I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 351

Chapter 351:Side Kiara

Just when one would think we were already out of the woods, the worst possible scenario struck…

The sword that Fran was holding began to rampage on its own . And when it came to the strength of its power, wasn’t that already comparable to Asura? Maybe it’s actually even more powerful .

Asura still had the ability to think and make sound combat decisions, even if he was out of control . Because of this, he was unable to go all out for fear of being caught in a dungeon collapse . His divine sword was best at widespread annihilation . However, in such a confined space, it wouldn’t be able to show its true worth .

No, even without that, the sword was abnormal . It could activate the most powerful magic techniques in the world five times and at the same time it could even deploy Latent Potential Release, which was not normal . In addition, it has the ability to fly, transform, and it even took away Asura’s skills . Having even just one of those skills alone would allow it to be called a top-tier magic sword .

“And we’re not even close to the end of it yet . ”

It wouldn’t be surprising to say that its power was on par with a top-tier divine sword . Really, just what was this place? How could a divine sword and a demonic sword suddenly just coincidentally gather here?

While I was thinking about that, Fran’s sword suddenly transformed into a wolf-like figure made of steel, and gave off even more magical power . The ferocious red-black magical power that emanated from the steel wolf gave a feeling of pressure that made us feel uneasy just by looking at it from a distance . It’s no wonder that Mea ended up being unable to move .

Mea began muttering about the mythical beast, Fenrir or something, but she might not be entirely wrong . At the very least, it was the strongest wolf-type demonic beast I’ve ever seen .


I blocked the attack aimed at Mea as quickly as I could, but I took a lot of damage from just that one shot, my whole body screaming in pain . Still, I can’t let myself go down . That wolf is not the only enemy here .

“Oi, oi, old lady . You’re very motivated aren’t you? Should I give time for the little ones to escape?”

Yes, it would be nice if they went easy on us, but it was scary to think about if they didn’t . If you get chased by either, there was no way to escape . Someone has to stay here . Letting Mea and the others escape, I drew my sword .

“You know that you’re going to die right?”

“It’s not like I still have a very long time left to live anyway, It wouldn’t be a bad idea to use it to save the young ones instead right? –Senkai Jinrai!” (TL Note : in the raw it’s written : 閃華迅雷)

“Kuhahaha! Good! No matter how weak you are, it’s fun to deal with someone who’s willing to die!”


And so the three-way battle began . The wolf of steel started relentlessly targeting the enemy in front of it, namely me and Xellos Reed .

And Xellos Reed was also trying to get at me and the wolf . No, it’s more like he was enjoying the battle rather than aiming for it .

I could have tried stopping those two, only if I didn’t collapse all of a sudden .

“The question is, how long do I have…”

I was hurt and I have been continuously fighting hard since last night . It was frustrating, but it would be impossible for me to fight for hours on end by now . The best thing to do is to launch a critical attack in one felling swoop and kill these guys in the blink of an eye, but… .

I couldn’t . Xellos Reed, who was able to withstand even the attack of the divine sword, and the metallic wolf, who is on par or even stronger than that Xellos Reed .

Then, what should I do?


“That’s a good move!”


Bracing myself I daringly turned my back on the wolf, as I attacked Xellos Reed . The sword and black thunder blocked the movements of Xellos Reed, and I barely avoided the wolf’s attack from my rear . I couldn’t stop myself from dripping cold sweat . I didn’t expect that wolf would attack me with his tail like a whip . If I hadn’t been wary from the start, I wouldn’t have been able to react .

But as I have intended, the attack from the steel wolf struck Xellos Reed . Although it was only a glancing hit, I could see that the evil spirit of Xellos Reed had been reduced .

“I think I can go on like this . ”

Yes, this is the only way I could keep on fighting . In my condition right now this is the only way I could beat Xellos Reed . To be honest, I don’t know how to beat the wolf . Huh, never mind, let’s focus and make sure the one that can be beaten will be beaten first . That’s all .

“Oh, come on, you don’t think I’m going to let myself get hit again and again with an attack like that, do you?”

“Oh really? Then let’s try it . ”

I focused my all on speed and evasion . It took all I had to read and guide the actions of the wolf and Xellos Reed to hurt each other . Naturally, both sides would focus their attacks on me, but that didn’t matter . One will not survive to this age if you couldn’t juggle despair at this level .

The wolf’s attack became more intense, but they missed me and caused damage to Xellos Reed instead . Xellos Reed tried to close the distance between them to regain control . But I wasn’t going to let you get away with it . I used the full force of the Black Heavenly Tiger to chase after Xellos Reed . Of course, with the wolf right on my heels .

“This damn old hag!”


“Fuhahahaha! There! There! What happened to all your power just now! You evil person!”

I continued to abuse my body with intense pain as I kept on dancing, swerving around between the two monsters . The price for doing so was my life . I dodged the wolf’s fangs with a paper-thin gap, parried the sword attack from Xellos Reed, and I ended up vomiting blood .

I continued to abuse my body with intense pain as I kept on dancing, swerving around between the two monsters . The price for doing so was my life . I dodged the wolf’s fangs with a paper-thin gap, parried the sword attack from Xellos Reed, and I ended up vomiting blood .

We were almost even in terms of speed – no, was the wolf faster than me? I was overwhelmingly defeated in terms of offensive power, and our defensive and regenerative powers were not even on the same plane . However, there were several factors that have allowed us to still fight .

For one, Xellos Reed was still fooling around . He still dared to take advantage of our intentions to enjoy the thrill of battle .

Furthermore, the wolf’s movements were somewhat awkward . The speed at which it moved was tremendous, but the fluidity of the movements were slightly off sync . Apparently, he didn’t have a perfect handle on his body .

However, the biggest factor in play was the difference in experience . I was sure that both Xellos Reed and the wolf would be very strong innately . However, there was a slight tendency for them to move too intuitively . Only with enough experience could one counter such instinct .

The fight proceeded as is . They both kept watch of each other’s movements and anticipated how the other wanted to move and where they were aiming .

I continued the battle solemnly, wearing out my nerves and straining my brain .

“Ah! Damn it! Drop dead already!”



Neither of them look tired at all . I hated it . Whereas, here I am, already exhausted and in extreme pain, and I couldn’t seem to manage it . But we can’t leave any stone unturned . Even a slight shake will kill me in no time .

“Hah… hah… hah…”

“Old hag! Are you getting tired already? . ”

“Hmph . Even if I was tired, you can’t seem to capture this old hag?”

I tried to provoke him, trying to keep him from turning his attention to Fran and the others, but he exerted the last of his strength . However, the equilibrium that was just barely being maintained was suddenly shattered from an unexpected source .


The steel wolf let out a loud scream and collapsed on the spot . His body fell like sand, in tatters . What happened?

Xellos Reed and I didn’t agree on anything, but once we distanced ourselves, we both stopped to observe the steel wolf . No, it was no longer a steel wolf . For the form had completely crumbled and disappeared, and was now a mere lump of metal .

But the collapse has not stopped . In fact, it accelerated .

After the steel wolf crumbled and disappeared, Fran’s sword was left lying on the ground . It was a shabby sword with cracks all over, as if on the verge of being discarded . The red aura and black magic power previously emanating from it had already disappeared, and one would even start to wonder if this was the same sword that had a vicious presence that seemed to rival the divine sword just now .

This one really seemed to have stopped moving . I couldn’t feel any magic from it . He was probably dead by now . That left us with Xellos Reed . I was thinking that I had to keep this guy down, but then Xellos Reed looked bored and released his stance .

“Oi, why do you put your sword down?”

“What? It’s boring, it’s no longer interesting . The old lady would be incapable of fighting in a heartbeat if left to her own devices . Then it would be better if I-”

“I won’t let you!”

“Oh? You’re still fine? But your speed is obviously slowing down…”

That is a given . The pain was so intense and dizzying that it’s a miracle how I could still move my legs any longer . But I will not let him go beyond any further .

I didn’t care about the future of the Black Cat Tribe, the future of the Beast Kingdom, or anything else . But those girls . I will not those young children, who share the same blood relations with me, be subjected to this .




What is it? I hear someone’s voice . Is this a telepathic conversation?

(Who are you?)

“I’m Master . This is the first time I’ve ever had a conversation with you . Well, I had a one-sided conversation with you before though . ”

(Why? Where are you in the first place?)

“Right in front of you . That’s me, the sword lying on the ground right now . I am an intelligent weapon . ”


However, if that was the case, then it indeed made sense why it ran out of control because of the mad demonization skill . You never know what life had in store for you, who would have known that I would meet a legend at the edge of death .

(Telepathic talk is helpful . I can’t even open my mouth anymore . )

“Kiara . First, release Senka Jinrai (TL Note : In the raw it’s written 閃華迅雷) Otherwise, in a few minutes–‘

(No . As soon as I unleash the Senkai Jinrai, I’ll end up getting cut down . . )

“But … you’re really going to die if you don’t!!”

I was told I was going to die . Even though I was aware that it was true, I feel relieved . That Fran wasn’t alone anymore .

Quina also has a father who loves his daughter in his own way, although he is a snot-nosed boy .

But what about Fran? The other black cat people would not be able to keep up with Fran . If I died, she would be alone, wouldn’t she? That’s what I thought, but I guess she has a good partner .

We only had a mere ten seconds of conversation, but I could ascertain that the owner of this telepathic conversation was a person with a firm heart . With this guy, Fran won’t be lonely .

Now I can put my life on the line without a care in the world .

(This old lady is already nearing her grave . Can you help me use this little bit of life I have left?)

“……I see . I understand . Then can you lend me that little bit of life? To defeat Xellos Reed . ”

(Fuhahaha, that’s good, fine! Then what do you want me to do? Use the rest of my life as you see fit!)

“First of all–”


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