I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Skills, Magic Stones, and Me

(Demon stone = Magic stone) (I may flip flop them on accident but will try to keep it magic stone from now on) (Also i think i now understand the way the appraisal works Race, species, then if its a magic beast or an animal. So in the future i will try to make sure to use magic beast instead of demon beast as it usually ends up something like Goblin:Evil demon:Demon Beast when it would probably be more accurate to say Goblin:Demon:Magic Beast.)

I will work on these changes starting now. and i promise to try to start editing these after this post as this took forever. though it took about 2 hours less than chapter 3 and was 1300 more words or so. so i’m happy with that improvement in speed!



The goblin corpses are a nuisance.

Having fallen in front of the pedestal, they are now constantly in sight.

I went out of the ruins while dragging the corpses using telekinesis.

It left traces of their blood on the ground, but its better than their dead bodies.

Then dug a hole to bury the dead.

(Now to dig a hole to bury the dead) I hope that the hole digging skill i just got works.


I can dig it.

It can be dug noisily with a “zakuzaku” by the thin sword blade. (zakuzaku = crunching sound)

It seems like I’m even using a shovel.

However does the digging skill contribute to it, or is it simply thanks to telekinesis, could not be determined.

Probably, i want to think that there was some effect.

Well, it is good to have been able to collect skills while waiting for a suitable person to come.

Maybe that’s what i should aim to do while waiting. Become stronger as a magic sword.

And with that decided, i started to search immediately.

Using telekinesis, i jump around the ruins.

When my magic power decreases, i land and take a rest.

Because the surroundings are a plain, even if i go far away, I’m a little relieved to not lose sight of the pedestal.

The one found first was a little mouse with six legs.


I appraised it.』

Name: Six-legged rat : animal Lv1


Mp: 0 Strength: 1 Endurance: 1 agility: 10 Int: 2 Magic: 0 Dexterity: 3. Skills



Too Weak.

There isn’t even any skills too.

However, i am all right with just being able to absorb its magic stone.

The current magic stone level is 4/100

After gathering 96 more i expect that my rank will go up.

Please die for my growth.

I nose-dived at the mouse.

My attack easily hits the unsuspecting mouse.

The mouse split in two.

However, my body does not shine.

『Oh, why is that?』

Once again, the blade pierced the dead mouse.

But i still do not shine.

Was i not able to take in the magic stone by the present attack?

I opened up the body of the mouse carefully to investigate a cause.

It’s quite a grotesque site, but i was saved thanks to being a sword.

It is gross, but i don’t need to vomit.

I think whether I feel slightly sorry.

(Should i kill myself now.) As a result of the investigation, i could not find traces of a magic stone within the mouse’s body.

Then, i noticed.

When i confirmed the status of this mouse, it was transcribed as an animal.

Isn’t it that only demon’s have a magic stone inside if them?

Even on earth, animals don’t have such a thing inside themselves.

To inspect this theory, i have become the rats worst nightmare and attacked all that i could find.

The result, After killing three more, i could not find a magic stone.

Next i aim at Demon beasts.

Well, One was found already.

It’s a large centipede approximately 50 centimeters long which has been eating the bodies of dead rats which i had killed.

Name: Giant Centipede : Demon bug: Demon Beast : Lv4

Hp : 18 MP : 7 Strength : 6 Endurance : 10 Agility : 14 Intelligence : 1 Magic : 6 Dexterity : 2


Vibration sensing : Lv1 , Climbing : Lv1 , Poison fang.

The family is a demon beast. ***(I feel dumb, sorry guys seems demon beast may have been magic beast, but I’m conflicted because they are still demons. so i might just keep calling them demon beasts)***

At first i pierced the head.

However, it struggles, it rampages.

A yellow liquid seeps out of its mouth, “BitanBitan” while thrashing around.

To put and end to it, i cut up the body this time.

Still the divided large centipede moves back and forth showing the vitality peculiar to an insect.

But soon its wriggling stopped. A〜, Its disgusting.

However, he was defeated.

My sword blade glittered when i cut through the area around the centipedes heart which had stopped moving.

As expected, the demon beast seemed to have a magic stone.

Skills gained by the way, was the vibration sensing :Lv1 Climbing: Lv1 and poison fang.

But i don’t have fangs….

When i set it and used it, my MP decreased by 5, and a liquid delicately seeped out from my blade.

This is probably poison.

Oh, If it can be used, that’s fine!

Next i tried to set climbing and set vibration sensing, but wasn’t able to do it.

(Beyond the upper limit of the set skill)

I seem not to be able to employ all the skills that i got somehow or other.

Status item, Self-evolution (rank 1 magic stone 5/100 memory 10) With what is said, memory 10 seems like the number of skills which can be equipped.

(/tn note ***Yay that means i got it wrong but then got it right. haha ***)

To be sure

Digging : Lv1, Dismantling: Lv1, Warning: Lv1 Swordplay : Lv1 Club technique: Lv1 Leader: Lv1 Art of survival : Lv1 Climbing :Lv 1 Poison resistance : Lv1 Poison fang.

Are the 10 skills which are set.

When i tried removing Club technique and set vibration sensing, i was able to do it.

Well, i don’t really need 「club technique」, so let’s go as is until i get a new skill.

Leader, art of survival, poisonous resistance, and climbing obviously don’t to seem to be necessary for me.

I want to get a transformation skill

With that said it is time to resume the search.

The next discovery was 2 shadows that were walking ahead.

By the silhouette it seems like a bowlegged chimpanzee walking on two legs, Green Skin, it is those ugly fellows.

『A Goblin.

Furthermore, it’s holding something in its hand』

Race: Goblin : Evil demon: Demon Beast: Lv2

HP: 14 MP: 2 Strength : 6 Endurance: 9 Agility: 10 Int: 5 Magic: 3 Dexterity: 6


Club Technique: Lv1 Digging: Lv1

Race: Goblin : Evil demon: Demon beast Lv3

HP:16 MP:3 Strength :7 Endurance :10 Agility :10 Int :5 Magic :2 Dexterity : 7


Throwing technique : Lv1 Hunting : Lv1

Race: Poison fang rat : Demon: Demon Beast Lv1

Current status: Dead

HP:0 MP: 3 Strength : 4 Endurance : 7 Agility : 14 Int :1 Magic : 4 Dexterity : 4


Warning: Lv1

Without status i would not be able to tell that the goblin on the right is slightly a higher level than the other, it’s a good skill.

Well, they are weaker than the other 3 i killed earlier.

It seems i’ll manage somehow.

Moreover their prey the poison rat was being held up.

That will be mine!

Using the shadow of a bush so as to not be noticed i approached.

The distance is about 2 meters.

First, its the higher leveled one.

『HYUUHHHAA! Hand over the magic stone!』

Un, I’m not really that bloodthirsty, i just wanted to try saying that!


With a dull sound, i pierced the goblin from behind.

There was no resistance at all.

I pull out of the goblin body immediately while noticing that the sword blade glitters.

And attacked the other stunned goblin.

With this, 2.

I was able to get throwing technique and hunting skills without a problem.

And the new demon.

But i looked puzzled at a strange point.

It doesn’t have a neck.

No matter what i think it’s strange.

『Poison fang rat? Though, Is there only Warning for a skill?』

Even if i think how, its strange that it doesn’t have a poison fang in its skills.

It doesn’t match the name.

For now, i tried turning up the rats lips with telekinesis.

Long Canine teeth.

And yellow liquid comes out from the points of its teeth.

is it venom?


Why is it? There is a skill such as Poison fang in a centipede, and not the rat that has poison fangs.

Even if i worry, there are to few hints.

If i hunt more demon beasts i will slowly gather information.

The skills seemed to have reacted immediately.

Thanks to vibration sensing and hunting that is.

I could sense some existence while moving subtly across the grass.

It does not seem to be so big.

I sneak around to the other side of a bush slowly.

Race: Scavengers (Birds) : Demon Bird: Demon Beast Lv5

HP:13 MP:5 Strength : 9 Endurance :11 Agility :15 Int :6 Magic :3 Dexterity : 7


Poison resistance : Lv1 , Digestion reinforcement.

A bird?

The sensing ability seems wonderful!

Here we’ll carefully.

I skimmed the ground while flying to not make any sounds, careful to avoid grass, and attacked.

I cut its neck and the scavenger is soon lying on the ground.

『Phew.. Because it would be troublesome if it flew away,

I’m glad i was able to defeat it first.

』 I stab into the Scavenger and absorb its magic stone.

I learned digestion reinforcement.

However, I don’t need digestion reinforcement.

After all i have no digestive organs.

In the first place this skill could be remembered.

I admire the lack of constancy of self-evolution.

Well, is the next victim here?

A guy possessing the skills that i don’t have is good if possible.

In that way i caught a strange shadow when looking for prey.

Something like a kite, floating at low altitude.

The movement speed isn’t fast, but the movement is strange and irregular.

It looks like a flying green jellyfish.

Race: Air floater: Devil Plant: Demon Beast Lv5

HP: 14 MP:10 Strength : 6 Endurance : 11 Agility :4 Int :2 Magic :11 Dexterity : 5


Magic absorption : Lv1 Hawk eyes , Floatation.

I try getting closer, but it doesn’t react.

Only, ten meters ahead of me, it still just floats.

Should i attack it? I decided to try to slash at it first!

I target is its core and the location with a design that looks like eyes, on its mushroom/jellyfish like body.

Whatever there is, i seem able to react, so i approach slowly.

And it was as soon as i approached about 2 meters away.

The air floater showed a movement more alert and agile than i could imagine.

『Ueee, I’ve got a bad feeling!』

About 10 tentacles have stretched towards me.

The red tentacles moves strangly reminding me of an angleworm or a snake.

Very creepy.

But, because i stopped for an instant to take in that horrible site, the tentacles wrapped around me.

『Ugh, Is my MP being absorbed?』

Via the tentacle, I understood that my MP was being siphoned off.

In addition to feeling terrible, it’s dangerous.

I feverishly attempted to escape.

Fortunately, the strength of the tentacle was no bid deal, and it was possible to move just a little to cut myself out of its grasp.


That was close!』

When i checked my status, about 10 of my MP had been sucked away.

If i would have stayed being held, i wonder how it would have turned out.

That guy is dangerous.

I’m committed to kill it.

I decided to sneak over top of the air floater, when in place i charged with maximum velocity.

After all, as for the power and strength of the tentacles, they aren’t that great.

I cut the tentacles that have come after me once again, skip and pierce its body.

With the feeling of having penetrated some hard object comes a shining sword blade.

The evidence that the magic stone which is a vital spot was destroyed.

With a “thud” the air floater deprived of the power fell to the ground.

Because it was floating by the power of a skill, that body which died lost buoyancy.

And a skill of Flotation and magic absorption is added to me.

They both seem like useful skills.

In particular, i tried floating and it was very compatible with telekinesis.

At any rate, even if nothing is done, it’s a decent skill.

Of course it takes MP to use , but it takes far less than to float using only a telekinetic force.

When it’s combined with telekinesis, I can fly 5 times longer.

If magic absorption is also combined, i could fly even longer.

In that way i noticed a certain thing when i inspected floating.

『Though an air floater had a skill like flotation if i remember right, there were no such skills of flight in the scavenger.

Though it is a demon beast of the bird type.』

It’s the same as the poison fang rat.

The skills that should be there are not.

Is there a common point?

Poison fang and the flight skills to is there a reason?

Well, as for flight i don’t know if i can obtain it since i don’t have any wings.

Un? Wait a moment, If it’s wingless, can’t a flight skill be used? After all is flight not a skill?

For example there are no skills such as walking or breathing in a goblin.

And it’s the same as it’s natural for a bird to fly.

That’s the proper function in which not magic, but a body has a skill.

The magic and the skills aren’t related there.

So when i think so, as for the fang of the poison fang rat, couldn’t it have simply been a mechanism of the body using something like a poison gland that gives venom to the fangs?

It’s the same as the poisonous snakes which were also on earth.

On the contrary, the Poison Fang the giant centipede used was poison which was created by magic, it’s probably a fantasy-like special ability.

『Because swordplay is an acquired one which was trained and obtained, can it also be absorbed as a skill? 』

There are still many things i do not understand about my body.

More inspections seem to be necessary.

The hawk eye skill was also considerably good.

It’s a skill which gives the ability to see things in a bird’s eye view. (T/N The author calls the skill Falcon/Hawk eye but it seems it is actually meant less literally such as being birds eye, so its really just a 3rd person POV skill.)

Fortunately, the whole environment could be seen now.

It’s the feeling as if the camera is now affixed to a fan that can finally move freely, instead of before where it was as if i was looking through a camera fixed to a handle.

Well, it isn’t possible to separate very far from the body.

【Alright! Time to hunt even more various kinds!】

By the way, the status of the present sword is

Name: Unknown

Race: Intelligence weapon

Attack power : 132 Magic Power 200/200 Durability 100/100


Appraisal Lv6, Self- recovery, self- evolution, (Rank 1, Magic stone level 9/100, memory: 10) self modification, telekinesis, telepathy, small rise in owner status, small rise in owner recovery, skills sharing, magic

Set skills

Digging Lv1, Warning Lv1, Sword play Lv1, Hunting Lv1, Vibration sensing Lv1 , Throwing art Lv1, Magic absorption Lv1, Birds eye view, Poison fang, Floating.

Memory skill

Dismantling Lv1, Club Technique Lv1 , Leader lv1, art of Survival Lv1, poison resistance Lv1, Kobold Killer, Digestion reinforcement.

Modification point.

(These are the changes the author made. ) I added “the eyes of the hawk” (Birds eye view as i called it) skill to the air floater and added the following parts to the sentence.

(T/N Copy paste cause its not important and im lazy ) It was the thing which the effect of the eyes skill of the hawk which stayed was considerably good for. It’s a skill that this skill be things to see in bird’s eye view. You can now see almost all around. Was a point of view like a camera fixed to the hilt up to now, but now fans sense 0 Le like camera move freely, like looking at things.



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