I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 355

Chapter 355: A divine grade blacksmith

Alistair’s mansion was eastwards from the dungeon. Their golem carriage advanced along the boundary mountains.

“Well, shall we talk lightly along the way?”

“That, is that fine?”

What Fran worried about was the driver’s seat. It was just the horse-powered golems right now. Even if they did remember the way, what if demon beasts attacked and stuff?

“It’s ok. There is a powerful barrier against demon beasts. And there is no thief crazy enough that they would attack my carriage. No, more like they are long gone already. Kukuku”

It appeared that all sorts of things had happened before. Well, if a divine grade blacksmith said it was okay, then it probably is okay. Plus, there’s Urushi there running alongside us. If push came to shove, Urushi will kick the shit out of them.

“So, first of all, would you like to talk about your master?”


Fran nodded and then glanced at Asura. She was wondering if she would hear them. Then, Alistair took out a mysterious tool from the item bag.

It looked like a cord about 1 meter long, I think?

“It’s a telepathic communication device. Well, it’s an unfinished product that requires you to touch the string and that if you make it longer than 1 meter, you will instantly lose the telepathic communication. It’s a good tool for a few people to have a private conversation, right?”

Fran and Alistair, sitting side by side on the seat by the carriage wall, each grabbed the end of the cord. I was in Fran’s arms, and she wrapped the cord around the handle. So the cord was just barely long enough. I see, the ones using this needed to be extraordinarily close to each other for it to work.

(How is it? Can you hear me?)


“I can hear you”

There was no pain from telepathy anymore thanks to the careful consideration of the item’s effect. Since this was the case, I could have a normal conversation. I mean, it worked as well for me, a sword.

(So let me ask you again. I would like to ask about the master himself, his creator and the period of production)

We decided to be honest about answering the things we were asked. We were going to need her help to fix me, and we’re dealing with a divine blacksmith anyways. If we lie badly, we will just end up getting found out. On top of that, they might find out about my roots so we decided it was best not to lie to her.

That being said, I really didn’t know anything about my creator. There wasn’t much that could be said of it. When I replied so honestly, Alistair uttered a word of surprise.

(I see….. so the master was a human previously right?)

“You- you know?”

To my surprise, she had already found out before I could explain myself. Why? Could it be that an appraisal used by a divine grade blacksmith could even show that the item was originally human?

(No, because even I couldn’t create an artificial soul spirit that can do master’s level of response. And when I looked at the shape of the soul, it didn’t look like it was artificial)

Apparently she had the ability to see souls, like the unique skill Soul Spiritual Eye that Jean the necromancer possessed. I don’t really know much about it, but I guess there were many forms of souls.

(Your soul looks just like a person and could give out responses just like a human’s. It’s way too similar to a person. But it all makes sense if you consider that it was originally a human. Well, that leaves me wondering.)

“Of what?”

(I don’t know how to contain a person’s soul in a sword. I’m a divine blacksmith. But I have no idea what kind of method they used.)

That’s where it all comes down to, wasn’t it? Who put me on the sword? Was it the creator of the sword, or was it someone else?

(I’m hoping that once we do the analysis in my house, it will give us some further insight into this. Let’s leave this for later. Yeah, I’m looking forward to it now. Kukuku)

Alistair seemed like a pretty sensible person, but the way she looked at me right now is a little scary. It’s similar to a child’s eyes when being given a new toy.

(Next, I want to hear about your encounter with Fran, is that okay?)

“Ah, yes. Don’t worry. I’ll try my best to remember it.”

However, Fran was already asleep. No wonder I thought it was strangely quiet. She must have been tired from crying earlier.

(I guess we’ll have to wait to hear from Fran later.)

“My bad. I’ll answer as much as I can.”

(Well, it’s a kids’ job to sleep anyways. There’s nothing we can do about it. So let’s start with the encounter, shall we?)

I talk about everything without leaving out any details. I told her the story of how I met Fran, and even Alistair was taken aback upon listening to more of the story of how we first met.

Even I myself thought it was pretty absurd, so I don’t blame you.

After that, we continued on our adventures together, and together we’ve traveled and grown after reaching place after place. Sometimes, we delved into dungeons, crossed the seas, and finally came to this land at the end of our previous journey.

For the most part, Alistair showed little interest in our journey though. It seemed that she was more interested in knowing the way I matured and grew than of the adventure stories and such. She had a lot of curiosity, but it appears that it was only limited to the fields she was interested in.

My explanation then came to the part where we entered this continent and fought the Valkyries. During this time, a serious incident happened, which may have something to do with my mutation.

“‘For some reason, I’ve started to feel pain from time to time when I use my skills and consume mana.”

(Even though you are a sword you can feel pain? That’s interesting. Does it hurt every time you use a skill?)

“No, I only usually feel pain when I activate multiple techniques at a time, or when I’ve used too many form transformations.”

I’m supposed to have no sense of pain, but somehow I could feel it. No, I have no pain, and I’m doubtful if it actually hurt. However, the sensation of pain was certainly the closest I could relate it to.

(It’s hard to say without using equipment to examine that. And I’ve never seen a sword in pain before. However, it could have some serious effect on the master. In the future, refrain from doing anything that might cause you pain.)

“I understand.”

I’ve got this tool for telepathic communication, so I’m sure I can handle it for now. I then explained the process of eradicating the army of evil people and meeting Alistair. I don’t remember where I got all of the skills, etc., as expected, but as far as I’ve been asked, I could answer all of them, and I don’t think I’ve made any mistakes.

After that, time continued to pass as we discussed the sensation of absorbing a magic stone, the desires to become human, and the differences between humans and swords when using the skill.

She was particularly interested in the ability to absorb magic stones. She asked me in detail what demonic beasts had high magic stone values and what had low values.

Are these really the questions I need to answer for her to fix me? Aren’t you merely putting your curiosity first?

But basically, the magic stone value of stronger demonic beasts are higher, and the magic stone value of evil people is low, etc. I told her.

And then there was that other thing, with regards to leveling up skills. The system of spending points is a system that Alistair has never heard of.

(The more I hear about it, the more intrigued I am.)

“I am honored to have a divine blacksmith say that to me.”

(When it comes to combat power, we have more weapons than master. Like the divine sword. But there aren’t many swords that are this mysterious. You surprise me, a divine blacksmith. You should be proud.)

2 hours later.

Around the time I finished answering most of Alistair’s questions, the carriage stopped.

“Oh, we’re already there. Well, time flew by so fast! It was a good ride! Hey, Fran, wake up..”


“Come on, you stupid demon, wake up!”

Alistair kicked Asura in the head next to a sleeping Fran rubbing her eyes. Oi, Oi, Is that fine? Even if the damage didn’t look like much, he should be worn out from the mad demonization and other things, right?

However, Alistair’s kicks didn’t stop. Only after he had been kicked five times like that…

“Ah? Where is this…?”

“You finally woke up huh? You stupid demon.”

“Geh…. Alistair!”

Asura looks up at Alistair and lets out a pathetic scream.

“Wha- what are you doing!”

“That’s because I could feel the magic of the divine sword. There were two to be precise. So I went to see the situation. If it’s a battle between two divine swords, it’s a big deal.”

A divine grade blacksmith even has the ability to sense the magic power of a divine sword? And the way you just spoke, were you thinking of stopping a battle between divine swords?

“If it’s broken after a fight, I’ll have a chance to fix it!”

Apparently, she was a person who was faithful to her desires.


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