I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 354

Chapter 354: Well then, let’s depart!

As Fran and Alistair were talking, Mea joined in the conversation .

“That conversation just now… Does that mean Alistair will undertake the restoration of the sword?”

“Yes . That is, if the girl allows it, I will work on it”

“You should allow Alistair to repair it Fran . I mean how often do you get this kind of luck?”

Mea and Alistair look at Fran .

(Master? Is it fine?)

“…Yes, I’ll leave it to you . ”

In the first place, this woman healed me and made it tremendously easy for me to use the telepathic ability without feeling any pain . I felt like I could trust her skills . Above all,Mea gave an obvious sign that she deeply trusted Alistair from her fervent expression that seemed to have come from the bottom of her heart .

“Hmm, then, please . ”

“Yes, I’ll take good care of it . So, what are you guys going to do after this?”

“Yeah… about that…”

Mea turned to look at Kiara . Kiara, who led everyone all the way up to this point, was dead, and Mianoa was incapacitated . Quina was only a maid and Guendalfa is still inexperienced . Asura just lost consciousness, and Fran was not fit to be a leader yet either .

Mea was the only person who could possibly hold this group together . She must have realized it as she looked around . She turned over slowly, rubbed her red eyes lightly, and then quickly looked up .

“First of all, we have to make sure that the master of this dungeon is really dead . After that, we will destroy the core . ”

“Are you sure? Wouldn’t it be a waste to destroy this large and valuable dungeon?”

Quina asked Mea, who answered Alistair’s question . But Mea nodded with certainty .

“It will only be another potential source of future disaster, especially a dungeon that spanned between two countries like this one . If we left this dungeon be it would spur a conflict between nations for ownership since a dungeon is a great source of incomes . ”

Well, even if any country eventually gains ownership of this dungeon, the other countries will still remain suspicious and be on guard against them . The fact that it was used for the war will have caused it to always have that image attached to it . However, the benefits of having power over the dungeon was too great for any parties involved to give up on fighting for ownership . Unless all sides created a clear-cut mechanism for co-governance, it would surely lead to conflict at some point .

Nonetheless, there was no way the Beastman Nation and Bashar Kingdom, which were already not on speaking terms with each other, would join hands and share such an extraordinary bounty . Their relationship would most likely only worsen as times goes by . Thus, destroying the dungeon would nip any future problems in the bud . Apparently Mea thought so too .

“As a royal family, we might have to consider the use–”

“No, I agree with you . ”

Also, considering the character of the Beast King, I feel like I’m in favor of destroying the dungeon . It’s like they’re going to say, “If it’s going to be a lot of trouble, let’s go ahead and destroy it instead . ” Anyway, Mea seems to have decided to destroy it herself . There was no hesitation in her eyes .

“Me and Quina will go deeper . Lady Alistair, please take Fran and the others and get out first . ”

“Well, since you have shown me your sword . Fine . I’ll take care of them until we get out of here . May I go straight to my house?”

“If we can’t catch up, we’d appreciate it if you could . ”

“What will you do after that?”

“I’m going to take Quina and the others back to Gringote . I have a lot of things I want to find out and research . But I want to entrust Fran and her sword to Alistair . Is that fine with you? ”

“No problem, and I’d like to take a closer look at that sword too,of course that is if that’s okay with you . . ”

“Is that alright with you, Fran?”


Fran reluctantly nods .

“I’m sorry . ”

(No, Master is the most important thing right now . )

I think she actually wanted to go with Mea . But I swallowed my words, understanding that my restoration was top priority right now .

“And what about that stupid demon over there? If you want, I’ll take him with us . ”

It could be said that she was acquainted with Asura as well . It’s not simply a feeling of familiarity, but more of a sense of comfort . After thinking a little, Mea bowed to Alistair .

“Could I bother you with that?”

“Accepted . ”

Alistair approached Asura, who was lying on top of Guendalfa’s cloak . She carried him up easily . Contrary to her slender frame, she was actually so powerful!

“Anyway, we need to get out of here . I think we should give Kiara a proper burial too, don’t we?”

“That’s right…… . ”

“Could you please take care of Lady Kiara, Lady Fran?”

“I understand . ”

Fran nodded at Mianoa’s words and put Kiara’s body away in her dimensional storage . I felt like storing the bodies of people I knew in dimensional storage was treating them like objects, and for a moment I wondered if that was okay, but apparently the rest of the guys didn’t feel any particular sentiment about it except for me .

This is a world in which death was much more familiar to us, and that the way we thought about corpses was also different and more serious . If left alone alone, they could potentially become undead . The idea seemed to be that because of the concept of the soul in the first place, after you died you were no longer there .

After quickly getting ready to leave, we headed straight for the dungeon’s exit, with Fran and Urushi in the lead .

After quickly getting ready to leave, we headed straight for the dungeon’s exit, with Fran and Urushi in the lead .

It took longer than I thought it would because everyone was still worn out, but it wasn’t as particularly dangerous due to the lack of monsters .

I’ve tried it lightly on the road, but apparently Fran’s and my skill sharing was already starting to work well . That was the only blessing I received in this whole bundle of misery . However, since my magic power was empty, I had to make do with just Fran’s magic power for now . We will have to be very careful about that .

While we were going through the labyrinth part of the dungeon, the dungeon started trembling greatly . It’s likely that Mea and her team have succeeded in destroying the dungeon core .

Then, just before escaping the dungeon, Mea and the others caught up with us . Then, they reported that the core was destroyed and the dungeon was on its way to collapsing . Thus, from now on, this place will be nothing more than an ordinary underground structure .

“Well, I guess this is goodbye for now . ”


“A lot of things happened, but let’s meet each other again in the future . ”

“……Good luck . ”

“Thank you . We will also pray for Master’s recovery, and hope that he will be able to heal properly . Also, can I leave Master Kiara with you for a little while longer? Once we get settled in, we will arrange a funeral for her, after all we want to make sure the funeral service goes off without a hitch . ”

“Leave it to me . ”

After escaping the dungeon, Mea and Fran gave each other a firm handshake and encouraged each other onwards .

We are supposed to still be at war with the Kingdom of Bashar . I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I’m sure they won’t lose now that the threat from the North has disappeared . They should be able to repel the kingdom of Bashar .

No, they have to… otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth it for Kiara to risk her life . And I am sure that Mea understood it as well . With one last emphatic nod, Mea left with Quina, Guendalfa, and Mianoa .

As Kiara’s apprentice and a princess, I am sure that she has a lot of responsibilities, especially now that Kiara is no longer here, she will surely bear more responsibilities . Though thinking how much that small back of her has to endure from now on I can’t help but want to root for her .

Fran stared off at Mea’s back and the others as they climbed into the carriage .

“We’ll see each other again soon . ”

“Hmm . ”

After the golem carriage which Mea and the others were in rode off, Alistair spoke to a lonely-looking Fran .

“… . . Should we get going now too? But first, you may have an idea who I am by now, but I’ll tell you who I am anyway . ”

“Hmm . ”

“My name is Alistair . My occupation is a divine blacksmith . A pleasure to meet you, Black Thunder Princess and… . Mr . Intelligent Weapon?”

I knew it . I got found out . But still, a divine blacksmith? I thought it was possible that she was in charge of taking care of the divine sword, but I didn’t think it was really true………

There was just so much going on that I didn’t have the energy left to be surprised anymore . Fran looked to be the same . She opened her eyes lightly and introduced herself normally .

“I am a rank C adventurer . Fran, the Black Heavenly Tiger . ”

“…I am Master”


“And this is Urushi”

“By the way, is Fran the one that gave you the name master?”


“So it’s not named…… . . How is it possible to not be named at this level?”

Wasn’t the Named system supposed to be a way for gods to name their great equipment? I’d be honored to be compared to an item in that class, but what about it? I’m aware that I’m a good sword, but I’m not overconfident enough to say, “I’m a sword accepted by God! Now bow before me you fool!”

“For now, we’re going to my house . Once we get there, I should be able to analyze and repair your master . ”

“I look forward to working with you . ”

“Thank you . ”

“It’s the same for me, I get to touch a great sword, thanks to you . Alright, now get in this one . ”

What Alistair took out of the item bag was a golem carriage that looked exactly like the one Quina had in her possession .

Fran climbed into the carriage as prompted . Alistair threw Asura onto the floor of the carriage .

“Is that okay?”

“Serves him right! How could this idiot demon get out of control until like this anyway? I bet he’ll wake up with a stupid look on his face . ”

That’s a bitter pill to swallow for Asura . What happened between them in the past anyway? Well, we can ask him about that too when he wakes up .

“Well then, let’s depart!”

Then we got into the golem carriage and left for the divine blacksmith’s house .


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