I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 357

Chapter 357: Truth of the Sword

Well, it turns out that Alistair might know something about me. However, she doesn’t seem to have a lot of confidence on her face.

“I just don’t know if this is true…”

“What do you mean?”

“Just a moment– Truth of the Sword, activate!”

Alistair closed her eyes and concentrated. And then she activated some kind of skill. Immediately afterwards, something that looked like a clear, thin plate floated in front of her. There are characters and pictures that were displayed there.

“That is?”

“It’s part of a divine grade blacksmith’s unique skill, a skill that has a function to know the truth behind the creation of a sword. Well, to put it simply, it is like an illustrated book filled with divine swords and knowledge about them, from which divine grade smiths could draw information from. Information can also be displayed externally in this way.”

I think it’s something like an encyclopedia. And it looks like it can display the information you wanted too. Maybe it’s just a picture book with a really high performance.

If you look at the information display function of Truth of the Sword, which looked like a hologram, it looks more like science fiction rather than magic or skill.

“Well, there is a lot of information that is not available for others to see. How is it? Do you think you can read it?”

Even if you ask me if I can read it, since it’s right in front of me so–

『Hmm? What is this?』

“I can’t read it.”

The text on display was a mess. If it’s not encrypted, it’s completely nonsense. But apparently, Alistair already expected it. Therefore she only calmly nodded.

“I knew it. So what about the painting?”

『I can see a sword』

“Mm. it’s looks a bit like Master.”

『Is that so? Well, maybe that’s right』

Although the shape of the most important emblem area was completely different, the hilt and sword blade were exactly the same.

“The picture looks fine.”

The picture seems to be exactly what Alistair wanted to show. I mean, the text was just gibberish when viewed by someone who isn’t qualified, but it looks like Alistair can see the proper textual information.

『If you went to the trouble of showing it to me, does that mean the sword isn’t irrelevant to me?』

“Yeah, as Fran said, it has too much in common with you, Master.”

Then Alistair went on to list the similarities between this picture and me. First of all, the pattern. Then the shape, the size, the color of the braid and the weave, everything seems to match perfectly. It was so much alike that it would have been impossible to say that it was just a simple imitation.

Moreover, the sword blade. The blue pattern and other minor decorations were similar. The length of the sword blade is said to be a perfect match too.

However, the most eye-catching part, the brim, was completely different.

I had a heroic emblem of a wolf at the base of the sword, but in this painting, there were four human face-like things drawn side by side. It is an emblem with the design of four beautiful women with their eyes closed and each face has something that looks like angels’ wings on the back.

『Sure, they might be similar except for the emblem…….』

“Right. A detailed explanation will take time. We’ll have to wait until after we’ve made the necessary repairs. Give me a minute.”

Alistair paused and pulled out some kind of basketball-sized metal sphere from the item bag. When Alistair cast a spell lightly and touched the metal ball, the shape changed at once. It had a strange shape, like a tangled web of thin metal threads, or like a cotton candy made of metal.

Alistair made more changes as she wrapped that metal cotton around my sword blade. Then, she poured some kind of potion on top of it and applied some magic.

“–Fu. With this, this Oreichalcos should be absorbed into master’s blade and automatically begin to repair itself.”

So this is Oreichalcos. She took out a lot of it, even though it is a legendary metal.

“Thank you.”

“That’s my job. But more importantly, about what we were talking about earlier.”

Alistair pulled a chair from the corner of the lab and sat down. She offered another chair to Fran.

“Well, let me start by saying this… in my opinion, master was created by more than one person.”

『Multiple? Does that mean there were many creators?』

“Well, it’s close to that. The sword on the outside and the one who created the ability to seal human souls and absorb demonic stones inside would be different people. The quality of their work is too different, even on a casual glance. I’m going to proceed on that premise, okay?”

“I understand”

『I understand』

Unexpectedly, it’s more of a shock. There were quite a few surprises. We didn’t know anything about it in the first place, but I was actually a sword made by multiple people! That being said, when I heard it, I’m like, “Hmmm”. If it were from a human being’s perspective, isn’t it similar to a situation where there were multiple parents with complicated circumstances?

Once she was sure we understood, Alistair moved the still-displayed picture of the sword in front of Fran.

“This sword, inscribed with the word ‘Wisdom Sword Cherubim’. Currently it is one of the divine swords that have been lost.”

『Eh? A divine sword? You mean this is a divine sword? This sword that looks like me?』

I cannot ignore this information. After all, it’s the divine sword you know? It’s like the best sword in the world, and you say it looked like me?

“What do you mean?”

“Well, there are several possibilities… but, I think master is a discarded divine sword.”

『Discarded divine sword? Another word I don’t know.』

“don’t understand.”

“Hmm, I see. It’s certainly not a widely known story. Let’s start with the explanation first.”

“A discarded divine sword is apparently a divine sword that has been discarded, as the name stated. There were two main reasons why the Discarded Divine Sword was born.”

“One of the reasons, out of a variety of others, is If one failed to create it. Most of them were discarded because they have the power equivalent to a divine sword, but their abilities were unfortunately half-hearted and in danger of going out of control.”

In that case, the said sword fails to become a divine sword. It may seem a shame to discard it, but the potential for it to go out of control, on the other hand, would certainly be hard to overlook.

“The other is when the finished divine sword is ordered to be destroyed because it is too dangerous.”

“Ordered? By whom?”

“God. In the past, there were three divine swords that were allegedly ordered by God to be destroyed. It was said that all of them were so dangerous that they were discarded by the Divine Grade Blacksmith himself without activating most of the swords’ abilities.”

I see, so it’s a case of succeeding but having to dispose of it because its ability was more dangerous than expected. Though, I can’t imagine an ability so dangerous that God would order it to be discarded.

“Speaking of divine swords, they are as intimate as children to us divine blacksmith. How much pain the past divine grade blacksmiths who were ordered to dispose of it have to endure…….”

Alistair murmured with a strange face.

“But it’s also true that you can’t really let a sword that could bring calamity out into the world when the sword was supposed to protect the world instead. It would be unavoidable. That’s why I want the divine sword that is alive and well now to remain intact. It is a discarded divine sword that has escaped destruction for some reason.”

Is that why Alistair treated us so well? I thought you were just a sword nerd.

“What were those three swords?”

“One of the three is the nuclear strike sword, Meltdown. The details of it were not even recorded in the Truth of the Sword, but it was a terrifying divine sword that produced tremendous power and poison.It was ordered to be destroyed because, if left unchecked, it could threatened to wipe all creatures off the face of this world.”

Power and poison……. You mean nuclear energy and radiation? The name was also Meltdown. I don’t know how powerful it is, but it would definitely be dangerous if it was used around the world. It must have been so powerful that God considered it dangerous.

“The other was the beheading sword, Judgment. It is said that it was a divine sword that could simulate divine punishment. However, this was also discarded because it may twist the world’s reason.”

I can’t imagine this at all. However, when it came to the possibility of abusing God’s rules, it may indeed be seen as dangerous.

“And the last one is the wisdom sword, Cherubim. It is said that it was able to access, interfere with and even rewrite all the knowledge stored in the God Realm. However, It seemed that the ability to browse knowledge was the main problem, though.They said that people were able to access even knowledge that they shouldn’t know.”

So that’s it. So it’s a risk of spreading dangerous knowledge to the world? But I wonder if this Cherubim-san might have anything to do with me? I’m a little scared.


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