I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 358

Chapter 358: Does your occupation affect your lifespan?

“So, the two of you have come to understand a little bit more about the Discarded Divine Sword right?”



“Alright. Now, let’s talk about the possible relationship between Cherubim and Master.”

So, this conversation is finally happening. I’m getting a little nervous.

“I’ve been thinking about it. When one is told to dispose of a divine sword, just how exactly is it done?”

“Hmm…. By throwing it away?”

『No, that alone won’t be enough. It shouldn’t be allowed to exist anymore, so unless you could melt it down into an ingot or something….』

I shuddered as I imagined the scene of myself being melted down. If I were human, it’s like imagining a horror scene where I was murdered in a freakishly gruesome manner. Hmmm, I was a little surprised to find myself more inclined towards my existence as a sword than I thought I was.

“Of course, there’s also a method of disposal by smelting it again in the furnace and turning it back into a chunk of Oreichalcos. However, don’t you agree that that’s a waste of time?”

『Even if you ask me……』

A divine sword would take a huge amount of time and effort to make. Can you destroy it completely and pretend it never happened? I couldn’t do that.

『I think they’d rather do something about the parts they’ve been told are no good and think about reusing the good part.』

“Right? It’s a divine sword, you know? That is a first class sword. Then we can just erase the abilities inside and divert the outside to something different.”

『In another words are you saying that I’m a product of that kind of process?』

“Maybe, just maybe. Even if you’d lost the function of a divine sword, its size as a vessel is incomparable to other magic swords. I’m sure you could add a new and different ability.”

『But why is the emblem part different? Isn’t it strange that it is not an angel emblem as in the picture?』

“You could make several modifications if it were limited to superficial matters like that. And it wouldn’t be strange to have a new emblem when the sword is born anew, right?”

“Hmm. I guess.”

“And I’m not really sure what I’m about to say is true but…… There’s another possibility it could have been a test run or a failure when making Cherubim. The other possibility is that it was a prototype made before the production of the completed product.”

“My Master is not a failure.”

『Thank you Fran』

“What I can say for sure is that there is some kind of connection between Master and the Divine Sword Cherubim. At the very least, they may have inherited similar abilities.”

Cherubim’s ability….. When Alistair talked about this, I was reminded of something, or someone. I had thought about it maybe around the time I started hearing about the Discarded Divine Sword, but the more I heard about it, the more I became convinced of what I’m thinking of.

A reliable person who was always there for me, the announcer. He was still the announcer who mechanically delivered level-up and title notifications to me, but once, I was actually able to talk to him. It was in the middle of the first time I used the potential release in a fight with the Lich, and Announcer-san left some words of concern as his voice dissipated.

〈Thanks to the individual named Master, I, who was not allowed to exist by God, who was erased from existence by the Maker and allowed to exist only as a vessel, was finally able to exercise power for the Lord. May the blessing of the God of Wisdom be on your way –〉

Isn’t that exactly what Alistair told me? Moreover, if I’m not wrong, Announcer-san also mentioned the word “divine realm” while releasing the potential limit.

〈――Attempting to access the divine realm――Success. Accessing library. Obtaining information on Clairvoyance in exchange for loss of access ability. Building the skill Clairvoyance— Successful〉

That’s what he said. I think he also mentioned the ability to browse and interfere with the knowledge of the divine realm that Alistair was talking about. And so I decided to tell Alistair about Announcer-san.

“It’s interesting. It may indeed be the remnant of the Cherubim, which makes it more likely that it really was created by reusing Cherubim.”

『Someone else mentioned that too…. Yes, that mysterious voice. That voice sounded like Announcer-san and he said, ‘Remnants of an existence that supposedly already gone, It just miraculously came to the surface with the potential limit release. The price of using so much more power than he had, even the residue of it, will disappear.’ I’m sure he said something like that.』

That voice was also a mystery. It sounded more like an ally than an enemy, and it didn’t seem like something I can think and do something about, so I tried my best not to worry about it after that, but… We can no longer ignore it at present. I decided to ask Alistair about the mysterious voice as well.

『Actually, do you think there is one more person inside me besides Announcer-san? I think there is another person inside me.』

“What? What kind of person is that?”


『No matter what you say. All I can say is he is a somewhat bad attitude man.』

They say you can get your strength back when the Moon Festival approaches, but I’ve never been able to have a proper conversation with them because of all the things that get in the way each time. However, he seemed to know various things about my situation.

“I can’t guess it with just that.”

『After all, I don’t know his name or what he looks like. It can’t be helped -no, wait. I think I did see him once?』

He showed up at an inn in Barbora, like a phantom. As I recall, he came with the intention to apologize and told me that the potential release had worn that man out for some reason, and that I wasn’t going to be able to talk to him for a while.

『Let’s see, he was a mature man. He had silver hair, and he was wearing a loose-fitting, robe-like outfit in all black colour.』

“I still don’t think that’s a clue after all.”

『After all?』

I’m sure there are plenty of men with silver hair but…..

“However, just keep it in mind. Maybe, if you keep looking into it, later, you may find out something. Anyway, once I’m done repairing the blade, I will start analyzing and repairing the interior.”

I mean, I feel like if I could have a conversation with that man, it would all be solved. Can’t we use Alistair’s power to search for more clues?

“Yes. Well, let’s do our best to get in touch with that mysterious voice, too.”

『I’ll leave it up to you』

“Leave it to me.”

『Any other information that might help– yeah, I’m apparently a member of the God of Chaos, right?』

“What? The God of Chaos? Not the God of Wisdom?”


“Hmm…….The divine sword, as its name implies, is a sword that bears the power of a god. Each divine sword is a family member belonging to the god who gave it the power…. Cherubim was supposed to have been a family member of the God of Wisdom. Hmm…. Belonging to the God of Chaos, huh… Well, it seems worth investigating.”

Oh that’s good. It might have helped a little. Hmm… Is there any other information I have not yet told them?

『Ah. Can you give me more information about the place I was stuck in, or perhaps some other hint?』

“Was it the Field of the Demon Wolf? Honestly, it won’t do anything to help, unless you can examine the altar or whatever it is directly.”

“I see.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been there either. I’ve conquered every continent in the last 100 years or so, but I still haven’t reached the Demon Wolf Plains.”

“100 years?”

『Eh? How old are you now?』

I was more surprised by learning of how long she had already lived than the information that she has been to all the continents. From appearances alone, I was sure she was completely human.

“I am half elf.”

“Your ears? Amanda’s were sharp.”

That’s right. Amanda, a rank A adventurer who used a whip as her weapon, was a half-elf, but her ears were as pointed as an elf’s. However, Alistair’s ears are round like any other human.

“Ha ha ha, do you know any other half-elves besides me?”


“Well, in my case, it looks like my father’s blood who’s human was thicker than my mother who was an elf. Therefore my appearance is closer to a human than an elf’s.”

So that’s how it is. Even if one was half elf, they don’t necessarily inherit the appearance of an elf.

“Well, the longevity isn’t just a tribal thing, it’s also an occupational thing.”

『Does your occupation affect your lifespan?』

“It’s not so much my profession, but rather, my profession’s specific skill is called Physical Mastery. As the name implies, it’s a skill that keeps the body in its prime, but it also extends the life span of the body by keeping it young for long periods of time.”

Skills that keep you young? It’s not a very blacksmith-like skill. No. Is it possible, considering that she will remain at her prime as a blacksmith for a long period of time? And she said she had a number of unique skills. As expected of a divine blacksmith, she was just truly as impressive as her title sounds.


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