I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 353

Chapter 353: Master Kiara!

As Fran was clinging to Kiara’s body and sobbing, I saw several people running back into the room .

It was Mea and the others . However, there was a woman with them that I didn’t recognize . Who was that? Right now, my appraisal didn’t work as it should have either .

She must have followed Fran . Mea and the others rushed into the room in a panic, and when they saw Kiara lying there, their faces contorted .

“Master Kiara!”


Mea and Mianoa were the first to rush over . Aside from Mea, I’ve never seen Mianoa look so serious before . Both Quina and Guendalfa, who was carrying an unconscious Asura on her back, looked upset too .

They all seemed to understand the situation when they saw Kiara and Fran’s condition . Everyone knew already that Fran could utilize recovery magic, and mythical ones too . Despite that, the fact that Fran was currently weeping without casting the recovery magic meant… . .

“Fran, did you manage to hear Master Kiara’s last words?”

Mea spoke to Fran, as the tears flowing down both her eyes wetted her cheeks .

“Master Kiara was concerned about us . For Master Kiara, who had no family, we were close to her enough that she felt that we were like her own grandchildren . ”

“… she also said to be kind, cool, and live freely”

“I see . That sounds like things Master would say . ”

After hearing Fran’s words, Mea gave a big nod .


“Live freely… . Master Kiara had a hard time because of that old bastard . ”

Old bastard? I wondered who that referred to, but it was probably the previous Beast King . He was the one who enslaved Kiara, but when I thought about it, he was a grandfather to Mea .

“But in the end, Lady Kiara looks happy with herself . ”

Everyone nodded at Mianoa’s words . Mianoa, who was the lady in waiting, must have had a stronger bond with Kiara than anyone else . Understanding this, Mea and the others gave way for Mianoa to come close to Kiara .

Even Fran started to make space for her . Perhaps, she came to realize that she wasn’t the only one mourning Kiara’s death . She stood up, rubbing her eyes with her hands, which were bright red because she was crying .

“Thank you very much…”

Mianoa knelt down and wiped the dirt off Kiara’s face with her handkerchief .

“Kiara-sama… you’re smiling… . ”

Yes, Kiara was smiling . She seemed to be really satisfied with whatever she managed to do just before she departed .

Perhaps, when she released her last move, Kiara could barely feel her entire body anymore . I think she was not even aware that not only could she not see Xellos Reed, but her attack didn’t even hit him directly and was also assisted by my telekinesis .

Still, she said she was content and said her goodbyes to Fran with a smile . Her face seemed really blissful . Would I end up with a smile like hers on my face like that if I was destroyed right now and it was all over?

That was definitely impossible . I’m sure it would have been unsightly instead . I won’t be anywhere near satisfied and I would have cried with regret as I called out Fran’s name .

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Kiara must have experienced all sorts of things throughout her long life, both good and bad .

Talking and drinking with friends, tasting the sweetness and bitterness of life, sipping muddy water – no, that’s wrong . She must have lived a life that cannot be imagined even by a monk already in his thirties . In other words, Kiara’s life probably couldn’t be fully expressed with such a simplistic outlook .

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Thus, I think it’s because of all of her life experience that Kiara was able to laugh and pass away so peacefully like that . It was impossible for me to be as such now . I admire her . I want to gain more experience so that I can end up laughing at the end too, together with Fran, hopefully after many fulfilling years to come .

Therefore, I cannot just do nothing and be broken in such a place . I managed to try to fix myself somewhat, but the intense pain didn’t help .


What in the world has become of me?

While everyone was surrounding Kiara, one mysterious woman, who was not standing together with the group, approached me .

She was tall, with long silver hair and a white robe . Her eyes were sharp, no- her eyes were unsettlingly intense . Could it be that she was angry at being left alone?

I could see that the muscles on her body were well-toned despite being so lean . Merely from the fact that she was in a place like this suggested that she was not just any regular woman .

Her right eye, with only a slit opened, peeking out from between her long bangs, stared at me, holding me firmly in place . Owh… What shall I do… If Mea and the others were the ones who brought her here, then she was probably not an enemy . But if this woman starts to pick me up and tries to equip me, we’ll all be in all sorts of trouble .

It couldn’t be helped . I know Fran would have liked to be around Kiara a little longer, but If this woman suddenly picked me up in silence……

“Fran… Guh…”


“This, woman…”

Maybe it’s because the adrenaline of battle had dissipated, but I could no longer hold back the pain . Still, I managed to ask Fran for help by sending her a telepathic message .

I think Fran then turned and saw me and the woman and understood what I was trying to say . She got up hurriedly, wiping away her tears, and ran up to me . Then she picked me up before the woman could .

(Master… . Are you okay?)


Having said that, I couldn’t shake this strong feeling of discomfort . No matter what I tried to do, I kept feeling this pain coming back again and again, and I couldn’t even begin to repair myself . Moreover there was no sign that my magical power would recover .

Will I be cured if I get a blacksmith to repair me? No, I’ll be in trouble if I can’t heal . I couldn’t do anything as it is now . This was a difficult moment for Fran, as she just lost someone she truly looked up to . I have to be strong, at least just for her .


Will I be cured if I get a blacksmith to repair me? No, I’ll be in trouble if I can’t heal . I couldn’t do anything as it is now . This was a difficult moment for Fran, as she just lost someone she truly looked up to . I have to be strong, at least just for her .


Even though it was her possession, I understand that it was not polite to suddenly appear out of nowhere and take the sword all of a sudden . Fran approached the woman with a slight hesitation . The other person also slightly approached Fran .

“Are you the owner of the sword?”


The woman had a sour look as she asked Fran . I knew she’d be in a bad mood . Still, though, she still had enough sense not to complain about the crying Mea and the others .

“I see . Let me see that sword for a minute . ”


Hmm, what should I do? I don’t think it’s a problem just to show it, but I don’t know who this woman is . However, if I refused, it looked like I might make her mad, and if that happened, it seems like it will be a pain . In the first place, is my appraisal camouflage working now?

“You should let her see . ”

As I was distressed, Mea suddenly approached me from the side . From the way Mea said, she seemed to be surprisingly more superior than Mea . Moreover, the tone of voice earlier felt somewhat familiar .

“Lady Alistair wouldn’t do anything wrong . Lind also meets Lady Alistair on a regular basis . ”

(Master, is it fine?)

“Oh . ”

Mea trusted her that much, so it would be rude to say no here . Besides, she was the kind of person who could handle a divine sword, right? She must be a great blacksmith . I don’t know what someone with an awesome skill like that is doing here, though .


“Oh, thank you . ”

It’s strange because both her tone and her sour looks didn’t seem too strange when you think of her as a blacksmith . Rather, I even think that it was very fitting for a craftsman .

Alistair stared at me as Fran stuck me out, and she kept staring at me sullenly . Her gaze scoured my brim and hilt .

“I knew this design was……… But the shape of the pattern… . May I take a closer look?”


“Now, if you’ll excuse me…… . . Analysis Eye!”

I could see the magical powers in Alistair’s eyes . There was such a strong magical power concentrated in her eyes that if we were in a dark place, her eyes would glow .

Then Alistair let out a murmur of surprise .

“That’s a very strict equipment registration…… . . No, is this power a remnant of God’s…? Moreover … this … this thing … this bullshit sword, who made it? Was it a divine blacksmith?”

“Is there a problem?”

“No, that’s not something to say out loud here . Could you give me a few minutes of your time later?”

Apparently, she has been able to see my status and other information through her appraisal-like abilities . And, based on the reaction she gave just now, she might have found out that I was an intelligent weapon .

“The magic circuit is shredded . At this rate, it’s in danger of being unable to make a proper restoration . ”

“!!! Is this true? What should I do now?”

“Wait a minute… Can I touch it?”


Now that’s a confirmation, you’re definitely talking to me . I knew it . This is a true intelligent weapon .

Alistair gently touched my hilt with her thin fingertips and began to pour a small amount of magic into it . However, I did not feel any discomfort . It was rather warm and soothing, so much such that it even felt good . I guess It may be time for me to have a blacksmith perform maintenance .


Is this similar to the sensation of healing wounds? I could sense that something deep within me was healing .

Still, self-repair couldn’t work . Was it because it wasn’t that kind of healing that worked, or was my damage that serious? However, this Alistair woman feels trustworthy .

A bit simple minded huh, if I do say so myself . Was I the type of person who, when I was injured severely, would easily sway if someone was a little kind to me?


“I’m fine . ”

I experienced less pain now when using telepathic communication . No, I’m sure, it was definitely much less than before . It’s all thanks to Alistair . I wonder who Alistair is exactly?

“I have administered first aid . If you don’t overdo it, it won’t get any worse than that, but you should refrain from fighting until it’s properly fixed . ”

“Then, can you heal it properly?”

“Of course . There are no weapons I can’t fix . ”

“For real?”

“Oh, just leave it to me”

“Is that so… That’s great… . !”

Immediately after hearing Alistair’s words, Fran squeezed my hilt and let out a sigh of relief . “Hou” . And then she shed a big tear .

She had lost Kiara and even I was feeling sad about it . I’m sure she couldn’t stop herself from having negative thoughts, and she was always anxious all this time too . I was too busy with my own problems to notice earlier .

“Fran, I’m sorry . I didn’t mean to worry you . ”

(No … uh … it’s okay . But really, it’s a relief that you’re okay master… . )


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