I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 350

Chapter 350: It was abrupt.

It was abrupt .

Fran said she could block Lord Asura’s mad demonization skills . I don’t know if that will work, but Master Kiara said to give it a try .

And as Fran held her sword and started concentrating, Asura gradually slowed down and eventually stopped moving . They’ve really succeeded in calming the demonization!

“We did it!”

The worst that could happen has been avoided, although there was still the creepy evil villain, Xellos Reed . I thought as such and tried to run towards Fran, when all of a sudden…


“Fran, what’s… . ”



Suddenly, a shrill scream resounded throughout the dungeon . Wait, actually, it’s as if the sound was directly transmitted into my brain . No, it probably was as such .

“Was that the master…?”

The moment I muttered that, the magic sword in Fran’s hand suddenly left her hand and took flight . The sword vibrated violently in the air . I could hear the scream emanating from it . It sounded as if it were the roars of a raging beast, but at the same time also sounded like a painful scream, one filled with anguish .


A lightning bolt emanates from the sword and strikes at Xellos Reed . Although it was easily dodged, the sword moved on its own and rushed at Xellos Reed .

I looked at Fran, who was just standing there, looking stunned . After a moment, she ran after her divine sword, her face turning blue .


“It’s not taking action under Fran’s orders? Is your master running amok?”

“Hey Mea! Do you know anything about this?”

Seeing the situation with the sword suddenly moving by itself, Master Kiara also started feeling anxious . She took a look at Fran’s condition and understood that what was currently happening wasn’t as Fran intended .

“Um, well, the master…”

“Huh? What about me?”

“No, no! Not Master Kiara, but Fran’s Master!!”

“What are you talking about?!”

No! I’m not allowed to give out information that it’s an intelligent weapon . This is information that Fran trusted me with to keep after all . If I exposed her secret, isn’t it the same as me betraying her?

Just as I was overwhelmed by my dilemma, Quina interrupted from the side .

“Miss, please calm down . I’m sorry, the young lady seems to be getting confused . ”

“I see . What does Quina know about it?”

“I don’t know the details, but as for the one she referred to as master, I think it’s actually Fran’s sword . I heard it’s named “Master” . Fran-san’s sword seems to be out of control for some reason . That sword is a fairly high-ranked magic sword . Perhaps, one of the abilities of that sword is Skill Taker? And maybe, we are currently seeing the effects of taking away Lord Asura’s skills as mentioned earlier?”

“I see . And you think it was affected by the madness of the demonization and went out of control?”

“I can only assume as much . ”

Good, Quina explained it well . Nonetheless, as we talked about it, the master continued to run amok, its screams endlessly resounding .


Once again, a tremendous lightning bolt descended towards Xellos Reed . More accurately, it was a tight pack of three lightning bolts . Cold sweat ran down my back as I watched each of those lightning bolts drill a large crater into the dungeon .

That was extreme grade magic no matter how you look at it . Moreover, it shot three rounds of that kind of magic at once? Do all intelligent weapons have that kind of power?

“That sword! Isn’t the red aura emanating from it looks like the one from the Divine Swordmaster from earlier, what the hell is going on?”

Xellos Reed repeatedly regenerated while being burned by the lightning, but I could see the confusion on his face . I guess he couldn’t keep up with the fact that the sword was the only thing that attacked him on its own .

“Master! Master!”

Fran squinted at the blast and called out frantically, but her voice didn’t seem to reach her master at all .

The Master continued to ignore Fran and suddenly jumped out at a terrifying speed . Apparently, the sudden acceleration from staying still was enough to catch Xellos Reed unawares and land a surprise attack . Before he had time to evade it, the sword blasted away half of his body .

“Guuh! What…! Is this!”

Moreover, it caused critical damage . Yes, that sword also had the ability to counter evil spirit energy and manifestations . Master’s chase continued against the anguished Xellos Reed .

“Latent Potential Release… . oooooo!”

Immediately after the master’s cry, a tremendous amount of magical power overflowed from him . The air surrounding him also vibrated by the magical power released, hitting my skin .

How much power did that sword have in it? Honestly, I felt that the intimidating feeling emanating from the current master was not inferior to the divine sword Gaia! To my regret, even if I swing Rind, I will not be able to exert all that power .

“Oh ohhhh!”

Lightning bolts were released again . What a surprise! It wasn’t just raining down from above, bolt after bolt was shot out from both sides . Three thunderbolts, clearly thicker than the previous extremely large magic shot out just now, came from above, with two more from either side . The attack surrounded Xellos Reed .

“How many times can you unleash these attacks?”

Xellos Reed took the thunderbolts head on . With his jet-black sword in his hand, he cut, blocked, and scattered the lightning bolts . If it were me, I don’t know how many times I would have been charred black .

What was wrong with this fight? It’s more intense and crazy than the previous Battle between Xellos Reed and Asura . The sound of discharging lightning bolts canceled out by Xellos Reed could be heard in the distance . However, Master’s berserking continued, leaving various thoughts in my heart .

All of a sudden, the raging sword suddenly came apart .


All of a sudden, the raging sword suddenly came apart .

I wondered if it had destroyed itself because it couldn’t withstand the tremendous magic to visualize it, but after another look, it was obvious that that’s not the case . Apparently, it has deformed its own shape .

Now it’s made up of thousands of threads that surrounded Xellos Reed . It was like a cocoon ball made of steel threads .


“Goddamn it!!”

The cocoon ball suddenly narrowed and closed . If this kept on, the threads that came at him from all around would end up entangling Xellos Reed .

“Damn it! You sure have a lot of tricks!”

But Xellos Reed was able to teleport and escape before he was completely engulfed . He lost his right arm, but the damage didn’t seem to be as bad as it looked . Master, who instantly understood that he had escaped, started chasing after Xellos Reed .

Again, its shape changed and part of the main body returned to its original form . There were still about 100 threads wounding about and continued to chase after Xellos Reed . While guiding his opponent’s movements in this manner, the master took a swing with his main body .

“Divine Judgment”

“Get down!”

The master cut through everything with the extension of the sword . Xellos Reed, the evil spirits, the magic, the air, the dungeons, everything . Before I knew it, the ceiling above me was torn asunder . No, not just the part above my head . All the walls that were in the area of the extension of the teacher’s swing were cut .

I was scared . If I hadn’t been dragged down by Master Kiara, my neck would have been sliced off by the current attack, and I would have died without even realizing what had happened .


Xellos Reed lost his body from the waist down . Moreover, his regeneration started to slow down . He must have suffered substantial damage . The evil man who was much more powerful, beyond even that monstrous Myrellia, was being hunted down and injured so easily .

I couldn’t stop shaking . I was really scared . That’s not just a normal magic sword . It was something else… . something much scarier .

“Gaaaaaaa… Ouuuuuu!”

“What is it this time?”

The Master changed his appearance again . What’s that? The design of the sword’s hilt seemed to rise up, and then the sword was led up with a dull metallic sound .

“One form after another… I won’t let you!”

This time Xellos Reed initiated an attack . He concentrated his evil spirit on his blade and slashed with it . But that, too, was offset by the barriers that were already put up around the master . The current blow alone should have contained dozens of times my entire magical power .

“Uuuu- Aoooooooooooo!”

It is a howl of madness with the intent to destroy everything in existence . I finally realized what the master’s body was trying to turn into . A wolf . A wolf with a jet black body and a height of about 5 meters, entirely made of steel . And what erupted from his body was jet black magic .

The black magical power mixed with the red aura and gave off a vicious color . I muttered as soon as I saw it .


It was like the Demon Wolf Fenrir in the myths of old . It was said that a great demon beast once tried to devour the world . However, the descriptions of the beast in past records pale in comparison to master’s form in front of me .

“It’s open!”

Apparently, Quina and Master Kiara had done their job well while I only trembled in fear . The sound of Master Kiara’s pleasant voice was followed by the sound of the entrance door opening .

“Let’s get out of here!!”

“Ye- Yes!”

“Mia, take Guendalfa . Quina, carry Asura! I’ll bring Fran to you!”

I didn’t receive any instructions . Of course . I was frozen in fear . Quina tugged my arm, trying to pull me out of the room . However, as I was trying to leave the room I saw it happen from the corner of my eyes . Master Kiara was attacked by Xellos Reed .

“Come on, let’s have some more fun!”


This was bad! Master Kiara cannot get past that man and bring Fran back . Fran was left standing there, still as dumbfounded as right after her master began his outburst .

“Damn it!”

“P- Princess!”

Quina’s worried voice hit my back . But it didn’t stop me . I didn’t know what I was doing anyways .

“Fran! What are you doing!”

“Mea, Master…”

“We have to run! Now!”

“No! I can’t leave my master!”


I could understand Fran’s painful feelings . If Lind had gone berserk in the same way, I too wouldn’t be able to just run away and leave . Still, I had to take her away from this place for now .

“Right now, your master is in a state of madness! He doesn’t even know you’re here . You will just end up getting attacked!”

“Bu- But…!”

“It’s a coincidence that you didn’t get involved in the previous attack!”


“Now come!”

Fran’s ability to resist weakened . Taking advantage of this, I tried to pull Fran’s arm . But then I wonder why? I felt like the steel wolf’s eyes turned and looked at me instead of Xellos Reed . That was all it took to make me stand still . It was a tremendous killing intent .

“Ooooooooo! Fraaaaannnn!”

Did you just yell ‘Fran’ right now? By any chance, could you perhaps identify Fran? Wasn’t it a coincidence that you haven’t wrapped up Fran in your attack from earlier?


The steel wolf opened its mouth . What emanated from that huge open mouth was a blinding light filled with enormous amounts of magical power . I held Lind over my heart, but I’m not sure if it could protect us . No, it was unlikely it could .

But the flash of light that tried to swallow me without me even thinking of fighting back was shielded by someone who stood in front of me .


“Ou . Are you safe?”

“Ye- Yes… but master is…!”

“It doesn’t matter! Now get out of here!”

“Ye- Yes, Fran! Let’s go . ”

As instructed by Master Kiara’s words, I grasped Fran’s hand tighter this time so that she wouldn’t let go, and ran out to the entrance .


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