing.”

Kiara’s decision was instantaneous. I guess she knew it wasn’t a good idea to continue fighting as is. Even now, Mea is still protecting us from the occasional flying debris!

“Well then, Let’s do it!”


“Skill Taker!”


Immediately after I activated the Skill Taker, Asura stopped moving. Soon, he began to writhe and suffer.


“Oi Oi, What’s wrong?”

Xellos Reed also stopped attacking, staring at Asura, who screamed as he knelt on both knees. After a few seconds, Asura stopped moving and came to a still, and silence enveloped them.

“What… the hell happened…?”

Asura didn’t seem to know what happened. He was looking around. Kiara approached him and tried to protect Asura.

(Now all we need is for Master to remove the mad demonization.)



What is it? Someone said something. No, not someone, it’s Fran. My wielder.

“No, no, no-”

A sudden urge of rage and destruction overcame me. Both my eyes and my thoughts turned bright red.

In the first place, what was I doing here? Why am I resting in such a place? Why am I not fighting?

No! Fight! Destroy all enemies!


Fight! I must fight! Destroy all Fran’s enemies!


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